• Title: The Cipher
  • Author: John C. Ford
  • ISBN: 9780670015429
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Cipher You think your emails are private Your credit card number is secure That stock trades government secrets and nuclear codes are safe nk aga n Robert Smiles Smylie is not a genius He feels like he s
    You think your emails are private Your credit card number is secure That stock trades, government secrets, and nuclear codes are safe 1nk aga1n Robert Smiles Smylie is not a genius He feels like he s surrounded by them, though, from his software mogul dad to his brainy girlfriend to his oddball neighbor Ben, a math prodigy When Ben cracks an ancient, real lifeYou think your emails are private Your credit card number is secure That stock trades, government secrets, and nuclear codes are safe 1nk aga1n Robert Smiles Smylie is not a genius He feels like he s surrounded by them, though, from his software mogul dad to his brainy girlfriend to his oddball neighbor Ben, a math prodigy When Ben cracks an ancient, real life riddle central to modern data encryption systems, he suddenly holds the power to unlock every electronic secret in the world and Smiles finally has a chance to prove his own worth Smiles hatches a plan to protect Ben from the government agents who will stop at nothing to get their hands on his discovery But as he races from a Connecticut casino to the streets of Boston, enlisting the help of an alluring girl, Smiles comes to realize the most explosive secrets don t lie between the covers of Ben s notebook they re buried in his own past Eerily close to reality and full of shocking twists, this techno thriller reveals how easily the private can become public, and just how dangerous it can be to encrypt our personal histories.

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    1. Smiles is the son of the founder of Alyce Systems, a computer security company that has earned his father wealth and renown. It's been a bad year, though: his step mother was killed in a car accident, Smiles' father has brain cancer and is slowly fading away, Smiles has flunked out of high school and is trying to get his GED, and his father doesn't intend to leave him very much money. His girlfriend Melanie thinks they need "a break". Smiles neighbor, the quirky and perhaps autism spectrum affec [...]

    2. The Cipher: John FordWhat would you do if you could hack into someone’s emails, credit cards, stock trades, government secrets and nuclear codes? What would you do if your father created a business that could do just that and more? Robert “Smiles” Smylie might not be the brightest light bulb on the technological block but he’s smart enough to know a good thing when it falls into his lap. A father who is a genius and software mogul and a girlfriend who is extremely smart, genius you might [...]

    3. Ok so I enjoyed this book. It wasn't mind bogglingly good but it was a pretty decent read. Very engaging and full of unexpected twists. I was very pleased with how there was little to no predictably to the book, I love it when I don't know what happens simply bc I've read so many books like it. But the twists in this were great, not expected at all, but I guess that's the point of a con. I liked the character interaction and the characters who had the main POVs, Melanie and Smiles, had excellent [...]

    4. This was one of the best books I have ever read. I loved the plot twists and the language and style used, and these elements combined to make a stunning read:

    5. Unfortunately, I got very bored with the book. I read to the halfway point and skipped to the ending. Reading Smiles' name as a name and not a verb is very disconcerting. Believe me. It is. Plot chugs along slowly in the beginning, and I really hate the exposition. The Riemann Hypothesis remains to be a fascinating point, but for all those who are bored of math (like me, who is right now suffering through Calculus), it's going to be a tough sell.

    6. This book starts out slow, so I couldn't really get into it at first, but after a while it became more interesting, and there were some unexpected plot twists. Robert "Smiles" Smylie has always been average or below, unlike seemingly everyone else in his life from his father to his girlfriend to his 16 year old neighbor Ben. His father, in fact, is so intelligent that he created a new way to encrypt data, making him, and Smiles, extremely rich. Despite his luck in the money department, Smiles ha [...]

    7. The book “The Cipher” by John C. Ford is a mystery/ Realistic Fiction.This book starts on Smiles’s 18th birthday as he goes to pick up his first trust loan payment with his genius neighbor Ben. Smiles takes Ben to a Encryption Convention in Atlantic City where he ends up cracking the Riemann Hypothesis and has the key to unlocking the internet's darkest secrets. As Smiles is trying to help hide Benns discover from the government, hey quickly learn about Smiles’s dad and mother's message [...]

