• Title: All Involved
  • Author: Ryan Gattis
  • ISBN: 9780062378798
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Hardcover
  • All Involved In a black man named Rodney King was severely beaten by multiple white police officers after a high speed car chase that ended in a suburb of Los Angeles an event that might have escaped the ey
    In 1991, a black man named Rodney King was severely beaten by multiple white police officers after a high speed car chase that ended in a suburb of Los Angeles, an event that might have escaped the eyes of the American public had a witness not videotaped it from his balcony The officers were taken to court, but eventually acquitted, and thus spawned the 1992 Los Angeles RIn 1991, a black man named Rodney King was severely beaten by multiple white police officers after a high speed car chase that ended in a suburb of Los Angeles, an event that might have escaped the eyes of the American public had a witness not videotaped it from his balcony The officers were taken to court, but eventually acquitted, and thus spawned the 1992 Los Angeles Riots six days of looting, arson, assault, and murder that spread from South Central LA into the Los Angeles metropolitan area, and only stopped after soldiers from the National Guard were called in as backup for the overwhelmed and vilified LAPD.But on the streets of the South Central neighbourhood of Lynwood, the story played out differently than on the national news In All Involved, Ryan Gattis weaves a narrative from the perspectives of people whose stories of the riots were never told members of the gang underworld Inspired by unprecedented access to the inner workings of these organizations, Gattis channels their experiences into a gritty, cinematic tale that is both shocking and devastating Though the events of this book are fiction, every word is infused with authenticity and intimacy Evoking the anger, the uncertainty, and the turmoil of those six days, Gattis turns Los Angeles from merely a setting to a living, breathing entity.With the velocity of a fast paced thriller and the commanding talent of an incredibly adept writer, All Involved is an epic story of race, revenge, loyalty at once fiercely identifiable as a novel of Los Angeles, yet also recognizable as a story of America its history, its prejudices, and its complexities, laid bare.

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    1. You grow up in the same neighborhood as me, one with a gun store that sells single bullets for twenty-five cents to anybody with bad thoughts and a quarter, then you might end up the same wayis book is like law and order: street justice (which is a show i would totally watch please)its focus is on the six days of rioting in LA following the rodney king verdict, and how, with law enforcement distracted and overwhelmed by the looting and burning and general mayhem, the opportunity for gangs to set [...]

    2. …this whole entire scene says the same to me as it says to every other knucklehead who ever thought bad thoughts across this whole city: now’s your fucking day, homie. Felicdades, you won the lottery! Go out there and get wild, it says. Come and take what you can, it says. If you’re bad enough, if you’re strong enough, come out and take it. Devil’s night in broad daylight, I call it.At 3:15pm on April 29, 1992, a Simi Valley jury found the police officers who had beaten the crap out of [...]

    3. I'd rate this 4.5, maybe 4.75 stars.I remember the beating of Rodney King, but what I remember more than that was the outrage and violence which exploded in Los Angeles in April of 1992, when three of the four white policemen accused of the beating were completely acquitted, while no verdict was reached on the fourth. It was utterly surreal to be living in Washington, DC, watching the rioting, looting, destruction, and violence that followed, a feeling I'd never thought I'd have again, yet I fel [...]

    4. Set against the backdrop of the 1992 LA riots, All Involved begins with a shocking act of violence. Ernesto, an innocent brother of two Chicano gang members is brutally murdered on his way home from work. The ensuing story of revenge is told via a series of interlinked chapters by a wide variety of characters caught up in the chaos - drug-dealers, firefighters, nurses, marines and the homeless.I was continually reminded of Grand Theft Auto as I read All Involved. When the riots kicked off after [...]

    5. Set in L.A. following the 1992 Rodney King verdict,t there were six days of violent, fiery riots, the story reveals the tapestry of people from all sorts of perspectives. When the mayhem of the riots overwhelmed and law enforcement and fire fighters efforts, gangs (and others) saw it as on open invitation to act lawlessly to settle scores and deliver "justice" to deserving enemies. Each chapter was about a different person. The level of violence and involvement in the murders, looting, fire-sett [...]

    6. This book should be a crime classic -- one of those Homicide or Executioner's Song bits of brutal gold that illuminate violence at its barest/most desperate, but also humanize its reverberations. David Mitchell blurbed this one on its back jacket as being "superlative." That it is. One of the easiest five stars I've yet given. (I should note, though, that it is totally not for the faint of heart or stomach. There's at least a 15-20 person body count and Gattis is a vivid writer. But it's about L [...]

