• Title: Katie Friedman Gives Up Texting! And Lives to Tell About It.
  • Author: Tommy Greenwald J.P. Coovert
  • ISBN: 9781596438378
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Katie Friedman Gives Up Texting And Lives to Tell About It When a text goes wrong Katie Friedman learns the hard way that sometimes you need to disconnect to connect Here are a few things you need to know about Katie Friedman Katie is swearing off phones f
    When a text goes wrong, Katie Friedman learns the hard way that sometimes you need to disconnect to connect.Here are a few things you need to know about Katie Friedman 1 Katie is swearing off phones for life No, seriously She just sent the wrong text to the wrong person 2 She wants to break up with her boyfriend Until, that is, he surprises her with front row tickeWhen a text goes wrong, Katie Friedman learns the hard way that sometimes you need to disconnect to connect.Here are a few things you need to know about Katie Friedman 1 Katie is swearing off phones for life No, seriously She just sent the wrong text to the wrong person 2 She wants to break up with her boyfriend Until, that is, he surprises her with front row tickets to her favorite band, Plain Jane Now what 3 She wants to be a rock star It s true She has a band and everything 4 Her best friend is Charlie Joe Jackson Yeah, you know the guy 5 And most importantly, Katie s been offered the deal of a lifetime get ten of her friends to give up their phones for one week and everyone can have backstage passes to Plain Jane A whole week Is that even possible

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    1. Originally reviewed on The Hardcover LoverBefore I really begin my review, I should state that this book is technically a part of the Charlie Joe Jackson series, but it is technically a spin-off novel. From what I understand, Charlie has been serving as the narrator, but this time, his friend, Katie Friedman, narrates and tells readers a story of her own. There is even a little introduction at the beginning of the book for readers (like me) who have never read the other books in this series, but [...]

    2. This is a fun read that addresses technology addiction without being too or simplistic. Author Tommy Greenwald creates a great story that begins with an all-too-common occurrence. Sending a text to the wrong person. As the characters deal with the fallout of the mistext, Greenwald shows them to be tweens who are surprisingly open and forthcoming in their face-to-face communication.he book isn't designed to get kids to give up tech, but it will make them think twice before getting addicted to tec [...]

    3. The story: Challenged by her favorite singer to get a group of friends to give up texting for a week (and with an awesome prize dangling in front of her if she succeeds), Katie Friedman does what feels like the impossible: she goes phone-free for an entire week--and lives to tell about it!June Cleaver's ratings: Language G; Violence G; Sexual content G; Nudity G; substance abuse G; magic & the occult G; GLBT content G; adult themes G; overall rating G.Liz's comments: Charlie Joe Jackson's be [...]

    4. No matter what our age, we all need a reminder to put down our electronic devices and just enjoy some honest, face-to-face communication. It seems that we are on our devices 24 hours a day. In school, it's a constant struggle with my high school students to gain their attention long enough to teach a lesson, and as soon as I'm done, they've picked up their phones. Even as an adult, I can say that I'm on my phone way too much, and after reading this book, I'm working on cutting back.Katie Friedma [...]

    5. Katie and her friends spend a lot of time on their phones, especially during lunch at school, the only time when they are allowed to use them. Of course, they also text each other on the bus, coordinate pick up times and math book deliveries with their parents, and play games and watch programs at home in the evening. Even when Nareem, Katie's boyfriend, takes her to a Plain Jane concert and Jane asks from the stage that people put their phones away and experience the concert in person, Katie ha [...]

    6. After Katie accidentally sends a text meant for her friend Charlie Joe to her boyfriend and hears Jane, the lead singer of her favorite band, taking an anti-cell phone stance, she decides to give up her phone. When Jane hears about it (she conveniently knows Katie’s boyfriend’s father and is from Katie’s hometown), she offers an incentive: if Katie and ten friends can last a week without their phones, they get backstage passes to her next concert. The catch is Katie can’t tell her friend [...]

    7. Katie Friedman whose best friends with Charlie Joe Jackson is a typical middle schooler; texting, posting, and Instagraming which consumes a lot of her time. She comes to the realization how much of her time she spends texting when one afternoon she wants to actually talk about an important decision with her friends and instead everyone is texting or using their phones.It isn't until Katie accidentally sends a text message intended for Charlie Joe Jackson but to her boyfriend Nareem that it prod [...]

