• Title: Half the World
  • Author: Joe Abercrombie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Half the World Thorn Bathu was born to fight But when she kills a boy in the training square she finds herself named a murderer Fate places her life in the hands of the deep cunning Father Yarvi as he sets out to cr
    Thorn Bathu was born to fight But when she kills a boy in the training square she finds herself named a murderer.Fate places her life in the hands of the deep cunning Father Yarvi as he sets out to cross half the world in search of allies against the ruthless High King Beside her is Brand, a young warrior who hates to kill A failure in her eyes and his own, the voyage iThorn Bathu was born to fight But when she kills a boy in the training square she finds herself named a murderer.Fate places her life in the hands of the deep cunning Father Yarvi as he sets out to cross half the world in search of allies against the ruthless High King Beside her is Brand, a young warrior who hates to kill A failure in her eyes and his own, the voyage is his last chance at redemption.But warriors can be weapons, and weapons are made for one purpose Will Thorn always be a tool in the hands of the powerful, or can she carve her own path Is there a place outside of legend for a woman with a blade

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    1. “Where do we find allies?”Father Yarvi smiled. “Among our enemies, where else?”This series is really good.It was by accident that I stumbled across Half a King last year and decided to take my chances on it. I’m not a huge fan of traditional fantasy because it tends to be wordy, 1000-pages long and dense so I approach the genre with some hesitation but it was so easy to read, fast-paced and entertaining. A little dark - just the right amount, in fact - but a whole lot of fun too.And th [...]

    2. Fools boast of what they will do. Heroes do it.Reading this book made me think of the song "Holding out for a Hero" and Joe Abercrombie delivers with a punch.Thorn wants nothing more than vengeance for her father's death. She is in training as a warrior to serve the king. Right before she can take the oath she accidentally kills one of the 3 sparring partners her teacher has placed her against. So he labels her a killer, she is to be stoned to death. Father Yarvi learns the truth of what happens [...]

    3. Reviewed by: Rabid Reads4.5 starsLast year I had a bad run of YA fantasy. A really bad run. So bad that I was seriously considering giving up YA altogether, b/c I had clearly matured past the point to being able to enjoy it.Pfft. And it was Half the World's predecessor Half a King that kept me from making a brash decision I would inevitably come to regret. I am pleased to tell you that Half the World (IM humble O) has surpassed it.Meet Thorn.Thorn is a girl who lives in a world where women are r [...]

    4. An excellent book. It continues the tale begun in Half a King. sort of. That is, we shift to totally different point of view characters who offer us a radically different view of what is happening in this world. I feel the reader could jump right into this book without having read book 1 (Half a King) and still have a very enjoyable read. Buy why do that when reading them in order greatly increases the depth and meaning of the tale.I greatly enjoyed the characters, the dilemmas they faced, the d [...]

    5. Awesome book, and one of the best cover images ever. The tidal wave of war approaches. In this 2nd volume of the SHATTERED SEA series we focus on a new pair of main characters: Thorn, an angry and violent but extremely martially-gifted 16 year old girl, and her counterpart Brand, a young man who's not so enthused about fighting but really wants to do what's right. They're both in disgrace in their society, and still-young Father Yarvi (main character from the first book, Half a King) plucks them [...]

    6. 4.5 Stars"Fools boast of what they will do. Heroes do it"Falling in line with the previous book in this series, Half the World takes you on an intense journey, full of twist and turns. While Father Yarvi, plays an important role, helping 'push' characters into place, this story isn't told from his POV. Instead we get Thorn, she young and surly, a woman in a world dominated by men, she is training to be a warrior. While Thorn is a little rough around the edges, I loved her character. And Brand, h [...]

    7. 4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/2015/02/07/yYou gotta hand it to Joe Abercrombie. Knocking it out of the park on his first venture into Young Adult territory could be seen as a fluke, but when he nails it again for a second time, it’s clearly a testament to his writing skills and versatility. This author is a master when it comes to storytelling, whether he’s writing for teens or adults.Half the World is the follow-up-but-not-really-a-direct-sequel to Half a King, which int [...]

    8. I enjoyed Half the World more than I enjoyed Half a King. I'm not sure if that is because it was a better book or if it is just because I'm now more familiar with Abercrombie's writing style and with what to expect from his stories. The big change in this second instalment instalment of the Shattered Sea series was the change in POV. The first book was told entirely from Yarvi's POV while this second instalment bounces between the POV's of Brand and Thorn. I felt like this was a smart choice by [...]

