• Title: Exploring Christian Theology: Creation, Fall, and Salvation
  • Author: Nathan D. Holsteen Michael J. Svigel Douglas K. Blount J. Burns J. Horrell Glenn Kreider
  • ISBN: 9780764211317
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
  • Exploring Christian Theology Creation Fall and Salvation The Foundations of Theology in Everyday Language Dallas Seminary professors Nathan Holsteen and Michael Svigel are passionate about the key doctrines of Christianity They want readers to know why they
    The Foundations of Theology in Everyday Language Dallas Seminary professors Nathan Holsteen and Michael Svigel are passionate about the key doctrines of Christianity They want readers to know why they re important and why they matter This volume includes two parts From Dust to Dust Creation, Humanity, and the Fall Wise Unto Salvation Gospel, Atonement, and SavingThe Foundations of Theology in Everyday Language Dallas Seminary professors Nathan Holsteen and Michael Svigel are passionate about the key doctrines of Christianity They want readers to know why they re important and why they matter This volume includes two parts From Dust to Dust Creation, Humanity, and the Fall Wise Unto Salvation Gospel, Atonement, and Saving GraceThe authors explore these important topics in a concise and highly readable style that makes sense whether you re a student of the Bible, a pastor, or someone who simply wants to know God better.For each topic you ll find An introduction, overview, and review of the key points Several applicable Bible texts, including verses to memorize A quick paced history of the doctrine Distortions to be aware of and avoid Reading lists for further study A glossary of theological terms Exploring Christian Theology is a wonderful doctrinal primer that teaches theology in a way that will engage you and cause you to reflect A great way to get acquainted with key biblical theological themes Darrell Bock, Senior Research Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary

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    1. About the Book:Introduction to Christian Doctrine from Dallas Seminary ProfessorsThis engaging and accessible systematic theology clearly explains essential spiritual truths for those new to doctrinal study or in need of a refresher. The authors use quick-paced introductions, overviews, reviews of the key tenets of orthodox evangelical doctrines, and more for an easy grasp of the subjects.Led by general editors Nathan D. Holsteen and Michael J. Svigel, the writers are Douglas Blount and J. Scott [...]

    2. I can't say I'm a huge fan of reading theology books but this one was quite good! This is the second volume, in a three volume set, and it focuses on the theology for creation, the fall and salvation.The book is useful in many ways and for many people! It could be used for the new believer, to give a nice over-view of the various doctrines that the church stands on and how they differ from denomination to denomination. For the seasoned believer it offers insight into the history behind the doctr [...]

    3. While this is Volume 2 in a three volume set it must be noted that this is the last volume being published. Volumes 1 and 3 have been out for a while. This project was taken on by professor's from Dallas Theological Seminary, thus the views are Protestant Conservative Evangelical. Most pastors will know that for decades the major Systematic Theology work from Dallas Seminary has been Lewis Sperry Chafer's 8 volume work. So, why a new three volume series?Well, the answer is found in the introduct [...]

    4. Exploring Christian Theology Vol. IICreation, Fall, and SalvationBy Nathan D. Holsteen & Michael J. Svigel272 pagesPublished by: Bethany HouseChristian TheologyRetails for $16.99ISBN: 978-0-7642-1131-7About:Two Dallas Seminary professors Nathan Holsteen and Michael Svigel come together to write about key doctrines of Christianity. This book, (Vol II of a 3 part series) highlights From Dust to Dust: Creation, Humanity and the Fall and Wise Unto Salvation: Gospel, Atonement, and Saving Grace.T [...]

    5. In this second volume of Exploring Christian Theology, Nathan Holsteen, Michael Svigel, Glenn R. Kreider, and others explore the topics of creation, the Fall, and salvation in Christian theology. They provide an exposition of the doctrines, chronicle views on the topics throughout church history, list different perspectives on the topics, and provide practical guidance on how Christians should interact with the topics. The book also has a list of recommended books for those who wanted to go deep [...]

