• Title: The Storm
  • Author: Virginia Bergin
  • ISBN: 9781447266105
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Storm I ll tell you a weird thing about apocalypses a thing I didn t even know until I was in one they seem pretty bad don t they Well take it from me they can always get worse Three months after the kill
    I ll tell you a weird thing about apocalypses a thing I didn t even know until I was in one they seem pretty bad, don t they Well, take it from me they can always get worse Three months after the killer rain first fell, Ruby is beginning to realise her father might be dead and that she cannot survive alone When a chance encounter lands her back in the army ca I ll tell you a weird thing about apocalypses a thing I didn t even know until I was in one they seem pretty bad, don t they Well, take it from me they can always get worse Three months after the killer rain first fell, Ruby is beginning to realise her father might be dead and that she cannot survive alone When a chance encounter lands her back in the army camp, Ruby thinks she is safe at a price Being forced to live with Darius Spratt is bad enough, but if Ruby wants to stay she must keep her eyes and her mouth shut It s not going to happen When she realizes what is going on the army is trying to find a cure by experimenting on human subjects Ruby flips out and makes an even shocking discovery she s not useless at all The Storm begins .

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    1. I enjoyed this so much more than The Rain, mainly because my only issue with The Rain was the main character's lack of self-preservation (like running out into killer rain wearing flip-flops). In book 2 we have a self-awareness of all this risk taking, as well as a far stronger sense of self-preservation (most of the time) and a character who's had to get tough fast, but still has very vulnerable moments. The story takes a more sinister turn in this second/final instalment, and it's all very bel [...]

    2. 3.5 stars This is really just the second half of the story started in the first book, and reads very similarly. I liked the touches of humour and the way the main character, Ruby, really acted and sounded like a teenager who finds herself in over her head. However you felt about the first book, you will either like this one or not for mostly the same reasons.

    3. 3,5⭐ +Hier kommt die Reihenrezension oder eher eine Vorstellung der Bücher, denn viel darf man nicht mehr sagen, ohne dass es spoilert.lovelybooksbytine/

    4. 3.5Oh man.Quite simply put, I'M GOING TO NEED A THIRD BOOK LIKE YESTERDAY.You see, I thought it was the end. I thought it was over. I thought we'd all go out with a bang, and that I'd have to say goodbye to Ruby and Darius and Princess (view spoiler)[Priti. Her name is Priti. (hide spoiler)] But no. The way that ended, it cannot be left like that. There needs to be a 3rd book. THERE HAS TO BE. PLEASE LORD PLSSSAlthough, I do strongly believe that Bergin really needs to take a couple of writing c [...]

    5. “The Storm” is the sequel to “H2O”, the apocalyptic novel about killer rain.Ruby is the same as she was in “H2O”, complete with microscopic steps toward personal growth. Many of the other eclectic characters also make reappearances, with their stories further expanded upon. This was the best part of “The Storm”.Unfortunately, the rest of it seemed to lack cohesion. The story was enjoyable, but seemed to skip around, with the most important parts cut short. Some of it made no sens [...]

    6. Thank you to Sourcebooks Fire for the free review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.I actually started reading this book, then realized part of the way in that it is a sequel. Woops! Normally I wouldn't request a sequel unless I'd already read the first in the series, so I quickly signed out "The Rain" from my library and read that first. And I quite liked it, enough that I was excited to see what would happen to Ruby Morris in "The Storm". Ruby isI wasn't sure I was going to like her, to b [...]

    7. **No spoilers**I kind of just have the same feelings as I did with The Rain. The story itself was pretty alright but the characters just really irritate me. I wasn't rooting for most of them at all. There was stuff that really just seemed pointless, particularly in regards to Xar. The end events were just kind of confusing for me, but I wasn't so interested that I wanted to reread it to try and figure it out. It was kind of repetitive at times too, like she always going on these missions looking [...]

    8. While the story itself was decent, I really did not like the writing style. There were several times I almost DNFd this book because the MC just spewed so much nonsense that made absolutely no sense much too often. I hung in there only because I enjoyed the storyline.The story is told in a journal type way where Ruby just writes whatever is in her brain at the time. There are a few times where she seems to lose her mind, and that's when the writing almost became unbearable to read. In the end, I [...]

    9. Een spannend vervolg op The Rain . Opnieuw kom je terecht in een verhaal boordevol actie en met een verslavende schrijfstijl. Als ik niet had moeten werken had ik dit boek in een ruk uitgelezen. Hoofdpersonage Ruby blijft een bitch, al zien we langzaam scheurtjes verschijnen in haar ijzersterke gelaat. Het verhaal neemt een verrassende wending, al vond ik het einde iets te snel gaan.Mijn complete recensie lees je op Oog op de Toekomst.

    10. Originally at: Heart Full Of BooksI’d didn’t quite realise that this book was set 3 MONTHS after the first book. Ruby managed to survive on her own for 3 MONTHS? It must be easier than I thought! But, I began to warm up to Ruby. She was more comfortable in her situation and not so whiny. It’s fair to say that she went through some character development for her personality, but her actions sure didn’t change.First of all, she doesn’t seem to appreciate how much better surviving will be [...]

    11. BEGINNING- bad: confusing and plotlessMIDDLE- decentEND: bad(again)The sad thing is, I️ was really looking forward to thins book. I️ mean REALLY looking forward to this book. And it disappointed me on a level I️ can’t explain. Like, I️ still have no idea what happened. Any explanations? ~entry at end of book ;)~

    12. 4 stars!I shuddered when I opened my box from BEA/Sourcebooks and this book was in it. I read (tried to) the first in this series and I could not stand the protagonist. In looking over the reviews, I was not the only one. Before settling down to read this one, I read over the reviews again for the second book and saw that a lot of people had said the same thing regarding the first book and that they could tolerate her a lot better in the second book.Well, I'm here to say, I concord with those re [...]

