• Title: Of Another Dimension
  • Author: Jeanette Lynn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 114
  • Format: None
  • Of Another Dimension Lilie never thought her life would change so drastically when she crawled into bed that night She never believed what everyone said about her neighbor either Mr Clem crazy No That is until she finds
    Lilie never thought her life would change so drastically when she crawled into bed that night She never believed what everyone said about her neighbor either Mr Clem, crazy No That is, until she finds him driving spikes into the ground in the middle of a vicious storm, wearing nothing but his pajamas and a ratty bathrobe The retired engineer couldn t have preparedLilie never thought her life would change so drastically when she crawled into bed that night She never believed what everyone said about her neighbor either Mr Clem, crazy No That is, until she finds him driving spikes into the ground in the middle of a vicious storm, wearing nothing but his pajamas and a ratty bathrobe The retired engineer couldn t have prepared Lil for what was about to happen next Things don t go as they should and one well aimed lighting jolt sends her careening through a portal of some sort, a worm hole to an alternate dimension Miss Lilie shoots straight through to the other side, landing herself smack dab in the middle of a strange alien world with an unfamiliar setting What s a gal to do when she suddenly finds herself being chased by an angry, bellowing red creature that looks like something straight out of science fiction movie A demon, an angry looking demon.Will Lil make it out of this alive or will she ultimately end up demon fodder or is that what he d even had in mind at all What will happen to Lil as she navigates her way through this strange new world.Reader Advisory This book contains menage a trois sex scenes, one woman with multiple partners m f m no m m and mild violence.

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    1. This is the first book that I've read from this talented author and it's my second time re-reading it. The story captures a completelly different but at the same time familiar world, with strange colours and creatures that you cannot help but fall in love with. I loved how strange in appearance the 'dog' was and at the end my heart broke for him. Also what's great about this story is the strong and feisty female lead. She's thrown into a new world full of demon looking aliens, that at first impr [...]

    2. This book was fantastic. I read it twice back to back and have the itch to re-read it a third time.It's late, and I got zero sleep last night because I was reading this for the second time(grin)Big aliens that have red skin & resemble our idea of "demons" - all three brothers. Seem to live on an alien cattle ranch.Nice long review to come later.Quickie:Lil gets sucked into a dimensional portal and onto an alien planet. She is attacked almost immediately by a big angry demon looking guy who i [...]

    3. Why did I wait so long to read this!!! Wonderful, amazing, blew me away. The cover is a little weird though.Poor Lil gets accidentally sucked into a portal and ends up somewherewith crazy-looking demon men riding strange beasts and growling at her. Thankfully one of them manages to gain her trust and he brings her to his home. Once she gets a translator, things become cleareruntil she meets Kieve's 2 brothers that is.Give this a chance, you won't be disappointed.

    4. Okay so I loved this book. But why does the thought of red aliens with horns totally freak me out but I was totally cool with blue ones with horns? I'm so dang weird. When this book described the aliens as giant red aliens I was a little scared and then they added the horns and I was like oh hell no! But I got over it by skipping over any mention of red. HA.So we have this Earth chick, Lilie, she gets sucked to another planet through her crazy neighbors portal. Yeah I didn't really get that but [...]

    5. It started well, unfortunately it quickly dissapointed - there was no progress in the characters - one moment Lily is afraid of Keive, the next she has sex with him and later with his brothers who initially frightened her. Moreover she is bitchy and sometimes hysterical with no reason. Frankly this book is waste of money. However, unlike other books, I did finish it.

    6. Hi everyone!Just finished reading this book a few days ago. I'm into erotic and romance novels, but I never ventured into the Polyamory themed erotic books. But I figured since this book had so many good reviews I'd give it a go. I'm an open-minded person, I was willing to explore and read about it. And I'm glad I did it with this one.SummaryLil has a Mcfly experience Basically, one day her neighbor is doing some unusual crazy stuff and out of concern, she ventures to check on him. Of course, sh [...]

    7. There's a reason why this book has a 4.8 out of 5 star rating on even though the cover looks like the worst cheese ever written. It's because IT'S ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I HAVE READ THIS YEAR!!!!! And I read about 2 a day. This 275 page book did it all for me. It made me laugh (which I rarely do when reading), made me smile, made me bite my nails, made me cry a little and made my panties wet. Yep, coming out at both ends but not at the same time, mind you.Quick Rundown: Chick steps through a por [...]

    8. SO, I loved this. I thought it was hilarious and had me laughing from cover to cover! I loved the brothers and Sir Chub. I loved that She got with Kieve and thought he was so sweet to her. Tievel was my favorite out of all of them, but was so annoyed when his intended came and he didn't speak up against her, however when she got her just desserts with unicorn man, I was smiling from ear to ear. One thing I could have done without is her mating with all three brothers. I thought it was unnecessar [...]

    9. Wow. I'm absolutely speechless. Like other readers, I stayed up too late to read this book, lol! I usually hate first-person narrators, but this book does an excellent job and I found myself snickering along with the protagonist's thoughts basically throughout the book. This is how it should be done. Most of her thoughts were in direct relation to what was happening, whereas most other first-person narrator books suffer from "let's tell the whole entire plot inside the protagonist's thoughts"-sy [...]