    6. You Are HereIn order to get where you want to go, you need to know where you are. It’s true in the mall, it’s true on a family road trip, and it is earth-shatteringly true in theology. Nathan D. Holsteen and Michael J. Svigel, both professors at Dallas Theological Seminary, have opened the map of Scripture, drawn some diagrams, and planted many a helpful road sign in Exploring Christian Theology, Volume II. Their goal — to help their readers “to better understand our own place in God’s [...]

    7. An extensive study on the basic doctrine of Creation, Fall and Salvation. These basic foundations hold together truths that have been debated, ridiculed and embraced over time and will continue to be so. Creation is the foundation of the Christian worldview. How we look at creation is the lens of our worldview. This part of the study reflected all worldviews and also questions posed for the Christian world view as well. It also reflects how Christians value life. All humans are created in God’ [...]

    8. It’s great to see this fine, inexpensive three-volume set that serves as an excellent primer to theology be now complete. (Don’t be confused as I was with this being volume 2 as the set was released in a 3-1-2 order). This set has a chance to be really helpful as size, price, and accessibility are all in its favor. I realized a long time ago that very few people are going to read a full-blown systematic theology tome.This volume covers Creation, the Fall, and salvation. That means the doctri [...]

    9. In Exploring Christian Theology, Volume Two: Creation, Fall and Salvation, Editors Nathan D. Holsteen and Michael J. Svigel discuss two fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith: the fall of man and salvation. The authors begin with a brief overview of creation and redemption before turning to the principle subject matter of original sin and its effects, and the salvation provided by Jesus Christ. They support their exposition with biblical passages and helpful illustrations. Designed to be [...]

    10. This is a great introductory text into the subject of theology, particularly on the subjects of creation and the fall, and our redemption through salvation. Easily readable, the book highlights key passages that talk about this particular theological topic and then show how the theology developed through the course of church history.This book breaks down the doctrine into easily understandable chunks of information. Principles to remember and dangers to avoid are given to show what the doctrine [...]

    11. This is a wonderful book on Christian theology. It's packed full of information that helps you to understand the Bible in a more deeper way.There is a lot to this book and you'll definitely want to have your Bible next to you as you are reading the book. You find that you want to keep digging deeper and deeper into the Word of God as you learn more and more through this book. There are so many amazing sections and I found it eye-opening as I read through the book.The greatest thing I can say abo [...]

    12. This is a very readable introduction to the doctrines of creation, fall, and salvation. The authors present a variety of views on the doctrines but affirm the traditional evangelical belief. The book is generally very readable. And it is not just theory. The authors include principles to put into practice to show how the doctrine applies to life and living. The only thing I did not like about the book was the long section containing quotes from church history. This book is for beginners in theol [...]

    13. This is an excellent resource on Theology, especially the doctrines of Hamartiology and Soteriology. It takes a conservative/evangelical viewpoint, is academic enough for a classroom, yet understandable and approachable enough to use outside the classroom. It would be ideal to use in an undergraduate Theology class, although it could be used in graduate classes as well. While I may not use it as my primary textbook in Theology classes since there's some other textbooks I'd use as primary textboo [...]

    14. This is a very educational book, but it was a bit more in depth that I had been expecting. I'm going to have to actually put in some in-depth study time with this book and my Bible--one read through is nowhere near sufficient.I particularly enjoy that the author shows how doctrine has evolved throughout history and details dangers of misuse of certain areas of doctrine.I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in learning more about creation, fall and salvation.**I was provided a copy o [...]

    15. The title should tell you just what is inside. The information is logically presented and organized with quite a few tidbits I didn't know. I feel it can be read and studied regardless of which flavor of Christian you might be and that it has something for everyone. It's not a read in one sitting type book nor is it a read and put away type book. It's meant to be digested in your own pace and referred to on a regular basis. Overall this is a very informative book well worth keeping around. I rec [...]

    16. Great reference book! This is well written and easy to locate answers. I will be looking for it's companion.

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