• Title: Nothing's Mat
  • Author: Erna Brodber
  • ISBN: 9789766404949
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nothing s Mat None

    One Reply to “Nothing's Mat”

    1. I found this book accidentally while browsing in Kingston Bookshop at the Post Office Mall in Liguanea. I was drawn to the picture on the cover which on closer inspection I realised to be a photograph of a woven mat which used to be a common sight in Jamaican homes when I was a child. I opened the book and read a few pages and was intrigued:The story is essentially about a girl who was born to jamaican parents, grew up in England, and came to Jamaica in the summer of her sixth form year to work [...]

    2. I bit complicated to read and has a great concept. I appreciated reading it, but I can't say I liked it. It's very rich in narrative but slow in plot.

    3. Not just any family, Erna has woven together magic "“But isn’t that how science goes! My presentation did not use the straight lines and arrows that one normally sees in family trees. I used the circles as in Conut’s mat. My parents were a bit worried but they saw that it made sense and they felt that my teachers were flexible enough to give credit to innovation where it was useful. I got an A for my paper and learnt two new words – “iteration” and “recursion”. I was not sure I k [...]

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