• Title: Saving Grace
  • Author: Katie Graykowski
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Saving Grace Grace Kelley isn t blonde demure and she definitely isn t a princess At the moment fifteen dollars and a single peppermint stand between her and starvation When she meets a teenaged girl in trouble
    Grace Kelley isn t blonde, demure, and she definitely isn t a princess At the moment, fifteen dollars and a single peppermint stand between her and starvation When she meets a teenaged girl in trouble, Grace s life takes a turn for the better She goes from a homeless singer to a nanny in no time flat Professionally, Chord Robbins has the world at his feet As the coachGrace Kelley isn t blonde, demure, and she definitely isn t a princess At the moment, fifteen dollars and a single peppermint stand between her and starvation When she meets a teenaged girl in trouble, Grace s life takes a turn for the better She goes from a homeless singer to a nanny in no time flat Professionally, Chord Robbins has the world at his feet As the coach of the Super Bowl winning NFL team, The Austin Lone Stars, there is nothing he can t do But his home life is hell He has three kids, no discipline, and his wife left him for her yoga instructor When Grace stumbles into his life, he promptly throws her out But she won t stay away Since he can t get rid of her, he hires her When these two get together, it proves that all is fair in love and football and losing is just the beginning.

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    1. **originally posted at Bedroom BookwormsSo I really, really liked Perfect Summer. I gave it 4.5 stars back when I read it, and since then I’ve thought about going back and changing it to 5 because I just really, really liked it. I felt like it was the perfect mix of funny and sexy and realism and fantasy. So when Saving Grace (the sequel) came out, I was really quite stoked. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel like it was quite as great as Perfect Summer. I still liked it. I just didn’t love it. [...]

    2. I got this from a freebie book list. I found a diamond. The book has a bit of humor, a bit of sadness, and a lot of fun and love. The title to me means two different things. I think that the other characters saved Grace while Grace in turn saved them. Grace is a down on her luck musician. She is down to her last few dollars. Chord is a Super Bowl winning Coach of the Lone Stars. Together they shine. I loved Chord's kids, and Clementine, the dog, was a jewel. Dual point of view. No cliffhanger.

    3. I really adore Graykowski's writing style. This book, like her others, made for a sweet romantic read with a touch of humor. All the characters were solid and likeable. The plot was somewhat unrealistic, but it still made for a charming, simple read. Her books make are perfect light reading such as on the beach etc. No unnecessary angst or lots of drama etc.

    4. 3.5 starsThis was an easy and sweet read with a little humour and fun thrown in the mix. I enjoyed it and am glad I read it. I couldn't rate it higher though as the story didn't Jane any outstanding elements to me and whilst I enjoyed reading it I will not be thinking about it longer than when I start my next book.

    5. Grace and Chord! What a cute book! I liked the flirty banter between the two. It was a fun and quick read!

    6. i really like the writing style and the romance is sweet. it is a really easy read. love this author's female leads but i had quite a few issues with the character of Chord. sometimes you can just find so much wrong with a character that it drags you away from the story and this happened here. the story overall was rather predictable but it was still a great story to read and very well written

    7. I really enjoyed this book. The writing and story are solid. My only complaint was all the street name/location dropping. I feel it was unnecessary to the story and as someone from Austin it was a little distracting.

    8. Book 2I loved Chord and Grace. Their story was awesome. I'm ready for Devon's story and then a grown up Coco

    9. Our Rating: Grace’s road to fame took an mortifying turn, thanks to a wardrobe malfunction on national television. Now she can’t seem to get another break, and singing for her supper on the sidewalk during South by Southwest seems to be her only option. But when she sees a young girl in trouble, she springs into action, and the can of worms she opens up might just be her biggest break yet.But There were definitely some editing oversights throughout the book, and while they didn’t completel [...]

