• Title: SEAL of My Heart
  • Author: Sharon Hamilton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    SEAL of My Heart Kate Morgan is engaged to the most eligible bachelor in Sonoma County the son of a wealthy wine family in Healdsburg California On a flight to visit her sister in Portland she is seated next to a yo
    Kate Morgan is engaged to the most eligible bachelor in Sonoma County, the son of a wealthy wine family in Healdsburg, California On a flight to visit her sister in Portland she is seated next to a young hard bodied elite soldier who ignites her insides in a strange attraction she cannot deny Navy SEAL Tyler Gray plans to spend a weekend home before deploying to North AfKate Morgan is engaged to the most eligible bachelor in Sonoma County, the son of a wealthy wine family in Healdsburg, California On a flight to visit her sister in Portland she is seated next to a young hard bodied elite soldier who ignites her insides in a strange attraction she cannot deny Navy SEAL Tyler Gray plans to spend a weekend home before deploying to North Africa with the rest of his SEAL Team 3 But the conversation with Kate has him rethinking his future The encounter has both of them feeling fate has stepped into their lives and altered their course Unable to just say goodbye as lovers, they agree to carry on a correspondence Kate becomes the girl Tyler wants to come home to while she is pressured by her family to reconsider her broken marriage plans Family secrets are revealed from the past regarding a young Marine and Kate s mother which brings both heartache and a sense of clarity as old loves are unearthed From the grave, a Marine s love letters from the past affect the new love between Kate and Tyler in the present And when Kate s life is endangered, will Tyler be the man to save her without sacrificing his own

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    1. 3 Accidental SEAL- ❤ Audible Review HERE ❤I really liked Kyle the Navy Seal, I loved the first meeting between Kyle and Christy. I am not really sure how I feel about the book as a whole, I liked the story. I was just not a big fan of Christy, I kind of felt like she was a little to immature. I wanted to like her but I just didn't I kept hoping she would redeem herself for me but she didn't. I really did like Kyle like I said I think him wanting to find out what was going on with his friend [...]

    2. I adore Sharon's Seals with each book I just grow to love Team 3. Tyler & Kate make such a cute couple. Adored how Tyler had to come to rescue her even when he was hurt himself. The depth in each of these novels amaze me. Hope to see more of this couple in further books.

    3. I'm still eagerly exploring the world of audio books as a newbie so I was willing to give this one a try when I was offered the chance. Add to that a new to me author I wanted to try and a military romantic suspense and it was an easy choice. I ended up both listening and reading this one to try out 's Whispersync for the first time since I already had an e-copy of the book. I know this is old news to others, but I thought it was pretty cool beans to have that flexibility with the book. I found [...]

    4. This is a story in which Kate Morgan, is working at her fiancés winery in charge of sales. They end up breaking up and over a weekend not wanting to meet anyone she ends up meeting Navy Seal Tyler Grey. They then continue to talk to one another and get together when he has days off leaving San Diego and going up North. As their relationship continues to grow there are problems at her job with missing money and some people think she might be responsible for it. He finds out that his Team his bei [...]

    5. SEAL of My Heart is the story of Tyler Gray and Kate that all started when they met on a plane ride between San Francisco and Portland, Oregon where they are seat mates. Tyler is a nice guy from the start and sees a girl he wants and is patient enough to wait for her to figure out what she wants.She has a problem before Tyler came into the picture; she is engaged to a man that she realizes that she does not love and most likely doesn't love her. Family and friends have pushed them together and s [...]

    6. Part of SEALS of Summer: Military Romance SuperbundleTwo-haiku review:She's re-thinking plansShould she break her engagement?Meets hot SEAL on planeIt felt incompleteToo much thinking for my tasteNovella, not wholeIt appears that a novella-length version of this full-length book was included in the SEALs bundle, since there was none of the suspense that other reviewers refer to. This doesn't make me happy. And what I read wasn't good enough that I would pay for the full story, although that does [...]

