• Title: 2014: The Election That Changed India
  • Author: Rajdeep Sardesai
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    The Election That Changed India With a new prologue Splendid anyone who wants to understand Indian politics or think they do should read it Indian Express Delightfully written he has a sharp eye for details especially the actions o
    With a new prologue Splendid anyone who wants to understand Indian politics or think they do should read it Indian Express Delightfully written he has a sharp eye for details, especially the actions of political leaders India Today Captures the drama of 2014 and the men who powered it Open Holds you to your seat, often on the edge A procession of IndWith a new prologue Splendid anyone who wants to understand Indian politics or think they do should read it Indian Express Delightfully written he has a sharp eye for details, especially the actions of political leaders India Today Captures the drama of 2014 and the men who powered it Open Holds you to your seat, often on the edge A procession of India s colourful political characters Lalu Yadav, Amit Shah, Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi and many come intimately close through the author s accounts The Hindu Candid and forthright and deliciously indiscreet Hindustan Times A racy narrative that goes beyond recording immediate political history TehelkaThe 2014 Indian general elections has been regarded as the most important elections in Indian history since 1977 It saw the decimation of the ruling Congress party, a spectacular victory for the BJP and a new style of campaigning that broke every rule in the political game But how and why In his riveting book, Rajdeep Sardesai tracks the story of this pivotal election through all the key players and the big news stories Beginning with 2012, when Narendra Modi won the state elections in Gujarat for a third time but set his sights on a bigger prize, to the scandals that crippled Manmohan Singh and UPA II, and moving to the back room strategies of Team Modi, the extraordinary missteps of Rahul Gandhi and the political dramas of election year, he draws a panoramic picture of the year that changed India.

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    1. This book is very well written. While reading it, you feel like you are watching a movie. It unfolds the political scene in the country in the election that was to forever change India'.

    2. Even though I have worked with this man my respect has gone up for him after reading this book. He is a really good Journalist and it speaks in every well researched page.he has taken on Modi the most powerful man in Indiaat needs guts. He has also not disappointed in giving us an option insight into Rahul G and all other playersa must read

    3. extremely sharp and riveting account of elections-2014. not sure whether 2014 elections would change India or not but certainly the way elections will be fought in the country going forward has changed. As much as I loved this book, I felt equally saddened by one particular event - Rajdeep was asked to leave CNN-IBN just because he dared to broadcast Google hangout with Kejriwal. Someone's future, who started and nurtured the channel along with 26 years of fine career in journalism is dependent [...]

    4. Rajdeep Sardesai is one of the most prominent journalists in India, with a long track record of covering national politics. Whatever be one's ideological and political leanings, it should not be tough to acknowledge that Rajdeep has covered this field better than most of his contemporaries. This is especially true of his TV shows - on most elections days, his channel and shows were the most reasoned among all available.With that backdrop, this book comes across as a bit of a dampener. The book c [...]

    5. The book offered only countable instances of something 'Special' or new. Most of the anecdotes and stories mentioned were known. Rajdeep's experience as a journalist and a political insider could have been used as a leverage to give us a more gripping story of the election. What we get is a mundane account of the election campaign and its players.The book is full of repetition, especially, "in a sense", "my sense" which gets really annoying. Every quote is followed by " is what he had to say abo [...]

    6. All through 2014, the election excitement dominated every conversation. Office lunches, social gatherings or client meetings, there was absolutely no escape. And given my political naivety, I almost felt alienated.This made me resolve to be better equipped to handle the situation, not only because I wanted to feel included, but also because I realized (albeit late) that as a responsible citizen I need to be well informed about the political scenario in my country so as to ensure that my voting c [...]

    7. Rajdeep Sardesai; one of India’s best-known TV journalists puts the 2014 elections in the same league as 1952 & 1977 and presents an exhaustive account of the election that 'rightly' changed India. He points out how the polls marked a gradual shift in the Indian politics destroying age old barriers of caste and creed. Whether it is the infamous 'Cash for Votes' scandal or Modi appearing as BJP spokesperson in the early 90's or the Rahul Gandhi interview with Arnab Goswami or his personal e [...]

