• Title: Uprising
  • Author: GabriellaLepore
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 376
  • Format: ebook
  • Uprising Still reeling after discovering she s a witch Mia learns that sixteen years ago she was born with The Arx a force field so coveted that dark witches would stop at nothing to steal it With her brother
    Still reeling after discovering she s a witch, Mia learns that sixteen years ago she was born with The Arx a force field so coveted that dark witches would stop at nothing to steal it With her brother Dino at her side, she flees to the Glass Castle in hopes of reversing the sinister fate foreseen by their aunt Despite Dino s warnings, Mia seeks comfort from Colt, the allStill reeling after discovering she s a witch, Mia learns that sixteen years ago she was born with The Arx a force field so coveted that dark witches would stop at nothing to steal it With her brother Dino at her side, she flees to the Glass Castle in hopes of reversing the sinister fate foreseen by their aunt Despite Dino s warnings, Mia seeks comfort from Colt, the alluring Hunter charged with protecting her But just as Dino begins to trust Colt, the siblings are blindsided by an unnerving suspicion can a Hunter ever be trusted

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    1. OMG OMG OMGI CANT! I have waited a super long time for this book! IT WAS AMAZING! my mind is blown and I am going to go and have a little happy cry because this was just perfect! I LOVE YOU GABBY!

    2. 4.5 StarsMia time at the castle taught her allot, but leaving it all behind and going back to the normality of school is hard espically when she finds out someone is after her. Her and her brother Dino escape back to the glass castle once again and this time even though they know more about themselves they still have growing pains when it comes to their powers and who they can trust.She became close to Colt over the summer, but is the memory better than reality or will they find their feeling ha [...]

    3. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK!!! I could seriously read about Mia and Colt forever, there's never a dull moment! I want to be a Tempestus so badly!! Gabriella you are amazing :)

    4. In this sequel to The Witches of the Glass Castle we find Mia and her brother Dino fleeing their home to return to the Glass Castle in order to avoid having Mia be sent away to hide her and her newly discovered gift. Mia was born with the Arx a powerful magical force field that keeps it's owner safe from all harm. Unfortunately for Mia where there is great power there is usually great evil looking to take that power for themselves. Because of some magical visions they find out someone is looking [...]

    5. A little predictable but as good as the first one. Gabriella's writting was even better in this sequel! i'm excited to read more books by her

    6. This book is the sequel to "The witches of the Glass Castle" that I really enjoyed !!! I wanted to read more and more about Mia, Colt, Dino and co.When I learned that a sequel would be released in December, I was more than happy !This book follows once again Mia in her journey.This time, her mum and her aunt want to send her away to protect her from a mysterious danger. Dno and Mia run away to go to the Glass Castle and seek Gwendolyn's advices.Of course, Mia is also happy to go back there becau [...]

    7. I really enjoyed coming back into this story although it took me a couple of chapters to recall some things that happened in the first book. I love the characters personalities and they are all hilarious in one way or another. I'm sad that Johnathan died as I quite liked him and I suspected Amos from the start and didn't really trust him because it was obvious. The ending was perfect but I hope this wasn't the last we see of these characters.

    8. Better than the first.The second installment in this series shows growth in the writer. Like the first story it is more of a plot driven story with not as much focus on character development. There was a couple of times that I felt that the details given did not drive the story along, but they were short lived. I also felt that this was a very predictable, but the story flows so nicely that it is completely forgivable. I will be eagerly awaiting the next book in this series.

    9. Just as good.I finished the first one and bought the second one straight after. I love these books. They are fast, easy and the magic system is to die for. I have become wildly addicted to these two books and i hope a third is coming soon. I am honest in this review but even though they didn't send me this and did nothing to decide my opinion, I would like to thank oftomes for everything and showing me these books.

    10. Perfect sequel! There's something in these books that makes them feel cozy and puts a smile on my face. I don't know what it is but I love it. Every character in these books is special and they are going stay in my mind a long time. If there just were more time, I would return to this world because I just simply love it!

    11. Another great read!!After reading book 1, yesterday, I had to read book 2, today. Yes! It was that good. This book brings back all the characters you fell in love with and again, Mia's life is in danger. Back to the Glass Castle they go for protection. But sometimes the ones you trust are the ones to fear!

    12. I really enjoyed this book, the relationship between Mia and Colt especially. Someone is out to kill Mia and steal her power and Dino doesn't want Mia sent away so he talks her into fleeing their home and going back to the Glass Castle.Is she safe there?

    13. really enjoyed this book, it's a shame it's only a dulogy, the ending was hopeful, quick read and I liked the characters too ^_^

    14. Not a bad TaleA little too much teen angst but I have a feeling this is it's market focus. Still not a bad afternoon read.

    15. Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan GirlsLeggere questo fantasy young adult, ha consolidato il fatto che ormai sono troppo vecchia, 30 anni, per questi romanzi. Un pò di magia fa sempre piacere al cuore, aiuta a evadere dalla realtà più facilmente ma manca quel piglio "hot" che ormai contraddistingue le mie letture predilette. Non che la lettura di questo romanzo sia stata sgradevole, mi ha solo aiutato a realizzare che ormai questo genere non fa più per me.Ma passiamo all'analisi di questo [...]

    16. I received this book from Enticing Journey in return for a fair and honest review.This book continues a few months after the old one and starts with Dino and Mia sneaking back to the Glass Castle. The reason they are sneaking instead of going with full parental approval and fanfare like last time is because Mia's life is in danger due to something that is out of her control. Her mother and aunt want to send to her to the back of beyond, by herself, until the danger has passed but Mia and Dino ar [...]

    17. This is the second book in The Witches of the Glass Castle. Lepore has brought another great story for everyone to read. As we ended book one of The Witches of the Glass Castle series, Mia and Dino not only survived a battle with their dark and evil father, but they made friendships and Mia even found the love of her young life in the hunter Colt. But as summer ends and Mia and Dino go back home they learn of a new threat that is now after Mia. Mia has learned of a new power that she has that is [...]

    18. The Witches of the Glass Castle:Uprising is the 2nd book in this series, and we meet up with Mia & Dino again when they have to flee their home. Mia has discovered that she was born with The Arx, a force field of such great power that every witch wants it.This is a great sequel & it is lovely to meet our old friends again. Gabriella Lepore has once again given us another wonderfully magical story, so full of twists & turns & keeps you guessing on exactly who Mia can really trust. [...]

    19. this was a great sequel to book one. it had all the action i was waiting for plus twists and turns i wasn't expecting. the characters also were starting to grow and come into their own. couldn't put this book down, a definite page turner.

    20. *4.5* I really liked this book, it just didn't have the same amazingness for me as the first but it was still really good. Gabriella really knows how to suck you into a story and to make you feel for all of the characters. I also wish there would have been more Mia & Colt.

    21. The magic continues! I really got involved with the characters in the first book and it was just great to meet up with them again. Loved it, thought it was absolutely superb, brilliant!

    22. AMAZING BOOK ALERT! I usually don't like sequels as much as the first book, but this was just as awesome and had me hooked from the very start! Need to know if there's a third one!!!

    23. i need more of this in my life. this is so good! absolutely loved this book and the first one. everyone must read

    24. MagicalTruly amazing book. The suspense and mystery was captivating. The characters are witty and funny. I highly recommend this book.

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