• Title: Just Beginning
  • Author: Theresa Rizzo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Just Beginning From award winning author Theresa Rizzo comes this prequel to bestselling Just Destiny Twenty something Jenny Campbell s life has been a series of screw ups and the latest one endangered her little
    From award winning author, Theresa Rizzo, comes this prequel to bestselling Just Destiny Twenty something Jenny Campbell s life has been a series of screw ups, and the latest one endangered her little brother s life But when she falls for sophisticated Gabe Harrison, she has a chance to turn her life aroundif she can keep her past a secret Gabe s career as a successfFrom award winning author, Theresa Rizzo, comes this prequel to bestselling Just Destiny Twenty something Jenny Campbell s life has been a series of screw ups, and the latest one endangered her little brother s life But when she falls for sophisticated Gabe Harrison, she has a chance to turn her life aroundif she can keep her past a secret Gabe s career as a successful doctor has left just enough time for his teenage children and little else But when beautiful, vivacious Jenny comes along, she breathes love and happiness into his lonely life There s only one problem their families are opposed to their relationship Money and age differences mean nothing to Gabe as long as they have trust, love, and respect But can two out of three be good enough

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    1. Sometimes when the right person comes along, no matter who they are, no obstacle seems too high to climb. When Jenny met Gabe, all the signs of attraction were there for this feisty, free-spirited young woman who has been a little down on her luck, life wise. Gabe is older, a successful and conservative surgeon, divorced with children, but when Jenny comes into his life, there is hope, happiness and a lightness he hasn’t felt in a long time. She makes him feel alive with her bohemian ways, her [...]

    2. WOW!! What a beautifully written beginning to Gabe and Jenny’s story. Their first date, that first kiss ~ a first kiss that you can feel ~ a first kiss that makes the butterflies in your stomach that lay in anticipation of that moment….e to life. The poem you will read during Gabe and Jenny’s wedding ceremony…t going to lie…de me teary eyed, but so perfect.I still dislike George, still dislike Annie, not a fan of Judith, but am loving Steve as much as I did in Just Destiny. I’m tempt [...]

    3. I thought I had read all of Theresa Rizzo’s books. I found 2 I hadn’t read, and both of them are already published. Apparently Just Destiny came out first then she wrote the prequel, Just Beginning, to give the backstory for Gabe and Jenny’s romance.For those of you who have never heard of Theresa Rizzo (you haven’t been reading my blog for very long then) you need to give her books a try. She writes very emotionally deep stories. Her characters are well developed and you can visualize e [...]

    4. I loved Theresa Rizzo's Just Destiny and was really excited to get to know Jenny and Gabe before the events of Just Destiny took place.As is the case with all prequels, it was odd to read this book, knowing what would happened to Jenny and Gabe in Just Destiny. It was almost like having a premonition of something bad happening the whole time I was reading. This feeling kept me from really investing myself in the story, since I knew sad times were on their way for Jenny and Gabe. My only regret a [...]

    5. ** TARA'S REVIEW ** 4 Stars In the prequel toJust Destiny(see my review here: /review/show ), we are treated to the story behind the story. Finding out how Jenny and Gabe meet and fall in love. We get to follow their lives leading up to their mini getaway that changed it all. I loved the fact that we got more insight into Gabe's past and what made him take the path to become a doctor, and how much he fell in love with Jenny. I loved seeing their relationship blossom and the passion that Gabe and [...]

    6. I really enjoyed reading all the background and set up into the characters lives that was in this book. You knew in Just Destiny there was still more than being shared in the courtroom but only saw smaller glimpses of it. If you're thinking about reading these books I would recommend reading this one first then you'll know more of what's happening with Just Destiny. I look forward to reading more by this author.

    7. this is the one before the first destiny. she meets gabe the dr at her 'brothers' hosptial bed when he fell off the skateboard she gave him. in the next book, which i read first, the husband gabe died in a car vs bike accident in front of her. she wanted to have his baby and got permission to get his sperm before he died , but the neighbor, a lawyer who was in love with her, married her and tho he cant have kids wanted one with her, not gabes. it just filled in a little of the background from de [...]

    8. I received Just Beginning for free to read and provide an honest review. Let me be up front at first, I have not read the follow on book, Just Destiny, but the title does state this is a prequel to that book, so I figured both were closely related. In this story, Jenny Campbell, who has had a difficult life, meets and falls for an older, more sophisticated man, Gabe Harrison. Both find what they have wanted in each other. However, the big stumbling block to their relationship is the opposition t [...]

    9. Just Beginnings takes us back to the world of Gabe and Jenny, who we got introduced to in Just Destiny earlier this year. This story shows us how they met and how their love grew. Just Destiny is a wonderful story on it's own but the reader gets dropped right into the middle of their world. We never really get the backstory of the two of them. Just Beginnings gives us that. It was wonderful to find out more about Gabe and Jenny and to be able to see what their lives were like before tragedy stri [...]

    10. Just Beginning by Theresa Rizzo4 StarsJust Beginning is the prequel to Just Destiny and tells the story of how Jenny and Gabe meet and fall in love. Jenny, a freelance journalist, reminds Gabe of what it’s like to help people and much to the disgust of his uncle George, Gabe decides to work one day per week providing medical care for the disadvantaged at a local clinic.The good thing about this book is that we are given the chance to get to know Gabe, that didn’t happen in Just Destiny, the [...]

    11. I'm glad that I got this before I started reading Just Destiny, because now I know the full back story of all the characters. This was a truly sweet story, with just the right touch of drama and humor. As someone in a relationship where there is an age difference, I've been through some of the same feelings Jenny has in this book--dealing with people presuming your husband is your father, for example. I think that helped make her and Gabe more real to me, too.While I like Jenny, Gabe, Alex, Ted, [...]

    12. 4 StarsOverall, I enjoyed the book, it was a super quick read that I finished in a few hours. I'm normally not a fan of prequels unless of course I read them first, but having read this months after Just Destiny brought me right back. I really enjoyed it. Click here for my full review**A gifted copy was received by the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review**Be sure to check out more of my reviews at: lustfulliterature/ & facebook/lustfulliterature

    13. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This book is a prequel to “Just Destiny”, which I bought a while ago, but haven’t yet read. So, I was thrilled to receive the prequel that sets the background for the next book. This is a wonderful and complicated story about family and relationships and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to continuing to read about all of these characters, especially now that I have read the “back story”.

    14. Unfortunately I gave up on this book around 30% mark It was just too slow for me and a little boring. I did not feel the chemistry. I am sure a lot of readers would love this book, it just was not my cup of tea!

 I received a copy of this book for an honest review. The book got my attention right away. I thought the middle of the book took too long . The ending of the book set you up for the sequel making you want to read it. All in all it was a good book.

    16. An entertaining story that catches your attention and makes you want to keep reading to see what happens or what has happened in the past!

    17. Goodthe story that has so many different issues and families with different problemse love between two people comes to getter.

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