• Title: Surrounded
  • Author: S.C. Ellington
  • ISBN: 9781500396503
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
  • Surrounded Everything was falling into place Even amongst all the chaos of Washington D C Brooklyn and Logan found each other Brooklyn never expected Logand as it always seems to happen with her s fell apart She
    Everything was falling into place Even amongst all the chaos of Washington D.C Brooklyn and Logan found each other.Brooklyn never expected Logand as it always seems to happen with her.s fell apart She has been through this beforewas she strong enough to do it again On the outside, Logan was the epitome of wealth and confidence Many knew his name but fewEverything was falling into place Even amongst all the chaos of Washington D.C Brooklyn and Logan found each other.Brooklyn never expected Logand as it always seems to happen with her.s fell apart She has been through this beforewas she strong enough to do it again On the outside, Logan was the epitome of wealth and confidence Many knew his name but few knew his secrets He never expected Brooklynbut now she s walked away He knew what they shared mattered to herd shee mattered to him .

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    1. So after the bathroom bombshell in the first book we find Brooklyn and Logan dealing with the fallout from Brooklyn’s neuroses. To be perfectly honest I was ready to completely write off Brooklyn at the beginning of this book my annoyance level of uber high. But I realized that what happened at the end of book 1 was directly attributed to the fact that Brooklyn jumped into a relationship right after her previously doomed relationship ended. This didn’t give her much time to process and deal [...]

    2. Review Originally Posted at: Book FreakPURCHASE IT ►►► I enjoyed reading Unsettled, and I was looking forward in reading Surrounded, the second book in the series. I was looking forward for Logan’s POV – thank goodness for the dual POV in this book, I was so relieved. I have been wanting to get inside Logan’s brains for ages. He has so many secrets, so many issues and a past that was still blurry in the first book.It started right about where the first book ended, Brooklyn and Logan [...]

    3. “It means everything to me, Logan. Thank you for not giving up on me.” ~Brooklyn*“When you feel like running, don’t be afraid to grab my hand because I’ll run with you.” ~LoganI really, truly enjoyed the way Brooklyn and Logan's love story evolved. These two young professionals had experienced individual tragedies that no one would recover from easily. Their chance meeting put them on a path together toward romantic happiness and incidentally better career fulfillment. The bumps alon [...]

    4. Actual Rating: 4 1/2 Fantastic Stars!This books picks up right where things left of in Unsettled, and I for one was dying to know what would happen. The pacing makes it easy to hook right into this book.The pacing of this book worked really well with the events that happen in Surrounded. This book is definitely a passionate one, and I could feel the passion between Logan and Brooklyn throughout the entire book. Even when things weren’t so peachy between them, I could feel that tangible passion [...]

    5. Brooklyn and Logan- BRAB Online Book ClubThe saga continues with Brooklyn Caldwell and Logan Colton. After a major misunderstanding tore this couple apart, Logan was more determined to get his girl back. With the help of her friend Alex and her sister Danielle he got Brooklyn to hear his side of the story.These two wounded souls found a way to be each other's anchor and found themselves more in love than before. Just when everything was going great, they had a major setback. In the end, true lov [...]

    6. I reviewed this at MustReadBooksOrDie with my friend Shelley! Shel: Surrounded is the second book in this series and I was really happy with the way it started. We immediately hear from Logan and he spends the first few chapters reminding us of the events that led up to the cliffhanger at the end of book 1, Unsettled. It was nice to hear what his thoughts were and how he felt about Brooklyn because in book one, we were only privy to her thoughts. Court: I agree. Things ended very abruptly, and i [...]

    7. We first meet Logan when he was when he was in a car accident with his grandparents and brother at the age of 10. He watched his grandparents die. His father blames Logan for the accident and he has felt the guilt from the car accident. Logan know is 27 and he wants a girl who wants him for him and not for the money he has or the things he can buy her. Logan found that in Brooklyn. Brooklyn had a lot of bad things happen to her, Damon showed up at the house that Alex, Jay and she shared. Logan [...]

    8. YAY BOOK 2!!! Another 4 1/2 Stars!!In book 2 of the Unsettled series the stakes are raised and the emotions are on high. After a dramatic turn of events in book 1 we are left with Logan and his pursuit of Brooklyn in hopes to save the love they have come to build. In book 2 we get the added bonus of Logan’s POV which I thought was a nice touch. I wanted inside Logan’s head and book 2 laid out the red carpet into that brain of his. We are thoroughly introduced to some more characters includin [...]

