• Title: My Life as a Myth
  • Author: Huston Piner
  • ISBN: 9781301451548
  • Page: 333
  • Format: ebook
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    My Life as a Myth freshman Nick Horton has problems He suffers from bouts of depression he s a high school social outcast and he doesn t understand why he s not attracted to girls So when a series of misundersta
    1969 freshman Nick Horton has problems He suffers from bouts of depression, he s a high school social outcast, and he doesn t understand why he s not attracted to girls So when a series of misunderstandings label him a troublemaker, he s delighted to have Jesse Gaston and Jesse s gang befriend him Nick wants to explore his attraction to Bobby Warren, but Jesse promises1969 freshman Nick Horton has problems He suffers from bouts of depression, he s a high school social outcast, and he doesn t understand why he s not attracted to girls So when a series of misunderstandings label him a troublemaker, he s delighted to have Jesse Gaston and Jesse s gang befriend him Nick wants to explore his attraction to Bobby Warren, but Jesse promises to give him a new image and soon transforms the shy loser into an anti establishment student hero.Thanks to his new reputation, Nick finds himself besieged by would be girlfriends and expectations that he live up to his public image As Jesse s PR campaign becomes and outrageous, Nick s road quickly becomes littered with ridiculous misadventures and unexpected psychedelic explorations Meanwhile he struggles to understand his emerging romance with Bobby while dealing with the Vietnam War s continuing impact on his family and the dangerous goings on at school.Nick s freshman year is a remarkable journey of struggle with his unwanted reputation and his deepening passion for Bobby Is a world still reeling from the sexual revolution, Acid Rock, and the illicit pleasures of underage drinking and pot smoking ready to accept two boys in love Will Nick and Bobby s love survive or will the world s prejudices drive them apart

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    1. The famous American musician, Kurt Cobain, of the rock-band, Nirvana had once quoted:“I started to be really proud of the fact I was gay even though I wasn't”. Well no doubt that Cobain was talking about the gay rights. Huston Piner, an American author, has clearly followed Cobain's remarkable words to pen down a novel calledMy Life as a Mythabout the gay community in our society. The best part about the book being that it is set during the 1970s, when you can almost imagine, that homosexual [...]

    2. No ha despertado mi interés en lo más mínimo, me ha supuesto un esfuerzo terminarlo. El autor relata una serie de acontecimientos uno detrás de otro, y la cosa se queda en eso, entré, salí, subí, bajé, me fumé un porro, dije, me dijo, llegué, me fui, me fumé otro porro No he conseguido entrar en el libro ni en la historia de amor (que es algo secundario, no se trata de un romance) y tampoco he llegado a sentir nada por Nick, el protagonista y narrador. Y ese final me habría hecho enf [...]

    3. My Life as a Myth is the debut novel of author Huston Piner. The story is a realistic period piece, the diary of a gay high school freshman in 1969. Each chapter is a journal entry, and it chronicles the entire 9th grade year of the main character, Nick Horton.Approaching his first day of high school, Nick fears being targeted as an outcast. He's never been overly popular, athletic, or academically superior. He's just an ordinary kid, the youngest boy in his family. His two older brothers are go [...]

    4. My YA LGBTQ Book of the Year, 2013greedybugbookreviews/greedThis is a fantastic piece of writing. By a truly talented author. It is a book that is full of emotion, meaning, wisdom, and characters who move you. While it is fiction, I can assure you as someone who grew up in the era, it is eerily pitch perfect of its depiction of the time. My Life as a Myth may be set in 1969-1970 but the message is just as relevant today. Everything is sensitively handled. But I'll warn you, it not always an easy [...]

    5. This one kind of snuck up on me.At first, I thought all the happenings surrounding Nick were a bit far fetched. He's a freshman and went from being bullied and an outcast to one of the most popular guys in a matter of months. But then I thought of my freshman year in highschool and how much changes in just a short year so yeah, maybe not so far fetched?Through a string of coincidences and with the help of his new friends, he finds himself with a reputation of a 'bad boy' who kind of set his own [...]

    6. My god! Excellent, still crying but, that book is a must read. I want to thank the author for writing and sharing it.

    7. A Joyfully Jay review. 4.75 starsThe most fascinating and thrilling aspect of this man’s novel, My Life As A Myth, is if you removed the minor historical references about the 1970’s, this story could take place today quite easily. He writes characters that have a universal appeal and I think just about every teenager today could see glimpses of themselves in this amazing group of high school students. I say amazing not because they are all written as these wonderful, unbelievable teens, but [...]

    8. If it wasn't for the high rating of his book (4.7 out of 5) I might never have found and read it. Thank god I did! I enjoy reading but only ocassionally does a book make me laugh out loud, really care for its characters or even bring me close to tears. Needless to say this great story managed to do all of that.I could go on for pages and pages about how awesome the book is, but i'll spare you that. Judge by yourself.What else is there to say? Huston, write another book! Like now. You made me hu [...]

