• Title: Fear the Light
  • Author: William Massa
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 374
  • Format: None
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    Fear the Light WHO MURDERED DRACULA Many had tried to kill the Count over the centuries All had failed Until nowEight vampires gather at their maker s castle to solve the mystery of who killed Dracula But as the sun
    WHO MURDERED DRACULA Many had tried to kill the Count over the centuries All had failed Until nowEight vampires gather at their maker s castle to solve the mystery of who killed Dracula But as the sun rises outside the chateau, a voice cries out and another vampire is slain Trapped inside their master s lair, the sun burning bright outside, Dracula s children realizWHO MURDERED DRACULA Many had tried to kill the Count over the centuries All had failed Until nowEight vampires gather at their maker s castle to solve the mystery of who killed Dracula But as the sun rises outside the chateau, a voice cries out and another vampire is slain Trapped inside their master s lair, the sun burning bright outside, Dracula s children realize that they have met their match a formidable killer who plans on picking them off one by one As the daylight reigns and their numbers dwindle, a dark suspicion grows could the killer be hiding in plain sight

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    1. Great read. Fast paced and an excellent mystery. A new twist on classic genre. Highly recommend.

    2. I received this book from a First Reads giveaway.In Fear the Light, William Massa combines Bram Stoker's vampires with the classic Agatha Christie style 'whodunit' mystery. The main character is a vampire and former Texas Ranger lawman, turned by Dracula himself in the 1800's. He is called by the clan to come to Dracula's chateau in France. Why is the clan gathering? Someone has murdered Dracula!As the clan gathers, they begin to get picked off one by one. Who is doing it? Is it one of the clan [...]

    3. Dracula has been killed, burned to death by the blistering sun and all that have been made by him are asked to attend a meeting at his home for a new leader must be chosen. Once there, the vampires vow to find out who is responsible for his demise. There's no need to look far, for the killer is amongst them and has a warning for the rest of the vampires:"By nightfall you'll all be dead. Fear the light!" Every vampire comes into question. Before long the vampires are being picked-off one by one. [...]

    4. This is a brilliant take on a Dracula novel, I have read so many Dracula and vampire books especially recently which I love; but they have become a bit samely. NOT WITH this one it has a completely unique edge to it.Its fast paced and well written and I devoured this book in one complete sitting as I couldn't put it down. If you loved and read Agatha Christie's - And then there were none/Ten little Indians then you will love this novel but add the vampires; its just genius.William Massa's experi [...]

    5. Proteges of Dracula descend to his chateau in France to try to solve the mystery of who killed their master. Also, in play is who will be the next leader. The various players who were turned vampire through the centuries look for revenge only to find that they are also on the list of the killer. The pacing is brisk as the story takes place over a 24 hour period (hence, the title Fear the Light). They need to find the murderer before the next sunrise.It is hard to find a vampire tale that doesn't [...]

    6. A thrilling story about a group of vampires who go from being apex predators to hapless prey overnight (or is it overday?). The fast-paced tone of the book makes for an engrossing read. The book does have some loose ends though -1. We are never really told how Dracula was taken down. There are vague references to 'tainted blood' but the exact sequence of events leading to his destruction are never described.2. There were four mercenaries who arrived in the Humvee to destroy the vampires. We are [...]

    7. A fun twist on a classic trope. Fans of 'people trapped together in a scary place and they start dropping like flies' genre be satisfied by a good mystery, and fun characters. That said:Is some of the writing hammy? Yes. (My dear beloved Vincent, love of my life).Are omniscient POV ominous statements over-used? Yes. (It would be a long day, Vincent thought. He had no idea how prophetic those words would turn out to be).Do ellipses always spoil what should be a surprising moment? Yes (His mind dr [...]

    8. I wish GoodReads gave half stars, because this book deserves a 3.5. It was a fun, albeit quite predictable read that kept me entertained for a few evenings. Part of the problem with constructing a great whodunnit is that we've all seen so many movies and read so many stories, that usually it's quite obvious from very early on who is responsible for the heinous crime; this book was unfortunately no different. However, it did have one really awesome twist, which I didn't see coming, and thoroughly [...]

    9. Okay so this is the second Massa book I've read so far and so far he is two for two. I really enjoyed this book. I enjoyed it so much I read it in a day. He has a nice cross section of society in the form of Dracula's vampire children. The story is well thought out, fast paced, and action packed. I feel like he did a better job in this novel helping us start to feel for the characters than in Gargoyle Knight. My one complaint as with previous novels is that it is WAY TO SHORT. I would have liked [...]

    10. This is how you do a vampire thriller! A great cast of characters, each with their own background & characteristics to draw you in to each of their own stories, all drawn together by one common theme: their maker. Oh, by the way, their maker is murdered! None of the maker's children seem to like each other, but united in his death, they congregate at the maker's castle to solve the murder. Is the murderer one of their own? Or is the murderer someone who has studied vampires for so long they [...]

    11. I want a print copy of this book for my shelves at home. I really enjoyed the whole whodunnit complex mystery built on top of the thoroughly developed characters with such detailed back stories. Fear the Light is a great story that really encompasses Massa's talent for writing really great stories full of excellent detail and depth. I always love me some Dracula and this story puts a whole new spin that hasn't been explored before. Fear the Light is an absolute winner.

