• Title: The Learning Curve
  • Author: Helen J. Barnes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Learning Curve Jessica Stark is maybe some would say she is too old for college but with two young children and bills to pay she has to retrain following the sudden departure of her partner Ryan who prioritize
    Jessica Stark is 31, maybe some would say she is too old for college but with two young children and bills to pay she has to retrain following the sudden departure of her partner, Ryan, who prioritizes his career in music over her.Picking up the pieces and trying to mend her broken heart she throws herself into an Administration course that she hopes will lead to a betterJessica Stark is 31, maybe some would say she is too old for college but with two young children and bills to pay she has to retrain following the sudden departure of her partner, Ryan, who prioritizes his career in music over her.Picking up the pieces and trying to mend her broken heart she throws herself into an Administration course that she hopes will lead to a better job and a better life The only problem she has is keeping her concentration around her tutor, who is far too good looking and is giving off all the signals that he might be just as attracted to her as she is to him Can they keep their hands off each other long enough for her to make it to the final exams Can she cope with juggling housework, school runs, college mean girls, new friends that aren t what they seem and an ex who doesn t seem to know what he s got until its gone DOES CONTAIN SEXUALLY EXPLICIT SCENES

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    1. I would just like to point out that I received this book in exchanged for a frank and honest opinion and review so here goes There a few errors in the spelling and grammar but that was to be expected With this book being self published and the writers first go at a book , THIS REViEW CONTAINS SPOILERSI think it's pretty good , I liked the day to day life of Jessica and how she managed to jungle with chores with her home life, children and her new college life , and the struggles of child care an [...]

    2. This book was like a drug, once I started I couldn't stop. Even though I have a hectic home life I made time to read a couple of chapters every night because the story flowed so well I just had to find out what happened next. Jessica Stark is brilliantly characterised. Usually female leads are either weak and predictable, or so headstrong you can't warm to them. Jess had the perfect mix of being caring and strong; she was there for her friend at all times and held together her family singlehande [...]

    3. Helen is a new author and this is her first book. I was given an arc for an honest review and I have to say I was highly surprised with how bloody good it is. Thankfully we don't get the stereotype millionaire. We get a more realistic character that many can relate to or know of someone who has been In a similar position. As a parent myself this hit home. I'm not a single parent but this book shows how divorce affects family's and each other. And how jealousy can finally hit home. I loved Jessic [...]

    4. i really liked this book its my 1st one that ive ever wanted to review , the characters where brilliant and a joy to read , the story itself flow seamlessly and was so easy to read , the friendship between jess and clary was lovely and the relationship between trent and jess was so adorable it was hard not to fall for him , i would love to read the next book (books)of the inner strength series and hopefully there will be a POV from trent , but all in all i loved it and ive given it 5 stars , and [...]

    5. I read the book over a space of 3 days,that in itself tells you how good it is,I work 40 hours a week have a 18 month old child and all the house work too! Once I sank into bed I would start to read and be unable to put it back down! Would deffo recommend this book to others. I can't wait for number 2

    6. I thoroughly enjoyed this, chuckled at parts. even had a tear with the ending. hopefully there'll be a follow up so I can enjoy more ups and downs of every day to day life knowing it all comes together beautifully. well done writer. a few errors but I followed it regardless. . Please let there be more x

    7. Jessica Stark's life has changed drastically over the past year. Now being a single mom with 2 kids, she decides it's time to focus on herself. She decides it's time to go back to school so she can get the job she has always wanted.To Jessica's surprise, she finds that her new tutor is very good-looking,and can't help how much she is attracted to this man, Trent. Just maybe he might find her just as attractive. Unfortunately school policy keeps them from being able to pursue any type of relation [...]

    8. It was a breath of fresh air reading this novel, I loved getting to know Jessica who has become a strong, independent and very determined mother of 2, but I did want to climb into the book and slap her at one point, but I could totally understand because situations like that do actually happened ( you'll just have to read the book to understand that comment). I was hooked from the start because of the normality of the story line.It's exceptionally written and I would totally recommend it :-D :-D [...]

    9. What a pleasant surprise! I absolutely loved this book. Wow! From the first page to the last it keeps you so engrossed you actually forget to make your kids lunch and maybe even dinner. Jessica is starting her life over again after a split with her ex. She is finding out how strong she can be on her own. She strives in making it and has a little incentive with Trent Archer. (Yum). This book will have you laughing out loud and fist pumping! I absolutely loved this authors writing and I would high [...]

    10. i was hooked on this book from start to finish, reading it every spare minute I had. I loved the characters, the story line everything about it. I really felt like I knew Jessica and clary. I would definitely recommend this book to family and friends, I know they would enjoy it as much as I did, it's definitely in my top 3 favourite books.

    11. I really did love this story it was beautifully told about a woman starting over and seeing where life could take her. My only complaint was it had so much going on that it had a lot of details that were not needed. I loved the bonds that were built in this book and how giving she was and putting everyone before her needs great job can't wait to read more books by this author.

    12. absolutely loved this book, it got me hooked from the very start. Cannot wait for the next installment :-) truely recommend

    13. Really enjoyed this. Couldn't put it down, and as a result finished it in one day :) Can relate to so many things in this book Brilliantly written, and fantastic story

    14. I loved everything about it. The characters, the story plot everything. Can't wait for the next one.

    15. I loved this book its a must read cannot wait for more. ry gripping and a super fab read I cudnt put it down well done helen xx

    16. loved this book can not wait for more from this amazing author trent swoon. can't wait for book two. xxx

    17. The Learning Curve by Hellen J BarnesSo, I was asked to review this book and I'm so glad I was asked. Firstly I'd like to say that I really loved this book. Yes there are grammatical errors, and the punctuation isn't always spot on, but for a first novel, this is poles apart from other firsts I've read. Ok, on with the review.Jess is the one of the main characters in this novel and she is a breath of fresh air. She has come out of a relationship and is now starting a new chapter of her life with [...]

    18. This is about Jessica who starts a college course to get a decent job to support her family since she split with her partner. On the first day she meets Clary and finds a good friend.She and Clary start to chat about the hot guy she has seen in the car park when the tutor arrives smirking slightly. It turns out Trent is the guy!Jess and Trent have an instant attraction, they know that tutor and student relationships are taboo but she is a mature student and he only a couple of years different in [...]

    19. A forbidden romance that doesn't actually appear to be all that wrong. Two people attracted to one another, even though Jessica is 31, she has gone back to college and unfortunately for her the man that has caught her eye happens to be her teacher so in the eyes of the facilty they can't date but some attractions you just can't deny… The subject of domestic abuse is mixed into the storyline and is written in a way that is sensitive to the subject but doesn't necessarily dwell on it, I think it [...]

    20. New beginningsWhen the chance is there for a new beginning, take it! The past is the past, let the future show you what it has in store.This is a story written about such a chance, all the bumps and blimps along the way.

    21. There was nothing phenomenal about this book. I do like the forbidden romance element, teacher/student relationship but this story was just to slow. When stuff happened it was good stuff but it took too long to get to the get down and the good stuff was too few and far between

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