    13. Now I ADORED “The Rain” the first book in this series, so I was really keen to read the follow up – I adored this one as well and the same thing is true of The Storm as was so with The Rain. Its all about Ruby. She is such a terrifically drawn character that you can’t help loving her – although of course it could go the other way. If you love Ruby you’ll love the book. If you don’t you may STILL love the book but for entirely different reasons…Anyway, in “The Storm” Ruby is h [...]

    14. Source: I own this book.Cost: £6.99 from Pan MacmillianTitle:The Storm Series:The Rain #2 Author:Virginia Bergin Overall Rating:4 starsRuby Morris is waiting. Waiting for her dad to come back to her. Waiting for the rain to stop. Waiting for the apocalypse to end. But the thing about waiting, you give up after a while and in a country where almost everybody is dead, there are no rules. She stole and wrecked a ferrari, broke out of an army base, shaved her head, and went to a party in a mansion. [...]

    15. I recieved an ARC of this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! The Storm by Virginia Bergin is the sequel to The Raind it is pretty awesome. I'll definitely be buying a paperback version to go on my shelf because that cover is great.d of course I have to have it match my copy of The Rain! So in The Rain we saw the rain become lethal to humans, one drop could killd it did, it killed many many people. Following the events of this book, The Storm continues to follow fift [...]

    16. Received as an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! And thank you to the author also!Stop eating the biscuits!This book was so much more action packed and crazier than the first book! It still terrified me just like the first book did as well! Seriously it was so mysterious and crazy! Great! I loved Ruby's development between the first and the second book and I love her vast knowledge and how strong willed and adult-like she is in this book! Though it is a shame that t [...]

    17. **Thank you to Sourcebooks Fire for allowing me to read this in exchange for an honest review!**The Storm was even better than H2O, and I did not think that was possible. Once again, I was completely horrified and terrified of the rain. However, it was not raining and thundering this time when I read Bergin's novel!I absolutely loved Darius in this novel. His relationship with Ruby was great. I liked Darius from the second that I met him in the first book, so I loved the moments that involved hi [...]

    18. I loved this book. I loved this duology. Ruby is your typical teenager.e from the fact that she's trying to survive the apocalypse and save the world. She'll make you laugh, she'll make you frustrated, she'll make you cry and you will feel as if she's become your best friend. I absolutely loved dear Darius Spratt who is utterly nerdy and adorable (can I have him?) and the sweet Princess who doesn't speak because she has seen too much and who I wanted to scoop into a hug. This book broke my heart [...]

    19. I'm so torn. On the one hand, it was great and on the other, it was a big disapointment.(view spoiler)[ I knew from just looking at the front cover that Ruby was going to be immune to the killer rain, and before I read the book that made me really angry. I was afraid my near perfect story of a creepy, fasinating apocolypse was going to be ruined. And in a small way for me it was, because it went from a story about survival into a story about a super special girl who is key to saving the world. I [...]

    20. {THIS IS A 'REVIEW' WRITTEN WHEN I WAS 15, DON'T READ IT, ITS A BUNCH OF FANGIRLLY MESS, UNLESS YOU WANT TO CRINGE, READ ON- Hopefully I'll reread it in the future and give an actual review and rating, Nice one 15 year old RebeccaOH MY GOD I CANT THIS IS SO PERFECTMY SHIP HAS SAILED

    21. I enjoyed this book far more than the first one. The writing was great, the story was interesting and faster ( and a bit predictable) and Ruby didn't annoy me as much.

    22. Brilliant work. Loved it so freaking much it hurt.Virginia Bergin remained my favorite author and I'm stoked to be reading more of her works in the future! A book you will not regret reading ♡

    23. I really liked this book, though I didn't like what happened half way through, it slightly annoyed me.But I did see it coming, I just hoped it wouldn't be the case, but either way 4.5 stars :)

    24. Both the secret and the keeper of the secret Ruby is back. And she's just as cool as she was in The Rain.Full review to come.

    25. First off.I read this fairly quickly considering I'm a very slow reader. And nowe book. AHHH!! It's such a fun read.you knowspite the wholeath and apocalypse thing I enjoyed Ruby's journey and while some parts were predictable I wasn't even mad about it. It hurt. hurt to read sometimes and I teared up at the deaths and certain things she went through (not to mention the animals that ripped my heart out). I'm from the States so reading a book based in the UK was pretty cool and I enjoyed reading [...]

    26. Oh wow! brilliant! INITIAL THOUGHTSWell after reading The Rain, I couldn't wait to read The Storm, I had so many questions, the main one being Will Ruby ever meet up with her dad? Because surely then all her problems will be over? I actually chose to read this one straight after book one. I usually read at least one different book before continuing a series but felt so invested in & engrossed in the world created by Virginia Bergin, that I picked this one straight up and began reading it lat [...]

    27. In the first book, Virginia Bergin gives us a glimpse of what it’s like in the life of fifteen-year old Ruby Morris. Life sucks, her whole family is dead, except maybe her father, all her friends are dead, and she was ripped away from Darius, who is possibly the only boy left on the face of the planet. She is shallow, and self-centered. By the end of book one, we see Ruby start to grow up. During the second book, Ruby’s personality slightly changes, but her actions do not. She is still self- [...]

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