• Title: The Time of their Lives
  • Author: Maeve Haran
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Time of their Lives Haven t you heard Sixty is the new forty Each month best friends Claudia Sal Ella and Laura meet for drinks celebrating years of friendship They know each other and their lives inside out Their
    Haven t you heard Sixty is the new forty Each month best friends Claudia, Sal, Ella and Laura meet for drinks, celebrating 45 years of friendship They know each other and their lives inside out Their ambitions, careers, husbands, lovers, children, hopes, fears, the paths taken and not taken .Sal had spent a lifetime building a career as a successful magazineHaven t you heard Sixty is the new forty Each month best friends Claudia, Sal, Ella and Laura meet for drinks, celebrating 45 years of friendship They know each other and their lives inside out Their ambitions, careers, husbands, lovers, children, hopes, fears, the paths taken and not taken .Sal had spent a lifetime building a career as a successful magazine editor but she hadn t banked on the one thing over which she had no control.Claudia loved her urban existence the thought of the country sent shivers down her spine But, as many women will know, other people s needs always seem to come first .Ella is ready to try something different But she hadn t bargained on quite such a radical change .Laura succumbed to the oldest clich in the book But it didn t make it any easier to accept.Outside of the supportive world of their friendships, they find their lives are far from what they expected the generation that wanted to change the world didn t bargain on getting old.A truthful, provocative, funny and inspiring novel, The Time of their Lives, asks hard questions about what the world offers women as they get older and finds both moving and joyously uplifting answers in the different ways the four friends celebrate their coming of age .

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    1. Haven't you heard? Sixty is the new fortyClaudia, Sal, Ella and Laura are all now sixty. The four had been friends since their first day at university and now get together each month for drinks to celebrate 45-years of friendship.Claudia had dedicated her profession to teaching french practically since they left university. Claudia now gets the feeling that she don't want to work forever as she now feels that she is out of tune with the technology, now a younger teacher gets her favourite year g [...]

    2. A modern take on the realities of reaching 'a certain age' as told by a group of firm friends. It tackles the way different people handle getting older and how they are perceived by those around them, as well as the joys that age old friendships bring. A heady mix of tea, gin and told you so's.There's some hilarious quips, more than a handful of 'senior moments' and plenty of occasions where you'll nod your head with knowing.My personal circumstances made this book all the more poignant and I wa [...]

    3. I’ve enjoyed all of this author’s books. Compared to the others, this was maybe a tad improbable – would all of these significant events really happen to the same group of friends? Having said that, the characters were all well-drawn and I did find myself rooting for them – once I worked out who was who. There did seem to be a cast of thousands. It may be a cliché but I was particularly drawn to the Polish lodger and kept expecting something to happen.

    4. An incredible and amazing book. My first time reading a book by this author and I loved it. A very practical book about old age.a phase of life that everyone has to go through. And a book of friendship and family. I enjoyed reading this book. But I think the story can be shortened a little bito long.

    5. I picked this book up at a "leave one, take one" library at a Montreal hotel and it became my companion during 10 days of solo travel. Each of the characters is likable and has special journey that is resolved by the end of the book. Bonus: I picked up some British terms and slang!

    6. A pleasant read, but I honestly doubt anyone under 50 would really enjoy / understand it. A gang of four friends in their early sixties and their problems - marriage, infidelity, old age, losing work when you're 60 and trying to find a new one Pleasant read for autumn evenings.

    7. A well thought through tale interweaving the lives of 4 women reaching their mid sixties. Well written, good structure and engaging story.

    8. My favorite part? When she explains what Craft meansCan't remember a fuckin thing! As I'm mid way through my 50's this was an easy book to relate to, even though it was set in England!

    9. Being about the same age as the women in the book , I recognised a lot of what they were going through. If sixty is the new forty , why do you not have as much energy, why do you have these grey haired moments that you didn't have at forty.? The women suddenly realise that their children are grown ups , perhaps with their own children, and you now support them but are not responsible for their actions. They see their parents become ill, old or even dying and wonder if this is the fate that lies [...]