    9. 6 Deep Cunning StarsBuddy Read with Athena (Shardbearer), , Steven, Michelle, Kristen and Jessica playing along.I thought I loved Half a Kingd I did but only half as much a Half the World.Since I can't drop Half a King to 2.5 stars because that would be ridiculous and I can't give Half the World 9 stars because 5 is the highest I guess I'll settle for 6 Deep Cunning StarsJoe Abercrombie has a great way with characters. He is one of those fantasy writers that aren’t afraid of flawed people, mot [...]

    10. If Half a King was Abercrombie attempting YA with mixed success this is Abercrombie transcending the genre. The nuance of the characterisation, the immersive nature of the setting and the intelligence, subtlety and depth of this story puts most adult fantasy books, nevermind YA, to shame. One aspect that diverged from Abercrombie's usual fare was the setting. I've always considered world-building to be Abercrombie's Achilles Heel (The Union/Renaissance Europe, The Wild West in Red Country and Gu [...]

    11. 4,5/5Mi reseña podría resumirse en que me ha encantado el libro, sin más. Tenía ganas de leer algo del autor y por eso decidí comenzar por su trilogía más juvenil. Disfruté mucho de Medio Rey, pero Medio Mundo me ha terminado de convencer por completo.El ritmo vuelve a ser absorbente y desbordante, ya que no dejan de suceder cosas. Además el autor tiene una forma de narrar que resulta muy rápida de leer, entretenida y sobre todo muy directa. Me encontré totalmente atrapada en determin [...]

    12. 4.5 stars"I'm no warrior.""Yes y'are.""A warrior doesn't fear.""A fool doesn't fear. A warrior stand in spite of his fear. You stood."Brand plucked at his damp trousers. "I stood and pissed myself.""You won't be the only one.""The hero never pisses himself in the songs.""Aye, well." Rulf gave his shoulder a parting squeeze, and stood."That's why those are songs, and this is life."Yarvi & his crew are back, and just as awesome as ever.Although, Half the World doesn't focus on Yarvi. Instead, [...]

    13. 2/17/15: Now Available!This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life.5 Stars!This book was simply amazing! I was completely enchanted by this story from the first page until the very last word. I was so excited to get my hands on an early copy of this book because I absolutely loved the first book in this series, Half a King. I had really high expectations when I started this book and I was a little fearful that this book wouldn't be able to compare to the first book in the series. This [...]

    14. Half the World by Joe Abercrombie was half good. I loved the addition of Thorn Barthu as a new protagonist; she is one tough bitch, and one this series desperately needed. However, I found Brand to be nothing but bland and boring. Also, there wasn’t enough of Farther Yarvi in this book. At points he felt like furniture, despite the fact that he was the mastermind behind the whole adventure. Without the addition of the hostile, bad tempered and brutal fighting Thorn Barthu, I may have stopped r [...]

    15. MY VIDEO REVIEW OF THIS SWEET AWESOME BOOK IS NOW LIVE!!!!Check it out here: youtube/watch?v=PB5k5Transcript:Guys, it can't get any more Viking than this.If Half the King was awesome, Half the World was twice as that. If Half the King blew my mind away, Half the World exploded it to smithereens. I'm not sure how Joe Abercrombie did it, and honestly, I'm kinda scared to know, but somehow, he managed to make the second book of this amazing series even better than the first. Who knew?! Especially s [...]

    16. I really love this world Joe Abercrombie created!! The story here takes place a few years after Half a King and focuses more on the new characters of Brand & Thorn (but Yarvi is still around).Brand is basically a giant teddy bear who tries so hard to do the right thing, but isn't always sure of himself. He grows to question whether "maybe doing good meant not fighting at all." Everyone is just so wonderfully flawed.Thorn is quite possibly the most unladylike character I've ever seen and I lo [...]

    17. Joe Abercrombie's Half the World is half again better than Half a King which got less than half the attention it deserved.

    18. Situada un tiempo después de “Medio Rey”, la guerra contra el Alto Rey está cada vez más cerca y el Padre Yarvi necesita reunir aliados para que Gettlandia pueda combatir. Así, Espina, una chica bendecida por la Madre Guerra y Brand, un chico que sueña con ser guerrero, terminan siendo reclutados por el Padre Yarvi y encaminados en una gran aventura en busca de aliados para Gettlandia, que los llevará por innumerables peligros y viejos conocidos.Si bien Medio Rey me gustó mucho, con M [...]

    19. Decir que este segundo libro me ha gustado es quedarme corta. Los nuevos personajes son increíbles y están muy bien caracterizados, así mismo como Yarvi y su mundo!

    20. ★★★☆☆½Here we have the 2nd book in yet one more YA trilogy. Apparently the days of the standalone story are coming to an end. But who can blame the authors or publishers pushing this trend, when the sheer number of things pulling at a kid’s attention nowadays is approaching critical mass. Considering we’ve entered into the Golden Age of Television™, with movies bigger and badder by the season, all the amazing console & PC games, an unlimited amount of distractions from socia [...]

