• Title: Red Hunter
  • Author: Jennifer Loiske
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    Red Hunter The hunt is not over The story of Samantha Green the Immortal Blood series continues in this fast paced utterly absorbing new series Red Hunter book one of the Blood Hunters series takes up the sto
    The hunt is not over The story of Samantha Green the Immortal Blood series continues in this fast paced, utterly absorbing new series Red Hunter, book one of the Blood Hunters series, takes up the story where the Immortal Blood series ended, yet is a complete stand alone series that does not require prior knowledge of the Immortal Blood series For a second, Samantha,The hunt is not over The story of Samantha Green the Immortal Blood series continues in this fast paced, utterly absorbing new series Red Hunter, book one of the Blood Hunters series, takes up the story where the Immortal Blood series ended, yet is a complete stand alone series that does not require prior knowledge of the Immortal Blood series For a second, Samantha, Sam , Green thought she could finally put her past behind her and concentrate on the future She thought she was being given a second chance and that something exciting was looming ahead But with a past like hers, she really couldn t have a future until those wanting to kill her were dead, or even then Nothing in Sam s new life is what it seems She s being tossed around with the evil twins Alexander and Benjamin, the drool worthy fighters assigned to take her vampire instincts to a whole new level Dane and Sam their relationship can only be described as complicated In an epic way And Kieran, sweet, blue eyed servant, friend, and something like a little brother to Sam, is drawn into the middle of a game that the lunatic master vampires are steering arbitrarily Can Sam survive or is she only a pawn in a delusional game that no one can win Can she beat her enemies at their own game without losing herself on the way And what happens when she is introduced to the Hunter society

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    1. “I just don’t know if we’re too broken to be fixed.”Red Hunter by Jennifer LoiskeWhat I like the most is Jennifer Loiske’s writing is her right to the point delivery. She does not waste words but hand selects them to fit the content ever so perfectly.I am a great fan of everything and anything that this author has written. That being said, I have come to enjoy the hot vampires with their indescribable good looks and edgy attitudes.I love the main characters demeanor followed by her fra [...]

    2. **I was given a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review**I absolutely loved the Immortal Blood series and was sad to see it end the way that it did, so when I found out there would be the Red Hunter series with some of the characters I fell in love with in the Immortal Blood series I was beyond excited. Meriel is a master vampire and Sam has to agree to Meriel’s twisted schemes and relocate with Alex and Ben to be trained. In this book we see Sam come into the vampire she was meant [...]

    3. I was given a review copy of Red Hunter by Jennifer Loiske in exchange for an honest review, and will say that this book kicked ass.I was introduced to the main character, Samantha, in the author's previous vampire series and had grown attached to her. I was really exited when I learned that Sam's story would continue in another series and was very eager to read Red Hunter. I loved the book, as expected, and can't wait to read the others in the series. Sam never chose to become a vampire, nor to [...]

    4. Enjoyed reading this book as I loved reading what new adventures Sam has going on. She seems to have a way of getting into trouble without even trying and ends up with the worst of enemies.Jennifer loiske. Blood hunter.Sam now a new born vampire and has been sent away from home to train as a hunter with twins, Ben and Alex. Lots of action and fighting in this book. I read this story in one sitting. The writing is fast paced and descriptive and had me turning page after page to see what happened [...]

    5. Ahhhh I love Sam now that she's badass! I loved the twinseven the more unpleasant scenes with them were done in such a way that it didn't put me off them, a mark of true talent on the authors part. And Dane.*swoon*. I will say no more. It's a quick read, and if you enjoyed the Immortal Blood series, you're gonna enjoy this.

    6. Samantha is back. This is a great fast paced story, continuing the adventures of Vampire, Samantha. Enjoyed it very much.

    7. Red Hunter (Blood Hunters #1) isess what? A chiller, a paranormal thriller, a dash of romance full of all it promises. Not quite blood on every page, but you get the idea

    8. I enjoy a good paranormal story and this was definitely one of them. It had a bit of everything in it. There was romance, suspense, action, mystery, and a bada$$ heroine. I loved the way the story started out because it drew me right in. I immediately wanted to find out more of what was going to happen. The author did a great job developing the characters and the plot. I am definitely curious now of what the next book brings. I highly recommend this to anybody who enjoys a good, entertaining sto [...]

    9. Red Hunter, Blood Hunters Book One by Jennifer Loiske is yet another YA novel with hot, male vampires and a kick-ass female heroine. Lucky for me, I happen to *enjoy* hot, male vampires and kick-ass female heroines. Yes, the genre is completely saturated. No, there wasn't anything completely new to be found in the novel. I enjoyed it anyway. It is the story of a newly-turned teenage vampire who somehow has the ability to defeat every older, more experienced vampire among her peerage. However, sh [...]

    10. Master of cliff hangingThis book like the others was amazing I seriously hope the story doesn't end there I guess we shall see

    11. What an exciting follow up on Sam's story! I'm pretty sure I read it in only a few hours and bit my nails off whilst doing so.

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