• Title: The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation
  • Author: Harvard Law Review
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Spiral-bound
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    The Bluebook A Uniform System of Citation The Bluebook s sixteenth Edition is a how to guide providing easy to comprehend instruction for the everyday citation needs of first year law students summer associates law clerks practicing lawye
    The Bluebook s sixteenth Edition, is a how to guide providing easy to comprehend instruction for the everyday citation needs of first year law students, summer associates, law clerks, practicing lawyers, and other legal professionals The examples used throughout the Bluepages employ simple typeface conventions common in the legal profession The Bluepages supplants the PrThe Bluebook s sixteenth Edition, is a how to guide providing easy to comprehend instruction for the everyday citation needs of first year law students, summer associates, law clerks, practicing lawyers, and other legal professionals The examples used throughout the Bluepages employ simple typeface conventions common in the legal profession The Bluepages supplants the Practitioners Notes section of previous editions.

    One Reply to “The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation”

    1. The story is slow and plodding, and the characters are unlikeable. The ending is hackneyed, and the foreshadowing was heavy handed.In addition, I found the Bluebook's nihilistic and pedantic worldview disheartening, depressing, and not very well fleshed out.

    2. I used to be against book burning. It seemed like the highest crime; to permanently snuff out knowledge is a treason not only against the intellect, but perhaps near the very soul of humanity. Knowledge, however repugnant, must be preserved. The only way to defeat ideas is by facing them, not destroying them.The Bluebook changed my mind.It is the most obtuse, esoteric, self contradictory, painful, and mind destroying work I have ever read. It claims to be a uniform system of citation, but it is [...]

    3. Yes, perhaps The Bluebook can be confusing at times, but it is that mystery and suspense that keeps me coming back to it again, and again. :-)

    4. If you own this book, chances are it gives you horrible PTSD flashbacks to sadistic professors, endless hours spent in dusty library stacks, and psychological torture by your classmates on the Law Review. And putting all that aside, it's virtually impossible to find the answer to any question that doesn't fit neatly on the back summary page, that is, any question that would require you to look up the answer in a style guide.

    5. I rated this book one star. I also was not on a journal in law school (but i WAS on the hard drinking, academically delinquent, coed slowpitch team that went to UVA to party, eat gusburgers and occasionally lob softballs at each other a mere two weeks before finals, which I've found impresses potential employers at least as much as law review would). Coincidence? But seriously. Even now, as a practicing atty, I find the Bluebook incomprehensible, overly complicated, and more often than not, extr [...]

    6. Why all the hatin' on our little blue law school friend? I do have a lot of obsessive-compulsive Virgo in me, maybe that's why I am fonder of this book than most people seem to be. I was born to love anything that is going to advance "A Uniform System" whether it's legal citation, organizing hair care products or matching the right color socks to your clothes. I guess I'd equate it to going to church or to military school - you don't necessarily love the Bluebook, but you gain a sense of respect [...]

    7. The good thing about the Bluebook is that in setting up a uniform citation system, it has rules on nearly any citation issue you could possibly dream up. The bad thing about the Bluebook is that it is terribly organized - I'm never entirely sure that I've finished formatting a citation, because I might just run across something else in a different section of the book that is only marginally related to the issue at hand. However, the Bluebook is indispensable so for now, I'll live with it.

    8. I have a love-hate relationship with this book. I need it, it helps me cite properly, but I can't say I truly "like" it. At best, it's useful.

    9. I would have given this zero stars, but the new plastic spiral binding that doesn't bend or come undone deserves a star.

    10. My Bluebook is pretty much falling apart and there is only one reason for this--INTERNET SOURCES. *stab, stab, gouge, gouge* Once upon a time, I was researching for an environmental law professor o' mine and a large portion of the information was from the internet because it was about current practices of corporations to lower energy emissions and blahbittyblahblah. It was actually fascinating stuff but you know what wasn't fascinating? Trying to frakking cite all the internet sources. I spent h [...]

    11. Okay, so I do like the Bluebook and I actually LOVE citations. I can't help myself! I am a meticulous person who likes to have certain things follow a certain order. And I have a peculiar love for the Bluebook because I was a TA for legal research and writing and through teaching Bluebook citations to 1Ls, I came to know it rather intimately. As such I do actually understand and respect the book and legal citations.

    12. The basic rules are helpful. The details and countless exceptions are arbitrary and needlessly complex, as are the exceptions to the exceptions, etc. Learning the rules is important l, of course, for litigators, clerks and law journal editors, but the BB publishers do all of the foregoing a tremendous disservice by imposing such a monstrous collection of rules on them. It doesn't have to be this way!

    13. The Bluebook of legal citation is a must have for every law student because lawyers are crazy and have to have a crazy way of citing everything. Oh, but the lawyers and law students who write and organize the bluebook obviously have no idea how to write a reference manual so it is actually useful. To answer a simple question like, "Do I need the publishers name in the citation for this treatise?" you have to look in three different sections of the book that are not well cross-referenced.

    14. I have a love-hate relationship with this thing. Everytime I want to quit it, I have to citecheck a brief or something. And then it sits on my desk, mocking me when I don't check all my commas and court abbreviations.(Yes Megs, this is supposed to be funny since all my reviews are private and you are my only "friend". Hope you enjoyed the attempt at a laugh!)

    15. I am not sure why the reviewers hate the Bluebook so. It is well-organized, gives good examples and some of the examples are actually funny (e.g. Pink Cadillac). Granted that it is a bit too through, but uniformity in citations is a nice thing.

    16. Who doesn't love to hate this book that we all have to buy because Harvard publishes it?! I was browsing the most unpopular books of all time and was pleased to discover this book on the list.An earlier reviewer said it may cause PTSD. I totally agree.

    17. This is all I have to say:Meredith Holley, Review of the Bluebook (2010), /review/edit/.If I knew how, I would un-link the link, but I don't. Time to shut this damn thing up.

    18. Can one give zero stars to a book? Does this even count as a book? Bluebooking (an awful "verb" if ever there was one) is an extraordinary waste of time, and the degree of obsessiveness that people go to is utterly ridiculous. And this is from someone who is admittedly a bit OCD.

    19. The reason that this book is convoluted and so confusing is due entirely on the fact that EVERY court has its own style, its own rules, its own pompousness that judges imposs on people. Don't blame the poor little book for trying to keep up.

    20. Haha. I love that you are allowed to review the Blue Book.DIE BLUE BOOK. YOU MAKE LITTLE TO NO SENSE SOMETIMES. ALL OTHER TIMES YOU ARE JUST ANNOYING. DIE.

    21. I don't know what inspired me to see if the bluebook was on here, but now that I've discovered that it is, I must mention how much I loathe bluebooking!

    22. 5 stars for being fairly easy to find things - - (-2 stars for torturing me while tech checking, or maybe that was just Nina Pickering, a rude law review editor)

    23. A necessary evil, it is the only book to which I have feelings of resentment. However, it is helpful and organized fairly well, I couldn't have got through law school without it!

    24. For a book on citation, it does a poor job of helping a writer choose the right form of citation.

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