• Title: The Day I Met Jesus: The Revealing Diaries of Five Women from the Gospels
  • Author: Frank Viola Mary E. DeMuth
  • ISBN: 9780801016851
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Day I Met Jesus The Revealing Diaries of Five Women from the Gospels Two thousand years ago Jesus Christ met face to face with people just like you Broken imperfect sometimes fearful and without hope The Day I Met Jesus is a beautifully crafted narrative that chroni
    Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ met face to face with people just like you Broken, imperfect, sometimes fearful and without hope The Day I Met Jesus is a beautifully crafted narrative that chronicles the remarkable encounters of five women in the Gospels who were desperate to find wholeness, security, and purpose Like all of us, these women struggled with the regreTwo thousand years ago, Jesus Christ met face to face with people just like you Broken, imperfect, sometimes fearful and without hope The Day I Met Jesus is a beautifully crafted narrative that chronicles the remarkable encounters of five women in the Gospels who were desperate to find wholeness, security, and purpose Like all of us, these women struggled with the regrets of their pasts, the stresses of their presents, and the worries of their tomorrows Join Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth on a fascinating journey back in time as they retell the dramatic accounts of five women who met Jesus Each narrative is told from each woman s unique perspective, yet tightly grounded in the Gospel accounts and faithful to first century history Elegantly written and profoundly stirring, this book blends creative narrative with uncommon insight, spiritual depth, and practical application If you are someone who seeks a renewal of hope, faith, and love, The Day I Met Jesus will make your Bible come to life and usher you into a fresh encounter with your Lord.

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    1. MEN SHOULD READ THIS TOOEvery pariah has a backstory. Every sinner has hidden wounds. Every hero is driven by love.In The Day I Met Jesus, authors Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth bring you into the minds of five New Testament women and invite you to see the world through their eyes. The book is poignant, moving, and masterfully executed. Its stated goal is to help see Jesus more clearly. But I think it accomplishes something else. Reading The Day I Met Jesus also gives you insight into the struggles [...]

    2. Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth explore the true stories of women touched by Christ in "The Day I Met Jesus." This biblical narrative paints vivid pictures of the real encounters with God in the flesh.Each chapter begins with a diary of a woman met by Jesus in a remarkable way. Author Mary DeMuth shares the biblical character's innermost thoughts and struggles before the encounter, giving a glimpse of the pain, regret, and fear that each woman faced in her daily struggles. As each tale unfolds, one [...]

    3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Each woman's story was touching and relatable to typical Christian feelings. The theme of each was the unconditional and overflowing grace and love of Jesus Christ who transformed these women's lives. Really encouraging read!

    4. What would it have been like to physically meet Jesus face to face?Looking into Jesus’ eyes, what would a shunned person experience?Or a person rebuked for violating social norms?And what if, as that shunned or rebuked person, you met Jesus face to face and He fully loved you and affirmed you, even defending you to your detractors?In this book, hear from people who did encounter Jesus face to face. Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth have teamed up to write engaging, heart-pricking, thought-provoking [...]

    5. This book is amazing. Mary DeMuth's writing is real, raw, authentic, organicyou experience these women's stories like never before. Mary's writing is extraordinary, you feel like you're the woman in the story. And then Frank Viola helps you to dig even deeper into the story. Very thought-provoking and inspiring. You will never think of the stories the same way again. This book is a blessing. Buy one for yourself, one for your best friend, one for your mother. This book is a gift to be cherished [...]

    6. Wanna meet Jesus? Wanna hear a familiar story told differently? Want a little more flesh on the bone? Wanna find a God “so blessedly alive you can touch Him?”Whether you’ve yet to meet Him or you’ve had your faith in Him for a long time, this book will reach you and introduce you (even again) to the friend of sinners, the Savior of your soul.“Some stories cry their way to the streets”, as it says in sentence one, story one. And these stories of five very real, remarkably relatable wo [...]

    7. This is such a powerful book. To say that these stories come to life in front of you doesn't do it justice. I literally felt like I was in each story. And a part of me could relate to something in each story. I'd highly recommend this as a personal read, as a group women's study, and as a study for a mixed group. You won't forget these women, you won't forget Jesus's responses, and you won't forget how you feel when all eyes are in your direction as you walk beside these women trying to work out [...]

