• Title: A Nightmare on Clown Street
  • Author: R.L. Stine
  • ISBN: 9780545627740
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Nightmare on Clown Street The infamous Most Wanted Goosebumps characters are out on the loose and they re coming after you Catch them all undead or alive Ray Gordon really likes the circus His uncle Theo is a performer in
    The infamous, Most Wanted Goosebumps characters are out on the loose and they re coming after you Catch them all, undead or alive Ray Gordon really likes the circus His uncle, Theo, is a performer in Koko s Klown Academy and he invites Ray to come join him for the summer At first, Ray s parents are reluctant they know their son has a habit of getting himself into strangThe infamous, Most Wanted Goosebumps characters are out on the loose and they re coming after you Catch them all, undead or alive Ray Gordon really likes the circus His uncle, Theo, is a performer in Koko s Klown Academy and he invites Ray to come join him for the summer At first, Ray s parents are reluctant they know their son has a habit of getting himself into strange situations But Ray manages to convince them that he ll be on his best behavior.The circus itself is very cool The clowns stay in their makeup all day and only go by their clown names Ray becomes a clown in training named Mr Belly Bounce But the longer he s there, the scarier things become There are whisperings about a place called Clown Street and nobody, including Murder the Clown, wants to go there Will Ray be able to survive the dark secrets of the circus

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    1. Of the 80+ Goosebumps I’ve read this may be the best! Seriously. I was actually gasping out loud as each twist was revealed. And it was creepy! If you thought Goosebumps died with the 90s, think again! Yes I know I shouldn’t be this excited about a cheesy kids book but omg it was fun lol

    2. This is where the Goosebumps Most Wanted series gets interesting. Up to now the novels were only loosely linked to past adventures, bringing back villains for one-off stories with new protagonists, but A Nightmare on Clown Street changes up the formula. When twelve-year-old Ray Gordon (nicknamed "Ray Gun" by friends and family for his extreme energy) travels to visit his Uncle Theo, who works as Murder the Clown in a circus, we get an early taste of Uncle Theo's comedy, and it's familiar to Goos [...]

    3. I Think A Nightmare On Clown Street was great.It had twists and turns.R.L.Stine is a great author and does not only Goosebumps but a lot more(ex:Mostly Ghostly). I like R.L.Stine's books because they have horror.Ive read a lot of Goosebumps and there all great.Some horror story authors just do a plain.old ending.But R.L. Stine doesn't he always makes the twist.The Book is about a kid that joins the circus,weird things happen to him there.After he realizes his uncle was actually on Clown Street h [...]

    4. this was a good book a little scary because of the clowns but other than that it was a good book

    5. Not a bad story, over all. My only issue, is that we end up getting a COMPLETELY different Murder the Clown from the one we meet in the beginning of When the Ghost Dog Howls. I don't know, personally, I'd have liked to have read a book with him as the primary antagonist. Otherwise, not bad.

    6. The book Goosebumps most wanted nightmare on clown street have a lots of minor characters but the main character, Ray is a boy who wants to become a clown lucky for him his uncle, Theo is a clown and invites him to visit him at Koko's Klown Academy for the summer. Ray’s new clown name has made him become Mr. Belly bounce. The longer Ray is a clown the scary things becomeThe thing I hated about the book is how the ending happens that scared me and made he so angry. The part when they injected R [...]

    7. Goosebumps: Nightmare on Clown Street Nightmare on Clown Street is about a boy named Ray Gordon who goes on a “clowny” adventure when he is invited by his Uncle to visit the circus he works at, but on the first day something seems off. He is welcomed by a group of clowns who work with his Uncle, but are keeping secrets from him, such as Clown Street.

    8. R. L. Stine Goosebumps Most Wanted Nightmare on Clown Street Inc. (New York) Copyright 2015 This eye-opening book gives us a first-hand account of the injustices faced by the clowns in Koko’s Klown Academy as well as the impact of doing the right thing or the clowns will be punished.Ray Gordon really likes the circus. Ray has an uncle who is a performer at Koko’s Klown Academy. His uncle invites him one summer to the circus, but his parents don't want him to go because he gets into trouble [...]

    9. R.L. Stine returns with a creepy new installment in his young adult horror “Goosebumps” series, “A Nightmare on Clown Street.”Twelve-year-old Ray Gordon is fascinated with strange things. He can’t decide how to include those peculiar personal quirks into his school science project.Ray makes up his mind to visit his uncle, Theo, who works and performs in the circus. Ray is immediately drawn to the unusual inner workings of a traveling circus, the juggling acts, infinite clown jokes and [...]

