• Title: I'll Give You Something to Cry About
  • Author: Jennifer Finney Boylan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    I ll Give You Something to Cry About The Rileys of Bar Harbor Maine negotiate the changes in their family as they head to Ford s Theatre in Washington DC for their son s violin performance Sweet comic and exuberant the novella a
    The Rileys, of Bar Harbor, Maine, negotiate the changes in their family as they head to Ford s Theatre, in Washington, DC, for their son s violin performance Sweet, comic, and exuberant, the novella also tells the story of a transgendered adolescent as she comes to terms with her family, world, and sexuality Jennifer Finney Boylan is the author of 13 books, including theThe Rileys, of Bar Harbor, Maine, negotiate the changes in their family as they head to Ford s Theatre, in Washington, DC, for their son s violin performance Sweet, comic, and exuberant, the novella also tells the story of a transgendered adolescent as she comes to terms with her family, world, and sexuality Jennifer Finney Boylan is the author of 13 books, including the national best seller She s Not There A professor of English at Colby College, she is also the national cochair of GLAAD and a trustee of the Kinsey Institute for Sex, Gender, and Reproduction She lives in Maine with her wife, Deirdre, and their two sons, Zach and Sean Visit her at Jenniferboylan This is a short e book published by Shebooks high quality fiction, memoir, and journalism for women, by women For information, visit shebooks.

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    1. Does contain a trans teenage girl, as advertised on the box. Things she thinks about: regret for not being able to remember baseball facts anymore, Will She Be Able To Afford Surgery, What If This Man Learns I'm Trans, What Are The Difference Between the Men's Room and the Women's? I was excited when she and her child prodigy brother start to have a conversation, but the conversation peters out with a six-year-old trans shaming her in a way that seems maybe difficult to believe.There are things [...]

    2. In this novella, the dysfunctional Riley family is en route to Washington D.C. where their teenage son Otis, a violinist, will be performing at the legendary Ford’s Theatre. The road trip is symbolic of each family member’s individual journey. The characters — especially Alex, a transgender teen — are brilliantly rendered and with its suspenseful plot, Jennifer Finney Boylan creates a dark-humored gothic mood reminiscent of the best of Flannery O’Connor.

    3. This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no 'rithmatic!), movies, & TV. Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here. Graphic and children's novels reviewed on the blog will generally have some images from the book's interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don't really do stars. To me a novel is either worth reading or it isn't. I can't rate a nove [...]

    4. The Rileys are a family in the midst of several transitions and an unusual road-trip. Two parents struggle with disease, the possibility of divorce, and memories of the past. One child tries to face the world unapologetically as a trans woman, while her younger brother faces his own fears. Meanwhile, their grandmother never holds back the truth, however painful it may be. I was really blown away by this book. It had a rough start (I felt bombarded by several awkward cultural references), but the [...]

    5. This book had a lot going on, and at times it was nicely written, but I just couldn't get into it as much as I would have liked. Its characters are a bit flat at times, and I just couldn't immerse myself in their lives enough to love them. They were realistic at times, but I never really felt I knew them. Maybe if this had been a full length novel, the characters would have had time to be fully developed and multidimensional. As it was, they were all sketches of interesting people, but we only g [...]

    6. Holy crap. wow.(view spoiler)[For about half of this novella I had the overwhelming feeling that it was started as a longer work, then condensed. I was a little disappointed-- I felt like "c'mon, isn't there supposed to be more?" But any misgivings I had about the story were gone by the end. I recognized some recurring names from other Boylan books (e.g. Chopper, Gammie), and some themes (especially that of people having a way of pleasantly surprising you when you least expect it) Things somehow [...]

    7. Oh my gosh! I loved this Novella!!! It started out as just "okay" then it got better and better. When it started on Alexs point of view, thats when I got hooked in the most. Reading about her crush on Lucas and her feeling accepted. Then when he found out about her being trans when they were making out, and wondering what was going to happen. I really enjoy story lines like this one. I was happy for Alex when everything turned out well. Im not trans but I do like reading about trans people, fict [...]

    8. Boylan gives her readers vibrant, believable characters who pop off the page and vivid descriptions of the scenes around them. She thoughtfully handles a number of difficult issues in just over 80 pages, and wraps up the story in a satisfying (but not too tidy) way. Read my full review of this title at A Lovely Bookshelf on the Wall.

    9. This was surprising and I loved it. A very unusual family goes on a road trip and struggles to find themselves. There is a man with bone cancer, a woman who wants to be free of family obligations, a hilarious grannie, a transgender youth, and a young music prodigy whose favorite toy seems to be a Hello Kitty doll. It is definitely worth a read and it's a novella, so it's super quick.

    10. Wonderfully drawn book bringing together history of our country as well as personal history in a novella that is insightful as well as absorbing. In their struggle with difficulties and loss, the Riley family has lessons for all of us.

    11. Simply brilliant. Great tension, character descriptions and depth. Good pace, couldn't put it down. Tears at the end, a smile, a sigh. All Good. Actually, all GREAT.

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