• Title: Clarity Book Three
  • Author: Loretta Lost
  • ISBN: 9781500583385
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Paperback
  • Clarity Book Three After many years of darkness Winter never thought that she d be happy or safe again Her whole world changed when she met Liam Larson a charming young doctor determined to be her knight in shining ar
    After many years of darkness, Winter never thought that she d be happy or safe again Her whole world changed when she met Liam Larson, a charming young doctor determined to be her knight in shining armor When a brutal night unleashes vicious reminders of her past, Winter must struggle to hold on to the little bit of happiness she has found.When everything begins to fallAfter many years of darkness, Winter never thought that she d be happy or safe again Her whole world changed when she met Liam Larson, a charming young doctor determined to be her knight in shining armor When a brutal night unleashes vicious reminders of her past, Winter must struggle to hold on to the little bit of happiness she has found.When everything begins to fall apart, Liam s strength and kindness might not be enough to save her Battling with the betrayal of her family, terrifying nightmares, and frequent reminders of her enemy that make daily life difficult, Winter s first instinct is to run away She is tired of being the victim and living in a cruel, crowded city where she doesn t feel like she belongs.But Liam promises her that if she only trusts him, he can change everything And that s exactly what he attempts to do, starting with an operation to heal her eyes, and then her heart

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    1. YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS, LORETTA LOST. What the HELL was that I just read? The first Clarity, pissed me off with the massive cliffhanger but I read the second one anyway. I wanted to know what happened, I thought Winter's relationship with Liam held a lot of promise and I actually liked the writing. The second book ended with yet another HOLY SHIT cliffhanger but I was pretty sold on their relationship and I needed to know what happened (view spoiler)[/whether Liam survived (hide spoiler)] so I re [...]

    2. *Spoiler Alert Kinda*Okay, I admit that was fast-paced. Way too fast. I feel like the author was rushing the storyline because her maximum number of pages was approaching (since the other two books were typically short as well). In the second book, I praised Helen/Winter's relationship with Liam but in the third book it got annoying. He was too sweeto lovingo soft. Towards the middle, I started losing interest in him because he just seemed too perfect for to handle. Their relationship was moving [...]

    3. First of all, there shouldn't be 3 or even 4 books in this series, this could (and should) have been one book. Book 1 and 2 at just over 150 pages were certainly short enough.While book 1 had real potential with an interesting storyline, likeable characters and witty banter, book 2 started to make me wonder whether I really wanted to carry on with the series, but I am not one for giving up once I've started. So I continued with this one to find out how it all ends. I now wish I hadn't. The main [...]

    4. *Please note that this is a review for the new updated ebook without the cliffhanger ending*Genre: Contemporary Romance – Serial series.Cover: 6/10Writing: 6/10Heroine: 7/10Hero: 7/10Humour: 3/10Hotness: 2/10Romance: 5/10Extra book Details: Heroine POV; 1st person. Approx 280 kindle pages.Recluse 25yr old Helen Winters, blind author extraordinaire, is approached by Dr Liam Larson, who begs her to take part in gene therapy trials in order to restore her eyesight. Things go awry when she decides [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this series! I can't stand the ending of this last book though! And the twist with Liam? What about that?? It all just ended! I feel like I need at least one more book!! It probably would've gotten a higher rating from me if the ending hadn't been like that. Honestly, I'm kind of confused and disappointed right now. It's just Meh. I don't even know what to say. I really hope that there will be a fourth book.

    6. I’m glad that (view spoiler)[ Helen got her sight back, even if it was only sporadic, (hide spoiler)] but this book left me losing the will to live. Grayson was an absolute psychopath, and why her sister stayed with him I don’t know. (view spoiler)[ And Helen F*cking forgave him?? What is it with woman in books forgiving their rapists this week?! I’m glad he hung himself. (hide spoiler)]4.5 out of 10.

    7. This ending sucked. Why all the cliffhangers? Because no one would continue to read this if there wasn't The entire time I read this "book" I was like WTF?

    8. This 3rd Clarity book makes reading that stupid 2nd one worth it. I'm the type that has to see it through no matter how bad, and I'm now glad I'm not a quitter. That second book almost made me loose all interest in Lorreta's writing but this 3rd book was quite good. It's almost as if it's not the same author who wrote it but obviously it is. If you can muscle through the stupidity of the second book I think you will be pleasantly surprised and enjoy this 3rd book.

    9. This was an okay read, But I didn't like it as much as book two. This was a lot longer than the other two books, and it really felt like it at points. There were a few times where it dragged slightly, and I felt a bit bored because of it. Overall, An okay read, but not the best one in the series.

    10. Super silly and actually kind of stupid. It irritated me from start to beginning. My memories of book 1 in the series are pretty good, I don't know what happened to the other books:(

    11. Kept me coming back for more!I love a story with a strong woman who is ready to face the world head on, even with a disability.

    12. The story line got ridiculous, the characters were not likable or believable. And the writing was poor. Very disappointing.

    13. rather than try putting books in a 'not interested' folder, I'm going to claim I read them and give a low rating. Putting in not interested, the algorithm seems to think I like the book.

    14. I really, really wanted to like this book/series. It seemed like it was going to be about a strong, intelligent woman who happened to have a visual impairment. But I can't like it. For several reasons, I just hate it. Forget the part about her lover lieing to her. I guess that can be just a plot twist. But then she goes back to him and forgives him for lieing! What a lack of self-esteem. And then, she forgives her rapist!!! OMG. She has no value for herself. Not only that she KISSED him?! Is thi [...]

