• Title: The Song of the Orphans
  • Author: Daniel Price
  • ISBN: 9780399164996
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Song of the Orphans After their world collapsed in a sheet of white light everything and everyone were gone except for Hannah and Amanda Given Saved from destruction by three fearsome and powerful beings the Given sist
    After their world collapsed in a sheet of white light, everything and everyone were gone except for Hannah and Amanda Given Saved from destruction by three fearsome and powerful beings, the Given sisters found themselves on a strange new Earth where restaurants move through the air like flying saucers and the fabric of time is manipulated by common household appliances TAfter their world collapsed in a sheet of white light, everything and everyone were gone except for Hannah and Amanda Given Saved from destruction by three fearsome and powerful beings, the Given sisters found themselves on a strange new Earth where restaurants move through the air like flying saucers and the fabric of time is manipulated by common household appliances There, they were joined by four other survivors a sarcastic cartoonist, a shy teenage girl, a brilliant young Australian, and a troubled ex prodigy Hunted by enemies they never knew they had, and afflicted with temporal abilities they never wanted, the sisters and their companions began a cross country journey to find the one man who could save them.Now, only months after being pursued across the country by government forces and the Gothams a renegade group with similar powers the Silvers discover that their purpose on this unfamiliar earth may be to prevent its complete annihilation With continually shifting alliances and the future in jeopardy, the Silvers realize that their only hope for survival is to locate the other refugees whether they can be trusted or not.

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    1. Update: March 7, 2017:Alrighty folks, I can finally tell you all my secret: I'VE ALREADY READ THE SONG OF THE ORPHANS! And, you will not be disappointed with the second installment of the Silvers trilogy. It is a non-stop adventure with new characters who will cling to your heart, new settings that'll make you wish it were real (hint: The Gothams), and one or two plot twists that'll make you hate everything and want to reread The Flight of the Silvers pronto.Speaking of which, Daniel Price has c [...]

    2. It was a mere coincidence when I stumbled upon „The Flight of the Silvers“ back in 2013. It must have been a rather random retweet on Twitter and the book only caught my attention because I found the cover quite nice and the rainbow effect of the shiny silver dust jacket looked pretty cool – as you might know I always fall easily for pretty books. So I went to , looked up some details of the book and read the blurb and just a few minutes later I had already pre-ordered the title which at t [...]

    3. Damn, that was good! 752 pages and I wasn't bored for a single one of them. Daniel Price has outdone himself with this book, solidifying Silvers as one of the best sci-fi series out there. I already loved the first book, but this one takes the series to a whole new level. I can't wait to find out what happens next to this great group of characters. (Or maybe I don't want to know.)

    4. Damn. So many feelings. I don't know how I'm going to write an actual review for this book. And I'm really not looking forward to the wait for book three.

    5. It's been several years since Daniel Price's first novel in the Silvers series landed, but thankfully The Song of the Orphans remains pretty accessible, and the author catches readers up to speed in short order. If you need a refresher on what happened in 2014's The Flight of the Silvers, Price has you covered on his website, where he has published A Badly-Drawn Recap and a few other helpful guides to remind you of all the things you may have forgotten in the last three years.The Song of the Orp [...]

    6. I loved this sequel. I think it was a factor my emotional attachment to the characters, loving the new ones, and, in general, the plot blowing my mind. I maintain my previous observation and say that the characters and plot are by far my favorite. This story had a lot of ups and downs, filled with MEGA twists. The plot takes us even more of an emotional journey than the first, if I thought that was even possible. For this, I am in awe of Price for this fantastic story arch.The characters are as [...]

    7. ****I received this ARC from Penguin's First to Read Program!****CHRIST THAT WAS GOOD! There's a LOT that I want to say about this book, so hopefully it comes out pretty coherent.I had heard from a good source (the author himself) that this sequel to The Flight of the Silvers would be even better than the first and yes, it was. Even though it was over 100 pages longer, I feel like I blazed through it even faster. The various pop culture references are so well placed and not forced, which is funn [...]

