• Title: Islands of Rage & Hope
  • Author: John Ringo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Islands of Rage Hope BOOK IN THE BLACK TIDE RISING SERIES FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLING AUTHOR Sequel to To Sail a Darkling Sea and Under a Graveyard Sky With the world consumed by a devastating plague that drive
    BOOK 3 IN THE BLACK TIDE RISING SERIES FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLING AUTHOR Sequel to To Sail a Darkling Sea and Under a Graveyard Sky.With the world consumed by a devastating plague that drives humans violently insane, what was once a band of desperate survivors bobbing on a dark Atlantic ocean has now become Wolf Squadron, the only hope for the salvation of the hBOOK 3 IN THE BLACK TIDE RISING SERIES FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLING AUTHOR Sequel to To Sail a Darkling Sea and Under a Graveyard Sky.With the world consumed by a devastating plague that drives humans violently insane, what was once a band of desperate survivors bobbing on a dark Atlantic ocean has now become Wolf Squadron, the only hope for the salvation of the human race Banding together with what remains of the U.S Navy, Wolf Squadron, and its leader Steve Smith, not only plans to survive he plans to retake the mainland from the infected, starting with North America.The next step produce a vaccine But for do that, Wolf Squadron forces led by Smith s terrifyingly precocious daughters Sophia and Faith must venture into a sea of the infected to obtain and secure the needed materials And if some of the rescued survivors turn out to be than they seem, Smith just might be able to pull off his plan.Once , exhausted and redlining Wolf Squadron forces must throw themselves into battle, scouring the islands of the Atlantic for civilization s last hope.At the publisher s request, this title is sold without DRM Digital Rights Management.About the Black Tide Rising Series Not only has Ringo found a mostly unexplored corner of the zombie landscape, hes using the zombie frame to tackle a broader theme the collapse and rebirth of civilization The zombie scenes are exciting, sure, but its the human story that keeps us involved A fine series BooklistAbout Under a Graveyard Sky Ringo combines humor and horror in this strong series debut, the thinking reader s zombie novel Publishers WeeklyAbout John Ringo Ringo s work is peopled with three dimensional characters and spiced with personal drama as well as tactical finesse Library Journal Explosive fans.will appreciate Ringo s lively narrative and flavorful characters Publishers Weekly actically impossible not to read in one sitting exceedingly impressive executed with skill, verve, and wit Booklist Crackerjack storytelling StarlogBLACK TIDE RISING SERIES Under a Graveyard SkyTo Sail a Darkling SeaIslands of Hope and RageStrands of Sorrow upcoming John Ringo brings fighting to life He is the creator of the Posleen Wars series, which has become a New York Times best selling series with over one million copies in print The series contains A Hymn Before Battle, Gust Front, When the Devil Dances, Hell s Faire and Eye of the Storm In addition, Ringo has penned the Council War series There Will be Dragons, Emerald Sea, Against the Tide, and East of the Sun, West of the Moon Adding another dimension to his skills, Ringo created nationally best selling techno thriller novels about Mike Harmon Ghost, Kildar, Choosers of the Slain, Unto the Breach, A Deeper Blue, and,

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    1. koeur.wordpress/2014/06/27Publisher: Baen Publishing Date: August 2014 ISBN: 9781476736624 Genre: I think SciFi Rating: 0.5/5Publisher Description: With the world consumed by a devastating plague that drives humans violently insane, what was once a band of desperate survivors bobbing on a dark Atlantic ocean has now become Wolf Squadron, the only hope for the salvation of the human race. Banding together with what remains of the U.S. Navy, Wolf Squadron, and its leader Steve Smith, not only plan [...]

    2. I really enjoy this series by John Ringo. "Islands of Rage and Hope" is his take on the zombie apocalypse trope and he is does a thorough job of it.- Plenty of action- incredibly realistic military-"sci-fi"- hard science and physics- good (not great) rising tension- his final "climactic" scenes are done as well as anything you've readI suspect not all readers would enjoy this series as much as I. The primary characters brush up against the ceiling of disbelief from time to time, but the hell wit [...]