    9. The road to happiness is paved with twists and turns, hills and valleys, smooth pavement and rocky roads. Never is more true than for Brooklyn and Logan as their journey continues in Surrounded. When we last left the assistant and the executive, Brooklyn had just found out that Logan's "friend", Elizabeth, was pregnant and the rumor was that Logan was the daddy. As Brooklyn tries to wrap her head around this new bit of information and figure out her next step, she accepts a call from her very pe [...]

    10. I loved these books! Since I got to read and review both I am going to combine my review.In Unsettled we meet Brooklyn, who has moved across country to help heal a broken heart after having it shattered by her ex Damon, 3 years later she is still single and heartbroken and wont let anyone in - this irked me a little as I couldn't believe she still moped about it after so long Brooklyn was, despite being sassy, funny and relateable still very insecure throughout the book - to the point sometimes [...]

    11. I was so glad to have this to dive right into after Unsettled because it would have eaten me up to not know immediately what would happen with both Brooklyn and Logan!One of the main things I liked about this book is that we get an inside look at Logan as this is written in dual perspectives. We get to know him more and a lot more about his demons and past too.Logan will do anything to get Brooklyn back. He has fallen hard and has to work through his own past to get to where he needs to be for B [...]

    12. Can they have a future if they’re Surrounded by their pasts?At the end of Unsettled we were left not knowing the truth, Brooklyn was yet again broken, crushed by lies and deceit, how was she ever going to move on with her life. At the start of Surrounded we get inside Logan’s head, a glimpse into his tragic past and how he surrounds himself in the guilt of his memories.So two broken souls, carrying guilt, betrayal and mistrust around with them, a recipe for disaster you would think. But as t [...]

    13. I received a copy from Author Groupies in exchange for an honest review .Surrounded starts off where Unsettled ended but first things first I love the cover art!What I like about Surrounded is that you get to see more of Logan's POV .I like seeing the other side to a story , sometimes it changes my perceptions and sometimes it just confirms what I've been thinking all along .Logan never gives up on Brooklyn and I appreciate that about him , I must be honest there were times I'd have thrown in th [...]

    14. When we left off in the first book, Unsettled, Brooklyn had a big decision to make and it seemed like things were starting over from her previous relationship. Was it going to get better or worse and could she handle being trampled over yet again?Logan was trapped in a world that consisted of torment and sadness. Although he tried to make life better for everyone else, he never tried to make it better for himself until Brooklyn, She was his center and his home. She grounded him and made him feel [...]

    15. Erin's Review Surrounded picks up right where Unsettled leaves off o if you haven't read Unsettled, go one click right now and start reading. You have to read that first. In this book we get a bit more from Logan, and believe me, I wasn't complaining! He will do anything to win back the woman he fell in love with. Brooklyn, on the other hand, is still suffering from her past. Did she read in to this latest thing wrong? Was it a mistake? She isn't quite sure she's ready to trust again after what [...]

    16. I had the pleasure of reading both Book One (Unsettled) and Book Two (Surrounded) from SC Ellington's Unsettled Series in the past couple weeks and I was blown away. I cannot wait for book #3 because both books left me wanting for more. I love how independent Brooklyn is in these books which is not always typical for a romance novel. She is feisty and full of spirit. She has baggage from her past relationships that cause her to be her own worst enemy. Same being said for Logan.he carries baggage [...]

    17. I love reading Surrounded. Surrounded in book two in the Unsettled series. It's not a standalone and you must read Book one Unsettled first. Unsettled left us with a big cliffhanger. I remembered the cliffhanger but couldn't remember the name of the book. So, I'm so glad I picked this one up to read because I was dieing to know what would happen with Logan and Brooklyn. In the beginning we get a little recap of the end of Unsettled but this time it's through Logan's POV. It's told in the dual PO [...]

    18. I rated Surrounded with Four and one half leaves!!Surrounded is a sequel to Unsettled by S.C. Ellington. Surrounded picked up right where Unsettled left off and I was extremely happy about that! In Surrounded, Ellington give us the story from both Logan and Brooklyn's POV. This was wonderful because we really got to see inside of Logan's head and learn more about his rough past whereas in Unsettled, we only have Brooklyn's POV to go off of.This book really shows how much both characters have gro [...]

    19. My Rating: 4½ Steamy StarsFavorite Quotes:“You make all my minutes and seconds amount to everything.” “I don’t need a list of ways to survive you anymore, because the only thing I want to do is be surrounded by you.”My Review:I had not read this author’s work before so backtracked and read Unsettled as well as Surrounded to complete this review. Oh happy day, as I scored twice as hard! I am stunned to see these are Ms. Ellington’s first novels as they are both excellent reads, wel [...]