    9. So often young people feel compelled to be someone they’re not. Putting aside their individuality, they wear the latest designer gear, listen to the “in” bands of the moment, and hide their deepest desires and insecurities, all in the quest to be popular, to fit in. For the protagonist in this entertaining and immensely moving debut by Huston Piner, the choice is taken out of his hands when a classmate decides to turn his knack for attracting trouble to his advantage and make him a star.It [...]

    10. Everyone is a Myth in the MakingHuston Piner captures the essence of the late '60s with My Life as a Myth. I really fell into the rhythm of life in the era while reading the journal of Nicholas "Napalm Nick" Horton. There were moments when I was worried "The War" would come for his family again only to realize he was too young to worry about the draft; it was a testament to the author's skill I kept forgetting Nick was so young while never losing the sense of innocence in reading about his life [...]

    11. Life as a high school freshman in 1969 was not easy. Not when the staff had you targeted as a troublemaker, your boyhood best friend was growing distant and girl crazy and you just didn't see the appeal. Nick is lucky in that he's sort of adopted into a clique and quickly gets the name "Napalm Nick" and the bad-boy reputation that goes along with. Sidekick Jesse seems to have a vested interest in expanding the Napalm Nick myth despite Nick's ambivalence. Nick would rather have a lower profile an [...]

    12. I got this book through the Giveaway program. When I started this book, I quickly realized that as a straight, millennial woman, I am not the target audience for this book. However, I still found this tragic romance to be well-written, engaging, and thought-provoking. Piner does an excellent job capturing the drastic emotions of the teenage mind and the crippling way isolation and depression can impact a young life. I enjoyed reading the book but thought that it was only okay until the final co [...]

    13. My Life as a Myth by Huston Piner is a heart-warming and heart-breaking story about Nick, who keeps a journal about his life as a high schooler. He starts off by making enemies with teachers but manages to gains the respect of a certain crowd of rebels and stoners. life for him is complicated by his confusing feelings about boys, especially his attraction to Bobby. I laughed at his awkwardness and his shock at his sudden coolness and popularity. This story took a much darker, somber turn that I [...]

    14. *Free exchange for an honest review under the DBML Program*This story was well written and the topic was dealt with beautifully.I never thought I’d hear myself saying that a book about a fourteen-year-old was a great read!To begin with I felt the story moved a little slow, but as it picked up speed, it was a fun ride. I really enjoyed the humour and laughed at some of the cringe-worthy phrases from the era in which the book was set (69-70s). However, the story has far more depth than what is i [...]

    15. At the beginning of his high school freshman year, Nick Horton begins writing a journal. Welcome to the life a gay teen in 1969. Through a series of semi-ridiculous misunderstandings, Nick ends up on the principal's blacklist in the first day. But despite the humor and the accidental trouble Nick keeps getting into, this isn't really a lighthearted read.What it is is a very sincere look into the mind of a boy confused about his sexuality and being manipulated by those around him. Life wasn't gre [...]

    16. Did I enjoy this book: I loved it. It’s hard to keep thinking of new ways to say how much I enjoy a good book, but it’s a problem I’m grateful to have. Piner’s novel is sad and lovely, lonely and honest. Nick’s the sort of character who will stick with you — he’s raw and real and beautiful, and his story is going on my Favorites shelf.Would I recommend it: Absolutely.As reviewed by Melissa at Every Free Chance Books. Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book in excha [...]

    17. I came of age at the same time as Mr Piner's protagonists, and this book brought me back to my own high school days, perhaps not quite as dramatic, but certainly as much of a journey.I honestly have to say that there isn't a single misstep in this book. The subtlety underlying the necessarily broad strokes of teenage emotion, and the delicate path to self discovery that Nick is tossed into have a sublime clarity and a heartbreaking sincerity.I'm not going to retell the book in a review, but I wi [...]

    18. If and when I find that there is a sequel to this book, published over a year ago, I will give it 4 stars. Until such time this book has one surprising and lazy-ass ending. Otherwise, the story was well told and kept me reading. Character development was slim, but then the character of a 14 year old is slim.

    19. If I liked the original edition (which I did, of course, because I wrote it), I can't help but like the thoroughly revised and unabridged second edition even more. And with this Sun Fire Press publication, My Life as a Myth now takes its place as the first installment of the Seasons of Chadham High series.

    20. A wonderful, brilliant, hilarious, tragic, and all-around perfect book. The voices ring true, the characters are realistic and engaging, and the plot is a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Very highly recommended.

    21. Huston Piner is a great writer and had me hooked from the beginning. This is a must read and be warned, this is a tear jerker. I loved it.

    22. What an amazing story! Damn you, Huston Piner, you made me cry.The reality of the setting and the plot is perfect. I really want to read more by you.

    23. Kudos to the author for style. This book is stylish and stylistic, but I didn't much like the MC, Nick. He was handed what so many others covet, and although I understand not wanting to be there, I didn't enjoy his misunderstanding of himself. He had no backbone.The other place this book lost a star was authenticity. There were several spots that fazed out of the era and didn't belong in the 70's. That is probably more my fault than the authors since I lived that time in a home with two pre-teen [...]

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