    3. 3 stars for the first 50%4 stars for the last 50%The pacing of the first half of the book just dragged, and I had to force myself to keep reading. Once the squadron finally headed off to battle the undead, though, I couldn't stop reading. The final action sequence in London was fantastic. I loved Faith diving into battle, and discovering Walker's real identity. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

    4. I stalk baen like a stalker AND AM THUS REWARDEDit was fantasticI lol'dmy finals are done and I'm not doing those two papers, fahgetaboutitit's so funnyyeah I'm not coherentso now I wake up in about 3 1/2 hours and am gonna work yay fun yeahybe type more later, when I can feel like my fingers are attached to my body or something

    5. it's john ringo, if you like military fiction, or milspec sci fi, you should know who he is, if you don't then you've got a wonderful 6 or 8 months ahead as you clear all the other books he's written to date. A new release means the to read pile gets skipped.

    6. YES! Finally we get to a real Ringo ringer! This one was perfectly balanced in terms of action, character development, and that patented Ringo 'Holy crap, how did you think of that! That's so friggin' cool' factor. I got several 'Hell, Yeah!' fist pump moments in this one, and one hell of an ending!The plot takes you from the Atlantic crossing from the Canary Islands to Gitmo. Then you have lots of different scenarios encountered during the clearance of the Windward Isles as they search for the [...]

    7. I like this series; it's a good STORY now if it was better WRITTEN. of the story is pure exposition with snippet-scenes of action. SHOW me, don't tell me, huh?

    8. Well the Zombie story builds on After awhile-- it is more about rebuilding for mankind than it is fighting zombies Still, after awhile, some of the zombie fighting action does seem a bit sillyIn the three books I've read of this series only one zombie fighter has died-- and that was from falling into the ocean and being consumed by sharks on a feeding frenzy from zombie bodies. One marine is wounded by friendly fire (remarkable given some of the circumstances)-- Ringo's reliance on a thirteen ye [...]

    9. I got both books two and three at the same time and finished them back to back. I've come to love to hate Ringo at times, but I really did enjoy this book.If you've already been reading the series you'll know by now that the Wolf Squadron needed a land base with sufficient resources and once the Atlantic hurricane season was over cleared the US military base in Guantanamo Bay. From there the story alternates between Sophia and Faith's role. For me the story really picks up pace when Sophie and F [...]

    10. Very briefly:Much of this book read like the previous one, which meant it bogged down in jargon-laden administrivia, earning it a three-star base score. Things pepped up nicely with a couple of epic clearing actions and a solid achievement at the end, earning a bonus star. However, the absolutely appalling scene that started Chapter Two was not only utterly squicky, but completely POINTLESS since the young refugees in question never appear again. It's gratuitously disgusting, and took that bonus [...]

    11. Once again I am left wanting MORE. I feel like some sort of virtual vampire not getting enough. John Ringo; you rock and why can't you write faster than I read? :) This series is starting to develop nicely. Faith is still Faith and the zombies still die in windrows. What happens in the cabin stays in the cabin :)

    12. Worthy readThis series rocks. This book in particular has done credit to the different military services and their roles. Together with the new US armed forces add in some dutch marines, gurkas, and a bit of Royalty, hit the purée button on the blender, now you have this book.

    13. The pace picks up as Ringo introduces new survivors. The inclusion of some real public figures and thinly disguised copies of others grounds the novel in time and space, but may eventually make it feel a little dated.

    14. The saga continues with good effect. If you enjoyed the first two, you will like this one as well.

    15. a somewhat strange series, but well written and I would recommend it to anyone who likes John Ringo's books

    16. The dialogue oorah in this book was oorah at times, oorah, annoying oorah? Started out oorah slow but it oorah picked up in the middle, oorah? Then it oorah really jumped the oorah shark. Oorah?

    17. This is absolutely one of the best zombie apocalypse series ever - EVER !! Let em re-phrase, it is the BEST!

    18. Nat's XO reviews the Black Tide Rising seriesXO again, and let me just say, Zombies, Zombies, Zombies. Book three in the Black Tide Rising series does not disappoint. The zombies still run amok on 99% of the land on planet Earth. Wolf Squadron has cleared countless ships, and the former USMC base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. After all that, a few jerk reality show types should be easy, right? Well, unfortunately for the Smith family, even a zombiepocalypse seems to break through the stupids. Steve, [...]

    19. The third book of John Ringo's Black Tide Rising Series marks the time the series should drop the "Rising." The Zombie infection is now officially being pushed back, and the push to make large scale vaccine for the sub crews and others is on. Though the blurb focuses on Guantanamo Bay, the clearance of the Cuban military base is only one--and indeed a lesser--highlight of the book. The characters gained from that clearance recur throughout, and there is friction between them and the "Iwo" Marine [...]