    8. An interesting read. More so because it is about the most talked about and discussed marathon event that occurred in the last 20 or so years in India and most of us, like me, have lived thorough it. We followed the elections, discussed and debated it and felt that a new chapter in the politics of India was opened on that one critical day, May 16, 2014. Living thorough it all again is always worth it.Since the 2014 elections are so fresh in the memory of each and every one of us, the book fails t [...]

    9. A very interesting read. The author has tried to be balanced in his views about both Congress and BJP leaders but sometimes his wariness (or paranoia?) about Modi does show through. At one point he writes, "In private conversation, she sounded a bit like Mother Teresa". 'She' is you know who. Wow. It is a very well written book, paced to keep the reader engaged throughout. I wouldn't say the book revealed some unknown perspective to me - it confirmed some theories about the relationship between [...]

    10. I have been hooked to the book so much so that I woke up at 3.30 am to finish it. Many people have claimed it is Anti Modi but I wonder which book will be pro Modi. I mean the guys needs to be a saint for that and he is definitely NOT a saint. I didn't find it anti anything. The book is a coverage of the 2014 elections. Rajdeep has talked about each politician the rise and fall of the politician the entire strategy during the elections. Some parts sickened me because I realized how dirty politic [...]

    11. This was my first attempt at reading a book on Politics and I'm more than impressed by the candid style of Rajdeep Sardesai's writing. I've always liked him as a journalist, he doesn't let you down as an author either. Although the book focuses on the 2014 general elections, it does provide us with insights into Indian politics in general. I think Rajdeep is fortunate to be acquainted with various key players in politics. The work is based on his observations and findings (He is definitely being [...]

    12. Very entertaining read! I was a touch apprehensive based on several negative reviews of the alleged bias / one-sided nature of the narration, but the book itself is quite balanced. For a debut novel, I think the author does quite well. Modi comes across as a determined, pragmatic albeit a touch ruthless individual and Rahul Gandhi comes across as a dithering champion of missed opportunities, neither of which seems far from the truth. For someone like me who doesn't follow Indian newsprint on a d [...]

    13. Loved the introduction of Naveen Patnaik in the book, "Naveenbabu is a fascinating politician whose life can be divided into two distinct halves. Before joining politics, he had enjoyed the high life— he had partied with Jackie Kennedy and Gore Vidal, he had written books on herbs and gardens, and his plush Aurangzeb Road residence was home to many wine- and- cheese evenings. In 2000, he became Odisha chief minister from the Biju Janata Dal (BJD), carrying forward a family inheritance. He coul [...]

    14. An interesting read. Describes about NM and RG in detail just before the build up of Elections in 2014, their motivations and so on.A must read for all those who believe in NaMo and wants to know some background before he emerged as a National Figure.

    15. If you need an introduction to the recent political history of India, then read this book. Good reportage by Rajdeep. Easy read. No heavy political analyses.

    16. A very well written book coupled with astute facts and inside stories behind the Rise of Modi and undoing of Rahul G. A must read. RECOMMENDED !! Specially for Blind Modi Bhakts,

    17. Not bad a book , though not a great one either . Liked the writing and flow of the book . May be interesting to read it after 4 years to recapture the memories .

    18. "Now, with the first voting day less than two weeks away, Modi decided to take his campaign to another level. Over the next seven weeks, he would address as many as 185 rallies spread across 295 constituencies, often doing four, at times even six, in a single day. An India today report claimed that by the end, Modi would have travelled 300,000 kilometres , or seven times the Earth's equatorial circumference".The detail with which Mr Sardesai has explained the working of Modi's election campaign [...]

    19. या पुस्तकातले अनेक तपशील वाचकांना माहीत आहे ही या पुस्तकाची अडचण आहे, पण तरीही तुम्ही थांबत नाही वाचतच जातात हेच या पुस्तकाचं यश आहे. अत्यंत रंजक पद्धतीने निवडणुकीचा पट वाचकांसमोर येतो. ३२७ [...]

    20. 2014 election was perhaps the most vast, riveting, colourful story to have unfolded in India in this generation. The despair and gloom that the ineptitude and corruption ten years of Congress rule had brought was over the country and it was then that MODI, with the backing on the industry and with his team of advertisers, media and social-media persons, foot soldiers and backroom strategists stormed the nation and completely, totally outran the Congress under Rahul and Sonia Gandhi.Make no mista [...]

