• Title: Pan's Revenge
  • Author: Anna Katmore
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 236
  • Format: ebook
  • Pan s Revenge It s been weeks since Angelina has left Neverland James Hook is desperate to follow her off the island and find her in this notorious town called London when he makes a grave mistake The consequences
    It s been weeks since Angelina has left Neverland James Hook is desperate to follow her off the island and find her in this notorious town called London, when he makes a grave mistake The consequences alter the life of his once arch enemy, Peter Pan, in a way no one could have foreseen The boy who wouldn t grow up swears revenge, and what better way than by stealing HooIt s been weeks since Angelina has left Neverland James Hook is desperate to follow her off the island and find her in this notorious town called London, when he makes a grave mistake The consequences alter the life of his once arch enemy, Peter Pan, in a way no one could have foreseen The boy who wouldn t grow up swears revenge, and what better way than by stealing Hook s love Through a shower of falling stars, a loop around the moon, and then a hard left at the Clock Tower When James Hook finally arrives in London, he has to fight with a vengeance for his love and in the battle face a boy who grew up after all.Close your eyes and fall in love with the beautiful sequel to NEVERLAND.

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    1. I like Peter Pan as a bad guy. I mean, that little flying jerk always annoyed the hell out of me and finally other people are getting to see my side of things. I also like the idea of a young, hot Hook. I get this image in my head:Some girls have all the luck.This book was a great follow-up to the first one because left the Peter Pan story we know completely. I love the fairies in Neverland, especially the crazy one because, who doesn't like crazy? I love Hook's pirate side that comes out, even [...]

    2. It’s been weeks since Angelina has left Neverland. James Hook is desperate to follow her off the island and find her in this notorious town called London, when he makes a grave mistake. The consequences alter the life of his once-arch-enemy, Peter Pan, in a way no one could have foreseen. The boy who wouldn’t grow up swears revenge, and what better way than by stealing Hook’s love?Through a shower of falling stars, a loop around the moon, and then a hard left at the Clock Tower… When Jam [...]

    3. I don't know what's wrong with me. I really, really wanted to like this book. Everyone else seems to love it, and that's wonderful because this author seems like a genuinely friendly person. Because of that, I also want to explain why I ultimately didn't end up liking this book.(view spoiler)[Every time Angel and Hook were together in a scene, they sizzled right off the page. Everything else sort of fell flat for me. In fact, I seriously considered giving this book a 4-5 star rating at one point [...]

    4. To see full review click hereBetter known as Peter Pan Got Hot So That the Author Could Implement the Love Triangle Trope.I kid you not.That’s really why I think this book exists becuase there’s no other reason.And let’s not get me started on the ending.I should warn you that this part of the binge review is going to be filled with spoilery rants so if you are serious about reading this and don’t want your spoiler cherry popped please hit the little exit button now.Aren’t gone. Well, I [...]

    5. Okay, so I just finished reading Pan's Revenge & I have to say 5 stars isn't a high enough rating for this book! It soared way above any expectations I could have dreamed of for the book! Anna hit an out of the park grand slam with this one!! It's pure genius!!! I absolutely loved it & HIGHLY recommend picking it up for a bit of light reading upon it's release date! :D it picks up exactly where Neverland ended & I don't believe it could have been written any more perfectly. You get m [...]

    6. seriously! Don't be afraid and just grab both Adventures in Neverland books.I'll be giving my full review soon, I just want you guys to read this amazing book! gah! Aye.

    7. Der zweite Teil von "Adventures in Neverland" war- spannend, sodass man das Buch teilweise gar nicht mehr aus der Hand legen wollte- emotional, sodass man mitlitt, aggressiv gegen bestimmte Charaktere wurde, sich erfreute, wenn sich Missverständnisse auflösten und einfach die Gefühle der Charaktere sehr gut nachvollziehen konnte- unterhaltsam, aber leider nicht so humorvoll, wie der erste Band, wo gerade die Gedanken vom Protagonisten Hook einem häufig ein Lächeln ins Gesicht trieb.Die Schw [...]

    8. SPOILERS. There will be Spoilers. Lots of them. You have been warned.-----------------------What? What? What did I just read? This series got weird. Really weird. Well.WEIRDER. The first book had me on the fence about whether or not I liked it, but this one just sent me over the edge of confusion. These books were nothing like what I expected them to be. Let me just start by saying Peter Pan was an ass. Such an ass. And creepy as all get out. Half the time he was a revenge bent maniac and the ot [...]

    9. *BETA READ*"There's only one real adventure in this world, love. It's finding the one person who makes you want to be better than you are."Amazing!!! Wonderful conclusion to the story of Angel, Peter and Jamie! I didn't want the story to end! If you thought you you couldn't love James Hook more, think again. He will steal your heart all over again and then some. "Why are you really here then?""I already told you last night. I'm here because of you.""What am I to you, that you felt the need to le [...]

    10. "Pan's Revenge (Neverland #2) by Anna Katmore5 out of 5 stars (should really be 10!)Pirates! Adventure! Epic battles! Quests! Love lost and then found! All of this and more can be found in the pages of Anna Katmore's follow-up to "Neverland". Don't hesitate to jump on this nonstop thrill ride and see for yourself where the story will lead you in "Pan's Revenge"!Captain James Hook has lost his one true love but he is determined to find his way back to her. As he sets out on his quest to open the [...]