    20. The zombie plague--which turns still living beings into murderous, none-too-intelligent cannibals--is still in full swing. Survivors are still scattered on rooftops and ships, huddling and conserving dwindling supplies, waiting for rescue. And that is Wolf Squadron's job--to provide that rescue. Once a small group of survivors, they've grown in numbers, and now they have a new mission--to make vaccine, so they can start to recover the land.Which means several dangers trips to zombie-infested lan [...]

    21. Once again John Ringo demonstrates a unique talent among authors. There is a lot of detail and some repetition in this book. With a normal author I'd probably be well into a "did-not-finish-and-here's-why" type of review, but Ringo, and I don't know how he did it, (view spoiler)[ describes details on logistics and how to plan for military exercises including: -how to figure out how many rounds your troops will need, -requisitioning of other materiel to accomplish objectives,-signing for parts an [...]

    22. Islands of Rage and Hope is book 3 of the Black Tide Rising series. It continues the story of the zombie apocalypse and there is hope. Next book should be on the up swing.The Story: The Wolf Squadron must take Gitmo because they are looking for materials to create a vaccine for the virus that has turned 99% of the world into walking zombies.Any problems with the book? It's an adult book. They use the F-word on occasiont too much. They talk about sex under age sex. They somewhat describe well nig [...]

    23. Ah, John Ringo. Go online and search 'Oh John Ringo no' and you will find a HILARIOUS review of Paladin of Shadows, his military fantasy series. The reader found himself chanting 'oh John Ringo no' at the more horrible bits. There is also a 'oh John Ringo no' moment in this book. A supposed responsible adult actually tells a pregnant TWELVE YEAR OLD girl she needs to have sex with her teenaged boyfriend so she'll be properly dilated when the baby comes.I repeat: TWELVE YEAR OLD. Just for that th [...]

    24. Woo-Hoo! Oooorrraaahhhhhh!This is another rock'em, sock'em installment from John Ringo. Strap in and pull'em tight, 'cause this book is a non-stop thrill ride from beginning to end. Yes, you do have to suspend disbelief frequently, but this is not a history book you maggots, this is an absogodfuckingdamlutely military fantasy that hits every sweet spot in the military scifi/fantasy pantheon. Bring a bid bowl of popcorn to this one 'cause once you sit down you are not going to want to get up unti [...]

    25. In a major departure from the slapstick / macho / shoot-everything-in-sight tone of the first two books, the third one got me to tear up in the very first chapter. I also liked that it took a very unexpected turn in the plot towards the end, and also the fact that the entire thing is just much more well-executed than most post-apocalyptic zombie stories. There's much more emphasis on rebuilding than there is on surviving, and that's interesting and fresh.There still is a lot of that slapstick / [...]

    26. The majority of book three is spent clearing different islands in the Caribbean. During this time it becomes very apparent that the Marine's that have been liberated from Gitmo are not up to the Faith "Shewolf's" standards, which causes a few issues in the peaking order. Not much time is spent with Sophia "Seawolf" during the this book either. The group clears a specific island so that the few astronauts that have been in the international space station could be rescued, then vaccinated in order [...]

    27. This series is slowly improving, especially in regard to the very large amount of action involved. It kind of reads like a Marines recruiting poster, which is fine - but there are still a number of flaws. One problem is having so much of the story depend on the very young sisters, who should not be able to do what they do, both in terms of the required maturity and physical conditioning. Also, the book is all glory - exactly one person has died through three books, which is beyond unrealistic. A [...]

    28. After consolidating through the North Atlantic hurricane season, Wolf Squadron moves on to capture Guantanamo Bay and liberate the Marines trapped there. Our heroes then mow through a few Caribbean islands in search of vaccine production materials, a quest which eventually leads them to an unlikely place.New Marines means Shewolf has to convince new people that her way is the correct way. Unsurprisingly, taking orders from a thirteen year old Second Lieutenant is hard for those who have not seen [...]

    29. It dropped a star for the apparently completely unnecessary scene in the beginning when a poor seventeen year old boy was FORCED to have sex with a just-turned twelve year old in order to prepare her for childbirth. She got pregnant by sitting in a lifeboat with him while he had wet dreams.I kept waiting for this to have any relevance to the story, but so far, no. Maybe in the next book the baby will turn out to be Jesus?The rest of it was the usual battle-hard, quip hard stuff. But that was a b [...]

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