    7. Love Tyler and Kate! Tyler is sweet and you fall for him so easily! Kate is engaged but is having second thoughts! When she meets Tyler she realizes her engagement is not meant to be and that she is not in love with her fiance! What will happen when Kate calls off her engagement? Tyler and Kate explore possibilities of a future together but will their budding love survive his deployment and the danger Kate faces back home from an unseen threat? Follow this sweet journey of finding your one true [...]

    8. Fantastic addition to the SEAL brotherhood!Fantastic addition to the SEAL brotherhood!Ms. Hamilton always exceeds on her stories with each and every one she writes for the brotherhood of her SEALS. This book doesn't disappoint as it's well worth everything you pay for Tyler and Kate's story of love, honor, family and of course, suspense on Tyler's brief deployment to Africa. I can't wait for the next book in the series to come out! Everyone please remember to thank the military whenever you see [...]

    9. Not my cup of tea.I had a hard time getting into this book. I didn't feel anything for the lead characters. The story didn't hold my attention. I looked forward to the end of the book.

    10. First off, I loved how the first part of this book took place in Portland, OR where the characters went to both VooDoo Donuts and Powell's bookstore, two highlights of the city. But maybe I'm bias since I'm a Portland native. Anyways, so both Kate and Tyler are on the flight to Portland, Kate to see her sister before the her own wedding and Tyler to see his parents before his deployment. Have you ever believed in love at first sight? Well that's kind of what happens to these two. But the problem [...]

    11. Seal of My Heart: I loved that took a chance on getting away from the planned wedding and seeing what is out there besides what to be expected. It was a wonderful romance and I loved the characters. Hot Seal's always helping as well.

    12. Great readLove to read a book with strong characters and even stronger women. The dedicated Seals are worthy of the praise from all of us.

    13. Vikki’s MusingsAfter reading/listening to Book 5 and Book 6 in Sharon Hamilton’s SEAL Brotherhood series, I decided I wanted to read/listen to SEAL of my Heart. As I began to read, I realized I had read this one before in the boxed set, SEALS of Summer, but since I vaguely recalled it as an enjoyable read, I delved in knowing that even if I remembered the story, I would have the pleasure of listening to the fabulous J.D. Hart’s narrative.Kate Morgan is looking forward to visiting her siste [...]

    14. Kate Morgan is due to be getting married to Randy Heller of the Heller Estate Wines. The thing is Kate never was the one who was ever gaga over Randy. All her girlfriends and her mom thought he was a great catch. She didn’t think that way. He was just her boss. Until that day he asked her out. It was nothing special. His kiss never made her see stars and his touch never gave her goose bumps. So, when Randy asked her to marry him she thought she would find her excitement but it never came. She [...]

    15. This had to be one of the hardest of the series for me to read. Not because it was a difficult book, but it certainly turned out to be one of the most emotional books for me.I really like both of the lead characters in this one. Tyler was a good guy struggling to do the right thing when he was really attracted to Kate and she is engaged. You truly get a feel for how torn he is in that situation but when it comes to doing the right thing on the battlefield he doesn't hesitate, even if it puts his [...]

    16. For this review, I chose Accidental Seal by Sharon Hamilton. This is book #1 in the Seal Brotherhood Series. This is my first audio I have ever listened to and my first book by this author. I like the idea that I can put in my earphone into my iphone and go about my cleaning, etc, while I listen. Or put the earphones in when I am at an appointment and don't want to speak to anyone I don't want to. The only thing I had issues with when I was listening was my left ear hurt a little at first. I hav [...]

    17. Well holy men of action talk about an action packed, high octane read. and I love the interactions between the characters. This is my first novel by Sharon Hamilton and I can promise it wont be the last. I was SOLD after 1 chapter. I mean red it and you will see why. Christy is sweet, likeable and has a hell cat buried inside her. Kyle Lansdowne is a SEAL which means he has attitude, the know how and the muscle to do anything he wants but little Ms. Christy sparks something in him. Could be the [...]