    8. This book kept me on the edge of my seat every single chapter. By the end, I didn't know how to feel about any of the characters. With plot twists all the way, a basis of encryption, and the coming of age for so many of the characters, this is a must read.

    9. This was a suspense and humor filled book that literally kept me up all night. I didn't want to put it down at all. The book really made me think of modern implications of an age old problem, the Riemann hypothesis. I really liked the humor in the book and the suspense it created.

    10. A fun romp through the world of internet data encryption with the the Riemann Hypothesis & prime numbers too!

    11. It's a good action book with great twists, with the MC/ Smiles very relatable and the unexpected bouts of hilarity were nice surprises. However, it was a bit stereotypical. Overall [2.75/5].

    12. Given the current encryption debate regarding the U.S. government trying to force Apple to open up the iPhone of a dead terrorist in order to gather evidence, John C. Ford's, "The Cipher," is very timely. Boys, readers with an interest in current events, Math and Science wizards, and those who love intrigue and action, will find lots to keep them reading in "The Cipher."The first two pages of "The Cipher" take us back sixteen years, and literally begin the book with a "bang." We then jump to the [...]

    13. Personally, I found this book to be a thrilling adventure. I give it a 5 out of 5 stars. I am a math person so I found it really interesting when it connected to math and other computer facts. I enjoyed how Smiles and his other peers and family all share the genius intuition. I enjoy a good mystery and I got very excited how Melissa investigates further in her father's emails and searches to find answers- I loved the book overall. One of my favorite scenes was when Ben finds out he can pretty mu [...]

    14. I’ve never really been into books about hacking and computers. I love thrillers and decided to give this one a chance. The Cipher was an intense techno thriller that kept me turning the page. Smiles’, Robert Smylie, father created a business that could hack into emails, credit cards, stock trades, government secrets and nuclear codes. In reality this could happen so it makes this books a bit scary. Smiles father wants to leave all his money to charities and not his son. His mother ditches th [...]

    15. The story: Smiles has lived his whole life in the shadow of his father, tech giant Robert Smylie. Wanting to do something amazing on his own, he figures our a plan to help his neighbor Ben sell a top-secret mathematical formula to the government (and keep a cut for himself, of course). Everything goes along just fine--right up until Ben gets kidnapped and Smiles loses one girlfriend and finds another, and even discovers the truth about his mother's disappearance when he was a baby. All in just o [...]

    16. In this highly fast-paced science fiction novel, Robert also known as “Smiles” is your average underachiever when placed next to his tech mogul father, brilliant girlfriend, and whiz mathematician neighbor. He lives his days ditching college and his nights dreaming about acquiring his father’s business. But when his father’s business– well legitimately every business or organization or person in the world—could be in jeopardy, Smiles embarks on a journey of self-discovery and adventu [...]

    17. First off I want to say I hate the nick name 'Smiles'. Second off I hated the ending. Erin is a devious minx from day one when we meet her in the casino. There was really no evidence that she was a math genius. We don't really learn much about this except for her talent gambling. Maybe she is a bit of a boy's fantasy woman so this book will perhaps be a guy favorite. Is she forgivable? As a woman I would say 'no' but other readers might have different ethical lines that they draw. Smiles is a re [...]

    18. The Cipher by John C. Ford was a very interesting read. The book was about a kid named Smiles (I know strange name). His father is dying of cancer and is the owner of a very large security company. One day smiles' freind makes an algorithm. The NSA gets in touch with his Freind and they arrange a meeting. Smiles sends his freind to meet the NSA agents while smiles operates the algorithm. Something goes wrong with the algorithm and Smiles' freind freaks out. The NSA agents kidnap his Freind and t [...]

