• Title: Rachel Rising, Volume 4: Winter Graves
  • Author: Terry Moore
  • ISBN: 9781892597564
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rachel Rising Volume Winter Graves Aunt Johnny lies dead in a mortuary Manson is buried under the snowstorm of the century and Jet is possessed by a year old boy from the s Rachel can save them all if she can find the spell ch
    Aunt Johnny lies dead in a mortuary, Manson is buried under the snowstorm of the century and Jet is possessed by a 15 year old boy from the 1600s Rachel can save them all, if she can find the spell chest she buried 300 years ago But first, she must learn the truth about her troubled past This new volume collects issues 19 to 24 of Terry Moore s critically acclaimed serAunt Johnny lies dead in a mortuary, Manson is buried under the snowstorm of the century and Jet is possessed by a 15 year old boy from the 1600s Rachel can save them all, if she can find the spell chest she buried 300 years ago But first, she must learn the truth about her troubled past This new volume collects issues 19 to 24 of Terry Moore s critically acclaimed series.

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    1. The (Evil) Priest: The world is a terrible place. Wouldn’t you like to reboot it? Just start over and get rid of everything that is wrong?Zoe: Not if it means giving birth to the Anti-Christ!Zoe, the Priest sees, is part of “the solution” (yes, like The Final Solution, ala Hitler, but he also wants to be the guy to help her give birth to the Anti-Christ). But in this arc, what does this exactly entail? We’ll see!I like how each issue is framed by an epigraph, appropriate to a theme of th [...]

    2. THISESOME. Lmfaooo I'm absolutely hooked. The dark humor , the twists and turns and the overall unbelievability is just!!

    3. More answers, more questions, once again.Terry Moore is hilarious when he wants to be. Zoe's dialogue is priceless.There were two standout visually creative sequences in v4. First the POV panels as the recently poisoned Rachel fades in and out of consciousness. Second when the power goes out and Rachel stumbles through a house. Each panel is framed as if she's moving sightlessly through a furnished room, and Rachel is drawn clearly, but the background is perfectly black. It conveys her experienc [...]

    4. Not for the faint of heart, this series is fucking sickening. But like, in a good way. Visceral, sadistic, cold, uncomfortable, and dark, yet so, so readable. I don't get it. I love it, yet I understand how gruesome it is. Yet I love it. It's a female, semi-ensemble cast that celebrates female power by eviscerating it's ladies. I don't get it. But I love it. Another fantastic installment.

    5. This volume sheds some light on the past - of Lillith, Rachel and the spirit possessing her, the town, and the horrible thing that Lillith wants revenge for. I'm really wondering where this story is going. Creepy and cool!Similar titles:Fatale

    6. This is much better than volume three. There is a lot of action, and the climax at the end is pretty intense. The ending left me wondering where this series will go next.

    7. And the plot moves forward, which I like, but I predicted a lot of what happened in this volume. Still good, but not wowing me in any one facet (story, dialogue, art).

    8. Ad essere onesti, non son mica sicura che questa serie mi piaccia. Da un lato Rachel come protagonista è favolosa: ciò che è diventata, come si comporta, le battutacce. Dall'altro, però, la storia è veramente confusa a volte. Dubito che una terza lettura aiuterà. E poi, caspita, ho tanta roba da leggere e non mi va di dover leggere qualcosa tre volte prima che mi si accenda la lampadina.Forse l'autore ha aggiunto troppa carne al fuoco e fa fatica a gestirla. Ci son alcune ragazze che non m [...]

    9. Ok i REALLY like Rachel Rising. I love the story so far! Cant wait to real vol5!Lat book I've read in 2016.

    10. Storyline and characters are making more sense as the story unfolds. Thought the artwork was much cleaner in this volume as well.Looking forward to volume 5

    11. I have a memory of reading that issue #24 was written so that it could be the end of the series, if it needed to be due to low sales. I can see how it could have been an ending. I can also see how it was perhaps a little rushed as a consequence of it being 'maybe this is the end'. The Lilith story is, apparently, wrapped up, although there are some story lines left open and from all that we know of Lilith she's clearly not dead, just incapacitated for a while. Will Johnny be revived? Probably, b [...]