    7. I was in high school in a suburb of Chicago when the Rodney King trials occurred. I remember thinking it was ridiculous that the cops had beat him and again ridiculous that they were acquitted. When I heard about the riots, I remember thinking, "why doesn't that happen here?". To my 15 year old suburban white brain, it looked like fun to be able to scavenge anything from stores. I did not really internalize that there was crime and danger until about the 3rd day when I realize just how many fire [...]

    8. This was a very tricky book for me to review.On the one hand I think its an important and honest exploration into the mentality behind city riots; what sparks them, why they grow out of control and how people link their experiences to the bigger picture. What I Liked: Although I was too young to remember the Rodney King riots and am located in England, I have relatable experiences i.e. Mark Duggan. I also liked the form; splitting into 6 days, telling the story from multiple points of view, show [...]

    9. At the beginning, I imagine as in a blackexploitation movie of the 70s (the sublime Palm Grier). But here, the gangs are hispanics. All is in order. gangs follow their rules, they have a leader. They steal, kill, deal, but any breach in the rules of the gang is sanctioned. Outside, normal people, with other rules, other laws.And Rodney King, the riot. No more order, the reptilian brain governs. And the book takes a metaphysical dimension. The normal people kill, we cross the circles of hell. It [...]

    10. Lu en français: Six joursSi vous trouvez que vous dormez trop bien la nuit, ce roman est pour vous. Pendant les six jours d'émeute qui ont mis Los Angeles à feu et à sang en 1992, après l'acquittement des policiers qui ont tué Rodney King, six jours où les quartiers dits "chauds" de L.A. se sont transformés en champs de bataille, l'auteur fait évoluer plusieurs personnages qui se passent la parole pour nous raconter ces jours sans lois. Leurs coeurs battent au rythme du PCP, de la rage, [...]

    11. Los Angeles, durante la semana de disturbios ocurrida a raiz de la muerte, a manos de la policia, de Rodney King.Pero este libro no va sobre eso. Va sobre otras cosas. Cosas que ocurrieron durante los disturbios, si, pero que venían de antes, y que continuarían después. Este libro trata sobre todos aquellos barrios que, sin ser South Central, también vivían bajo el terror, la violencia, las drogas y las armas. Sobre aquellos barrios que estaban bajo el control de las bandas.Este libro esta [...]

    12. An entertaining enough novel about a series of interlinked personalities involved in the 1992 LA riots, told in the first person, much in the same vain as Colum McCann's Let the Great World Spin, without hitting the heights that book manages.Quite a lengthy book,which does however keep the reader turning the pages, and it's one that the author has obviously researched well, but I just didn't feel the same connect with his characters that I have done with others in similar types of novel. Who kno [...]

    13. 4.5 stars - only not a 5 star because I struggled with some of the violence. What a thrilling book, a difficult read in places but eye opening, and led me to some more reading on the 1992 LA Riots. Told in the voices of numerous characters with a lot of inter-connecting stories. Brilliant.

    14. Je březen a já přečetl knihu roku. Upřímně bych přidělil nejraději 6 hvězdiček a nebo většině 5 hvězdičkových bych ubral jednu, protože není moc knih, co si zaslouží stejné hodnocení. Sedlo vše, styl, lokalita, historická věrnost, překlad, prostě vše. Prosím zfilmovat, hned.

    15. Výborně napsáno, výborně přeloženo, teď už jen aby to někdo natočil! Navíc velmi chválím českou redakci. Nepodařilo se mi narazit na žádnou chybu, ba ani překlep!

    16. "V poslední době se snažím mít oči otevřený a sledovat příběhy - a za tím, proč tihle čtyři skončili tady u toho stolu a vypadají tak, jak vypadají, musí bejt nějaká sakra dobrá storka. " To si v duchu říká hrdina poslední kapitoly knížky o hrdinech řady kapitol předchozích a tahle kniha je vlastně ta "sakra dobrá storka", o které mluví. Český název i anotace jsou docela zavádějící - o nepokoje vlastně vůbec nejde, ty tvoří pouze kulisu, která děj [...]

    17. All Involved is written to shock and it certainly does. This is a violent but hugely readable and powerful novel about the six days of the 1992 Los Angeles riots. The unrest was sparked by the acquittal of police officers for the brutal beating of a young black man Rodney King. Although fictional the book is based on eye-witness accounts and many researched facts. This makes it all the more real and unsettling.Ryan Gattis brings us 17 unflinching accounts of what occurred. The often frightening [...]

    18. Set during the six days of the LA riots in 1992, this is a vast, sprawling, visceral and violent epic of gangland culture, killing and revenge. With the police tied up in the wake of the Rodney King verdict, the streets of LA South Central become a gang free-for-all where old scores are settled and new grievances are created.The book is very structured and organised, something necessary to marshall the myriad different voices and viewpoints that make up the story. This format avoids any need for [...]

