• Title: Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster
  • Author: David Icke
  • ISBN: 9780953881024
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
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    Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster Since the horrendous day of September th the people of the world have been told the Big Lie The official story of what happened on is a fantasy of untruth manipulation contradiction and
    Since the horrendous day of September 11th 2001, the people of the world have been told the Big Lie The official story of what happened on 9 11 is a fantasy of untruth, manipulation, contradiction and anomaly David Icke has spent well over a decade uncovering the force that was really behind those attacks and has traveled to 40 countries in pursuit of the truth He has eSince the horrendous day of September 11th 2001, the people of the world have been told the Big Lie The official story of what happened on 9 11 is a fantasy of untruth, manipulation, contradiction and anomaly David Icke has spent well over a decade uncovering the force that was really behind those attacks and has traveled to 40 countries in pursuit of the truth He has exposed their personnel, methods and agenda in a series of books and videos.Therefore, when the attacks came, it was easy to recognise the Hidden Hand behind the cover story of Bin Laden did it Icke takes apart the official version of 9 11 and the war on terrorism and shows that those responsible are much closer to home than a cave in Afghanistan He explains why 9 11 was planned and to what end It is vital to maintaining our freedom, and to the memory of those who died and the loved ones left behind, that the light shines on the lies and deceit behind September 11th.Icke also places these events in their true context as part of an agenda by hidden forces working behind the puppet politicians to create a global fascist state based on total control and surveillance But it doesn t have to be like this it does not have to happen We can change the world from a prison to a paradise and, as Icke explains, the power to do that is within you and within us all.

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    1. Bizarre, very bizarre. I really don't like these conspiracy theory books; it's one thing to want to form your own opinion on a certain event, but to over-analyze it to this extreme takes an earth-shattering and mournful event, turns it into a circus and ultimately presents an idea that is hardly even plausible.

    2. This is my second Icke book.It is a painstakingly researched investigation of the World Trade Center Disaster and includes all possible background material about Bush, the bloodlines, DNA corruption, the Illuminati and so forth i.e. the basic "Ickeian" information the author feels is indispensable.With all the inconsistencies, withheld information, downright lies, etc, etc exposed by Icke, you would have to be mind-controlled or brain dead not to be 100% convinced of the total lack of veracity o [...]

    3. You get a lot of good solid verifiable stuff on the neo-cons, 9/11 and the new world order in this book. There is less disinformation in this than anything else Icke has wrote and even the disinfo has some truth interwoven into it this time. Regardless I still have a hard time trusting Icke. Alice in Wonderland is worth reading if you can borrow it from the library but when you consider there are multitudes of better books on 9/11 and exposing the new world order plus the very high price they ar [...]

    4. I have to admit I skimmed over big chunks of this book. It is interesting, but it is difficult to know what to think about some of the information. At times there is a clear lack of and evidence and yet he makes massive conclusions without explaining why. Maybe one day we'll find out David Icke is the only one who knows what is really going on.

    5. This book basically explains how and why 9/11 was caused by Reptilians. If that seems like a logical premise to start with, continue reading, because this book is chock full of facts. Reality. Wake up, people!

    6. Soo much information in so few pages. Hard to know how much of it is true, but interesting nonetheless

    7. Buon saggio cospirazionistico sull'11 settembre e sulle sue conseguenze.Ci ho messo molto tempo a finirlo, non perchè le nozioni esposte non fossero interessanti, ma per altri motivi: innanzitutto il primo terzo del libro non parla dell'11 settembre, ma dello scenario entro cui sono avvenuti quei fatti. Quindi pagine e pagine di date, nomi, rapporti di potere tra i vari soggetti coinvolti, antefatti, a volte anche parecchio distanti nel tempo, racconti di cronaca americana, ecc. Sono comunque c [...]

    8. The most comprehensive book I ever read about 11 September 2001. The 9/11 inside job done by the Bush neoconservative Zionist government with the help of the Israel Moss-ad in the line of many other "False Flag" operations done by the CIA and Israel. David Icke must have some insight in the ins and outs of secret services otherwise he would not be able to write such a book. It reads like a novel but it is about the reality of the masonic psychopathic rulers who run the world. All in the line of [...]

    9. I had done considerable amount of independent investigations into the 911 tale before reading this book but there was still information in this book that I was unaware of. I have personally found that those who believe the official story of 911 ALWAYS have one thing in common none of them have done any independent investigation on the subject! I found this book to be informative / factual, slightly humorous due to the absurdity of the whole story and well, it also made me angry. It is very well [...]

    10. David Icke seems to think that saying "evidence exists" and then repeating the point you are trying to prove constitutes actual evidence. The same thing almost kept me from finishing The Biggest Secret, it did keep me from finishing this book. Besides, I sincerely doubt a conspiracy of the scope he describes could operate secretly for 2 weeks, much less for thousands of years. From what he describes thousands if not millions of people would have to be actively participating. The guy is either a [...]

    11. I have to admit that when I saw this title I was a little put back this was my first introduction to the man. I actually put off reading it for over a year. It was still a bit close to the attack when I saw it.I have to say that it was a real eye opener in my vision. Well thought out documented and arranged. Even if you don't buy into the conspiracy there is to much to question here to be all crap.Please read this story.

    12. One of the first books I read on the 9/11 disaster that began to put the pieces together for me. This book goes further back and describes how this event should have been foreseen. That rabbit hole was never investigated any better than by David Icke. Love him or hate him, believe him or not, he does draw a compelling picture that should be looked at by any sane person that wants to understand his world.

    13. Do yourself a favor and only read from about chapter 6 to chapter 14 ish the guy comes across as a raving looney but his analysis of the actual events of 11/sept is well done.

    14. I really enjoyed reading this book! Although, I didn't agree with everything in this book, it was truly a great read.

    15. Fascinatingirmed many things i knew as well as new information from many, many sources. Heavy going in places but well worth sticking with.

    16. A very good book. So many statements, so many questions. Read and research and find out for yourself how deep the rabbithole goes.

    17. I was reading this one week out by the hotdog stand in Union Square. Foggy memory. The headshop in so-cal had a backroom full of books like this. What a fascinating concept. I would borrow it again.

    18. Why the official story of 9/11 doesn't add up. Gets pretty wild when he goes into the Illuminati and New World Order. Good when describing the actual events of 9/11.

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