• Title: Courting Trouble
  • Author: Kathy Lette
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Paperback
  • Courting Trouble Tilly has the day from hell when she s sacked from her barristers chambers in the morning then finds her husband in bed with her former best friend in the afternoon She escapes to her mother Roxy a
    Tilly has the day from hell when she s sacked from her barristers chambers in the morning, then finds her husband in bed with her former best friend in the afternoon She escapes to her mother, Roxy a sassy solicitor whose outrageous take on men, work and family life is the despair of her conventional daughter Roxy comes up with a radical plan for their future tTilly has the day from hell when she s sacked from her barristers chambers in the morning, then finds her husband in bed with her former best friend in the afternoon She escapes to her mother, Roxy a sassy solicitor whose outrageous take on men, work and family life is the despair of her conventional daughter Roxy comes up with a radical plan for their future they ll set up an all female law firm which will only champion women who have been cheated, put upon, attacked, ripped off or ruined by the men in their lives.In court, Tilly finds herself up against Jack Cassidy, the smooth talking, politically incorrect, legal love god who broke her heart at law school Jack is fluent in three languages English, sarcasm and flirtation but if he s so loathsome, then why is she committing Acute Lust in the 3rd degree When a case lands on the doorstep that threatens to change all their lives, Tilly finds herself dangerously close to taking the law into her own hands Will Jack s cunning ways and expertise in emotional break and enter derail her quest for justice Or will the women take on the boys and win

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    1. This book just did not work for me at all. The blend of humour and sarcasm alongside a serious rape case mixed like oil and water, at times I felt like I was reading two different books and the synergy just was not there. I tried really hard to like it but just could not do it. What is the book about?Tilly has the day from hell when she's sacked from her barristers' chambers in the morning, then finds her husband in bed with her former best friend in the afternoon. She escapes to her mother, Rox [...]

    2. At first I thought I was going to really enjoy this book, a light hearted read about a mother and daughter legal firm sounded fun. Unfortunately it didn’t live up to expectations for two reasons.Firstly, it just isn’t funny. For humour the author is relying on sarcasm too much. Every time Tilly, the main character opens her mouth some sarcastic snide put down comes out, and it gets old very quickly. It is almost as if the author had a list of one liners by the side of the computer and was de [...]

    3. I am sorry to say that I couldn't finish this book. When I first read the synopsis, I thought I would absolutely adore it; I am a lawyer and I love chick lit so this seemed like my perfect book, and even knowing what I know now I still think this every time I re-read the synopsis. I am left wondering what went wrong?I just could not engage with the main character, Tilly, or any of the other characters. In fact, I found the personality of Tilly absolutely enfuriating and the way the book is writt [...]

    4. I should have read the reviews before starting this book. This book deals with a very serious topic, the rape of young women on an English housing estate and how rape is used as a means of securing the cooperation of these young women by blackmailing them into criminal activity. At first sight I thought this would be very interesting reading. Alas, not so While the topic is good and a good author could use this for writing an excellent book, the one-liners and so-called humour in this book was s [...]

    5. 'Legally Blonde' - if Elle Woods married the boring Harvard guy and lived in London. Tilly's marriage and career fall apart and she's forced to move in wiht her mother, bringing along her child prodigy with her. The book pushes the humour and sarcasm to a pretty intense degree in this book - a lot of the time it feels like these pearls of wisdom and wit are being used to beat you around the head - enough already. It can be at times hard to be sympathetic towards Tilly and what she's got going on [...]

    6. I saw Kathy Lette interviewed on telly about this book and was very keen to read it. She is always very amusing on tv. Her book has a lot of sarcasm in it- and you can hear her in your head. But I thought that the subject matter- a rape case was at odds with the light hearted banter in the book. It didn’t gel well for me.Tilly discovers her man is cheating on her on the same day that she loses her job and the premise sounded like it would be a great read. Her mum comes to her rescue. She sets [...]

    7. I have to say that the British Speak in this novel was in some respect daunting to get through. However I persevered and got through it. What I didn't like about this book might be easier to articulate better that what I did like. Let's start with Matilda who in no fault of her own was the character least appealing for me I felt no connection no familiarity I did not warm to her. I did love her mother Roxy and her mothers best friend the Contessa. My thanks to Netgalley and the publisher Random [...]

    8. I really hate not finishing a book and it's quite rare that I don't but sadly this book is in that pile.I can see several readers have had the same issues as me: humour and book content which don't agree. Any book can have light hearted moments no matter what the content, I'm saying it has to be stoney throughout, but it was the combination of the sarcastic, caustic at times, humour alongside a serious rape plot that just rubbed me up the wrong way. I like dark and ugly plots but something about [...]

    9. This is the first Kathy Lette novel I have read. I have seen her interviewed on TV and found her very funny. While the subject matter of rape is a very serious one, throughout this novel she mixes up the legal side of things with her hilarious one liners which almost take over the book. I kept picturing her (Kathy) though as the barrister, which wasn't a bad thing I guess. I enjoyed the book and while some sections may have been a little 'over the top' she probably has more insight in to the leg [...]

    10. Like other reviewers I couldn't finish this book. I read about a third of the way through and decided that life is too short to read a book so manically flippant and jokey about the serious subject of rape and peopled by unbelievable characters.

    11. Yuk! First time reading this author. Don't think I will try her again. The book is not funny. The main characters are unlikeable and I don't even want to read the sequel.

    12. Reading this book made me feel manic. It was all over the place, without any pause, I felt like I was being yelled up. I gave up after 60 pages.

