• Title: The Ghost Files 3
  • Author: Apryl Baker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Ghost Files One two the ghosts are coming for you Three four better salt your door Five six death and hatred mix Seven eight help will come too late Nine ten never reap again Seventeen year old Mattie
    One, two, the ghosts are coming for you Three, four, better salt your door Five, six, death and hatred mix Seven, eight, help will come too late Nine, ten, never reap again Seventeen year old, Mattie Hathaway, has enough on her plate without having to deal with the latest teenage ghost drama The ghosts of eight murdered girls are out for her blood They blame Mattie fOne, two, the ghosts are coming for you Three, four, better salt your door Five, six, death and hatred mix Seven, eight, help will come too late Nine, ten, never reap again Seventeen year old, Mattie Hathaway, has enough on her plate without having to deal with the latest teenage ghost drama The ghosts of eight murdered girls are out for her blood They blame Mattie for their deaths She has to figure out what happened to them before they make sure she ends up just like them dead and angry.Not only that, but she has to face the greatest fear of her young life, the death of the only person she s ever loved Can she let nature take its course or will she interfere and cause the balance of life and death to spiral out of control She s out of time, and doesn t know if she should trust Silas, the demon who has taken a very disturbing interest in her or her father, a man just as evil as Silas Either way, she has to make a choice But what will it cost her and those she loves

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    1. I will be anxiously awaiting book 4 of this series.I truly could not put down these books once I started reading. Starting with page one, I develop relationships with the characters. I felt as if I were part of the story, but more than that, I felt as if I became a part of Matties family. I read all three books in two days and now feel the emptiness of having to wait for the next chapter in the lives of the characters I have come to love and those I've come to hate. I'm the type of reader that b [...]

    2. OMG good read!!!! BUT I hate when the ending leaves you hanging!!! I got over being mad with officer Dan because now I believe him and Mattie have a totally different relationship they still aren't aware of! This is a series you need to read in order, very much worth it!!!!! :-)

    3. HIGHLY ADDICTIVE AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED "Secrets tend to get found out no matter how hard you try to hide them."-Officer Dan+When I first read this story (book 1 in wattpad) I got this feeling!LOL IT was awesome! I didn't expect it to be this great, I love the plot storyline! Fast read, page-turner! I like how the characters are bonded, and developed their skills throughout the story.+These series is perfect! It made me laugh, sad and everything in between. Mixed emotions. I even had nightmares! [...]

    4. This might sound really dumb, but I'm still shocked by how good Apryl Baker's The Ghost Files series is. I was hooked from the very first page of the first book and that "hooked" sensation has definitely stuck around through my reading of this third installment in the series. Although these books have their fair share of annoyances (especially this third one as the plot morphed and deepened in ways that I'm afraid could turn cheesy), there is something about them that really appeals to me. Matti [...]

    5. First, HOLD THE F UPTHERE'S GOING TO BE A TGF MOVIE????I read the acknowledgements of this book (partially) and just*breathes heavily*AlrightDamn, Baker, why must you end with cliffhangers? Is it really that necessary? It's no secret that I love this series, and I can't freaking wait for V4! Is the date already clear? X3

    6. Mattie Hathaway has survived more than her fair share of scary, bizarre incidences. Safety seems like an illusion, even with Dan and Eli there to protect her. After returning from a trip to help Dr. Ollivet de-ghost a house in the south, Mattie is reeling from everything she learned about herself, Eli's family, and Dan's true past. Coming home to a horde of angry spirits who all blame Mattie for their deaths and are hell-bent on revenge really wasn't the homecoming she hoped for. Having read vol [...]

    7. 💘I love this series!! I will be starting 3.5 as soon as this review is finished. Thank you Apryl Baker!!

    8. In "Ghost Files # 3" Apryl Baker continues to blend the paranormal, murder, mystery and romance into a story that keeps her readers on the edge of their seats. Spine-tingling and exciting it begins with Mattie Hathaway's return home from New Orleans only to be accosted in the airport by a vengeful spirit who's out for blood. One of eight girls killed by a man spouting Mattie's name over and over, the young reaper is determined to help the ghost after she gets out of the hospital with another bum [...]

    9. This book was a rip-off of the Mortal Instruments series (a combo of Clockwork Angel and the modern series)The main character - Mattie was very similar to the heroine in Clockwork Princess:1. Special powers that cannot be explained2. Has two guys destined be with her3. Was created for a special purpose with some demon interference4. The looks are even similar5. Similar mystery surrounding family and connectionsThe Plot is also very similar:1. Demon slaying part-Angel part-Human knights/warriors2 [...]

    10. This is basically a review for the first three books, which are the only ones published at the writing of this review (not counting the novella 3.5). I really, really enjoyed the first book in the series. By the time I reached the second book, the drama of all the many relationships going on were starting to annoy me. While reading book 3, I gave off more than one audible sigh as I felt like shaking the characters and screaming at them, "Pick one guy/girl already! Quit toying with everyone!" Ugh [...]

    11. There were various plots and sub-plots involved in this third book, and none really took dominance, so overall it felt disjointed. The ending was left for the next book in the series to continue, unfortunately there is no indication so far as to when that might be.The character of Mattie Hathaway has developed, although she seems to have lost much of her independent streak, which seems a pity. There seemed to be more threads left hanging/unexplained than in the previous two books of the series, [...]