    18. Kate Morgan is heading to her sister’s house to go over wedding plans. Kate is already having cold feet and her doubts are strengthened when she meets Tyler on the plane to Portland. In the back of her mind, Kate is imagining meeting the man of her dreams and running away with him, which is a strong indicator that her fiancé Randy is definitely not the man she should be marrying. Tyler is straight up committed to knowing the difference between right and wrong but oh, boy, does he ever want to [...]

    19. Kate is engaged to be married to a very wealthy and sought after man but she has beenhaving second guesses for a while now. When she goes to visit with her sister she knowsthat something is seriously wrong when it feels like freedom to her. When she sits next tothe very sexy Tyler she doesn’t know what to think. She is engaged however somethingabout Tyler just feels right. Kate and Tyler become very close very fast and when shedecides to call off her engagement there seems to be problem after [...]

    20. Seal Of My HeartCan't resist a hero with a good heart and strong heroine who find each other in a random way but make an instant connection. They finally follow their hearts and find a beautiful bond.

    21. I love military men and romance stories with military heroes are some of my favorites. Unfortunately, I couldn't finish this one. There was just too much telling of this story and not enough showing. By 60%, I still didn't feel I knew either of the main characters. I think it was because most of the opportunities to get to know them were skipped over.Story started out great. Tyler and Kate met on a plane. They struck up a rather uncomfortable conversation, yet each was drawn to the other. Then s [...]

    22. Kate Morgan and Tyler Gray meet on a plan ride to Portland, OR. He learns she is already engaged to another man, the heir to a wine business in Sonoma County, CA. She does not seem happy when she talks about her engagement, though.Kate is unhappy and unsure of whether to marry a man she does not love, just to make her family and friends happy. Can she do that? Can she go through with it? After meeting Tyler, it seems impossible. She feels more for him in the hour ride than she has ever felt for [...]

    23. OMG OMG I love this book. It just keeps getting better and better, so good in fact that I don’t know how Sharon can top herself and I need her to because I’m hungry for more!Tyler, he surprised me so much, I didn’t realise he had this intense, oh so sexy side to him. This love story is perfect, so romantic and so very raunchy with a hotness that burns so beware!Lots of action in this one which I love BUT again, I cried so much!!! Sharon is VERY GOOD at the break-your-heart scenes, she has [...]

    24. Kate Morgan and Tyler Gray meet on a plane and the attraction is sizzling. The problem is that Kate is engaged but having doubts and Tyler doesn't poach. I really liked Tyler, he was an all around great guy and he was almost to perfect to be true. However, Ms. Hamilton gave him some human displays that took him form the top of the pedestal and made him real. Kate was a confusing character to me. At first she seemed meek and mild, all fluff and no substance. She seemed to be letting others dictat [...]

    25. I think this has been my favorite SEAL from Sharon Hamilton yet! You just have to love Tyler from the very first time you read about him. He is drop dead gorgeous, has a sense of humor, manners, a SEAL, a cover model for his sister's romance novels, and is protective of those in his family circle. Kate thinks she is just going to spend some time with her sister and get her head on straight but then she sits next to Tyler and everything changes and she has to come to terms with the feelings she h [...]

    26. "SEAL of My Heart" by Sharon Hamilton. This is Book 7 of Ms. Hamilton's SEAL Brotherhood Series. It's the story of Tyler and Kate. They meet on a flight and BAM! Love at first sight! Tyler is great - despite being a tough guy Seal, he's a sweetie and a softie at heart. He lives to protect and is so genuinely happy that he found someone to love and come home to after his missions that one can't help but smiling when thinking of him. Kate, when she first met Tyler, was engaged but dreading her upc [...]

    27. This is such a delicious romance, which proves that your life can change with just one short plane ride. Kate decides to go visit her sister because she needs a break from life. She is engaged to be married to one of the most eligible men in Sonoma County, but she has her doubt's, still hoping that a talk, darks, handsome man of her dreams will sweep her off her feet and sail off into the sunset with her. So Kate goes to visit her sister in Portland and on her flight she has the pleasure of meet [...]

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