• Title: The Four Sectors Wars
  • Author: Dean C. Moore
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Four Sectors Wars Six hundred years into mankind s unexpected exodus from Earth s solar system due to a prematurely exploding sun humanoid species have spread far and wide to form a trans galactic empire This is in pa
    Six hundred years into mankind s unexpected exodus from Earth s solar system due to a prematurely exploding sun, humanoid species have spread far and wide to form a trans galactic empire This is in part due to the pioneering genius of Frakas and his bioengineering prowess which allows humanoids to accommodate to new planets readily It is also secondary to special pod shiSix hundred years into mankind s unexpected exodus from Earth s solar system due to a prematurely exploding sun, humanoid species have spread far and wide to form a trans galactic empire This is in part due to the pioneering genius of Frakas and his bioengineering prowess which allows humanoids to accommodate to new planets readily It is also secondary to special pod ships and spirit ships left behind by long dead civilizations that allow for teleportation across massive chasms of spacetime But the empire is torn War rages in four sectors The gods of war governing each sector want to unite the entire kingdom under one banner, theirs But each of the sectors has unique challenges and pitfalls that stymie the other warlords, maintaining a stalemate seemingly without end Enter Raikin and his entourage of followers In his teens, he is the youngest of the hundred year clones to intervene in celestial matters, and he may also have his hands the most full Will he and his followers be enough to upset the stalemate and bring peace to the universe Or will the intense fusion of cutting edge science and magic he introduces to the equation simply spread these battles beyond this universe into parallel universes, and the multiverse as a whole More ominous still, there appears to be outside forces influencing matters in the four sectors beyond anyone s knowledge or ability to grasp Some of the tech bequeathed to them by long dead civilizations may have a life and a mind of its own, begging the question, are these distant parties relegated to history, or just to a dimension beyond their current reach

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    1. In "Love on the Run" author Dean C. Moore showed that he can write fast-paced satire with a deliciously wicked sense of humor.In "The Hundred Year Clones: The Four Sectors Wars" he shows readers a whole new side of his storytelling abilities.Unlike "Love on the Run," this is a sprawling novel that takes the reader not only through space but also through time. It is a journey into - and out of - amazing places that have virtually every element of both fantasy and science fiction: Wizards, shape-s [...]

    2. In his novel, The Adventures of Raikin, Dean C. Moore does an excellent job at thrusting us once again into his post-Singularity universe in part three of the Hundred-Year Clone War Series. This time we follow a Hundred-Year Clone by the name of Raikin, as he assembles a team in order to take down four warlords who have grown hungry for more power. Through his writing, it is clear that Dean C. Moore can craft a stunning story full of unabated action, charismatic characters and impressive imagina [...]

    3. This is the second book of Moore’s I have read. It is a story that crosses four sectors of space, each one ruled by a different magician, or warlord. The main protagonist is Raikin, a hundred year clone and still a teen, who is intent on defeating the warlords and escaping the ultimate trap: the Cicero lockbox. Moore has a knack for combining fantasy, magic and science, in his novels. Binding magic, wizards, alchemists and spells, coexist harmoniously with quantum concepts of time and space; n [...]

    4. Three hundred years into the future, a crashed spaceship is unearthed. On board, something is alive and it has a strange tale to tell. Add into the mix another craft which can warp space and time, and that's the world in which we find Raikin. Is he just a hormone ridden clone or is he the saviour of the multiverse? That’s the question which teases us throughout the book.Raikin gathers a team of remarkable wizards around him (yes, there's magic mixed in with the SF) and they head off across spa [...]

    5. Dean C. Moore is a wizard with words!He paints such a setting and carves such juicy plot that I found myself reading at a pace I simply couldn't keep up with, and yet I couldn't stop. His ability to draw you into the world he's created is inspired, although not for the faint hearted.The whole book exudes a sense of excitement and enthusiasm which is impossible to ignore. This turned into one of those books where I found myself staying up into the small hours of the morning with the mantra "just [...]