    8. Hilarious but insightful. I have listened to all 4 of the Charlie Joe Jackson books, but this one wasn't available in audio yet. Somehow, I could still "hear" this one and the voices as I read it.Did I find myself checking my email as I watched TV, used Facebook and twitter and read the book? Yes. (That did make the book last a little longer.)From the beginning of the book, when Katie says, ""it would have been easier just to text Charlie Joe, so we could have had a real conversation" to the end [...]

    9. Inspired by her favorite singer, Jane Plantero, to give up texting for a brief period, Katie Friedman draws even more inspiration for doing so when she sends a text meant for her friend Charlie Joe Jackson to someone else and hurts the feelings of the unintended recipient. As she tries to enlist her other classmates in going cellphone free, all sorts of problems ensue, including parents who can't cope with being unable to communicate with their children constantly, and honest, face-to-face conve [...]

    10. Fans of the Charlie Joe Jackson series will embrace this title that features his good friend Katie Freidman. Katie’s in a jam because she accidentally sent a break-up text to her boyfriend. After meeting her idol, musician Jane Plantero, and telling her about the mix-up, Jane, a self-described anti-techie, tells Katie that if she and ten of her friends will give up cell phones for one week, Jane will sing Katie’s song at her next concert and give tickets and backstage passes to Katie and her [...]

    11. Original Summary: Katie is a young girl in middle school with the thumbs of a cheetah. She is constantly typing away, even when she is supposed to be. It isn't until the day that a text goes wrong that she understands the dangers of her cell phone. Katie and a few of her friends decide to give up their phones for a whole week! Katie and her friends learn more about each other than they ever would have via text and that sometimes we need to disconnect in order to connect. 5 higher level thinking [...]

    12. Everyone in middle school are always on their phones, texting, tweeting, watching you tubes. No one connects any more. When Katie’s boyfriend Nareem invites her to a Plain Jane Concert (Katie’s favorite band), Jane stops the show to ask everyone to put away their phones and just enjoy the concert. Is texting out of control? It sure seems like it. When Katie sends a text to Nareem that was meant for Charlie Joe, that seems to be the last straw. Katie gives up texting, but a challenge from Jan [...]

    13. Interesting to me what resonates. I picked this up to see what all the rage was about texting (I'm an adult, old school) and while I personally will not cave to cell phones and texting myself, I understand the important role it plays for many people. I have a 10-year-old who will soon be facing these same communications pressures when she goes to middle school next year. I thought Greenwald handled the topic of communication and how use of texting and cell phones can backfire, but also showed ho [...]

    14. "Here is a book every young teen can relate to! Kids hanging out together and texting each other at the same time. Katie wants to break up with her boyfriend until she finds out he wants to invite her to see her favorite band The Plain Janes. The band leader ask them all to put their devices away, to make eye contact, to connect, to make music. It gives Katie an idea: for her and her friends to to give up their cell phones for a week and start a band. Well, as you must imagine, it just ain't tha [...]

    15. The Charlie Joe Jackson fun continues only this time, CJJ steps back and his pal Katie Friedman takes the stage. While some of the plot requires a bit of belief suspension (happily complied), Greenwald continues to craft deft, humorous child-centric stories that reflect the glory and foibles of the tween years in the 21st century. This installment should be welcomed by fans.

    16. The story revolves around Katie and ten friends giving up their cell phones for a week. The week has ups and downs; in some ways it is way cooler than it seems and in some ways it is worse than they imagined. In the end, they have all learned something about communicating - maybe. This could be a good discussion book about communicating and cell phone use.

    17. Won an autographed copy from the author =DGreat message about how much we have become disconnected from people. Technology is making people less social and less sensitive to others. Really enjoyed the whole set up. Good book for your middle schooler to read while grounded from their cell phone possibly

    18. Fun book, good teaching moments for kids with all this technology in their lives: don't let it control you. I laughed because I read this all in one sitting but did have to stop a couple of times to reply to a text. :)

    19. Super solid and exploring a topic kids will totally relate to. My library is filled every morning with kids, heads down, "interacting" through their phones. Greenwald has the MS voice down.

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