• Title: Touched By Angels
  • Author: Eileen Elias Freeman
  • ISBN: 9780446670333
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
  • Touched By Angels In this enlightening book those who have been influenced by angels tell their inspiring stories including a workaholic saved from self destruction by his guardian angel a girl whose fear of death w
    In this enlightening book, those who have been influenced by angels tell their inspiring stories, including a workaholic saved from self destruction by his guardian angel, a girl whose fear of death was dispelled by an angel s comforting words, and uplifting accounts.

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    1. This book was written 20 years ago, but the personal stories remain powerful. Freeman presented some intriguing ideas about Angels, theorizing about the nature and substance of their bodies and the dimensional relationship between Earth and the Spiritual Realm. While she shows respect for other world religions, and gives a nod to metaphysics, her view of Angels is steeped in the parochialism of Church orthodoxy. She presents the raison d’être of Angels in a fairly narrow light with limited op [...]

    2. I LOVED this!! It's funny, I've always wondered just "HOW" angels communicate and bingo, page 50 explains it well."How do angels speak? What language do they use? Or do they even use language as we speak it? speaking mind to mind without the intermediary of a voice. communicating spiritually or telepathicallyey communicate flawlessly."I've often heard people say they were visited by an angel and I've never personally had this experience and wondered why? Well, according to page 150 "ere are 4 [...]

    3. I took this book out of the library just as a fluke. I like it- alot! It explained alot about a mysterious subject. The author explains alot about the angels and it also gives first hand accounts of people who have had encounters with their angels. There is one story where a young woman is mountain climbing with her boyfriend, and the boyfriend slips to his death. She is left alone, on a cliff that is periously dangerous. She calls out for help from God and he sends some angels to help her down [...]

    4. I can't remember when I had read this book probably close to the time it came out as I was going through an angel thing at that time in my life. I found this book interesting. The stories were your typical "feel good" and "life altering" stories. I think if I read it at this point I would probably roll my eyes and think it kind of typical in the stories the author chose.

    5. I enjoyed the short stories but found myself wondering how the story truly showed an Angel had been present while others it was very clear. It was good to read the parts about the fallen Angels and understand that phsychic's are not they way to go.

    6. This was an inspirational book. At the end of the book the author gave suggestions on things to do (and not do) when seeking an angelic encounter. I am now interested in subscribing to her Angel Watch magazine, which appears to be available through Guideposts.

    7. Great book. I did a class and a paper on Angels. This is one of many books I used for research. Highly recommend.

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