    13. Also on chicklitpadMY SYNOPSISImagine this: You are a barrister in a very respectable chamber and you have made quite a name for yourself. Besides juggling a hectic job between a husband who hasn’t quite committed since the doctor beamed a congratulations at him, you have a twelve-year-old daughter who means the world to you.All courts break into disorder when you lose a case against Jack Cassidy (your college ex who stole your virginity and stole others’ wives too), get to work to be laid w [...]

    14. It was Ok for its type easy to listen to but nothing to put it above all the other fiction in this genre

    15. 3.5 stars I found this book quite original in it's story as I have never heard or read anything like it before, I found it to be very funny and entertaining in some parts but also quite annoying and frustrating in others. The fact that the story was based around a rape case made it interesting but also a bit weird as Kathy tried to make it sort of humorous. I found it engaging though in the sense that I learned a lot about how the legal world works and it would be interesting to see how much res [...]

    16. Originally posted on:> lauraslittlebookblog.What an action packed, slightly unexpected read Courting Trouble was! The cover and synopsis of the book really did not give much away as to the controversial topics that it would entail!Tilly is an instantly likeable character, especially with her quick fire sarcasm; even though they say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit; is a trait that I definitely wished I had! Tilly does have her flaws though like the rest of us, and one of those is that is an [...]

    17. This isn’t a book that I would normally read but when it arrived on my doorstep and I read the introduction I was a little curious as to how this book would go. I flicked through the book and read the first couple of pages and found it hard to sit the book down.The writing style is nice and really easy to read. The story goes along at a moderate pace and while I thought this book would be about the case of the Granny for the entire book, it had a few more things going on at the end which I rea [...]

    18. As a law student, feminist, and sucker for hate-to-love banter romances, I was immediately compelled to borrow this from the library. Who wouldn't love reading about a mother-daughter law firm that champions women's rights? To my surprise, the author also wrote Puberty Blues back in the day!There's nothing to seriously dislike about the book, except that it was chaos, built-up anger, quippy one liners and (mostly) eccentric characters that you will either love or hate.One thing that annoyed me s [...]

    19. I haven’t read Kathy Lette before and can’t imagine how I’ve missed her books so far: this is a riotous read which also deals intelligently with some hard-hitting and topical issues (the legal treatment of rape) while wrapping the whole thing up in witty prose and with an (anti)-hero to die for.Sometimes ‘issues’ books can be a bit too earnest for their own good but Lette never falls into that trap. She keeps the whole thing buoyant with her zany humour and I completely fell in love wi [...]

    20. I received a copy of the audiobook signed by Kathy Lette from Bolinda Audio as part of a Christmas giveaway. The narrator did a great job, changing between various British and an Australian accent for the different characters. This is the fourth book by Kathy Lette I have read and even more packed with one liners than the others. It was my least favourite so far. The story focusses around a mother daughter law firm that champions womens cases. I don't know much about the court system, but I have [...]

    21. Courting Trouble is full of Kathy Lette's trademark wit, often cutting and always clever. Oh how I wish I had such a quick-thinking brain and could fire out those one-liners just like the lead character Tilly, and her amazing mother Roxy.When Tilly's ordered world collapses around her and she loses her job and her man in the same day, it is her mother Roxy who comes to the rescue. Roxy and Tilly couldn't really be more different on the outside, but underneath they both have the same belief in s [...]

    22. As an Australian I grew up knowing of Kathy Lette and I remember seeing Puberty Blues the movie as an impressionable youth (and having found it hard to watch and confronting (in good way)), however this is the first novel of hers I have read. I really enjoyed it. Kathy has a great ability to tell an entertaining story whilst addressing and exploring serious issues using strong, multi faceted characters. As a woman and as a mother, for me the themes really struck a cord. I only hope there is a se [...]

    23. Courting Trouble is a book I found good for reading while traveling as it wasn't ever an issue to put it down. It started well enough and the story does move at a good pace, so it's not boring - just a bit naff. I do agree with some of the other reviewers that the one-liners were either sarcastic or cliche. I hadn't read any Kathy Lette for a very long time and, also after seeing her speak about this book and her life at an event, I was expecting more. In all, a light-hearted distraction on a lo [...]

    24. loved this book. was sorry it came to an end. Though I do like the idea of 'to be continued'. I didn't start out liking it. I thought the author was a bit pretentious. But I got carried away with the story line. I literally couldn't put it down. finished it at 3 this morning. I m looking forward of reading more of Kathy Lette. I'm not sure I liked any of the characters but I certainly found them interesting.

    25. Like many others, I have not been able to finish this book. I attended a breakfast where Kathy spoke about her life and the book. I had expected so much more from her and because I'm a barrister, I was looking forward to reading something that I could identify with. This turned out to be a stream of one-liners, much like her presentation in person. Funny the first time but wears thin fairly rapidly.

    26. Disappointing - I felt like I was being hit over the head with righteousness, thinly disguised as satire. Clearly some worthy pointsw to make, and there is no reason that contemporary fiction can't shine a light on issues of the day - in fact, the best does, but it would be nice if the author treated her readers with a little bit of respect.

    27. More a collection of really good one-liners than a novel, it is a great "light diversion" for times when concentrating is not on the agenda. The plot does pick up in the second half - and it has a strong feminist theme.

    28. Personally as a feminist the book was quite liberating, however as a reader it did not satisfy my needs. I found myself quite frustrated with the stubbornness of the protagonist Tilly. The ending did not reaching my expectations. Despite all these it still told a great story and was a easy read.

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