• Title: A House Divided The Story of Ike and McCarthy
  • Author: Donald J. Farinacci
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 251
  • Format: None
  • A House Divided The Story of Ike and McCarthy None

    One Reply to “A House Divided The Story of Ike and McCarthy”

    1. I found this on Unlimited, and as I have an interest in this era in US history, I decided to give it a read.I found it quite hard work - I thought I knew a bit about the major players, but there were so many names in it that I found myself googling people quite often. That's not a criticism of the book - I'm a non American so I just don't have the background on this that would make it an easier read. This was informative and it wasn't dry like a lot of history books can be, but I just didn't co [...]

    2. I am the author so hardly objective. However, this history paints a picture of a bygone period of unrest in America which in many ways parallels today's extreme political polarization.

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