    19. *************SPOILERS************ This techno thriller is eerily close to reality and shows how you may feel that your private information can easily become public. Robert “Smiles” Smylie has just turned eighteen and feels that he hasn’t accomplished what he has wanted to do in his life. Smiles is surrounded by his software company owner father, a brainy girlfriend and a “nerdy” neighbor, Ben, who is an Asperger’s genius and a math prodigy. Ben has been invited to attend a math confe [...]

    20. Billed as a techno-thriller. It is also a chiller- I just count on encryption to cover for me online- I vaguely know it's math and that super-smart criminals are working all the time to undo the good work of the security guys we depend upon.Smiles is the son of a encryption genius. He is the owner of Alyce Systems the gold standard of encryption. A fabulously wealthy man, he intends to leave his wealth to a number of charities, not Smiles. (plot point)His mom inexplicably ditched the family when [...]

    21. NSA, data encryption, big math, Internet security, Russian spies—this is an action book for anyone who dreams of proving the Riemann Hypothesis (or maybe just getting really good at blackjack). "Smiles" is the son of a wealthy and powerful (and terminally ill) data-encryption company owner, and he can't seem to do anything right. He should be about to graduate from high school, but he was kicked out, isn't really sure what he's doing, has moved out of his house, and now spends most days hangin [...]

    22. A double-cross? A triple cross? A double-triple cross? The Cipher will have your eyeballs in a frenzy, reading to find out!Imagine the wastrel's life of the pampered son of an internet mogul, and you have Smiles, Our Hero, who, like mere mortal teenagers, is trying to figure out what to do with his life. And wants to do whatever that is with the least effort possible. When an unlikely get-rich-quick scheme presents itself in the form of his math-geek neighbor Ben, and a math-geeky conference, Sm [...]

    23. 3 1/2 starsRobert "Smiles" Smilie is not a very likeable character. He has a poor relationship with his dad, has been kicked out of high school and doesn't have much of a future. His Dad is a genius who started his own encryption business which is what all businesses and applications on the internet use to keep information private. However, now he lays dying.Suddenly Smiles comes across information which could put the encryption of the internet, and his dad's business in jeopardy. It could cripp [...]

    24. I wish our protagonist had a better name - but alas, "Smiles" is what we're stuck with.The premise was an intriguing one: Smiles is the son of a wealthy CEO of a computer encryption company. He's been kicked out of school, and feels like a disappointment to his dying father. Wanting to do something important, he gets caught up in a scheme with his genius friend - Ben has discovered an important mathematical formula that could decode any computer encryption in the world. In their attempts to sell [...]

    25. The Cipher is a rocking, fast-paced, espionage-type thriller. It will be a fun read for those who like stories about cyber-security and mysteries. Smiles is the son of the founder of a computer security company. A company that is very high profile and tremendously successful. Just before the company is going to go forth with a public stock offering, Smiles turns 18 and inherits the first part of his trust fund. With little else to do, he decides to accompany his social misfit neighbor, Ben, to w [...]

    26. Not sure what to say about this book. It had the feel of an adult book but with teen characters. Not that it was inappropriate but just that the situations seemed to be things that may happen to adults rather than minors. I did like the mystery and the tech situations. I thought that some of the side stories were ill used and awkwardly connected. It was almost as if the author just kept writing passages to have a longer book rather than the information being pertinent to the story. I do think th [...]

    27. Robert Smiles, aka Smylie was kicked out of high school for drug possession, he has no ambition and is a general disappointment to his dying father, the founders of the World’s largest internet security company. When his friend Ben cracks the code that will unlock internet security, Smylie and Ben try to sell this information to the government, but things go terribly wrong.I liked the twists and turns in this compelling, fast-paced novel. Will be recommending it, especially to young men.

    28. Meh. The twist with Ben being the son of Andrei was good, but then it sort of just ended. Kind of lazy storytelling. Up until then it was pretty good. Doesn't seem like Melanie would have had the guts to pull off the stunts she did and get the information.Also, no way they wouldn't have fired Melanie's dad at the end. Yeah right.I would have liked Alice to have been evil at the end too, like hooray she finally got the company back because she was in love with Andrei. That ending would have been [...]

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