    20. 5 Beautiful StarfishThis story picks up where Unsettled(book 1) leaves off. Well it actually goes back and gives you some of the ending to unsettled in Logan's point of view.Brooklyn is her own worst enemy. Her heart has been broken many times and she jumps to the worst conclusions too quick for her own good. She must learn to trust logan or completely walk away.Logan loves B with all his heart but he has his own issues to deal with. He has to trust B with his pain and guilt. Can he? Can he prov [...]

    21. Thanks to the author, I was allowed to read an ARC of this book for an honest review. This book is a continuation of the story that started in Unsettled. Neither Brooklyn nor Logan were looking for a serious relationship much less to fall in love. That is, however, what they found in each other. Both had personal issues of their own that they had to work through and Brooklyn's issues of lack of trust almost ended the couple for good. Fortunately Logan wasn't willing to give up and was willing to [...]

    22. I must say that after I read the first book, and how it ended I wasn't sure how she was going to fix it all. I mean, huge cliffhanger! But I was pleasantly surprised that she did 'fix' it all! This story is the epitome of redemption and giving love a second chance. I love Brooklyn, but I just wanted to slap her face! She was so stubborn, but it made for good reading! And you must Love Logan, he is the guy that you want to end up with. He knew he wanted Brooklyn and nothing was going to stand in [...]

    23. I could not wait to read what was going to happen next. Brooklyn did not want to see someone else go through what she did with her ex. She attempted to run away from the problem but lucky for her Logan did not allow that.Logan is such a great guy in this book, and loves this girl with all he has. He has such a traumatic background that you feel so bad for him that he has not ever gotten over his grandparents death and feels like everyone blames him. I loved how this book shows more of his POV an [...]

    24. First and foremost, I’m kicking myself and wondering why I haven’t read the Unsettled Series much sooner. Surrounded was such a beautiful, believable and emotional story and I couldn’t help but fall in-love with Logan and Brooklyn. Though both characters were dealing with a lot of emotional baggage, I LOVED the chemistry and passion between them and their perseverance to overcome obstacles to be together. I truly admired Brooklyn for being a strong heroine – she was feisty and didn’t b [...]

    25. So this book picks up right where Unsettled left us. And here I am, on the edge of my chair wondering what the heck is going on. Will she find out the truth? Will he? Will whats her nuts be honest? What's going on? Can he help her heal and can she help him? So many unanswered questions! Now, again, you know we don't do spoilers here, so I will say this I loved how SC let the story unfold. I loved the growth we see in Logan through this series. I love the healing we see in Brooklyn. I'm still sit [...]

    26. I didn't like it :(I didn't feel the chemistry between these two characters and I also felt that there was a lot of unnecessary drama. I didn't understand why she didn't complete their story in one book instead of leaving the first book as a cliffhanger. (Really wish authors would stop doing that! It is so annoying!) The first 23% of this is a repeat of what happened in the first book, which I pretty much skipped through. If she was going to repeat what she wrote in the first book why even write [...]

    27. I have just finished both books ok in this series and thoroughly enjoyed them both. Surrounded was probably my favourite as we got to get to know the sexy CEO Logan, who has now become my new book boyfriend! Who wouldn't want their boyfriend to buy them orange roses for one of their first dates? Brooklyn is a female leading lady who has been cheated on in the past and this influences her reactions to events in the story. This makes her real and she is certainly not a pushover. I love the relatio [...]

    28. This was a great follow up. I really enjoy S.C.'s writing style. I was so happy to get in Logan's head as well as Brooklyn's this time. It picks up a week before the Gala that's at the end of Unsettled, with Logan's side of the story. We start with a glimpse into his past and how tragedy has made him the man he is today. Then we see how much he cares for Brooklyn and how desperate he is for answers when she runs away. But he doesn't give up easily, he goes after her. And then Brooklyn's story co [...]

    29. Brooklyn and Logan are back in the sequel to Unsettled. Brooklyn has retreated to California to try to figure out what her next step is and she has left Logan wondering exactly what happened. Can Brooklyn and Logan both move on without each other or can they find a way to face the past and create a future? I like the fact that in this novel you see both sides of things, Brooklyn has chapters and so does Logan. Brooklyn is doing her best to be her spunky self, but her defense level is Code Red an [...]

    30. Passionate and Sweet!I enjoyed this part of the series. I really enjoyed hearing the voice of Logan. In part one of the series (Unsettled), The main character, Brooklyn, narrated the story. I loved the way Logan loved Brooklyn! He went the fought for her when she wanted to give up on him due to her insecurities. There was nothing he wouldn't do for her. At the the same token, I loved how Brooklyn loved Logan. She was able to get past her past in order to move forward with her life with her man. [...]

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