• Title: The Pirate
  • Author: Jayne Ann Krentz
  • ISBN: 9780373253876
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    The Pirate Reality was much satisfyingKatherine Inskip s ideal man didn t exist in this century Nevertheless her dreams and the books she wrote were dominated by a swashbuckling pirate She d never imagined she
    Reality was much satisfyingKatherine Inskip s ideal man didn t exist in this century Nevertheless, her dreams and the books she wrote were dominated by a swashbuckling pirate She d never imagined she d encounter him in the flesh until she met Jared Hawthorne.Owner of the South Seas island where Kate was unwinding, Jared could have stepped off the pages of a hiReality was much satisfyingKatherine Inskip s ideal man didn t exist in this century Nevertheless, her dreams and the books she wrote were dominated by a swashbuckling pirate She d never imagined she d encounter him in the flesh until she met Jared Hawthorne.Owner of the South Seas island where Kate was unwinding, Jared could have stepped off the pages of a historical romance In almost every way he was her perfect fantasy bold, dashing, domineering But then Kate began to suspect that Jared had something in common with his piratical ancestors something that wasn t at all by the book.

    One Reply to “The Pirate”

    1. Захаросана книжка, която не пробуди никакви емоции докато я четях. Трудно ми вървеше четенето!

    2. This one was just wishy-washy Neither a good romance, nor a good mystery. The heroine was just mean and bitchy, while the hero was an as*hole most of the time!!In the book's defense - i got stuck with an ABRIDGED version AGAIN! So i will try to find a full length one soon Why do abridged books even exist?! If you are too lazy to read a book - then just don't read it, don't have someone re-tell you the short version of it!!

    3. Such a great love story about an over worked, over stressed romance writer and an amazing, dashing resort owning man. Who just happens to be the spitting image of the hero in all the novels. Great love story, ok adventure to keep you guessing.

    4. It's like hanging out with an old friend. I love the interactions between Kate and Jared as well as between Kate and David. Fun story with a prickly heroine and a stubborn hero on a gorgeous island resort. I also love how the staff bets on everything.

    5. Suffering from promotional tour "burn out," friends of Romance author:Katherine Inskip, make reservations for the author at a South Seas island resort.A majority of the action and story reminded me of the movie: "Romancing the Stone."

    6. On the whole it's ok (2 stars), but the first part of her arrival on the island made me laugh with tears(4 stars :)).

    7. Historical romance author Katherine Inskip has just returned from a book promotion tour, and is exhausted. She has been working non stop for two years now, and so her two best friends intervene. They have booked a tropical vacation for her, a month in a nice resort on a tropical island. And so Kate has no choice but to, as they practically put her on the plane themselves. What Kate does not expect is to find the hero of her last pirate book come alive, and sweeping her of her feet. Jared Hawthor [...]

    8. An exciting, rich, handsome hero who's the great-grandson of a pirate. Tropical island. Crumbling castle. Mystery. So why only two stars? The heroine, although feisty, was just so MEAN to everybody. This was the biggest 'Mary Sue' heroine I've read since my 9-year-old's third-grade writing assignment. The way they got together was just okay lets get together. There was no rhyme or reason for it. The hero was okay I think I would have liked him more if he hadn't let himself be such a doormat f [...]

    9. I picked this book up by Jayne Ann Krentz the other day because it had one of my favorite words in the title-–pirate. I don’t think you can go wrong when you write about pirates and after finishing this book, I can say without hesitation that I was right. Krentz is definitely an author to check out if you need witty, entertaining characters. I literally laughed out loud during some of the scenes in this book.I haven’t read her works before, but everyone is always telling me to check her ou [...]

    10. Enjoyed this, historical romance author is booked on an island vacation by tow of her friends. She is not happy about this and there are mishaps along the way. One brings her to the notice of the owner of the resort where she'll be staying for the month. The owner's son, David, asks Katherine to show him how to do the karate move she used to stop a robber. David's father, Jared Hawthorne, hasn't in countered very many women like her. Mainly that she does not take orders along with the fact she i [...]

    11. Even having read this book at least ten times, I cannot help but smile and laugh through the first 50 pages or so. There are some truly funny scenes in here. About a stressed out author whose two best friends (also authors) force her to take a vacation at a beautiful island resort, it is the first in a series of three books. The next two are about the two best friends and how each of them finds a man that reminds her of the heroes in her own books. The characters are, as usual for JAK, well-draw [...]

    12. Early Jayne Ann Krentz. This is book one in a trilogy about three friends who are also romance novelists. In each book, one of the three women finally meet the man of their dreams. . e ideal hero they write about book after book. Kate is fascinated by pirates. Her friends force her to take a much needed vacation on a remote island where the owner of the hotel turns out to be the man of her dreams. It was fun with very opinionated and obstinate charcters. Not my favorite, but I enjoyed getting a [...]

    13. I want to start this review stating that this is the first book I have given one star to that I have actually finished. Normally the books I can’t finish are the ones rated one star. This book started out mediocre and got progressively worse as it continued. It was very generic in the romantic sense and there was very little conflict in the book in total. Making the characters more complex or incorporating the history story alluded to in the book are two ways this book could have been made bet [...]

    14. A fab 'throwback romance' read! Had me thinking of 'The Jewel of the Nile' and Enid Blyton's Famous Five series, all rolled into one. Loved the island setting, pirate-style hero and romantic adventure. Great fun - and a good introduction to Krentz!

    15. it was okay. it was more of "a man tells the woman what do and he accepts it to go his way or no way" type of book and i personally hate that type. but it was a good story and interesting character to accompany it.

    16. Fun read. Like watching the movie Shrek. Didn't expect it to be so good and it amazes me that it was. I don;t general go for books with this type of theme. I still wonder how I could have liked it.

    17. I love pirate stories, even modern day ones. Along with a beautiful island in the middle of the ocean. What more can a girl want?

    18. Even though I usually love JAK, this book did nothing for me. Predictable, flat characters, boring.

    19. I really like Jayne Ann Krentz, but this wasn't one of my favorites. I think this is an early book of hers as ones that have been written recently have more depth and intrigue.

    20. The PirateThe AdventurerThe CowboyI have owned and reread these three books so many times. They are just a lovely read that makes me relax and chill out.

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