• Title: Summer Chaparral
  • Author: Genevieve Turner
  • ISBN: 9780990629801
  • Page: 386
  • Format: ebook
  • Summer Chaparral As far as her illustrious Old California family s concerned no man is good enough for beautiful Catarina Moreno She s been obedient through all the years of waiting but now she wants a little excite
    As far as her illustrious Old California family s concerned, no man is good enough for beautiful Catarina Moreno She s been obedient through all the years of waiting, but now she wants a little excitement before her inevitable spinsterhood When a handsome American cowboy rides onto her father s rancho, Catarina sees her chance as long as she doesn t get caught and dishonAs far as her illustrious Old California family s concerned, no man is good enough for beautiful Catarina Moreno She s been obedient through all the years of waiting, but now she wants a little excitement before her inevitable spinsterhood When a handsome American cowboy rides onto her father s rancho, Catarina sees her chance as long as she doesn t get caught and dishonor her family.Jace Merrill s worked thirteen years to earn a ranch of his own and prove his all too respectable father wrong He only needs to work a little longer on Se or Moreno s ranch for his hard work to pay off as long as the Se or never learns his real name, or just how hard it is for Jace to resist his alluring daughter.When Catarina and Jace finally give in to temptation, her father catches them, and they re marched to the altar for a shotgun wedding But ancient vendettas run deep in Old California There s unfinished business between the two families, business neither Jace nor Catarina know anything about until it s too late Now they re battling against a blood feud, and each other, to save a marriage neither of them wanted.

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    1. Three stars because I really did like Jace. He was so tuned to his h, understanding her on a deeper level that I fell for him a little each time he reached out to Catarina. I loved that he was the first to overcome his fear and in good faith revealed his secrets to her. I loved that he wanted to make this marriage work, and I definitely loved that he always pictured home as being with her.Catarina, our h, however never really clicked for me. I wanted her to be happy because she'd make Jace happy [...]

    2. Loved this. I used to like Westerns but fell off the wagon. Now I need to go on a Western kick, because Westerns have mustaches, and I love mustaches!! MOAR MUSTACHES PLEASE. If I had time, I'd go looking for some mustache gifs. Sweet, sweet mustache gifs.The writing is lovely, with such gorgeous setting descriptions I wanted to weep at the beauty of it. There are family secrets and conflict and angst, but the heart of the story is a quiet romance between two finely drawn characters. I adored Ca [...]

    3. I absolutely love the style in which Turner wrote this novel. This author’s writing is the kind that allows you to connect with the story. It’s mellow and inviting, allowing the story itself to really pack a punch. I found it to be endlessly enjoyable. Turner transported me back in time, allowing me to experience life on a Californian ranch. The complexity of life in a simpler time really shone through. This story absolutely broke my heart at times, yet it also gave me hope.The characters in [...]

    4. 45 starsI enjoyed Summer Chaparral so much. Turner has created a beautifully detailed and genuine sense of place with Cabrillo, the Moreno ranch, and Jace's land. I could picture everything so perfectly and the imagery was descriptive in a poetic way without being overwrought. There is also a definite nice change in reading a historical novel set in California that deals with many of the issues that came from the merging of two very different cultures and expectations of people with the difficul [...]

    5. Like any good daughter from a respectable Old Californian family, the beautiful and exotic looking, Catarina Moreno does all her mother and father want of her. She helps her mother run the ranch, but yearns for a home of her own. Time is passing and Catarina still hasn't made a match, for no one is good enough for her and her family make that well known. Even though one of her younger sisters has made a decent match, still no one lives up to the standards for Catarina.When American cowboy, Jake [...]

    6. I loved this book to pieces. This is one of the best books I read in 2014. I live about 60 miles west of the San Jacinto mountains, which likely makes for a bias in favor of the book. I loved the characters (especially Franny), but it was Turner's deft use of place that truly shone. Catarina walking among her peach trees, Jace riding through the sage, each in love with and nourished by the setting. And, for me, that setting evoked both a familiarity and a sense of loss. I grew up not far from th [...]

    7. Read for book club. Ok, final verdict: 1) dude needs to STOP ripping her clothes unless he's going to become the family seamstress; 2) I can't help but feel like she was straight-woman settling, he got better but ehhhhh; 3) I am, however totally interested in reading the next one.

    8. This is a very good book, and I enjoyed it very much. It has an awesome story, and great characters. The only thing I have against the book is that the author left some story threads hanging at the very end, and the end didn't have a very conclusive feeling to it. But yet, it is a good read.

    9. There were enough turns and twists in this story to keep it interesting, while keeping the reader in the dark about most things history. Perhaps because it is part two. A book to be read in series, as part three promises to be interesting.

    10. BoringI didn't find anything exciting about this book. It failed turn holds my interest. Not sure I like d tithe way nationalities were played against each other .