    12. I really did enjoy this book. The plot was interesting. I liked hearing the story from multiple points of view. However, the punctuation was a little too much for me. I found a few typos, which us fine. What is not fine is the over use of exclamation points. The novel was intriguing, but please rely more on your words than your exclamation points.

    13. Picked this up for a bit of light reading for a flight. I loved the concept and the characters - I wish we had seen more of each of them before their deaths, to be honest. But overall I thought the execution could have been better. My biggest gripe was the constantly changing POV. We were getting the POV of characters we'd never even heard of before right until the end of the book. It was a bit too disjointed for my liking. The killer was unfortunately obvious from at least halfway through so it [...]

    14. Author is a romantic! Who'd a thunk!Like the gargoyle books, this stand alone book reveals Mr Massa's romantic side. Not nearly as mushy as those, thankfully. I was hoping for something darker. He does dark well. I might be suffering from author overload. I will read someone else then come back for the other stand alones. X

    15. Enjoyable ReadLoved the beginning and up to about 68%, then I had figured out who was doing the killing and why and so forth. But like I said it was an interesting read, especially since I rarely read strictly Vampire book.

    16. Fear the LightI would give this novel 8 stars if I could. A true who done it book. I was completely surprised at the end. I had to make sure I didn't look further down the page when I was reading. It really was a great read.

    17. Yeah, kinda like CLUE with vampires. A bit cliched. It's a fun book. Liked the characters, liked the twist, a short-ish read/listen. (A little over 5 hours on audiobook)

    18. Good StoryThis was a good vampire story but it was short. Traditional vampires fighting among themselves. I would read more books by Mr Massa. Happy Reading.

    19. Fun readThe first book I've read by William Massa but it won't be the last.The story moves at a good clip and felt like an Agatha Christie with the unread!

    20. Who killed Dracula? That is the question that his clan have been brought to his Paris estate to discuss and investigate. With little time to talk before the sun comes up, they agree to meet when darkness falls to start investigating. When the others are awoken to a death scream just hours later, they realise that Dracula's killer is inside the house and the sun cuts off any chance of escape. Now they must solve the mystery and outwit the killer by staying alive until darkI really enjoyed this bo [...]

    21. The unthinkable has happened–the King of the Undead, Dracula, has been exterminated.Not by the usual means–he’d been looking out for those for centuries, and had always been able to sidestep them. No, his killer was extremely ingenious in the method used to vanquish the oldest vampire in existence.His offspring gather at his chateau in France to make some important decisions. But as they settle in, the killer strikes again.Or does he?The killer definitely has an agenda–and so does each o [...]

    22. Fear the Light: Who Murdered Dracula? (Kindle Edition)You will NOT want to miss out on this cleverly orchestrated tale of how Count Dracula has fared over the past several centuries – before his recent and hotly contested death, that is. Upon the news of his demise the most colorful, hip, and intellectually-alive vampires meet at his chateau to plan the next phase – of their moveable feast – while following through on a clan commitment to determine, indeed, Who Killed Dracula. Yes, in Mass [...]

    23. Someone has murdered Dracula. His progeny meet at his castle to figure out whodunnit, WHO KILLED DRACULA?! It's like Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None but not. The main guy is VINCENT. He no longer feeds on humans. The rest of the clan does not trust him too much.Then there's ANGELIQUE who is pretty in a Suicide Girl way (author's description, not mine). She is also Vincent's ex and likes to play games. SEBASTIAN is a vampire who was turned when he was 14 years old. Oliver Twist/orphan [...]

    24. Excellent, excellent book. I just finished Fear the Light, and it's not only the first book I've written a review on in awhile, but it's the first book that kept me reading past the first 20 pages, which surprised me since I found it on one of Facebook's bargain e-book pages. I think I paid $.99 for it. I knew nothing about the author or the book, but the premise just kind of caught my interest.I'm not a big fan of vampire books, especially since lately they've all seemed to follow the Twilight [...]

    25. Fear the Light, but don’t fear buying this book.I came to this book knowing little about the author, but I thought the premise of vampires trying to solve the murder of Dracula interesting so I gave it a try.Before I read this novel, I had read a few traditionally published novels from big houses and was not thrilled with the quality of the writing or the formatting. This book by a self publisher blows those books away.Not only is the premise great but the execution of the story is handled in [...]

    26. After the brutal true-death of their maker, eight vampires come together to try and figure out who killed him. However, this little get-together was more than they bargained for, as violence and lies are uncovered and revenge and power surfaces.If Anne Rice's "Interview with a Vampire" and Agatha Christie's "And Then There Was None" were to have a literary baby "Fear the Light: Who Murdered Dracula?" would be it. "Fear the Light" is a fast paced, wonderfully written thriller that just screams to [...]

    27. So a few things about this story. Three times, I was convinced that someone was the killer when it turned out they were only a hapless victim. I say once the writer succeeds in psyching out the reader enough times, it can be counted as a success. The pacing was smooth, the flow was great, and Will once again provided some great visuals with his words.I felt as if there was plenty of character development. You really get to know Vincent and get a liking for the guy. Every time a new character was [...]

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