    10. Grace Kelly had dreams of singing but with one mishap with her top labeling her as the Nipple Lady. Raised by her loving aunt and uncle who loved each one of her siblings provided Grace with the understand the Lord will provide when you are in need. Now with Grace trying to come up with money to cover her uncles care in the home, she is left singing on the streets. Grace's life changes the day she rescues a very young CoCo from a man who is about to abduct her. When she takes CoCo home to make s [...]

    11. I wasn't sure how many stars to give this one, for most of the book is a 4 or 4.5, but the end I didn't like how everything was resolved. So the main character, Grace, she is so cool, she is homeless, after trouble in tv that kind of crashed her music career she ends up singing in the streets and meets CoCo, after helping her she ends up at her house and becomes the nanny, and you guessed it, the boss falls in love with her.I like her humor, how strong she is, how she manages to make everyone's [...]

    12. Please note this review may contain spoilersVING GRACE was another light-hearted and fun read in the Lone Stars series. Stumbling into the Robbins’ family turns out to be the best thing that’s happened to Grace in a very long time. Living in her car and with no money to her name, taking a job as a live-in-nanny for an NFL coach and his three kids is a no-brainer. She now has security, stability, a roof over her head and is earning enough money to get her beloved uncle into a better care faci [...]

    13. Hated the heroineI loved everything about this book, except the heroine. She was rude. She just appeared in the hero's life one night and called him a bad parent right to his face because he had trouble punishing his kids. Then, she proceeded to push her way into their lives and tell the hero that she needed to be included in every decision he made. He hired her as a Nassau, she called herself a family officer, but she was hired to be a nanny. She pushed the hero around constantly and told him o [...]

    14. 4.5 starsKatie Graykowski is a new author to me and I loved this book so much I found myself wanting to rate and review before I even finished it! Grace and Chord are great characters and we get to see Summer and Clint again, and Devon who we meet at the end of Perfect Summer plays a much bigger role in this book. This book has some fantastic supporting characters, Clementine the neurotic dog (he has serious issue but is seriously smart, then there is CoCo, HW and Cart, Chord's 3 kids who play a [...]

    15. I picked this book up for free a while back. Don't know why it took me so long to read it but I am glad that I finally did. Some people may review that the whole relationship between everyone just seemed to perfect. For me, it was nice to read "straight talk" vs going on and on without any communication.I didn't have book 1; and it wasn't free. So I went ahead with this book You don't have to read book 1 to enjoy book 2.Loads of humor and fun bantering. Flirty. A sex scene here and there but not [...]

    16. This was another winner from Ms Graykowski. Everything about this book works, from the couple to the kids to the amazingly neurotic Saint Bernard they adopted. Every time the little boys talked, I pictured the little boy from The Blind Side movie. Especially HW, since he was so much more talkative than his twin. The kids really brought fun and excitement to the book, and the girl even brought Grace together with Chord. I do have to say that I took a star away for the bad editing. There were some [...]

    17. What a great book 2! Number 1 wasn't bad but number 2 was even better!!! I fell in love with Chord and Grace. I loved how Grace is a take charge kind of gal. What she says, goes. She is tough as nails but you can't help but fall in love with her.I think my favorite part of the story was Chord's daughters first date. So funny! Granted thoughI wouldn't let my 14 year old go on a date with a senior. But it still made for good reading.I had a few LOL moments with this book and even a few "Oh no he d [...]

    18. Story of Grace and Chord (ugh on that name). She's a former reality singing show contestant whose 15 mins of fame was used up with a nipple slip that she can't live down. She's busking in Austin and sees a young teen getting manhandled by a much older man and she steps in to stop a potential rape. Chord is the teen's father and the coach of the pro football team (from Book 1). His kids are out of control, have no boundaries and no consequences for their actions. She calls him on it and he kicks [...]