    12. All right! Time to resolve that major cliffhanger from the end of issue 18! What?! Colonial America?We rejoin the story of Rachel Beck with an extreme flashback, to the time when all of the events we've witnessed so far were set into motion. We find out who Rachel really is, and the circumstances that are responsible for her plight in present day. After that the cliffhanger is resolved.This cycle of books gives us the background that has been missing through the previous entries into the series. [...]

    13. I know the series isn't finished yet, but this rating is more for the entire run to date than any single volume. I think Rachel Rising is going to rival Echo for being my favorite Terry Moore title, and the good thing is they are both different genres that sometimes touch upon common themes. I'm enjoying seeing Moore show his flexibility as a writer.Rachel is probably the most steadfast member of the cast, and while her character has changed the least so far, that's fine. I think Rachel has one [...]

    14. Wow that was unexpected!World: The art is fantastic, I've talked about it and I don't need to say anymore. The world building is solid also with lots of history and context which we've been waiting for. Add to that the character moments in the past that inform the characters making it more deep. Great!Story: The story was frantic! This is the mid series finale and all the pieces have been moving to have the end we see in this arc. It's well written, the dialog is great, the pacing is wonderful a [...]

    15. Unlike the previous volumes there's some quality humor here. Kinda dark, but that's how I like it. I'm glad I got this far. It looks like there are a great many things to be revealed still.(view spoiler)[We get a glimpse into the past, when Rachel, originally Bryn Erin, considered Lilith's offer, but her christian parents were completely against it. James, her betrothed was shot while urging her to flee from the town, but Rachel managed to get him to swallow a drop of tree sap from Lilith. It ke [...]

    16. Four volumes in, Rachel is starting to flag, despite the reveal of an origin story, a little gender-swapping, and a serial-killing punster. The problem, I think, is that no one stays dead - by this time Rachel, Jet, and Johnny have all dodged the Grim Reaper - which tends to lower the stakes a little. Perhaps Moore's intent is to make the line between life and death seem more malleable, to suggest that it can be a gift. After all, the epigram from Plato that opened the series - "Death is not the [...]

    17. So much happens in this installment of Moore's supernatural horror series. Some flashbacks offer more enlightenment as to how and why Manson's original witch lynching went down, Zoe, the child psychopath, makes some friends, and Rachel has a confrontation with Lilith that leaves a lot of corpses strewn around. There really is so much going on in this story. Zombies & witches, Lilith & Jack the Ripper, necrophilia & child abuse, demons & possession, and some weird snake action Eve [...]

    18. well, I liked this one better than the others. I actually did kind of like it, whereas the others I was pretty neutral about. I still don't like how you had to wait until this far into the series to get any kind of backstory to really figure out what's going on. but I enjoyed the backstory (I probably would have liked the current stuff happening a lot more if this history would have been introduced sooner). I actually feel more like I want to know what happens next after this book more than I di [...]

    19. Continues to be a chilling and spine-tingling series. I'm always wondering where Terry is taking up and what the ending point of the whole thing is supposed to be. I continue to love the main characters, and the people they draw in (as well as the ones they are already fiercely loyal to and whom are fiercely loyal to them already). I love where certain people end up in this one, tying the disparate character closer together from the far flung web. As I fan of SIP and Echo, and definitely, defini [...]

    20. So. That was an ending to the story arc. It was somewhat underwhelming and gave me the sense that Moore was in a hurry to just get everything resolved by a specific issue and sort of raced to the end, discarding plot point and character arcs as he went. But at this point he's earned a little deus-ex-machina to me. The art continues to be one part pretty and one part macabre. Honestly, sometimes it just doesn't work at either. But most of the time it works on a level that really breaks out of wha [...]

    21. An ending? No way. Definitely a chance to catch a breath, but not an ending. I LOVE the story. Witches scorned mixed with ancient lore, religion and the battle as old as time. The cool part is figuring out who's on what side - because that isn't clear. And who is the hero? Rachel? Zoe? Priscilla? No idea. And that's what I love most about this.

    22. Ok, I have decided just to let this book be as bonkers as it wants to be. Some story points are ridiculous but not uninteresting and I did enjoy this volume more than the previous two. Not really sure how much longer the story can last, though.

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    24. Is it just me or does this series keep going round and round in circles? Yes, there was some development in the main story and the mystery behind what's happening in Mason, but still

    25. This concludes the first arc of the horror series with Moore's beautiful visuals, storytelling and endearing characters. Worth a read.

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