• Title: Madeline and the Gypsies
  • Author: Ludwig Bemelmans
  • ISBN: 9780140566475
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback
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    Madeline and the Gypsies The Madeline books are among the most honored children s books of all time Join Madeline in another adventure when she and Pepito run off to join the carnival with a band of traveling gypsies At first
    The Madeline books are among the most honored children s books of all time Join Madeline in another adventure when she and Pepito run off to join the carnival with a band of traveling gypsies At first they re having the time of their lives they don t have to go to school, brush their teeth, or ever go to sleep But soon Madeline and Pepito start to feel homesick Leave iThe Madeline books are among the most honored children s books of all time Join Madeline in another adventure when she and Pepito run off to join the carnival with a band of traveling gypsies At first they re having the time of their lives they don t have to go to school, brush their teeth, or ever go to sleep But soon Madeline and Pepito start to feel homesick Leave it to clever Miss Clavel to find Madeline and Pepito and bring them home.

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    1. Madeline and Pepito visit the travelling fayre that comes to town. Unfortunately a storm cause the big wheel to be stopped, when the others are evacuated Madeline and Pepito are stranded in a car at the top. When they get down they ask one of the gypsies if they can spend the night in their beautiful caravan they discover it's quite nice. After spending the next day travelling to a new destination and learning some acrobatics they decide that life in the circus is more fun than school and stay o [...]

    2. What ho, Madeline, oh attender of that school in Paris that was covered in vines where lived twelve little girls in two straight lines…Right, yes, I’ll stop.Anyhow, in this particular installment of Madeline’s adventures, Madeline and her little schoolmates are invited by the son of the Spanish ambassador to attend a gypsy carnival and wouldn’t you know in all the fuss and rain that accompanied the departure of Miss Clavel and the little schoolgirls Madeline and Pepito were forgot at the [...]

    3. To check out my reviews: dancinginth3darkIt was difficult trying to relate and enjoy this book because we live in the 21st century. Growing up my mother and my family always told me about the dangers of talking to strangers and what to do if I found myself lost or in need of any help. Since we live in an age where you cannot even leave your child alone for 5 minutes by themselves I found this story to be unbelievable.Madeline and the gang are off to visit the carnival. Everything is going smooth [...]

    4. I had trouble corralling Sigourney for this story. Maybe a 4th Madeline story in two days is too much, or at least reduces the awe factor connected with the many-colored pictures. As always, Bemelmans' artwork is beautiful. The circus, the bus station, and my particular favorite the gypsy mama staring into the crystal ball - all reveal the artist's giftedness.My only discomfort stemmed from the depiction of the Roma, or gypsy people. I've read enough about the struggles of the Roma in Europe to [...]

    5. Madeline and Pepito are forgotten at the carnival; stuck at the top of the ferris wheel in a storm!A handful of carnies help the children down, and a gypsy doses them up with some strange brew. The gypsy mama decides to pack up camp and take the kids with her. Madeline and Pepito enjoy the perks of the gypsy lifestyle, skipping school, staying up late, and they even dabble in acrobatics. The kids decide to send a postcard to Miss Clavel, assuring her that they are well.Of course, Miss Clavel hur [...]

    6. I vividly remember the cover of this book. Look at those colors! The sky is green, which is totally disconcerting. I know I read this book--how could I have not read this book? I bet it's in every library I ever stepped foot in. But like so many of the books from my childhood (and there were probably hundreds), I don't remember the story all that well. But how could anyone go wrong with Madeline?

    7. This book was originally published the same year I was born - me, Barbie and the silicon chip. I'm always fascinated by things as old as me that still hold their place in the world. Beyond that trivia fact though, there is little to thrill me about Madeline stories. The color illustrations are interesting enough, and Bemelmans does identify the places he has included, but I've never been thrilled by the mostly yellow drawings that comprise most of the book.In this one, Madeline and the boy next [...]

    8. The kid with the Bad Hat, Pepito invites the girls to the Gypsy Circus. After a night of fun everyone goes home and at bedtime they discover that Madeline is missing. Madeline and Pepito are stuck on the ferris wheel at the circus. The gypsies help them down and take the kids with them when they move on to the next town. They teach Pepito and Madeline tricks and have them perform in the circus. The kids have a lot of fun and enjoy not having to brush their teeth or have a bedtime. One day they w [...]

    9. I remember reading this novel like all the Madeline novels as a child. I guess I must have liked them more when I was a child because as I read this novel, I wasn't completely in love with it. It is definitely dated with it's text as little Madeline decides to join up with the gypsies. She does have a wonderful time and I guess perhaps that is part of everyone childhood, living a life different from your own. I did enjoy when Madeline was in costume with her friend, that was funny and an adventu [...]

    10. Not sure I had any idea what was happening in this story when I was a kid, although I remember liking the pictures. I always thought there was a real lion and a fake lion. Reading it now, I really don't like the changing rhythms and awkward rhymes. Good to have as part of a Madeline collection, but not a favorite.

    11. This Madeline book is so amusing! About Madeline and Pepito (the Spanish ambassador's son) joining the circus.

    12. I've been delightedly rereading all the Madeline books, but this one was disappointingly unenjoyable due to blatant racism.

    13. As an adult, the idea of the Gypsy just taking the girls seems frightening. When I was younger I thought it sounded like a fun adventure.