    15. Winter/Helen and Liam get full 5 Stars!The book was brilliant the story was brilliant. They have their first true fight and make up. The long awaited surgery is finally there and for the first time gets the reader an idea what the characters look like. But in the end discovers our heroine a dark secret that breaks her heart. Just when you think it can't get worse. The ending was brilliant and I wished I could continue right know. But I don't have the next two books.

    16. Beware as you read this series because it really took it's toll on me. Liam and Helen finally meet on common ground and we get to experience them as a couple. Yes, the natural emotions a man would exhibit began to come out, evntually. I do remember thinking he still seemed detached when Helen aka Winter Rose gets an unexpected call from Grayson that was full of threats and promises of him hurting her. Liam's reponse was like a friend comforting a frightened kitten more than a man who was falling [...]

    17. Jesus Christ, just when I think Loretta Lost's "Clarity" series couldn't get any more breath-taking, she accomplishes just that with book three in the series.You know it's going to be a perfect read, when the book starts out with words, sentences, paragraphs full of poetry and emotion. Loretta Lost has a way with words, a talent to create such intense stories, that her books can bring you to your knees, make your heart ache and your soul fly.I felt incapable of anything other than just laying my [...]

    18. OK I persevered with this - actually paid for 2 and 3 to find at the end that there is another one now - picking up from the end but from Liam's POV. Will I be buying that? Errr no.Seriously, just when you think the characters can't become more unlikeable and that the storyline can't become more unbelievable they/it does!(view spoiler)[Carmen - Never mind that she actually marries the man who raped her sister (Helen/Winter) and has raped and continues to rape her, but she continues to make excus [...]

    19. This book left off with the ending of the second book with her sister marrying her rapist and finding out she was pregnant. She and her doctor Liam started getting very close, some might say they were starting a relationship. They weren't allowed to be a couple because she was his patient. Helen was living back at home with her rapist, sister, and dad. Helen didn't feel comfortable she never left her room unless the rapist was gone. One night Liam and Helen went on a mini date at Liams co-worker [...]

    20. I won this book on First Reads, Giveaway program. Thanks to Loretta Lost for hosting it.This is the third book of the Clarity series by Loretta Lost. What seemed like a young adult saga ended up being new adult with this book.Anyway, it was not bad (as the others new adult books I'd read in the past) There was no instalust (as the story has two previous books behind) and that made it work.At the beginning of Clarity 3, we learn what really happened at the end of the previous book. We find out w [...]

    21. honestly speechlessOk where do I begin? I really liked the first two books, but all the drama in the end of the second book that was in the beginning of the 3rd book was a little to unreal for me. I don't want to give anything away but when your fast with danger or something bad a normal person would call the police. Also the first 2 books went by quickly from one thing to the next, but then the 3rd slowed way down and dragged on. I'm not saying I didn't like it but it was a little unreal or sho [...]

    22. "Thanks to him, I am alive. In every way, again. I didn't know I could ever feel this way again. I wouldn't have dared to try."Book three starts off with excitement right away! When Grayson attacked Loam, he had a gun. Both guys were hurt, one more than the other. After this incident, Helen is officially done with her father and her sister. Liam is all she has. Helen's life is starting to look brighter! She has her eye operation, she can drive, she can see, and Grayson is in a psych ward! "You m [...]

    23. “Real life can be hard, and when you get whisked away into a beautiful story—everything else disappears.”First I'm gonna chose some words that describe the book:drama / sad / tears / abuse / forgiveness / suicide / love / passion / blind / see / light / car-crash / family / stalking / doctor / friends / dog / betrayal / I must say, after reading the first two ones, I was excited and thrilled to read how this would end. To be honest, I was a little dissapointed. Through the whole book there [...]

    24. This is the last book in the trilogy and it makes me sad. It opens where book two endedwith Grayson confronting Liam and Helen/Winter. I was accused of having too many spoilers in my review of book 2 so all I will say is that this book is just as exciting as the other two but I also think more bitter sweet. We see Helen/Winter get the surgery on her eyes, experience her growth and we are with her as she questions just how strong a person is she. We see her relationship with Liam grow. At certain [...]

    25. This last book had me a little sad that we couldn’t get a little more. I wanted to know if she will be able to keep her vision or not. There was no alluding either way.Winter finally gets her chance to see. She realizes how beautiful the world is and how beautiful Liam is. She realizes that in her books she couldn’t really describe things as she is fascinated with colors. She is a quick learner and learns the alphabet and how to drive. But she still doesn’t see the beauty of relationships. [...]

    26. I have very mixed feelings about this book. There were parts that I really liked and certain things happened that I was not expecting, and then there was the ending. I did not like the ending because it left too many unanswered questions. The author could have done an epilogue showing what happend between Helen and Liam. Does she lose or keep her eyesight? Do her and Liam end up married? How I thought it was orginally going to end would have been better than how it did end. What Grayson ended up [...]

    27. In this final book, we finally get to see more of Liam and Helen's ("Winter") relationship grow tremendously since the start of the series. They are the sweetest couple ever and depend on each other through thick and thin. Even though I was super annoyed and hurt by Liam's betrayal there at the end, almost imagining it was me who he was betraying and not Helen - I couldn't see anything bright in Helen's future again. I am glad Grayson finally owned up like a man and did the right thing to be era [...]

    28. I've only read one other series that I tore through like this one. Must be something about first person present tense that makes for a gripping story.The reader is totally in Winter's head. We see all the ins and outs and ups and downs. Twisted. So twisted and deep.The author does a brilliant job sadistically torturing the heroine. I mean holy crap. Talk about ripping the rug out from under her poor character. Everything is an "all is lost" moment. But it's brilliantly done.Thankfully she wrote [...]

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