    11. Summer Chaparral by Genevieve Turner broke a long reading streak I had of historical romances that just weren't all I'd hoped for. Don't get me wrong: I love me some Regencies & Victorians. But they do seem to suck up a lot of the historical limelight. Sure, there are Westerns and Civil War romances and Medievals and such if you're willing to really look and read a lot of reviews, but the Ton ballrooms still seem to be the hottest thing on the historical romance menu. And I've never read any [...]

    12. Genevieve Turner's début, Summer Chaparral, Las Morenas Book 1, is Miss Bates' first shotgun-wedding-themed romance. Judging from the places Turner's novel lead her to, it won't be her last. Her impression is that a "good" shot-gun-wedding-troped romance needs a historical context where codes of family honour are paramount. (This is harder to pull off in contemporary romance, but HPs do it with sheikh and Greek billionaire romances and Orientalism be damned.) Turner's near-turn-of-the-twentieth [...]

    13. I had a hard time getting into this book at first, but it really picked up the second half.We have Jason, who wants to own a ranch of his own, and Catarina, who wants to run a household of her own but is stuck in her current situation because she didn't want to stand up to her parents.Their families have a long-standing feud, only neither realizes it at first. Jace hides who he actually is, and continues to do so after he realizes who Catarina's family is. I liked Jace. He went after what he wan [...]

    14. Having grown up in Southern California with the rich history of the area still lingering in my mind I was thrilled to have won an advanced reader’s copy of this book through a librarything giveaway. I have to say that this took me back to other historical and books of the west that I once read. Ms Turner has created a first in a series of books that I would definitely want to read more of in the future This story is more than just a love story. Each character is created with depth and feeling [...]

    15. Rating: 3.5 / 5 See that cover? Of that muscled chest showcased along with brooding smile? Well, it's misleading, in my opinion, because this book offers much more than a hot guy with a cowboy hat.What I got from this story was emotion. I don't know about you, but I rarely find a book that makes me feel strongly along with the character. In this case, I felt every bit of anguish Jace went through. I felt the conflict, the tension, the guilt It was really something.Even Catarina suffered a transf [...]

    16. Wonderful book!"'Good eye,' Jace said to the dog, shaking his head. 'You were right on that bird.''No, he can’t go after roadrunners. I told you, they’re good luck.' Hopefully the bird had given them a full enough store of fortune—they’d no doubt need it.'Oh, really?' His skepticism grated. 'Is that some kind of Spanish tradition?''No, it’s our tradition,' she said, peevishness tightening her fingers on the porch rail. 'We can make our own traditions now, and in our family, roadrunners [...]

    17. Summer Chaparral was a sumptuous and engaging book. It has two absolutely engaging main characters, Catarina and Jace. It deals with expectations and roles that these two are held to and how they want more. The eldest daughter loaded with responsibilities and a man trying to make his own destiny. To see how the love story builds between these from just instant attraction to deep abiding love was breath taking.I loved the setting. The descriptions made me feel as if I was there. The family, socia [...]

    18. The system of "4 stars" = "I really liked it" and "5 stars" = "it was amazing" bothers me with books like these which are not necessarily great works of literature (but better than ) but were devoured by me. I guess that's what reviews are for!Anyway, this was great. Strong, self-aware woman, a combination of normal matrimonial conflict and bigger "real" problems which were not those which could have been easily solved with a casual conversation happening on page 3, like some books. Main male p [...]

    19. I LOVED this book! It was a little to slow to start, but once I got into the story, I couldn't put it down! Jace and Catarina will steal your hearts, as will the other characters in the book. I can't wait for the next book in the series to come out. I highly recommend Summer Chaparral if you're looking for an escape with an amazing cowboy and the girl of his dreams!

    20. Romeo and Juliet meet the old west; “Summer Chaparral” is a meandering tale until family history throws a monkey wrench into the cattle herd.Read full review in the 2015 October issue of InD'tale Magazine.

    21. I won this book in a giveaway. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I found the characters to be quite endearing and realistic. I liked how they played off one another. I also really liked the story line. It was a bit "Romeo and Juliet" regardless of that it was still quite enjoyable and not nearly as tragic. It was a refreshing read for me.

    22. Summer Chaparral (Las Morenas, BookTwd)Oh what a delightful book to read, it truly a wonderful book I enjoyed reading about Catarina and Jace and each found that they shared the same dream to find a place they came call their own a place called home.

    23. A really good book!I love a book that deeply embeds you in its pages and this book did that. I felt like I was in the scenes right along with the characters. It made me appreciate the history behind the story as well. Really well done!

    24. Just finished this book and I loved the story. Lots of family drama, conflicts,interesting characters too. Can't wait for book 2.

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