    10. I enjoyed Maeve's story about four sixty-something upper middle class women. It portrays, for me, (an aging woman who enjoys shopping in Zara and H&M) a much more modern view of what it is to be sixty. What a life may be like for an older woman dependent upon all the choices she made in the past and how it might feel in today's era to be over sixty.However, complex this book aint! But I wasn't looking for that. And anyway, isn't life, in the real lane a bit hum drum by default? "Life was not [...]

    11. Just finished reading this amazing novel. For some might find it quite average, it was a real spirit-lifting experience for me. The four 60 year old friends, are facing the challenges of their lives in very different circumstances. Each character is an institution in itself. You might learn being a good parent and daughter from one, while learning how to deal with a broken marriage from the other. While one is living alone because she never got married after a bad relationship, yet the other is [...]

    12. I read this as I'm the same age as the four main characters and thought a book about early 60s women would be interesting. I was sadly disappointed. The plot is simply a working through of every cliché possible about women of a certain age - and most of the things that happen are just ludicrous. Too many other characters, such as the cheating husband, are just cardboard caricatures and don't ring true. Plus the author doesn't seem to realise that a woman turning 63 in 2014 will already have qua [...]

    13. A gripping story, different characters grip you at different parts. It was a very easy read and given the material covered quite a light and positive story. I enjoyed the details in the descriptions of encounters and Maeve Haran has not lost any skill with time. I enjoyed also the ease of transition between the stories each was telling. I recommend this book wholeheartedly and have already given my copy away.

    14. Nachdem mir die letzten zwei Bücher von MAeve Haran nicht so gefallen haben, hat dieses mich wieder fesseln können. Es geht auf eine sehr ehrliche, aber auch sehr humoristische Art mit dem Thema Alter und Frauen um, beschreibt vier wunderbare Freundinnen und ihre Alltagsprobleme bestens. Unterhaltsame, fröhliche Lektüre, die aber dennoch zum Nachdenken anregt.

    15. At first I wasn't sure why I'd picked up this book. I was thinking "hang on a minute, I'm only 41, why am I reading this? It's clearly aimed at older ladies. But I carried on and I'm glad I did, it was a fun read. If the characters hadn't of kept on referring to their age I'd have forgotten they were in their 60s.

    16. I really enjoyed this book. As a woman of 60 it resonated with my and my friends life experiences. it is entertaining and the women live rather privileged, comfortable lives. But, I found the perspective (which was retrospective!) of time over 40 years interesting and easy to relate to. I also enjoyed the fact that these women continue to look forward . I would recommend this book.

    17. A lovely tale of women of a certain age, coping with death, illness, divorce and everything else that live throws at them, with humour and spirit. A must read for those who think life has escaped from them.

    18. At last, I thought, a chick lit book about those born in the 50s - great; well, yes, for the first half of the book, then it really could have been about any age. The focus on lack of knowledge about technology was especially irritating.

    19. An easy read is probably the best I can say.a group of women friends of 60+ (years) and what is happening to all them - cancer, betrayal, memory failure has it all with everything neatly rounded off

    20. I picked this book up in a charity shop and thought it would be fun to read having recently "retired" at 52. I liked the main characters and could relate to some aspects of their lives but wanted a bit more from the other characters featured in the book as I often found them unconvincing.

    21. On the whole I enjoyed it as it brought up very familiar scenarios and events that I could relate to as being of the new forty age.The ending spoilt it for me as it all seemed to tie up very conveniently with the four friends lives all turning out for the better.Not sure if real life is like that.

    22. I really enjoyed this book,it was refreshing to read about older characters,a lot of problems in life and love were covered in this book,going to read all the authors other books now.

    23. Predictably light, filled with stereotypes and happy resolutions. Good if you're a woman of a certain age and need cheering up!

    24. Thoroughly enjoyed this book and would rate 8/10. Perfect for anyone born in the 50's but anyone younger would probably not appreciate the same.

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