    10. I'm not sure what to say about this novel. It's definitely science fiction. Has romance. Has some humour. And most definitely has a lot of sex. Take one human female full of wit, sarcasm, and bitchiness, not to mention horny as hell, and three brothers that are huge, red-skinned, two-horned, muscular, and very horny Sodraden beings from another world (obviously), and you've got a story of pure sexual delight. This is one of those novels where you really have to suspend all belief and just go wit [...]

    11. I loved this book. It was a entertaining read. Lots of lol parts and I really hope there will be more humans being sent to this dimension. Highly recommend this author.

    12. Standalone book.After being whisked to a different dimension by her suspected crazy next door neighbour. Lil finds herself being chased by a horned red dude who she seriously suspects is the devil, trying to escape she finds herself being pursued to a house, hoping to find sanctuary she finds another even bigger horned red dude.Making her escape she hides in the woods and guess what yep another red horned dude, but there is something about this one. He is smaller, not as intimidating and he lets [...]

    13. In the middle of a huge storm Lil's older neighbor is outside creating something with huge metal things sticking out of the ground trying to use the lighting as a conductor for something. Lil tries to get him to come out of the rain thinking he has lost it when lightning strikes and sends Lil to another dimension. Lil is found by a big red devil of a guy and he chases her and scares her and she ends up fleeing into the woods. After trying to survive in a strange land she comes across another red [...]

    14. Awesome,Awesome,Awesome menage!!!!!! Never wanted it to endI never,never wanted this story to End!!!! I loved Lil as our h,ok sometimes all the rambling in her head got on my nerves a little but I adored just how funny and interesting she was ;) now out of the guys Kieve was my absolute FAVE!!! Sexy and kind and smart with just enough alpha to be interesting ;) but best of all he had two of something I'd LOVE to experience and lay with ;) like having the best of two men but with only one with hi [...]

    15. Not as weird as it soundsNot as weird as it soundsWhen reading the description, I thought it sounded weird but I was curious. The book turned out to be a really good read. Fun, Hot, sexy and strange. I liked the weirdness and loved the epilogue. The characters were even likable.

    16. Wow!Of Another Dimension is different from most other erotic romance I have read, which is one of the reasons I liked it so much. The story captures your attention from the first word and does not release it until the last word. It is filled with action, romance, sci-first and drama. I will definitely be looking to read more books by Jeanette Lynn in the future.

    17. This book isOh my gosh! Too funny to put down. I am seriously bone tired from lack of sleep but I couldn't stop reading. This book was funny, happy, sexy, romantic, and had a wonderful flow. I loved the characters. I want to read more about this world and the people in it.

    18. no explanation fm author why events happened; no attempts by protagonist to explain/explore new world. very juvenile.

    19. I love this book. It's just a happy story. It's the kind of book you read when you have the flu and need cheering up. It requires no brain cells, it's just a happy read. I would re-read this again.So Lil gets sucked into a portal to another dimension populated by red aliens. She seems to end up in the countryside at a farm lived in my three outcast brothers who all turn out to mate with one women. Oh that old chesnut! I loved the story here though. Lil immediately gets set upon by angry aliens a [...]

    20. A story you need an open mind for, and fresh panties too! Once you get past the fact that the guys are big red devil men amongst of things its a smoking hot read. Loads of humour and plenty of steamy moments.I admit the first time I read this I was a little apprehensive but now I can't get enough! I love Jeanette Lynn's paranormal romances and she writes a mean reverse harem novel!One of my favourite lines from this that had me laughing so hard "made her look like a red pencil wearing spandex." [...]

    21. Awful, just awful. Juvenile. Pointless. Plotless. I’ll never trust Ratings on a book after this. 4 Stars??? Seriously?? Are you all paid to give good reviews? I couldn’t even force myself to keep reading. It. Was. That. Awful! Ms Lynn needs to, above all, grow up. While she’s doing that she should READ some actual books by some good authors and LEARN by example what great fiction is actually all about. Ice Planet Barbarians series by Ruby Dixon just for starters.

    22. Not greatI bought this book because it had a high rating. I was not impressed. All of the characters lacked depth. I was expecting something like the book Venomous but this wasn’t even close. I even laughed out loud at how stupid some of it sounded. I have two stars because it had a good idea but was so quick that it didn’t give anytime to make me interested. Also, the ending was the worst part(cheesy!)

    23. Loved Chubba bubba and was so heartbroken for him in the end. Loved all the characters and their personalities except for lil, the main lady, her outbursts and anger and sarcasm and being annoyed at her mates for one reason or another every other sentence was pretty annoying. The demon brothers childhoods were pretty horrid and my heart broke for them.

    24. Fantastic book.Felt like a light hearted Venomous.3 men 1 woman. The men are aliens, each with a unique attribute. It's sweet. I usually like more action, but since the men were added slowly (1 at a time) I never got bored.I will definately put this one in the re-read pile.

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