    14. Bemelmans, L. (1958). Madeline and the gypsies. New York: Penguin Books. The story begins with telling the normal story of Madeline and her friends that are in an orphanage. This time they meet a boy who lives next door that is the son of a Spanish Ambassador but he is all alone. The little boy then takes Madeline to a Gypsy Carnival! While Madeline and her new friend Pepito are at the carnival the weather turned bad and they become stuck on a ride. Then Pepito gets down and gets help for them. [...]

    15. In Ludwig Bemelman's book "Madeline and the Gypsies" he starts off with the very familiar yellow, black and white illustration to recap about the "old house in Paris" and the "twelve little girls in two straight lines" and then describes a new character that lives next door that invites all the girls to go on an adventure with him to "A wonderful Gypsy Carnival" and the next page jumps into a vibrance of colors and adventures of Madeline and the boy next door running off to join the circus.What [...]

    16. All of the Madeline books bring a great sense of adventure, and childhood, and this book is no exception. Upon reading this book, I was immediately brought back to when I was younger, and feeling the adventures that I used to have. Madeline and Pepito take off at the circus and join a band of traveling gypsies. The imagination in this book is wonderful, and children will be able to relate to it very well. Although most kids would not join a group of gypsies, their own great adventures feel just [...]

    17. This is a howl, truly. Lucy is going through a big Madeline phase (weirdly, although I obviously remember Madeline from my own childhood, she wasn't a particular favorite), and we have a few and I got some of the other ones from the library. In this one, Madeline is mostly kidnapped by Gypsies. It's a little unclear because the book blurb makes it sound like she ran away to join the circus, but the text clearly shows things are a little devious and they drug her (and Pepito) as the carnival is l [...]

    18. In this harrowing tale, Madeline and Pepito get stuck on the top of a ferris wheel during a terrible thunderstorm. While Miss Clavel is anxiously getting all the other children off the ride, she forgets about Madeline and Pepito, leaving them stranded. Because Miss Clavel seems to always forget about Madeline. In any case, the gypsy folk rescue the two and instead of returning them to the care of the worried nun, they instead take Madeline and Pepito on the road with them, "for gypsies do not li [...]

    19. For my second classic book choice, I chose "Madeline and the Gypsies" by Ludwig Bemelmans. This is a story about two characters named Madeline and Pepito. The two of them are left at a circus on accident and rescued by gypsies. They go to live with the gypsies for quite some time. They go through several new experiences while with them. The mother gypsie eventually sees that Madeline's teacher, Miss Clavel, is on her way to find Madeline and Pepito. It makes the gypsie mother angry, so she place [...]

    20. As always Madeline, in "Madeline and the Gypsies" goes on an adventure. But this time she did not intend to! In this cute little tale of how a carnival trip went wrong, Madeline and her next door neighbor Pepito learn that home is really where they belong. Although they have a good time with the gypsies at first, they land into a slight fright when the momma gypsy does something unexpected! The rhyming tale is a perfect length and theme for a bedtime story for young children. Either boy or girl [...]

    21. We enjoyed listening to this story in the car. We borrowed a book and cassette kit from the library and our girls followed along with the story as we listened. The story is a bit of a frightening concept, at least to a parent. Madeline and her friend Pepito are basically kidnapped by a carnival of gypsies who take them away to their next location. With the familiar characters and catchy rhyme, however, there's virtually no doubt that Miss Clavel will come to the rescue and that all will turn out [...]

    22. Well, my husband pointed out that a book with "gypsies" in the title starts off with a point against it, but I think as portrayals of the Roma people go, this one isn't too bad. The gypsies do leave Paris with Madeline and Pepito in tow, but there's no indication that the children have any qualms about going, especially since they get to be in a circus instead of going to school. I laughed out loud that Miss Clavel was more concerned about their loss of spelling skills than the fact that they ra [...]

    23. I remember liking the Madeline stories more as a kid. Perhaps I remember the short movies more than the books and that's why I liked them so much. Idk.This book was a lot better than the Christmas one; although there were still a few places in it where it read really weird - in order to keep the rhyme. The story was a little better though. I always enjoyed when Pepito was in it, so when my daughter couldn't decide which book she wanted to read, I picked this one! I liked that about every other p [...]

    24. I didn't like this as much as I liked the last, and first, Madeline book Julia and I read. This is especially sad because we both liked the last so much that I made it a point to grab another few - this happened to be the first out of the batch. Julia didn't hate it and neither did I but it was average for us while the other Madeline book was above average. :( Hopefully this is a fluke and we'll get into others in the series like we did the first. I kind of have my heart set on finding a new, ex [...]

    25. Pepito and Madeline get stuck on the Ferris wheel. They get help from the gypsy mama. Miss Clavel is happy to learn they are okay according to the postcard but worried about the spelling. Proofreading the postcard would be a great in class activity!"The best part of a voyage- by plane,by ship,or train,Is when the trip is over and you areHome again."It ends with happy thoughts. "Good night, little girls, thank the Lord you are well."The artwork is arranged as a full color spread and then yellow a [...]

    26. Appearing near the end of the second Golden Age Of Children's Literature, this story isn't hard on gypsies (nor on nuns who run orphanages) like many earlier children's stories are. It's a feelgood, carnivalesque picturebook, and longer than almost any picturebook being published today.We need to go back to slightly longer picturebooks, I feel -- away from the 300-400 word jokes and gags that are on the bestseller lists right now.(This is 803 words in case you're wondering, coming in at exactly [...]

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