• Title: Ready to Love Again
  • Author: Annalyse Knight
  • ISBN: 9781612133218
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ready to Love Again After a bitter divorce aquarist Katie Rodriquez and her nine year old son move to California to start over A fateful stroll on a Carmel beach turns Katie s world upside down when she meets a handsome
    After a bitter divorce, aquarist Katie Rodriquez and her nine year old son move to California to start over A fateful stroll on a Carmel beach turns Katie s world upside down when she meets a handsome doctor and his troubled family.Chase O Donnell had everything a man could ask for when a tragic accident changed his life forever Tortured by his past, he locks away his grAfter a bitter divorce, aquarist Katie Rodriquez and her nine year old son move to California to start over A fateful stroll on a Carmel beach turns Katie s world upside down when she meets a handsome doctor and his troubled family.Chase O Donnell had everything a man could ask for when a tragic accident changed his life forever Tortured by his past, he locks away his grief, refusing to face what his loss has done to him and the people he loves most.Katie and Chase must find the strength to rebuild their lives while juggling the demands of careers and single parenthood When Chase s daughter lashes out, they soon discover that the price of their romance is too high To heal his family s pain, they both must risk losing each other Facing unresolved guilt and anger, will they have the courage to learn to love again

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    1. I had the great pleasure of reading this in it's original form back in my fandom days when it was titled, Holding Out For You. It was one of my most treasured fics, so it was to my absolute delight when I found out that Annalyse Knight finally decided to published this. I knew that I needed it for my must have collection!Ready to Love Again, is a heart-warming and heartbreaking story about a women who went through a messy divorce and a widower trying to pick up the missing pieces after his wife [...]

    2. This book was a beautiful novel a divorcee and a widower, both discovering a second chance at love. Katie and Chase not only have to overcome their own past relationships but they are forced to deal with the struggles that their children are facing.If you're looking for a beautiful love story with a bit of heartache, fun banter, and beautiful relationships this book is for you. Ready to Love Again is brilliantly written and has believable characters that make you fall in love with them from the [...]

    3. Karie moves to California with her son to start a new life away. She's looking forward to start anew, but nowhere ready to the feelings the handsome father of her son's best friend arises in her. She's not looking for a relationship but her attraction to him, his kindness and his charms call to her every time. But she's been hurt before and she doesn't want to be there again--especially when she comes to realize that Chase is not quite over his broken heart. Chase hasn't had it easy the last cou [...]

    4. **My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**OMG this is a brilliant debut novel by the author. I literally could not put it down and read through the night until I had finished the book and the dawn chorus had started. I have already put this author on a must buy immediately for the next book list it was that good.The story will sweep you with the character and their emotions, and there were times where I was sitting there with tears streaming down my face w [...]

    5. First off I want to say how much I enjoyed this book and connected with these characters. I myself went through a divorce, so I understand not only going through it but watching kids go through it as well. I also understand taking that chance on someone and opening your heart back up to love. So yes I connected very well to these characters.Now with all that being said I want to talk about the writing, plot, characters and all that jazz. I have read this book twice as of today, I enjoyed it that [...]

    6. ADRI'S REVIEW:Thank you to TWCS for providing us with a copy so that we could bring you this review.I have to say that this was such a sweet, heart wrenching at moments story. Though it deals with some very tough topics it was really a great way to show that even when things are rough we can still find love again. Even after Chase loses his wife and his life get turns inside out, he gives himself a chance to let go and find out what life can offer him. Its a rocky and bumpy road to get to that p [...]

    7. So Ready to Love Again is a real feel good heart warmer of a tale, it has a dashing widowed Doctor and his two kids, and it also has a divorced mum of one trying to escape her controlling husband. Chase O'Donnell has lost the love of his life but after three years he tries to make the best of it with the help and love of his sister Gina they both make sure his two kids are happy, another woman in his life is not top of his priority list but that is until he meets Katie Rodriguez recently moved t [...]

    8. Seeking a fresh start for herself and her nine year old son, Shawn, Katie Rodriguez accepts a job at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Chase O’Donnell, a surgeon at the local hospital, believes he’s handled the death of his wife three years prior. With the help of his sister, Gina, he’s buried his grief in work and his children, nine year old Anthony (Tony) and eleven year old Elizabeth (Liz). Katie and Chase’s chance meeting on a Carmel beach sets the stage for these two wounded hearts’ seco [...]

    9. Andrea’s Review:A beautiful story of second chances at love Ready to Love Again pulled me in immediately. Through the impactful writing of Annalyse Knight, I found myself sighing with emotion, laughing at the silliness and enjoying the comfort of each character.Katie Rodriguez is finally putting her happiness and that of her sons happiness first. Having left an unhappy marriage she is setting out for a new beginning on the coast of California along with her 9 year old son, Shawn. She has no wa [...]

    10. Received an ARC for an honest reviewA very heartwarming story of trying second chance love against odds. Overall, I like Read To Love again. It speaks not only about romance but the value of a family and putting our loved ones in priority.Annalyse Knight has characterized Chase and Katie very well that every reader will really fall in love with their journey to second chance love. Chase's loving personality towards Katie and his children is perfect while Katie's strength as a divorced woman is e [...]

    11. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsARCReady to Love Again begins when Katie and her son Shawn move to California after she recently got a divorce. She knows things will be tough, but when Shawn makes a new friend at school, and wants to join the baseball team she meets his friend's dad, and things taken an even stranger turn. Chase has been struggling the last three years with the death of his wife, and taking care of his two children. Now, when he finally notices Katie things start to sp [...]

    12. I received a copy of Ready to Love Again by Annalyse Knight in exchange for an honest review.Katie is a recent single mother of one, who has moved to another town to escape the ex-husband's control, Chase is a single father of two children who is still trying to move on from a tragic accident that devastated him and his children's world. Shawn,Katie's son and Tony, Chase's son meet and despite their opposite personalities form a tight friendship which brings their parents together in more ways t [...]

    13. If you enjoy reading love stories written for adults, then Ready to Love Again is a must for you. Annalyse Knight has crafted a beautiful tale around lives that adults lead, challenges that must be faced, and a romance that is worth fighting for. This isn't your typical cutesy story about people fresh out of college falling in lust for the first time in their lives; rather, it's a serious, deeper one with all the situations that more mature couples have to deal with.Read the rest of the excerpt: [...]

    14. This is one of those books that touches more then one emotion. It shows you a struggle the family has to heal and move on. It shows you the sacrifice that one women makes to help. All in all it touches on every emotion possible and it's one of those books that touch the reader. Even if you haven't lost anyone, everyone has dealt with grief at one point in their lives. Take a chance and read this book, it's one of the best that I have read. My full review is here: allnightbooks/2014/08/07/r

    15. Ready to Love Again is a touching story about blending two families that have both experienced loss.Both Chase and Katie had their marriages end in very painful ways. In Chase's case, until death do us part, is easier said than done. Katie, on the other hand, had to start over after a divorce.I love how the story is as much about the children and Chase's sister as it is about Chase and Katie,because their lives were affected as well.We all make plans for our lives but sometimes God has an even b [...]

    16. This was a great modern love story. There is nothing more realistic today than falling in love and having to work in the children from other marriages. I found myself laughing, crying, and yelling at the situations that arise. I can't wait for the next book from this author.

    17. Loved this story of finding new love and learning and dealing with loved ones that have passed. Beautifully written.

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