    19. I Loved this Book!!This was great, I loved it!! This book is book two in The Lone Stars series, but can be read as a standalone. Grace Kelley is trying to make it as a singer, but has terrible luck. She is homeless, and broke. She is signing in a bar one night and sees a man trying to take advantage of a young girl. Grace steps in and helps the girl who ends up being a teenager who has snuck out of the house. Grace takes her home and has to deal with the father’s hateful girlfriend, who she en [...]

    20. I read / listened to this story in audio format via audible. I always choose the audio books 1st because the narrators tend to breath life into the stories, like a heart beat. Audio books allow us to read a book while we work, drive, walk, clean house and so on. I love this author! The books are always filled with love, romance, adventure and humor! The humor in this book is the best part. Kids say the strangest things. Grace is so funny too! This story is about Grace Kelley, a singer also known [...]

    21. Sweet, easy readThis wasn't as good as Clint and Summer's story, in my opinion. I still enjoyed it, but there were a couple of things I wish I would have been a little tidier. All in all, it was a good book and I'm looking forward to the third.

    22. This was a random find on , and at the time it was free & sounded good, so I gave it a shot. It's worth the regular $3.99 price tag for sure! This was a FANTASTIC story! HILARIOUS - I had so many things highlighted A couple of my favorite LOL quotes:"Maybe after I take a nap, this will all make sense. Right now, I feel like I'm living in a sitcom.""I hope it's Psych. I love that show. I can't believe it ended.""If any more of the offensive line shows up, don't feed them or they'll never leav [...]

    23. Can't go wrong with Football and the Lone Star StateWhat an absolutely loveable book! I had never heard of Katie Graykowski until I saw an ad for this book. The cover was cute with a football helmet and a woman's high heel. So I started reading the snippet. Football Coach, Texas team, ready made family. I figured that was enough to make me at least want to give it a try. I can honestly say I am thrilled that I did. I fell in love with Grace and the way that she treated everyone. Maybe that was p [...]

    24. This is book #2 in the Lone Stars but can be read alone.Grace kelley is down on her luck living day by day. Playing her guitar on the streets begging for money, one day she sees a teenage girl in trouble. She stepson saves the girl and takes her home. When she gets to the girls house the nanny is asking out the the door so Grace walks in and takes over.Chord is a manger of a professional baseball team which he runs well, when it comes to his kids he is in trouble with a T.When he comes home and [...]

    25. Sweet and Lighthearted.Grace, a down on her luck and homeless singer.Coco, the young girl she helps out of a sticky situation.Chord, the dad and coach of the Lone Stars NFL team who has trust issues after a disastrous marriage leaves him to raise 3 children. He persuades Grace to be the nanny for his family. There starts the lovely story of family, love and learning to trust again. Including a cast of NFL players and some of their families. I loved all the wonderful characters not just the main [...]

    26. 3.5 stars.I started this book last year but for some reason didn't finish it. I started it again and remembers why it was of putting because too many things happen too quickly in first few chapters (which was not even a week, if we consider the time lapse in book). But this time I kept on reading, wanted to know why it got such high rating. Turns out it becomes alot more grounded as the story progressed. It was funny and charming with witty characters. I enjoyed the 2nd half of book alot more th [...]

    27. I have a soft spot for all Katie's work. This is part of the football series haven't read too many yet. Grace Kelley is a homeless singer that becomes a nanny to the Lone Stars coach- Chord Robbins, single dad to 14 yr old daughter and twin 8 yr old boys. Grace moves and takes charge of the kids and Chord's life. She is a force to be reckoned with as she makes their house back into a home. There is witty banter between Grace and Chord as they try to deny their growing attraction towards each oth [...]

    28. This is the second book in the Lone Stars series I've read. I read Changing Lanes (#3) and liked the characters & writing enough that I wanted more. Saving Grace (#2) didn't disappoint! I know I'm reading them out of order but that's okay! The books stand alone well. I enjoyed seeing the relationship develop between Grace & Chord. Grace brought out the best in Chord and really fit well in his life. The book was a light hearted read that had all the things I look for- romance, good relati [...]

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