    21. Over 850 million voters, the grand old party of India challenged by one man, the first true election in the social media agee Indian General Elections 2014 had all the elements of a commercial potboiler. For a person like me who closely followed every aspect of this mega event, and enjoyed its twists and turns, this book was an opportunity to recapitulate the moments and to have an insider's viewpoint on the incidents that led to the buildup, and finally the culmination. An opportunity well pres [...]

    22. 2014 Elections that changed INdia is an interesting read not just because of the passion of the author capturing every moment but the story behind it. THe story definately is always important and the author has done justice to capture as much as he could.Though I would call this book a travesty, a one sided affair. The critiques both Rahul and Modi but keeps the till towards Rahul Gandhi. HE tries continuously to cover most of the shortfalls in the Congress moves maybe blaming on the other polit [...]

    23. Honestly, I was a bit hesitant to pick up Rajdeep’s “2014: The Election That Changed India”. But my perception was proven wrong just on flipping a few pages. This non-fiction turned out to be a real thriller.The book appears to me as an honest attempt to unveil the political ‘under world’ which is veiled with the smiling faces of Indian politicians. Every politician has a different face (the true one) which is not seen by the common Indians, the poor voters, on posters or newspapers or [...]

    24. What more can you expect from a hate monger? Classic example of a person who hates an individual personality larger than his own life. Rajdeep has done it again and he will be doing it even when he retires from active journalism. What kind of an example he is setting in this book? Titled this book as "2014 Election that changed India" and speak about 2002 Gujarat riots for whole first section of the book. I failed to even assume that, Rajdeep has an affinity towards Rahul Gandhi. Rajdeep was mor [...]

    25. Rajdeep, one of the most trustworthy and professional journalist in India (please don't judge him from the vicious twitter attacks!), book on the 2014 election is not really a discourse on the Election but rather an omnibus of the 6 month account and what preceded it. Why the book is titled "The Election that Changed India" is not clear in the book. The Election results defined India's expectations and the simmering anger against Congress was put to forth. May be the title would have more apt fe [...]

    26. "The Election that changed India" is a complete irrelevant title to this book Rajdeep's writing is fantastic though, with a commendable pace that holds the bearing and sprinkles of masala at regular interval, which makes the reading smooth and interesting After reading it, the very first question that crossed my mind was, what was the need to write this book at all??? When 2014 General election is so very fresh on our minds Like any other frustrated Congress worker, an under current burn and pai [...]

    27. Disclaimer: Most of my views have been formed in the aftermath of narrative given by Mr Rajdeep in this book!Politics, an evergreen topic in India, combine it with election stories, the hindsight bias and the "khichdi" prepared might give competition to the best of the stories ever written. This is one such story with author being one of the senior-most journalists in India adding the flare to itPolitical personalities come in all shapes and sizes in India with each one of them having a distinct [...]

    28. One of most interesting read on the current political situation in India. A must for people like me who have started following Indian politics from upa govt. Never been a big fan of Modi but, Truly modi has single handedly scripted history. Keeping aside our egalitarianism one can see his rise from ashes (2002) like a Phoenix. Me being a sheep in the herd of politics and that too in Indian politics which is by far byzantine in nature is quite hard to judge what is right and wrong.It only proves [...]

    29. As a Pakistani I have always been intrigued by the dynamics of political change in the worlds biggest democracy of India. Although this particular book was about the last elections of 2014 but there were enough historical references to set an easy context to the complicated elections. The only issue was the book at times focussed far too much on the role of media in the elections, so the whole story seems is if viewing from the OB media van. But the author was courageous enough to acknowledge hi [...]

    30. Rajdeep's chronicle of the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections proves to be a highly compelling read, in spite of his biases making themselves rather obvious. He starts off by giving us a background on the 3 main players in the elections i.e Modi, The Gandhis and Kejriwal, and how they all ended up fighting the 2014 elections, and finally comes down to the ultimate clash in Varanasi, which ends up being the best part of the book. However, Rajdeep's biases show up quite often and glaringly so, and they end [...]

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