• Title: Building Our Love
  • Author: Crystal Perkins
  • ISBN: 9781500478681
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback
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    Building Our Love A secret that tore them apart Chloe Jamison has spent three years away from the love of her life for reasons she can t reveal When a scandal causes her to lose her job prospects as an interior designe
    A secret that tore them apart Chloe Jamison has spent three years away from the love of her life for reasons she can t reveal When a scandal causes her to lose her job prospects as an interior designer, she has no one else to turn to except for the family that was once like her own Architect Ryan Griffin waited five years for the girl he loved to be ready and then she dA secret that tore them apart Chloe Jamison has spent three years away from the love of her life for reasons she can t reveal When a scandal causes her to lose her job prospects as an interior designer, she has no one else to turn to except for the family that was once like her own Architect Ryan Griffin waited five years for the girl he loved to be ready and then she dumped him for someone else after giving him her virginity When she comes back into his life, needing his family s help and wanting him back, he vows to protect his heart at all costs An arrangement that has to be broken Agreeing to give him her body whenever he wants it, Chloe soon realizes that having only a piece of Ryan will never be enough When he comes to the same conclusion, they reignite their relationship while mixing business with endless nights of pleasure Combining their talents in and out of the bedroom, it seems nothing can come between them this time But, lingering issues with trust may end their relationship for good Chloe and Ryan s love for each other, along with the revelation of the secret from three years ago, may not be enough to get them past the hurt they have inflicted on each other a second time Is love really worth it if you have to fight so hard to keep it

    One Reply to “Building Our Love”

    1. Luv Chloe she is just awesomeI m really luvin this series its so good this is the second book in the series an it's about Ryan and Chloe an it's brilliant Chloe as put a lot on the line for the Griffin family but none of them have a clue what she did they just think she us evil an torn out Ryan's heart but if they only knew but know she's back an needs the Griffins help but even with them not very happy with her they still want to help she needs a job an Ryan gives her a job as his assistant he [...]

    2. I was given a free copy of this book from the author (thank you) in exchange for a honest review.Building Our Love by Crystal Perkins is a book that is also building a series and a great author. This is the second book in the Griffin Brothers Series. Like the first book, (Gaming for Love) this book follows a Griffin brother as he falls in love, and all the ups and downs that naturally comes when your in a relationship. Building Our Love is a little different, this is more of a book of second cha [...]

    3. For some reason, it took me forever to finish this book. I finished the first in like a day, and then I don't know what happened. It's not even because I didn't like it. Anyway, once I finally settled down and just ready, I finished it in s couple hours and it was anazing. I definitely liked Chloe WAY more than I liked Yasmin. Although I liked Yasmin way more in this book than in hey book. maybe because she's all settled into her relationship and wasn't crying as much lol. Back to Clue and Ryan. [...]

    4. Since book 1 (Gaming for Love), Ryan has been my favorite among the Griffin brothers. He is sweet, thoughtful, and discreet. His behavior in the first few chapters of this book is very ungentlemanly. His ex-girlfriend, Chloe, has dumped him for another man due to a valid reason in order to protect her loved ones. But none of the Griffins knows the truth, and so, she has been treated awfully by them, most especially Ryan. Now that his ex is working for him as his Executive Assistant, he tries to [...]

    5. Chloe and Ryan continue the story of the Griffin brothers. Chloe and Ryan dated when they were teenagers and then were forced apart. Ryan does not know the secret of why Chloe had to break up with him so he goes on to become a man whore. Chloe returns to him after 3 years and tries her best to make him realize that he is in love with her. Chloe and Ryan faces some obstacles and then the truth finally comes out about what happened. It was pretty well told and an easy read. It was nice to see the [...]

    6. Well, this just goes to show that so many misunderstandings can be cleared up immediately by talking about it. So many times things are not what they seem.These are well written characters with their pain so fully exposed to the reader. Amazing what Chloe felt she had to do to protect the man she loved, his family and her dad. Ryan just didn't know any of her secrets. This was a beautifully crafted love story with lots of ups and downs, but love won out in the end!

    7. This was by far my favorite of the Griffin Brothers series. I found Ryan to be thoughtful and compassionate, although I abhorred the way he behaved towards Chloe in the beginning. Chloe is strong and determined to have Ryan. I absolutely loved their story; and they make an awesome team working together.

    8. O herói trata a heroína muito mal parece um herói dos livros da Diana Palmer. Mas a história foi boa e vou continuar acompanhando a série. Gostei desta autora!----------The hero has a horrible behavior and mistreats our heroine it seems those ogres heroes of the books by author Diana Palmer.But the story was good and I'll keep reading the series. I like this author!

    9. I received this through Good Reads - First Reads. It was an enjoyable read. I was excited to read and learn more about the Griffin family. I did not initially take to Chloe and Ryan. It took me a while to warm up to the idea of them. Once, I did, it made the read more enjoyable. Like Gaming for Love there was some steamy scenes to look forward to.

    10. I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review. I LOVE the Griffin family. When the going gets tough in this family, the tough do what is needed in order to fix things. Ryan definitely doesn't think before he reacts to things however, Chloe doesn't make it easy for him because of the secrets she has to keep. Ryan and Chloe's story is amazing. Oh, and really hot.

    11. I've had this book for months and guilt gnaws at my mind. Why? Because I don't know why I put this off for so long! It was so cute and steamy! Love, love, loved this! Another great addition in the series! I cannot wait for the next installment!

    12. I received a copy of this book for free via a giveaway.I read this book no matter that i haven't read the first one. I would like to read the first one but i don't really know where to get that :DBut the book itself was really enjoyable. I really liked it.

    13. This was not the Ryan Griffin I was expecting. He was a complete jackass and I wanted to slap him so many times! I Understand where his feelings were and I get that he had every right to be upset but he was just plain mean. I would never have been able to give him another chance. I think Chole was brave for all she did. The writing was ok. There were a couple points where the time line didn't match up and I was not happy with the way the author would answer all the questions in dialog the way sh [...]

    14. Heroineabsolutely ONE of the weakest most pitiful females I've ever read. from getting on her knees for him for two weeks (that's NOT love, that's pathetic desperation. then the whole blackmail scheme scenario, again.utterly ridiculous. you know why I gave it two stars.ally I don't know either, so let's go for one and half, after all I read it. but this is the end of the line in this series for me. I'm sorry if we are supposed to fall in love with the Griffin brothers, but they are just too OTT [...]

    15. Well, I won't be reading any more books from this series. They are okay, but not really worth the time or money. Way to frustrating and not enough meat for my liking. The plot takes far too long too develop, the climaxwhich is extremely predictable. takes too long. Everything is too rainbows and unicorns for me. I will say that I can appreciate the hard work that went in to writing it. It is well written, and I can totally see this being a big hit for a lot of people. Just because it isn't my pa [...]

    16. As much as I want to say I loved it I can only say I kinda liked it. There was no build up to their romance, no back story. It really needed to have something to show just how in love they were before and how devastated they both were when they split. It may have made his treatment of her more believable. I also found it VERY hard to believe that after keeping the secret for 3 years that she would just spit it out to a group of women she only just met. Unfortunately the whole story just seemed t [...]

    17. This was the second book in the series and it was pretty much the same as the first, they just aren't for me so I won't be bothering with the others.

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