    8. I discovered The Flight of the Silvers a few years ago, at my local public library, and absolutely loved it. Ever since then, I've been waiting for the sequel, The Song of the Orphans, which came out yesterday. In preparation for the arrival of the sequel, I reread the first one, and loved it just as much as the first time I read it. So I'm happy to say, I was not disappointed by The Song of the Orphans! I thought it was a tremendously good read. I got the book yesterday, on its release date, an [...]

    9. Thanks to Penguin Random House for an ARC of this book.These Silvers books give me the worst book hangovers. I enjoy reading them so much and they are difficult to put down, so I tear through them and feel lost when they are finished. I wish I had temporal powers of my own to ease the wait between books. If I had more willpower I would've waited until the series was finished to read all the books together - but couldn't do it - the books are just to compelling to me to wait.The Song of the Orpha [...]

    10. I won a copy of this book a giveaway and to be honest I am not normally a fan of science fiction but somehow this book really caught my attention. It took me about half a day to finish the whole thing, that's how much I liked it. I didn't read the first book but I didn't find myself at a disadvantage that much. I was very much able to infer what I needed to know from the first book.

    11. themaineedge/buzz/out-Science fiction lends itself particularly well to the creation of a book series. Building a world over the span of multiple books allows for the environmental thoroughness in which so much sci-fi thrives.Author Daniel Price laid the foundation for quite a world indeed in 2014’s “The Flight of the Silvers,” creating an alternate America where time itself served as a natural resource – and where a handful of refugees from the utter destruction of their (and our) Earth [...]

    12. Few authors can make me feel so much for such a wide cast of main characters. And after all these years of waiting upon finishing the first volume of the Silvers saga, this one immediately felt like a family reunion. All the more reason for that ultimate treason to hurt that much more. Mr. Price, you've done it yet again. You've expanded on the original, shown some of the cards purposely left face down at the end of the first volume while leaving a tantalizing number of questions yet unanswered. [...]

    13. This book is a sequel to The Flight of the Silvers and cannot be read, if you want to understand anything, without having read book 1. I loved book 1 because of its originality - superhumans all bending different elements of time, intrigue involving the bigger purpose, and character development. Volume 2 was more of the same, a lot more of the same, rather too much of the same. It was too much of the same light banter without any depth and too much of the same uninteresting struggles for the sup [...]

    14. I've gotta say, I am beyond excited to see even more of this world in this next book! Keep up the good work Daniel!

    15. Good grief, this 700+ page book took nearly 6 days to read from start to finish. Admittedly, I was juggling about 15 different things during that period of time, but still. Fortunately, this is yet another book that managed to fend off dull moments with a barrage of wit, drama, and action-packed scenarios, leaving me biting my nails (figuratively) and frantically turning pages (literally).The Song of the Orphans begins with an unusual scenario – Integrity is investigating the death of the Silv [...]

    16. Have you ever felt there’s not much difference between a bracelet and a manacle? If so, you’ll appreciate the situation of the Silvers, a silver-bracelet clad group stranded in an alternate world after the destruction of our own earth. They’re in AltAmerican through the intervention of a family of scientists, who now want to control their fate. These scientists, the Pelletiers, who come from the far-future, saved selected individuals from earth and transported them to another, similar eart [...]

    17. I was initially interested in this book simply due to the story being comprised of some intriguing characters being sent to an abstract Earth and given awesome powers. I found the description to be a bit strange as well, but I don't mind books that follow an unnatural order, as long as the happenings don't get utterly ridiculous and carried away. Thus, I just had to give it a chance, even though I rarely find a science fiction book that I can actually bring myself to finish. Its sheer size was a [...]

    18. First of all, this is a middle book, and as it starts in medias res after the accelerating events of the previous, The Flight of the Silvers, new readers should really, really not begin here.The six ‘Silvers’ (so named for the bracelets put on them by three mystery people before their/our? Timeline is destroyed in the opening chapter of the previous book) are again thrown into the middle of action, starting on the very first page.The story is very complex, with a large cast, and several time [...]

