• Title: Yours to Command
  • Author: Shona Husk
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Yours to Command He would do anything to protect her if only she d let him Corporal Sienna Jade wasn t given a choice about joining the mission to Unity Seen as a troublemaker after reporting an assault by a senior o
    He would do anything to protect her, if only she d let him Corporal Sienna Jade wasn t given a choice about joining the mission to Unity Seen as a troublemaker after reporting an assault by a senior officer, the army wanted her gone Sienna resents the army for assigning her to Earth Ship Siren, and suspects the fleet s Unity mission will fail But others would do anythiHe would do anything to protect her, if only she d let him Corporal Sienna Jade wasn t given a choice about joining the mission to Unity Seen as a troublemaker after reporting an assault by a senior officer, the army wanted her gone Sienna resents the army for assigning her to Earth Ship Siren, and suspects the fleet s Unity mission will fail But others would do anything to escape Earth Alex Tariel knew his only chance to get a place on ES Siren was as a prisoner, so he stole water rations As a former construction foreman, his skills make him a valuable prisoner on board, but still a prisoner unable to control his own life Instead of keeping his head down, he gets involved in the fights set up for gambling privilege tokens, the only currency aboard ship among the prisoners Getting patched up by Corporal Jade might be the best thing that s happened to Alex on the trip so far, but becoming her ship husband puts him between her and the lieutenant who tried to kill her for kicks on Earth While Sienna tries to keep control of her feelings for Alex, Alex would do anything to protect her, if only she d let him As ES Siren faces its first crisis, a little trust and love goes a long way

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    1. I received a copy from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.Originally published at West Coast Book ReviewsThis is the second in the ES Siren Series which also includes Yours to Uncover by Mel Teshco and Yours to Desire by Denise Rossetti. All three authors, including Husk have a long list of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Romance to their credits.I've also found their writing in this series felt very similar and I didn't get the sense I was introducing myself to three new authors. I'm very glad I met [...]

    2. InterestingA sci-fi space novel set in the future. Corporal Sienna Jade is an army may did on a space vessel headed to a new plant. Alex became a prisoner to escape the toxic environment of earth. The meet ing between the two sets off sparks neither one of them can deny. A romance novel that has a very good plot and characters that are well developed and we'll written. This book is part of a series but can be read as a standalone novel.

    3. This is the second book in this fast paced sci fi series and this time it's the fabulously talented Ms Husk who is in the driving seat! The series penned by three different authors has certainly captured my attention and as these books are easily read in an hour or two it's a lovely way to pass an afternoon. This follows on from the previous book Yours to Uncover with the same setting but this time it's a completely new hero and heroine to set the readers pulse racing . Step aboard the space shi [...]

    4. I loved this one! This is the second book in the series, and I found the explanations about Siren, the Earth and the organization between prisonners, the army and the civilians easier to understand. There were more details about everything and the things that I wasn't sure about in the first book, got cleared up here. Yours to Command focused on the Prisonner side with Alex, a 'yellow' prisonner number 1789. Back on Earth, he knew his only chance to get on this ship was as a prisonner, so he sto [...]

    5. Ok so we have Sienna who was forced to be on Siren journeying to a habitable planet that age really has no want to go. But since she made a company about her commanding officer while on Earth she did not get a choice. Then there is Alex, who made a logical choice to steal some water to be put in jail at the chance of being place on Siren. Alex didn’t have much of a life to live on Earth and wanted a second chance.Well you would have guessed but that one that makes the demands is back. He is as [...]

    6. I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.This is a futuristic story in which the Earth has become largely uninhabitable due to overpopulation and extreme pollution. The inhabitants of the spaceship ES Siren are volunteers (mostly, except for Corporal Sienna Jade in this case) leaving the Earth to journey to Unity, an earth-like planet about a years journey from the Earth, to start over. Sienna is being punished by Lt. Zane by being stuck in the male prisoner infirmary, a [...]

    7. very good story. the characters sucked me in and held me until i couldnt put the book down. I loved the contrast of the two main characters, the plot was amazing and I am really enjoying this author. I cannot wait to read the next one.

    8. Review forthcoming on a-reader-lives-a-thousand-liveI received a copy of Yours to Command, book 2 of ES Siren, from Netgalley in exchange for my review. Corporal Sienna Jade works in the medic bay of the men's prison on board the ES Siren and unlike most of her uniformed counterparts she isn't really there by choice. Back on earth she put her trust in Lieutenant Andrew Zane, commanding officer on the Siren, and came away from the experience with scars and a reputation as a trouble maker. Being t [...]