    11. KurzbeschreibungIn diesem zweiten Teil, versucht James Hook zu Angelina nach London zu gelangen und es will einfach nicht gelingen.Warum er zu ihr will? Er vermisst sie von ganzem Herzen und mit Hilfe der Feen ersinnt er einen Plan.Aber es kommt anders und durch Hooks Plan verändert sich Peter Pans Leben auf dramatische Weise und es gelingt ihm vor Hook bei Angel zu sein.Aber bei Angelina sind die Erinnerungen verschwommen und sie erkennt Peter Pan nicht. Der wiederum beschließt Hook als graus [...]

    12. Meine Meinung: Diese Geschichte knüpft direkt an "Herzklopfen in Nimmerland" an, so dass ich keinerlei Probleme hatte wieder in die Geschichte hineinzufinden.Dieses Buch hat mir von Anfang an besser gefallen, vielleicht weil ich mit James mit gelitten habe. Nachdem Angel Nimmerland verlassen hat und wieder in London ist, ist James zutiefst traurig und möchte seine Angel wieder zurück haben. Das das egoistisch von ihm ist, weiß er, nur kann er gegen die Liebe zu ihr nicht anders und macht sic [...]

    13. I loved book one, Neverland, so much that I bought the sequel since I couldn't leave it unfinished. While I did enjoy Pan's Revenge, it just didn't grab me the way the first book did. This one is told from three different points of view: Angel, Hook, and Pan. The constantly changing views made the story rather disjointed at times.My favorite character is still James Hook he's as great in this sequel as the first book. His single-mindedness in finding a way back to Angel was not only sweet, it wa [...]

    14. *Sigh* This book is such a large disappointment. I'm so tiered of crappy sequels to amazing books. I am as unimpressed by the quality so much so that I looked like Stanley from the Office while reading the book. Pan's Revenge is the second book in the Adventures in Neverland series. I have already given amazing reviews for the first book Neverland here: thenotsopubliclibraryThere is no real flow to the book, it is very unsatisfying, and I could not get into it no matter how hard I tried. All in [...]

    15. I loved Neverland (book one). I was whisked away to a magical land, fell in love with Captain James Hook of all people and cried when Angel left to go home. I thought I knew what to expect from the sequel and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Pan’s revenge surprised me. I won’t go into long plot descriptions, because I don’t want to stop it surprising you, but it went in a direction I hadn’t predicted leaving me wondering how it could end. There were plenty of tense moments. I despa [...]

    16. "Are you ready to be kissed?" he breathes against the corner of my mouth.My knees start to tremble and there are butterflies in my belly now. Way too many. "I don't think this is a good idea.""I think it's the best idea I've had in a long time."*swoon* trust me, you don't want yo miss out on this book!This book continues where Neverland ended, and it doesn't disappoint. It's told from Hook, Angel and Peters point of view, with Peter having a bigger role than in the previous book. You'll Get to s [...]

    17. This was a fun follow up to Neverland. While at first I thought she was going to be creating a love triangle with the story, I was VERY happy that it never really took off. I mean, how do you compete with Jamie?All in all this was a fun, enjoyable read (but as with Neverland, I could have done without the language--totally unnecessary) happy for a happily ever after all around! And an epilogue!! Yay!

    18. I really enjoyed this real-life Peter Pan story. Here in the sequel, James (aka Captain Hook) finally makes the curse of Neverland go away so that they can start growing up and he can find Angel again. Problem is, Peter has to grow up way faster than everyone else and is not happy about it. He begins to cause all sorts of real, deadly trouble. In the end it all works out, of course, but it's a fun ride to get there.

    19. Wow! This was not what I expected at all, and it was oh so good. Peter Pan and his revenge were a big surprise since I went into this thinking there would be a huge triangle of love and I'd be torn between Pan and Hook. But it didn't turn that way at all, and I loved every surprising moment of this book. Maybe someday Anna Katmore will decide to more sequels, but I am very happy with the conclusion of Pan's Revenge. And I will now forever be in love with James Hook.

    20. This one, like the last, was very short! I finished this whole book in a few hours But it was a fun few hours! I lived the characters, and adored the ending! A very cute retelling. I wish there was more

    21. Das Buch hat am Anfang etwas länger gebraucht, hat mich aber dann genauso gut unterhalten wie der erste Teil.

    22. Inhalt:Angelina ist in ihre Welt zurückgekehrt und verliert jegliche Erinnerung an die Zeit in Nimmerland. Nur die Herzkette, die James Hook ihr geschenkt hat, bleibt ihr, doch die Liebe scheint vergessen. Währenddessen setzt der junge Kapitän Jamie alles daran, um zu seiner großen Liebe zu gelangen. Dafür ist ihm kein Preis zu hoch, doch die Konsequenzen sind weitreichender als er erwartet hat.Fazit:„Die Rache des Pan“ ist der zweite Band der „Eine zauberhafte Reise“-Dilogie von An [...]

    23. I never thought this book would level up to Neverland. No dull moments, no hanging pages in the air. Katmore keeps getting better with every word she puts together. The story contained great twists and I love how Peter Pan gets to be the bad guy, and Hook the good one. This really changed everything I believed in.

    24. Better Than the First!I need a moment to gather my thoughtsokay, I'm good to go. This was so much better than first book! I loved every minute of this story! I wish there was more. I gained a better understanding of Peter's and James's relationship and how that pretty much went downhill very quickly. I loved the world building and just overall everything about this book!

    25. My goodnessThis was the craziest sequel ever!!! I was so upset with how Peter was acting! I was so happy when everyone banded together to save Angel! I loved the last chapter jumping to ten years later. The only thing is I feel like it was left opened. Who would want to go to Neverland? Was Peter flirting with Angels sister? How did Peter even get to the real world? It sucks so many questions will go unanswered.

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