    8. Each of our lives tell a story. Our stories will live on long after we leave this earth. The Day I Met Jesus: The Revealing Diaries of Five Women from the Gospels by Mary DeMuth and Frank Viola, recounts the dramatic encounters Jesus had with five different women.Five women – broken, imperfect, unwanted – whose lives changed forever the instant they met Jesus. Their stories are written poignantly and intimately in a diary sort of fashion. Mary paints a portrait of each of these women with su [...]

    9. I didn’t expect this book to impact me the way it did. I didn’t expect the five fictionalized characters from the Bible to embed themselves in my heart. I was a little nervous about giving these women backstories. Isn’t all we need to know about them written in Scripture? But what Frank and Mary have done in this book breathes life into the Scriptural account.No longer am I rereading the same stories I’ve read countless times. On the pages of this book, I feel like I’m meeting a real p [...]

    10. 4 1/2 stars.I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This book is a compilation of five fictionalized accounts of women’s stories in the Bible who encountered Jesus: the Samaritan woman at the well, the adulteress who was about to be stoned, the prostitute who washed Jesus’ feet with perfume, the woman who bled for 12 years, and Mary, sister to Lazarus who chose to sit at his feet and listen as a disciple than to help her sister with the hospitality side.Every single o [...]

    11. The Day I Met Jesus is a look back into the past with a forward view into the present. This book takes us "there" during the days and times of Jesus Christ when He walked, talked, and healed the despicable, desperate, down-in-out, untouchable and sinful. Mary DeMuth skillfully weaves the details found in five women's stories, women who lived in biblical times, who experienced first-hand the healing touch of the Master Teacher through his infinite love, offer of grace, amazing restoration and ful [...]

    12. This book is….wonderfully unique! Not only does it provide beautifully written narratives for five of the most endeared women of the Bible, but it also provides the “Sacred Text” and further elaborates on each woman’s story.I found the narratives to be very enlightening as a reader. In each woman’s scenario when read in the Bible, they leave you wondering just how everything really played out. Thankfully, Frank Voila and Mary DeMuth did a wonderful job of providing us with this insight [...]

    13. What a beautiful book! This is an in depth look at five different women that were affected by Jesus while He was here on Earth. We have the woman caught in adultery, the prostitute that covered Jesus’ feet with perfume, the Samaritan woman He met at the well, the woman that grabbed His cloak and Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus.To start with, each story is told from the first person point of view, then the actual Scripture is produced. After that, there is some theological musings on wha [...]

    14. This book is a life changing compilation of stories from 5 women in the Bible. However, the stories are not what you think. When we read the account in the Scriptures, we get a small snapshot of the story. But what led that women to that point in time when she met Jesus and her life was drastically, surprisingly, changed? In this book, Mary DeMuth skillfully (and beautifully) crafted THAT story. Written with knowledge of the times then, and what we know now about women who end up in similar situ [...]

    15. As I began reading The Day I Met Jesus I felt as if I had stepped into the inner world of five real women from the New Testament whose lives had been radically changed by one encounter with Jesus. The woman at the well, 
the woman with the issue of blood, the woman caught in
 the act of adultery, the prostitute, and Mary the sister of Lazarus. Five women who had no voice in their culture. Five women who had little to lose and everything to gain. Five women who were desperate to meet Jesus. Y [...]

    16. Combining insightful commentary with moving, eye-opening storytelling, Frank and Mary make a formidable writing team. Each vignette takes the reader inside the mind and world of a woman who met Jesus of Nazareth. In an almost lyrical fashion, Mary weaves together what we know of 1st century Israel to create a plausible backstory, filling in the biblical blanks of each woman's life and showing us how their lives were changed after their encounter with Jesus. Frank follows each "diary entry" with [...]

    17. See Jesus in a whole new way! The Day I Met Jesus and not only refreshed many familiar stories from the Bible, but has opened my eyes to the way I see Him. Through reading this amazing book, my life has been challenged and my heart softened to those around me. This is a book everyone should read! It's an in depth study of women we thought we knew giving us more insight to who Jesus is and how He touched lives when he walked the earth. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and for that [...]

