• Title: The Leaving of Liverpool
  • Author: Maureen Lee
  • ISBN: 9780752881928
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Leaving of Liverpool Two sisters one heartbreaking mistake a lifetime apartIt is a cold February night in when two teenage sisters Mollie and Annemarie escape from their home in a tiny Irish village Their beloved mot
    Two sisters one heartbreaking mistake a lifetime apartIt is a cold February night in 1925 when two teenage sisters Mollie and Annemarie escape from their home in a tiny Irish village Their beloved mother has died and the girls have suffered shocking abuse at the hands of their father They head to Liverpool where they will board a ship to New York But the smallest,Two sisters one heartbreaking mistake a lifetime apartIt is a cold February night in 1925 when two teenage sisters Mollie and Annemarie escape from their home in a tiny Irish village Their beloved mother has died and the girls have suffered shocking abuse at the hands of their father They head to Liverpool where they will board a ship to New York But the smallest, cruellest twist of fate conspires to separate the girls just as the boat is about to sail, leaving Mollie stranded in Liverpool and Annemarie at the mercy of strangers in America.The subsequent paths of their lives could not be different Annemarie discovers her future and her fortune, while Mollie, devastated by guilt and grief at the loss of her sister, eventually carves out a new life in Liverpool Then the Second World War looms with surprising consequences for the two sisters

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    1. This was the story of sisters, Mollie and Annmarie. They left Ireland and boarded a ferry for Liverpool where they were booked on a ship heading to New York. The terrible things that their father had done to them caused them to flee, leaving behind one older and two younger brothers and everything they knew. Annemarie was ill on the ferry and when they boarded the big ship, Mollie realising that she hadn't packed her sisters medication left the ship to look for a chemistThe Sisters are separated [...]

    2. I have read this book a few times since I bought it. If you stumble across a copy it's well worth a read. highly recommended.

    3. This was a heartwarming family story and I enjoyed it very much that takes place in Liverpool, New York & Ireland from 1925 to about 1945It is February 1925 and 16 year old Mollie and 13 year old Annemarie Kenny are running away from home in Donethly, Ireland where they have both suffered abuse by their father since the death of their mother. They have the help of their sister-in-law Hazel. Annemarie has been traumatized and has put herself in a sort of trance where she says not many words a [...]

    4. This was not my usual choice of a book and maybe that is why I found it a little too light. It is a 'heart warming' story about two sisters Mollie and Annemarie who flee from their home in Ireland in 1925 to go to America. There are many complications leading to their initial separation and also influencing how their lives play out. There are some very interesting characters in their extended families and in-laws and they certainly do have their fair share of adventures. There are many sad event [...]

    5. Excellent book but I was a tad downtrodden by the, ending? I felt it could have continued on d almost willed it to? Maybe there is a follow on? Don't let this put you off reading it though!It's a great read

    6. Two sisters escape their home life in the middle of the night, intent on going to their aunt in New York. But circumstances separated the two and the younger sister is onboard the cruiseliner. What happens keeps the reader riveted.

    7. I am at the end of yet another beautiful journey. This is not a life-changing novel, but it will warm your heart, make you smile, and teach you about true, unconditional love.The novel is about two sisters, Mollie and Annemarie, whose lives start to change once they separate on the ship that was supposed to take them from Liverpool to New York, into a better future. They both experienced something terrible, and Mollie wants to take her sister somewhere where they will feel safe. Annemarie hasn't [...]

    8. This is my second book by Maureen Lee and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good life story with many twists.Year 1925 when two teenage sisters who abused by their father; escape their home in Ireland to run away to America. By cruel fate they are separated in Liverpool: younger of the sisters remains on the ship and sails to New York, the other one has to stay in Liverpool. Both build new lives but none of them is easy. The whole story is beautifully written with many twists and very w [...]

    9. It's been my favourite book since I first read it 5-6 years ago. Maureen Lee is the master of writing about everyday life without making it boring. She has really elaborated characters and there's something to love about all of them, teher are no 'bad guys'.The only problem with the book was the skipping of 'erotic' scenes. About Molly and Tom she simply wrote 'Than tehey made love' and it was done. And what's more important: Annemarie! I was waiting for the scene, when she is able to cope with [...]

    10. I bought this book because I though it was the novel of the 1992 BBC TV drama of the same name - it's not. It's not really my kind of thing, so please bear that in mind. It's not that bad a book really, but to me it was kind of dull. A family becomes divided after a horrible thing happens, and this tells the story of the next 20 years of the family in Ireland, Liverpool and New York. I liked Annemarie's story best as she had amnesia and had a baby and forgot all about it, and the ending was plea [...]

    11. A wonderful story of two young girls living in the worst possible times, being separated and seeing what life they end up living. A brilliant read and one that I would recommend to anyone. Lots of reference to the 1940's war which had thrown you into feeling for those who had been lucky enough to survive the blitz. A really amazing story. Praise to the Author

    12. I loved this story!Normally if I find a book very good I just can't put the book down. But this book is the kind of good books you want to last forever. You are eager to find out how it will end, but at the same time youdon't want the story to end ;)So I have been reading a few pages now and then, letting the two different stories about Anne and Mollie soak in.

    13. Another classic Maureen Lee book. I did feel the ending was rushed and this could have well been a triology as Mollie and Annmarie re-built their lives once they had found one another, the ending seemed far fetched which is my only criticism of the novel and hence why I have only given it three stars.

    14. I really loved this book, and Mollie for that fact but felt deep sadness at how everyone in her life was either killed or wasnt around, when Tom was killed it actually made me cry and i wondered why the author had killed him off, nevertheless i really enjoyed this book and will miss it dearly.

    15. Just re listened, I love Maureen Lee books, I've eye read most of them, I'd love to listen to all of them also, but I don't want to use a audible credit on a stories I know. Got addicted to them when youngest daughter lived in London.

    16. I Love Maureen Lee's books, evertime I read one of hers I feel myself going back in time to feel the characters in the books. I read nearly all her books, still have a couple to read.

    17. Fantastic book although I enjoy all maureen lee novels! Good gripping storyline telling the story of separated sisters!

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