    21. Updated to add: I feel bad about not finishing this, so am going to try and read the whole thing, then post a revised review. I got to 43% before I wrote my original DNF review below. I'll add new thoughts later.This is the second book in the series. Yarvi is now Father Yarvi and is a supporting character. No big deal. He's aloof in this and not very nice, even though he does a kind thing now and then (but is it really kind and nice or just because he knows it will help him later on). The main c [...]

    22. Abercrombie returns magnificently with Half the World, a tale full of cracking action, mystery and intrigue, and blood soaked adventures.Sometimes a girl is touched by Mother War. Thorn is such a girl. Desperate to avenge her dead father, she lives to train and fight. But after being accused of murder she is inadvertently swept up in the schemes of Father Yarvi, who is crossing the world to find allies against the ruthless High King. Beside her is Brand, a young warrior who hates to kill. A fail [...]

    23. 4.5 stars"Thorn nodded, frowning. "I am the storm.""As yet, more of a drizzle," said Skifr. "But we are only beginning."I've found my new fantasy fix. Half A World is just as good as its predecessor. Taking place a good while after Half A King, it is narrated by two new characters: Thorn and Brand. Yarvi and the old gang appear, but this is obviously, utterly their story.Ever since she was a child, Thorn has dreamed of being a warrior and avenging herself on the man who killed her father. So des [...]

    24. It was ok but it's definitively weakest Abercrombie's book. Like previous book it lacked that bloody edge First law book seem to have but I found book 1 overall much more interesting. Here pace is too slow and book dragged on despite being short, more things happen in 100 pages of average First law book than in entire Half the Worlds.Three stars isn't low rating and this book wasn't bad especially for YA standards but my expectations from Abercrombie are the highest and I recently finished his R [...]

    25. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths ReviewsThe sands of time have rapidly slipped through the hourglass since Half a King. Now, Father Yarvi is well established as the “deeply cunning” minister of his former uncle, King Uthil of Gettland, and his former mother, Queen Laithlin. But no matter his famed deviousness, Yarvi has not been able to avert the coming confrontation with the High King. Thankfully, however, new heroes have arisen to aid the minster in his task of protecting Gettland.One of [...]

    26. 5/5 γιατί τα καλά βιβλία συνεχίζουν να είναι καλά και στη 2η ανάγνωση!Η Θορν είναι γεννημένη πολεμίστρια. Αλλά επειδή είναι κορίτσι πρέπει να προσπαθεί δυο φορές πιο σκληρά από τους υπόλοιπους για να καταφέρει να κερδίσει μια θέση στο στρατό του βασιλιά. Όταν όμως την κατηγορ [...]

    27. Half the world takes us on quite a journey albeit not as entertaining as the one offered by the first instalment of the Shattered Sea trilogy. One thing I discovered (hell yes, Captain Obvious!) that the Shattered Seais in fact Baltic Seaafter an apocalyptic event that "shattered" our civilisation. In this sense Abercrombie's world is very akin to Mark Lawrence's Broken Empire.But in my reading, I didn’t pitch Abercrombie against Lawrence (or any other fantasy or YA author for that matter), I [...]

    28. „Od svega što je dosad Aberkrombi napisao, ovo mi je omiljena knjiga. Još je bolja od Pola kralja!“ Patrick Rothfuss Ha!Od svega što je dosad Aberkrombi napisao, ovo mi je najlosije. Moralo je i to jednom da se desi.Jednostavno, ova knjiga je mogla da upadne u prvu i trecu i tako se oslobodimo napornih stranica kojih ovde ima dosta. Ali onda ne bi smo imali trilogiju, jel?Shvatam da je ova knjiga namenjena "siroj populaciji", ne obavezno mladjima, ali komercijalnijimcitaocima sigurno.Tako [...]

    29. Διασχίζοντας την Τσακισμένη θάλασσα ομολογώ πως το δεύτερο μέρος της τριλογίας ήταν πιο συναρπαστικό από το πρώτο και ξεπέρασε κάθε τρελή προσδοκία μου. Όταν διαβάζεις διπλή φορά τα περισσότερα κεφάλαια σημαίνει πως το μυθιστόρημα προσφέρει κάτι αξιόλογο και μοναδικό. Μ [...]

    30. Yarvi is back! This time as Father Yarvi AKA - a deep and cunning man.War is brewing. The King of Gettland chafes under the rule of the High King and Mother Wexan. What's a King to do when an old cripple and his witch presume to give orders from in his own kingdom? Steel! Steel is the answer.But Gettland's enemies are many and the High King can raise Half the World against her and probably will anyway. Fortunately for the King of Gettland, Father Yarvi is a deep and cunning man and he sets out t [...]

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