    9. Originally Reviewed For: Tea and BookThree books by three separate authors all telling the stories of individuals on the Siren. A ship leaving earth in the year 2202. Earth has strained it's resources to such an extent that man is dying. Fortunately they have discovered an Earth like planet and have begun colonizing it. The Scientists have already made their base and done basic exploring. Now it's time for the first flow of pioneers to make it ready for anyone else who is chosen to transplant.It [...]

    10. First a couple of points to explain where I'm coming from: I'm a Shona Husk fan and I have not read the first book in this series. Being a fan is why I chose the book, and not having read the first book in no way decreased my enjoyment of this book. The stories deserve an entire series, but you do not have to have read #1 to fully understand this one.I like sci-fi to a certain degree, having been raised on Star Trek, Star Wars, and Babylon 5. So I went in expecting to enjoy that part of the stor [...]

    11. Oh, how I wish this had been book 1!The Earth Ship Siren (aka ES Siren) series includes three novella-length books written by three different authors. I will be reviewing each of the three books separately, in order. They all center around life aboard a space ship heading away from a dying Earth and towards a colonization planet. On board the ship are military personal, private citizens, and prisoners selected for their skills or for hard labor. Each book is a stand-alone, each has a different s [...]

    12. This series must be read in order. The first book is Yours to Uncover: ES Siren 1. This is the second book.Sienna did not want to go to Solitaire but it was that or a death sentence Figuratively if not literally. She had brought up charges against Lieutenant Zane because he raped her and tried to kill her when they were dating back on Earth. Of course with his connections as an Elite nothing was done and she was labeled a trouble maker and given the choice Join the mission or be drummed out if t [...]

    13. Yours to commandBy Shona Husk The novel is set in the future where the environment on Earth has been destroyed. Society has devolved into a caste system where only the elite have access to fresh air or water and live/work in towers away from the "undesirables".Our hero (Alex) and heroine (Sienna) are located on a ship traveling to a new world in order to prepare it for habitation by others that are coming afterwards. Alex committed the crime of stealing water rations simply for the sole purpose [...]

    14. This is the second book in a series, and I admit the only story I have read. I see by another review I should have read the first one first, but I didn't have it. So I read this as a stand alone.The author's voice and writing style are interesting and good. I loved the worldbuilding and the universe. I'd like to learn more about the world and the colony.The main characters were well-written and developed. Their backstories and romance were captivating and hot. The many sex scenes added to the ch [...]

    15. ****A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for an honest review****---I have not read book one in the series so I do want to state this upfront. But in saying that, still I can say I am able to read this story and feel able to give a good review.---Corp. Sienna Jade was made to join the mission to Unity. She was considered the troublemaker of the fleet, the conscience of the group. She saw someone attacked and reported the attacked and because of that, the army wanted her either out or gone [...]

    16. Corporal Sienna Jade resents the army for assigning her to Earth Ship Siren. Alex Tariel became a prisoner to escape Earth. Patching up Alex and making him her ship husband puts them both in the cross hairs of Sienna’s commanding officer in this riveting erotic sci-fi romance.This fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps reads hovering on the edge of anticipation with suspense and red hot passion. The well written scenes and details capture the imagination and the intriguing world draws the re [...]

    17. ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.So having just read the first book I was blown away by the chemistry in this book. Sienna and Alex's story made me a dedicated fan of this series for good. Though the book is fast paced it wasn't rushed and while the characters fell in lust with eachother I felt that they were still naturally able to develop that lust into something much deeper. The appearance of Zane in this book added a lot more interest for me and I really liked how t [...]

    18. NetGalley Free BookThese books must be read in order.Senna Jade is the Doctor on duty on the ship bound for a new world. She is considered a trouble maker for turning Kane in when he abused her. Now she spends her time an emergency unit. Alex is a criminal who is being forced to fight while on the ship for the amusment of Kane. When he is sent to Senna's unit to get stitches the two have sparks that cannot be contained. Now they must fight again against Kane who will do anything to destroy them [...]

    19. This second book in the ES Siren Series is the strongest of the three. It helps to have read the first book Yours To Uncover to understand the background of the ship villain. However, Yours to Command: ES Siren 2 can stand on its own as far as world building and character development goes.The contrast between Sienna and Alex is well played. Their different views of the colonization on Solitaire as well as their positions and roles on the ship make this a very interesting read. Though this is nov [...]

    20. I liked the second book in this series just as much as the first one. I will admit, they aren't really my thing as I am used to much longer erotica and anything even remotely sci fi has never interested me, however, I still enjoyed it. Alex and Sierra were both incredibly likeable characters and I liked their storyline! One thing I really enjoyed about this book is that even though it's not written by the same author who wrote the first book, it felt the exact same. I still felt like I was in th [...]

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