    10. I think that A Nightmare On Clown Street is a very good book because it has horror that makes you kind of scared. There was a boy named Ray he was going to tell us that he went to a circus with his uncle. Anyway let me tell you the story Ray was doing a science project then Ray decide to go to the circus but his friend Heather said, "No" but Ray went anyway. When they were there Ray went to a circus tent and he said "let's sneak in" then Heather said, "No" then they went around back then a giant [...]

    11. My son Ronan would probably give this five stars. This was my first Goosebumps book and it was pretty standard horror kid fare. I can definitely see the appeal to kids though with every chapter ending in a quasi-cliff hanger. I can also see why kids devour these books. You know what to expect for the most part and it's scary but not too scary. They build up to this horrible Clown Street throughout the book and it is a little disappointing when they get there because it's not as scary as you thin [...]

    12. The book I am reading is called Nightmare on Clown Street by R.L Stine. I loved this book it was a really good book. This book is about this kid named Ray and his friend Heather. Ray loves clowns going to the circus. His uncle Theo want him to come see him for the summer at KoKo's Klown Academy. So he goes for the summer and figures out something is wrong and creepy with this place.I loved this book because it was funny and kind of scary. I love scary books because I like being scared. The part [...]

    13. In reality this book was a 2.75 stars. I had high exceptions due to the other amazing books but this one was a bit of a flop. For one the ending was predictable and not satisfying. Also nothing much happened and 75% of the book was spent building. We only had about 2 or 3 short chapters of action if thatHowever I enjoyed the concept and think the writing was done quite well. I did like this book but I wouldn't re read it. Ill still be carrying on with Goosebumps though as I do love that series b [...]

    14. My (almost 7 year old) daughter's taken a shine to the Goosebumps books so we've been working through a few recently. The latest we've finished was A Nightmare on Clown Street. While all of them we've read so far have been over the top, none have been nearly as surreal and bizarro as A Nightmare on Clown Street. She enjoyed it for it was but despite it's zaniness, it wasn't nearly as coherent or tight as the others we've read so far.

    15. Another cute book in the new Goosebumps Most Wanted series. I know I'm too old for these books, but sometimes you just need something fun and mindless with a nice twist ending. =)

    16. My son absolutely loved this story. He was engaged in the story and even asked if he could read this one out loud to me as he really wanted more and more of it.

    17. The best goosebumps clown story everWell,I chose this fasting because I gave me the creeps,then, I just love the goosebumps series,so five stars must read

    18. This is my first Goosebumps book, and I totally enjoyed it. I love how each chapter ends on a cliffhanger, and the twist ending. Fun and a great introduction to horror.

    19. i think it was a good book in the beginning but in the end it was kind of not explainable.To understand me you should read it to see what i mean

    20. Usually I like these cheesy stories but this one just didn't interest me too much. I like the classic books better.

    21. Actual Rating: 2.5 Stars. I have never read a Goosebumps book before, but my 8 year old daughter really wanted to read one. Given that she usually only reads fairy tales or animal tales, I thought it was a good idea to support her in this VERY different reading genre. However, I wasn't really sure how she would take to the scary element of this story, so we read this one together. We read a few chapters each night, and at around 150 pages it has taken us ten days at a very leisurely pace. This b [...]

    22. This book follows Ray Gordon, who visits his uncle's clown circus for the summer. Here, he discovers something sinister and eventually learns that clowns are being taken to a place called Clown Street. He learns that his uncle has been sent there, and in an attempt to rescue him he learns of The Frightener who runs Clown Street. Ray and his uncle with other clowns defeat him to escape and save all clowns. This book is a typical Goosebumps novel, but that is not a bad thing as it is also very ent [...]

    23. i liked it a lot. it was interesting to see how the character ray had to constantly change and evolve to fit the new twists and turns and new information. his time at the actual clown street was short and littered with deus ex machina. there was so many cop outs in this book that eventually you get annoyed and for some reason all the other clowns dont wanna tell ray what clown street is even though its a peice of info that could save his life. rayes romance between him and deanna is confusing an [...]

    24. I really liked this book because it is scary. This book would be really good for people that like horror. If you liked other goosebumps books you'll like this one to. This book is about Ray and he gets invited to his grandpa's circus and weird stuff starts to happen to him.

    25. It's an exciting story , it gave me the scare and the thrill . The story starts with a boy named Ray he's 12 years old and he likes The circus . His Uncle , Theo, is a Clown he invites Ray to join him to perform in Koko's Klown Academy . There is a place called Clown Street where nobody wants to go there and that's where the action begin when Ray tries to go there .

    26. You know Stine is running low on ideas when he writes a book about a mean clown named Mr. HahaFace who sends bad and naughty clowns to clown jail. Nothing about this book makes any sense, up to and including how it managed to get published.

    27. It's a standard Goosebumps book, easy quick kid horror. Fun premise of a circus with a dark secret. If you like the other Goosebumps books you'll like this.

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