    6. 'The Hundred Year Clones: The Four Sectors' by Dean C. Moore is the story of Raikin who is a clone from outer space. What is his purpose and what are his powers?The story is set in the future but has elements of both sci-fi and fantasy, but it works well! There are field generators, floating in space experiences, sensual energy bodies, dragons and wizards, powerful warlords, god-like ancient civilizations, and of course powerful magic so you'll have to have an open mind. But once you do the stor [...]

    7. I received this book as a gift. In this chapter we get to know a great character in Raikin. He is blessed with great powers and abilities but he has to learn how to use them. The character brings together a band of other powerful beings and they all must learn how to harness their powers. All of these books have an integration of magic into the sci-fi but in this one it is even more pronounced. This book's theme can speak to anyone who feels that they have been put into a situation where they ar [...]

    8. The Hundred Year Clones saga takes an intriguing turn in this third episode. Epic sci-fi has dominated the series so far, though mixed in with a wide array of other genres. Here, however, wizards and sorceresses fight across galactic quadrants, with both science and magic playing a great role. It makes for an intriguing mix. Moreover, the hero may be the most interesting of the Clones yet, a teenage boy coming to terms with his prescribed role in the universe, rather than the settled, older hero [...]

    9. This time we meet Raikin. If like me you enjoyed the other two books, then this should be right up your alley. Unlike the other two, this time we meet a clone still in his youth. I think that helps seperate it from the other two. You get a sense that Raikin, who is really just a teen with teen problems, being thrust into the limelight of being called the savior of the Universe. Read one or three, but read these all.

    10. Well paced and with enough complexity for attentive readers to get their teeth into, this has a good storyline with a number of twists and turns which prevent the reader assuming too much- not a book to skip through! It's always good to readers who aren't afraid to blend genres and go beyond accepted norms- as someone who isn't a fan of genre barriers it was a pleasant change to read a book where elements are brought in from quite different genres and are made to work together. Recommended.

    11. The Hundred Year Clones Dean Croke – Writers who reviewAn epically imagined scenario, endlessly inventive, and incorporating science and magic, singularities, the godhead, and multiverses, in the best of science fiction traditions. I don’t pretend to have a mind that can encompass Dean Croke’s sweeping vision of man’s possible futures on his journey towards multiversal peace and nirvana, but this tale was well written and very enjoyable. amazon/Hundred-Year

    12. Adventures of Raikin is a fairly heavy fantasy/science fiction novel that chronicles the rise of Raikin the Gravitator along with Warnak He Who Conjures Nothing. For those who are looking for a fast or an easy read, this is not the book. The worldbuilding and information necessary to absorb the world and the story sometimes involves significant chunks of telling and back story. And the information is such that you need to remember it to gain the full weight of the actions of the characters and p [...]

    13. The hundred year clones is beyond a doubt a thrilling and exciting read.As I don't unusually read sci-fi books, I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to get into it, but I was pleasantly surprised. I did find it a little slow to start with but it soon grabbed hold of me and wouldn't let me go. I was even more surprised, when the element of fantasy and magic entered the book, which I wasn't expecting. It really gave the book a little extra.I did struggle from time to time, as there are s [...]

    14. Dean C. Moore continues to impress with The Hundred Years Clones:The four sectors wars. I loved the eye catching cover of this book along with the synopsis which made it a must-read for me. With clones, magical beings, and great technology, this was one to really get my teeth into. With interesting characters, especially Raikin whose motivations and actions were sometimes difficult to entertain, the characters  were real and intriguing. With this book, Moore has provided an interesting and dee [...]

    15. Wow! There really should be a defined genre for science fantasy for this book falls into it. From the cover, I was expecting sci fi but when the fantasy comes into play it is as natural as a flower opening in sunlight. Not only was this a gripping read but it was very intricate, too; the sort of book one can go back to time and again and find a new facet of enjoyment on each occasion. I loved the diversity of the characters and that all of them were so well-developed. This is a writer I shall be [...]

    16. Dean C. Moore is a great sci fi writer and this is another top quality work. It made me laugh throughout and the quality of the narrative is inarguable. Once you have read one book in this series, you'll want to read more.

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