    18. Can you imagine meeting Jesus face-to-face? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step back into biblical history and experience a real “come to Jesus” moment?In their new book, The Day I Met Jesus, Mary DeMuth and Frank Viloa set the stage for us to observe the stories of five women in the Bible who experienced personal and powerful encounters with Jesus.Each chapter offers a descriptive narrative and helpful, biblical insights, encouraging readers to seek a personal encounter wit [...]

    19. What a lovely book. The stories that we are all so familiar with come to life as we relive the experiences of these five women that had encounters with Jesus. Each story is touching, heart breaking, and filled with hope for those of us that can relate to these women even though they lived in biblical times. I couldn't put this book down as I tried to envision myself in the shoes of these incredibly brave women.

    20. Mary and Frank weave 5 stories for 5 women who met Jesus face to face in a way that helps you truly experience what it must have been like! Jesus shows his unlimited compassion for these women in a way that they feel loved, forgiven, and whole. The authors then provide practical applications in how we, too, can experience this same encounter with Jesus and know his love, forgiveness and wholeness.

    21. As a woman and an artist, I loved having the scene painted of the first encounters with Jesus for women in different walks in life. I felt like I was there with them, experiencing their brokenness and the love Jesus showed them first hand. The way Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth wove out the stories and the truth backed up in scripture was truly remarkable. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to walk alongside these first centry sisters in a very REAL way

    22. This is an easy read but full of life! It gives life to these 5 women of scripture, a back story to give us empathy for them. It shows how Christ reacted to each of them, encouraged them, and gave them grace to live their lives in. It is uplifting and encouraging to know Christ has and still reacts to us this way.

    23. An inspiring look into 5 women that Jesus met along his journey shortly before his crucifixion. Beautifully written in a way that seems to put you right there with them. Expertly researched and very revealing as to the suffering Jesus endured for our sins. C.J.T.

    24. My favorite form of historical fiction is by far a retelling of stories from the Bible. Authors Liz Curtis Higgs, Francine Rivers, and Jill Eileen Smith have all made fictionalized retelling of scripture a fine art. The Day I Met Jesus places Frank Viola and Mary Demuth in equal standing with my long time favorites. I knew from the moment I saw the cover that this was a must read for me. From The Back CoverJoin Frank Viola and Mary Demuth on a fascinating journey back in time as they retell the [...]

    25. "No man has ever spoken words like this man. His words feed life; they behold hope; they gush truth." ~ Thus speaks the Samaritan Woman whom tradition names Photine. Sometimes when I read the Gospel narratives, they seem distant and strange. It's hard to still my soul and hear His words in all their power. The woman at the well, the woman with the issue of blood, the woman caught in adultery, and Mary of Bethany- they heard Him. They sought Him, they were found by Him, and on the day they met Je [...]

    26. This was an amazing book! I've read these stories in the Bible many times, but this book brought out so many details and insights into the culture I never knew. The fictionalized sections were very well-written from the first person and really make you feel like you're in this woman's shoes. Then it includes the actual Bible text and a section called "Walking It Out," where details are pointed out in the context of the culture and how women were treated at the time. It also applies it to your li [...]

    27. The dear, sweet, grace-infused storytelling of Mary DeMuth coupled with the scholarly considerations of Mr. Viola was powerful. What these two authors put together was so unusual and yet so purposed. They made the Bible come alive in an incredible way! I was impacted to the point of wanting to read this book in one sitting. But this is a book that must be savored. It is a book that must be appreciated. It is a book that the person with an open mind and heart must read through so slowly and so de [...]

    28. A wonderful look at some of the lesser individuals of the Bible or so it would seem. These women came alive through this wonderful book. I want to read the Bible even closer now. This book will make you think and rethink your relationship with Jesus.Excellent readr all (not just women).

    29. Loved this book and the way they brought the story's to life. It puts you back in time and let's you think from the woman's prospective back then. I absolutely loved it! a must read!!!! ♡

    30. Very relatable. Love all the different ways the authors approached each story an tied together in the end

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