    12. Oh my God!! Another excellent read!! Am absolutely loving Mattie, she's certainly had it rough since she actually started talking to the ghosts but she's such a strong character. Dan What can I say about Dan?! I love him too :) again an amazing character who is loyal and fiercely protective. Eli, Caleb also are great characters, and I love the intensity between Mattie and Eli, I have my own personal thoughts about their relationship, but I'll keep quiet! Dr Olivet is interesting Not sure about h [...]

    13. Another entertaining read. Im surprised that this series is so good. Again, Mattie's behaviour infuriates me. This "hit first, talk later" attitude is getting old, there's no real development there in this aspect of her life; however, she has come a long way in trusting people in her life. I still do not like that she forgave Dan much quicker than she forgave her best friend Meg, I find it highly unfair to Meg. Looking forward to book 4.

    14. Total. Book. Hangover. I literally read all three books in this series in less than three days. Book one, page one? SUCKED IN!!!! The endings? Holy Hannah!!! My only regret? Not waiting til the fourth book is out before starting the series. With the plot twists in this book, I just couldn't put it down. It was THAT suspenseful.

    15. Book threeUgh! Wicked good, but there's a fourth book! Is it available yet? I wanna start while it's fresh in my mind, not months from now, this is why I hate series, unless the whole thing is available

    16. Awesome readLove the characters in the book. I can't stop reading, didn't want it to end! Looking forward to next chapter.

    17. Another great!Read the 1st 3 in no time! Bring on book 4! Good job, from a fellow West Virginia girl! :-)

    18. Hush little children, all snug in your beds, Safe in your dreams, tucked away in your heads. But he is watching and wants to be fed. Don’t try to run…say a prayer instead, Because, little children, you’ll soon be dead. Children all over the city of Charlotte, North Carolina are vanishing and turning up dead exactly one week after their disappearance. The city is in a panic, parents terrified to let their children out of their sights, but it’s simply not enough. You can’t hide from the [...]

    19. Mixed emotions during this book; had a love-hate relationship with the book and the characters throughout nr 3. At one stage I was very annoyed with Mattie. She acts like a brat and then just says "it is what it is" - come one Mattie grow up! Did not like one bit how she reckoned she had power over life and deatht on girl! But hey, gotta love Mattie in the end. Did not like the new developments with Mattie's family though. There are a few things that are very unbelievable with how she reacts to [...]

    20. M I N D B L O W NWasn’t expecting that. At all. I had a break down the part where Dan half-dead at the hospital. The way Mattie and Meg laid next to him on the bed.At first I hate Meg for the fact she dated Dan, but after all the ups and downs, Meg is not what I thought she would be. I’ll admit it was wrong to do so because she didn’t wait for Mattie to decides how she actually feels for Dan. Anyhow, It’s all good until the Masquerade Ball. Everything is so messed up. And really? Paul an [...]

    21. I love this seriesMattie is back from New Orleans and she is now being haunted by numerous teenage girls. After forgiving Dan for his betrayal with Meg, he agrees to help her find out what happened to the girls with the help of his new found family, the Malones. Eli is the sexiest man Mattie has ever seen, but there's something about him that is making Mattie have second thoughts.ough he won't take no for an answer. This book was as good as the other 2 and I'm super excited to start the next one [...]

    22. What to say??? AMAZING!! This book is by far one of my favorite! I can't believe all the tsuff that's happened! I mean, how far Mattie has gone is incredible. She was once this shy girl who didn't think she belonged to this young lady who can and WILL help the world. She's an amazing and strong Character! I can't wait to read the rest of the series very soon! Thank you Mrs. Baker for writing so others can see your beautiful work! You're amazing!

    23. Mattie and Dan did what!?Apryl's storylines are wicked and crazy. Mattie and Dan have been through a lot, but I like Eli more. Haha. I enjoyed reading the intense plotlines she comes up with. It's consistent and gives you diversity, adding suspense and the right amount of fear to keep you flipping the pages. With this story there were a lot of new characters, but also, sealing their fate for some old ones. Now, on to the fourth book.

    24. Not as good as the first few volumes mainly because of a few over used things (black eyes shocker!) but still ok. I don't know how far this series can go with out getting too complicated and over using games the bonded with people thing. Also a bit obvious that dan is going to end up being mattie's brother somehow. But I'm still enjoying this series for now, the writing is quite good and I still like mattie as a character.

    25. Sucked me in and I stayed up way past my bedtime!This series. just an awesome read! The characters suck you in, the plots keep you in, and the mystery absorbs your thoughts. What is going to happen? Who is doing this? Why does Silas care? What is she? Who will she choose? So many questions to more reading!

    26. So much was introduced into this 3rd installment without a ton of answers, so lots of cliffhangers for book 4. The only thing that I felt should have been taken care of in this book was the souls of murdered girls. It is understandable why it was not concluded, however, unless they are meant to help out in the future books, I have a feeling it will be left hanging.

    27. No! I can't have finished this book already! I need more! I have no money to get the next one yet either! I'll talk more about this tomorrow when I get over the shock that I've finished this book. (I was totally shocked when I came back from the toilet and saw I only had 20 pages left).

    28. W-O-WI don't even know how I am feeling right now, except I have to know more. This one is a bit of a roller coaster ride. Tissue will be needed, well least I needed a few. Apryl, once again bring everyone to life and what an amazing chapter this story is in the Ghost Files!

    29. OmGThis series is so good. It just draws you into their lives. One of the best Supernatural series I have read. My goodness another book I couldn't put down . Definitely recommend this series.

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