    19. i was college age living in san francisco when the rodney king riots happened. i lived not far from union square where most of the rioting took place. it was a terrible time and the chaos was absolute. this book attempts to give the reader a portrait of life in the city of los angeles (mostly south central) during the riots. for the most part it succeeds though i thought that the shifting perspectives chopped up much of the narrative. this is also a story about a sub culture that was borne out o [...]

    20. Kniha o meste ktoré sa zbláznilo. Symfónia navzájom prepletených hlasov,príbehov ľudí ktorí každý po svojom rozpráva o šiestich dňoch hnevu. Lepší je však originálny názov All involved ktorý lepšie vystihuje podstatu knihy. Každá z postáv je zapojená v mozaike ktorá je tak sociálnou kritikou ako aj pohľadom do vnútra vykoľajenej spoločnosti,kde každý môže všetko. Práve viaceré hlasy dodávajú knihe neuveriteľný náboj a čitateľnosť. Výborný preklad. [...]

    21. Čtyři hvězdičky nesou slovní označení "really liked it". No, mně se ten příběh vlastně vůbec nelíbil. Jak by taky mohl. Tolik násilí, msty, krve, smrti, zločinu, drog, gangsterů a chaosu, to je fakt silný dryák. Kniha je to ale výborná, to bez diskuze. Kompozicí i jazykem (poklona paní překladatelce, v češtině jsou prý stylové nuance jednotlivých kapitol vyprávěných sedmnácti různými postavami rozlišené lépe než v originále). Tempo vyprávění člověka [...]

    22. Immediately following the Rodney King verdict in 1992, violence broke out in L.A. Rioting, looting and arson took place over a 6 day time span resulting in 60 deaths, over 2000 injuries, almost 11,000 arrests and over 11,000 fires.All Involved is centered around L.A. gang life with the story told in interconnected stories. Each chapter involving an individual and the story told from their perspective. This factionalized version of the immediate aftermath of the King verdict is gutty and raw but [...]

    23. This book had me gripped three minutes into the audio. I remember where I was as the riots unfolded in my city. Powerful story.

    24. An intense read about the LA riots in the early 90's and the darker side of the human nature in exceptional situations. A scary account of a momentary collapse of the society in the western world.

    25. The title refers to the term given to those involved with gang activity in LA. Yet it also reflects on how every becomes involved due to proximity or family ties. The death tolls of the riots didn’t take into account those who died in areas left without emergency services for 6 days, areas where gang related crime when through the roof, where no police presence triggered a free-for-all. All Involved transports the reader to a city that feels like a war zone.The gang members are portrayed as hu [...]

    26. All Involved takes place over six days during the Los Angeles riots of 1992. Here we are, over twenty years later and America seems to be experiencing the same kind of emotions and reactions to the same kind of incidents, all over again. As yet, there have been no large-scale riots, but it is clear that feelings are still running high, and I doubt it would take much more for rioting to break out once again. I guess that Delgado; a lead character, may be pretty spot-on with his guess of another r [...]

    27. Awesome. My first 5 stars of the year and I don't give them like candies.Gattis' book is the brilliant narrative of the chaos that engulfed L.A. for 6 days in 92 through the eyes of 15+main characters and related cast. This is not an overall narrative. This not even based on true facts but the author spent a lot of time on research and background to give credibility to the story.The particularity? It mainly centers around cholos from Lynwood. And nurses. And firemen. And graffiti artists. All ar [...]

    28. All Involved is a novel about Los Angeles during the Rodney King riots, focusing on a Chicano gang. Each chapter is told by a different person, with the stories building into a coherent narrative. The first-person structure very effectively pulled me into the head of each character, making the events visceral. That said, the action is extremely violent so the book is not for the faint of heart or stomach. The author based the novel on research, including first-hand sources. He provides interesti [...]

    29. Někdy se za sebou zvláštně sejdou dvě knihy. Jestliže jsem předchozí přečtenou knížku Zeď vzpomínek přirovnala k pomalé vyhlídkové jízdě v otevřeném kabrioletu, pak Šest dní hněvu bylo, jako by mě někdo přesadil do Bugatti Veyron a snažil se překonat rychlostní rekord. Rychlé, hutné, drsné jak dávka z kalašnikova. Sedmnáct příběhů různých lidí zasazených do bouřlivých dnů v roce 1992 v LA. Postavy pocházející ve velké většině ze stejného pr [...]

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