• Title: Shabanu/Haveli
  • Author: JillGreen Tami J. Strege
  • ISBN: 9781560775171
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
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    Shabanu Haveli None

    One Reply to “Shabanu/Haveli”

    1. I really liked this book a lot, much better than the first one. It was more exciting and entertaining to read, although the ending really wasn't satisfying. It was a hopeful and optimistic ending, but not one that I wanted. Great book though that gives you an inside look to Indian/Pakistan culture.

    2. This was a really great book. The main character is great she is very strong and fierce. the book is taken place in Pakistan. I was hooked on it because there was so many new things to learn on each page.

    3. A novel set in present day (1990s) Pakistan about a girl finding her identity while obeying tradition, arranged marriage, etc.

    4. Second in the series about Shabanu, it give us an inside picture of how it is to live in a Middle Eastern compound with many wives, and those dynamics are not so good.

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