• Title: The McGraw-Hill Handbook of English Grammar and Usage
  • Author: Mark Lester Larry Beason
  • ISBN: 9780071441339
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback
  • The McGraw Hill Handbook of English Grammar and Usage As opposed to a style guide which helps readers and speakers polish their English a usage guide says what you can or can t do in the language and why The McGraw Hill Handbook of English Grammar and
    As opposed to a style guide, which helps readers and speakers polish their English, a usage guide says what you can or can t do in the language and why The McGraw Hill Handbook of English Grammar and Usage does so in an entertaining way.

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    1. I was not at all enthusiastic at first (seriously? since when do we call everything from numerals to articles to demonstratives "adjectives"?!?!?). However, once I got over the authors' classifications (which made me feel like I must have studied linguistics on another planet, or in another time period, or both), I really appreciated the simplicity with which they were able to communicate stuff that must often seem really difficult to non-linguists (and maybe even linguists). They have some usef [...]

    2. This was the textbook for my grammar class, the first class on the way to obtaining certification in copyediting. It broke down concepts fairly well and was easy enough to understand, but as I discovered when using supplementary resources, did not go as in depth as it could have or left out what I thought was pretty important information. I'd still recommend it as a grammar refresher or for language nerds who like to nitpick. Edit: THIS is my 1000th "read" book on ? How very. :/

    3. *American EnglishIt was alright. It was fairly easy enough to get through. I found some of the concepts a tad more simplified than they needed to be.

    4. This is my go-to reference book for any questions related to grammar. It's indispensable.Finally, a grammar book that breaks down the rules of grammar in ways that I can understand. It separates the grammar from usage, and it provides a thorough explanation so that you can better understand the rules, exceptions, and methods. If you understand the important aspects of grammar, you will know how to avoid problems so that you won't need to refer to grammar books later on. And isn't that the point? [...]

    5. I read this for a class I took. The book is very accessible, easy to understand. It covers both the basics of grammar as well as the problem areas that are most commonly seen in certain writing situations. I will definitely keep a copy of this book on hand for reference.I enjoyed the touch of wryness that could be found here and there. It kept the book from the dreaded "dryness" and reminded me that there were actual living, breathing, witty people behind the book. :o) However, this in no way de [...]

    6. This primer is very straightforward and clear in its explanations of what is correct and incorrect. It builds a great basic framework in Part I and then explores nuisances and complications in Part II. One of the better grammar books I've read. (Using this for an online editing course.)

    7. This is a must for the grammarian. Not only does it have all the rules you need to be a better editor, but it also has a plethora of examples to help clarify when the words all seem to turn to mush on the page.

    8. Excellent guide to English usage. My only complaints are that some sections from the later chapters seem to be essentially copy/pasted from the earlier.

    9. Refreshing! Hadn't read any grammar book in a while; it was good to pick one that wasn't written to go over my head. I'd definitely pick it up again.

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