    19. So you thought you enjoyed Flight of the Silvers then you will LOVE this sequel.The author has taken all the good things from FOTS (the intricate world-building, the character development), left the not-as-good stuff behind (the less said), tightened up the flow, and came up with a sequel that is, in my mind, at least as good if not better than the original.As the Silvers continue to struggle to adapt to their new world, new friends enter their lives, but enemies both old and new nip at their he [...]

    20. One of my favorite series I've read in the last few years. The intricacies of this storyline jump off the pages. The plot moves along swiftly, carrying you through to the very end. Almost impossible to put down! The characters are so complex, and their relationships even more so (as is the insanely detailed and intricate world they inhabit). I truly appreciate how much dedication and interest Price puts into the social world of the Silvers. You feel a part of their world. The Pelletiers are intr [...]

    21. Wow what an amazing 2nd book! Better than the first in it's own unique way! There was so much revealed and so much happened between the Silvers and Pelletiers (ok prob slaughtered that namebut hopefully ya know who I'm talking about ;). Plus we met "the Gothams" although they hate to be called that. There was romance, betrayal, death new people on the scene and some like Melissa who came popping up in the nick of time. The biggest mystery left is well someone who wears two watches. That's all I [...]

    22. Pre-release ebook provided by First to Read.The Song of the Orphans was such a fun follow-up to The Flight of the Silvers and a great read. The author's plotting and pacing are exemplary, especially over a long middle entry in the trilogy, though the novel's length causes no issues as it reads so well. The roll-over of answers and new questions is continuous, with a good amount of both drama and levity along the way. I really enjoy the Orphans' cultural references and in-jokes as strangers in a [...]

    23. Better than the first one.Please keep in mind that I loved the first book in this series and happily gave it five stars, but I do like this one better. I would give this more than five stars if would let me.The second outing for the Silvers reads much faster than the page count suggests. Now that we are familiar with he characters and their motivations, this book focuses more on the mystery of their predicament and the forces behind it, all while expanding and growing the characters. It was ver [...]

    24. What has happened to Daniel Price? This book was such a pleasant surprise. I was one of the ones who had a rocky relationship with Flight of the Silvers, and pretty much the only thing that was keeping me going into Song of the Orphans was the thought of Theo finding the one string and what would be in that string. But I kept waiting for all my complaints from the first book to resurface, and they were nowhere to be found. Just can't get over how much better the writing is than it was in the fir [...]

    25. I give very few 5star ratings so don't be offended because I really thought this book was AWESOME. The concept is intriguing and though the sci-fi concepts are complex and something I'd usually glaze over at, the author explains things so succinctly that I bought the whole concept. The characters are believable and likable. Well, most of them I'm having a bit of Game of Thrones situation here where I can't decide who the good guy is. I love it. Keeps me on my toes. So- please - finish the next b [...]

    26. I was worried this was going to be too long when I picked it up. It ended WAY TOO FAST!I am going to keep this short and sweet because all I have to say is, if you haven't read Flight of the Silvers, what is wrong with you? Give your head a shake and go read it, and then read Song of the Orphans right after.Funny, engaging story, with a wonderful group of characters. Just all out fun from start to finish.

    27. Really good, continues the story from the first one, explains quite a few things, opens up some new mysteries, and moves the story along. There are some pretty big action set pieces and I could actually tell what was going on in all of them (hard to pull off with multiple people especially when some of them can time travel). Read the first book first though, or at least one of the synopsis provided. The first book and this are on my winter reread list now. Really good stuff.

    28. A worthy sequel to The Flight of the Silvers! The Song of the Orphans picks up right where the first book left off and runs away with non-stop danger and action that kept me glued to the pages - I devoured the book in 4 days.To have any sense of what's going on, you absolutely must read The Flight of the Silvers first. But if you like apocalyptic sci-fi you won't be disappointed in either book. Admittedly, when I first read the synopsis of TFotS, I passed on the book. But when I read the synopsi [...]

    29. The Flight of the Silvers was fantastic and fun, but this is genuinely abysmal. This book is 700+ pages of one action sequence followed by another, each of which is resolved by an increasingly absurd deus ex machina. There is no character work at all-people declare love for each other based on one paragraph interactions, new characters are introduced and old ones are ignored, the dialogue is clunky, the puns are painful is all just so bad.

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