• Title: Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet
  • Author: Joanne Proulx
  • ISBN: 9781569474877
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet Joanne Proulx s debut novel is an impressive literary feat Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet is a pitch perfect glimpse of that powerful yet paradoxically fragile moment in adolescence when the world is r
    Joanne Proulx s debut novel is an impressive literary feat Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet is a pitch perfect glimpse of that powerful yet paradoxically fragile moment in adolescence when the world is rushing at you and you are rushing at it Katharine Weber, author of Triangle Proulx is a talented inhabitor of people unlike herself every new writer so blesse Joanne Proulx s debut novel is an impressive literary feat Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet is a pitch perfect glimpse of that powerful yet paradoxically fragile moment in adolescence when the world is rushing at you and you are rushing at it Katharine Weber, author of Triangle Proulx is a talented inhabitor of people unlike herself every new writer so blessed should be cherished Toronto Star A narrative rippling with the author s insight slyly encoded in the hormone itch and cooler than thou posturing of a mixed up teen Beguiling The Globe and Mail Joanne Proulx s debut novel rocks, and her teenage protagonist, Luke Hunter rules This is a great book National Post Canada A contemporary coming of age story that feels authentic to its times It has some rough language and doesn t shy away from depicting the kinds of things that a lot of teens do in other words, they re not squeaky clean the way the kids are in the Stephenie Meyer Twilight books.what I like about Proulx s writing is that, throughout the book, the reader never quite knows where she s going with the various elements of her plot, yet once we get to where she takes us, it all makes perfect sense And boy, does she get the voice right Highly recommended Charles de Lint for Fantasy Science Fiction When seventeen year old Luke Hunter foretells the death of his friend with freakish accuracy, his life gets complicated Everyone in Stokum, Michigan, his rank little pinprick of a hometown, knows about the premonition and wants to know But Luke holds everyone the local news crew, his parents, his buddy Fang at arm s length, telling no one that the death premonitions keep happening Terrified, he lurches through a personal minefield studded with previously unconsidered existential ponderings, Christian fundamentalists, and a dream girl who his dead friend left behind Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet is a darkly comic coming of age novel that nails contemporary youth culture Joanne Proulx s short stories have been published in literary magazines on both sides of the Atlantic Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet is her first novel She lives in Ottawa, Canada.

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    1. (Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography [cclapcenter]. I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted here illegally.)As I mentioned here at the website last week, there are sadly a number of issues from my daytime life that are keeping me these days from penning the usual thousand-word book reviews I normally post here every day or two; one of those issues, for example, is that I've recently gotten involved with a new l [...]

    2. *mild spoilers*Much like its teenage characters, who, like most young adults, seem to think the world stops for them, this one bit off more than it could chew, trying to be a tad more impactful than it had the chops to back up. Centering on the story of Luke, who somehow accidentally predicts the future and the death of his friend Stan, Anthem is a fairly realistic (at times) portrayal of a stoner teen with admittedly atypical teenage drama. Though the story of Luke's premonitions is the one to [...]

    3. I sincerely hope that Ms. Proulx keeps writing because she has such a wonderful talent for creating rich characters that lift you up and take you along on their journey - if only for a couple-hundred pages. The issues dealt with; God, religion, teen angst, love and loss are tough on any author but Joanne Proulx carries it off like a pro! I was left feeling a kinship with my fellow man and a renewed faith that divine grace is carried within each of our hearts - not behind the walls of a church. D [...]

    4. The experience of reading Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet is much like taking a roller coaster with endless elevation. The takeoff is particularly mind-blowing: with Luke casting his ultra-authentic death prophecy and his friend Stan almost instantly becoming his victim, the novel seizes my heart in a blitzkrieg. And there’s more to come. As the coaster rumbles ahead, Fang, Luke’s buddy of life along with Faith Taylor, his dream girl hops on the coaster and joins the adventure. Faith’s blond [...]

    5. i really wanted this to be good. i really did. and now i wonder why. why did i want it to be good? because it had a cool cover? because it had a sufficiently creepy premise? probably the cover.what i found, instead of a good book, was overdone teenage macho crafted by a woman of indeterminate age who apparently thinks all 17-year old boys are assholes who will listen to anything it authentic to talk constantly about tits and dope and offer no redeeming character at all? it may be, but i lived th [...]

    6. The style of writing is amusing, just as a stoner teenage boy from the Midwest would talk. But the references to music (the Anthem if you will) that repeatedly appear in the book are poor. I really find it distracting and poor writing when authors resort to identifying popular bands (i.e White Stripes and the Red Hot Chili Peppers) in their writing. There is something automatically limited in such references. The book will never be timeless or classic or appealing to readers of the future. That [...]

    7. I am honest to God very confused as to the purpose of this book in it's entirety. The plot seemed really definite and interesting at the beginning and looked as if the story had great potential, but then reading on, it just got super confusing and just all over the place. I didn't really understand what was happening most of the time, the ending was just very lacklustre and didn't really explain anything. Astelle actually being alive was super confusing, Luke had been seeing her as dead for so l [...]

    8. I was expecting this book to be insufferable because of the rating. But…it…wasn’t?This is an instance of when I can’t relate to a character and I don’t necessarily like them, but the writing is so effective that I have empathy for them and continue reading. My appreciation for this author’s writing doubled because of this.Aside from being extremely strong, Luke’s voice is also caustic and unique. I might not be a fan of how he thinks, but the way he thinks is really raw, 100% Luke, [...]

    9. I feel only slightly guilty adding this to my Read shelf. However, if I make it exactly halfway through a novel and I still find the main character completely revolting, all other supporting characters lacking any kind of true human emotion, and the plotline itself just lackluster and dull, well then it's time to give up the ghost. Luke has a holier than thou attitude but has nothing to back it up: the fact that he treats his family and friends like they are idiots when he seems to have no deepe [...]

    10. You’d think that being able to see the future would be quite exciting—who wouldn’t want a glimpse of events that were yet to happen, to be able to avoid disasters, or plan your approach towards a certain turning point in your life? However, when you think about it, it would just be really depressing to be able to, especially if the only future you’re tuned into is death.Indeed, depression is where Luke Hunter, our title character, spirals into after he predicts the death of a good friend [...]

    11. The beginning was very good and then it kind of fizzled out. The story goes everywhere after that. I feel like I can kind of tell where the author was trying to take the story, but it fell a little short. I read that this is going to be a movie - prob will wait until it comes out at Redbox.

    12. “’Stan,’ I said, and I said it kind of loud so of course he had to look up. ‘Tomorrow morning: 8:37. The red van with the out-of-state plates? You go head to head. You lose. You die.’” (Proulx, 5) Bingo! Stan is hit by a red van at 8:37 in the morning on his way to school; the day after Luke Hunter prophesies Stan’s death while doing drugs at Delaney’s basement. After reading “Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet” a coming-of-age novel written by Joanne Proulx, meet the protagonist [...]

    13. The StoryWhile hanging with friends, Luke suddenly turns into "Chatty Cathy" and predicts the death of one of their group. He only thinks he's making it up.What follows is a persecution of Luke by news media, people in town who recognize him, and religious nuts who believe he is stained by Satan. Even his friends betray him somewhat when they consent to media interviews. Retreating into himself, rejecting his parents' efforts, it takes months for Luke to come to terms with truth.A truth he comes [...]

    14. Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet is a novel that looks into the life of Luke Hunter, a self-proclaimed “loser” problem child. It deals with everything an average teenage boy might deal with in everyday life and more. It talks about family, school, sex, drugs and religion and the list can go on. What makes Joanne Proulx’s story unique from all the other teenage novels, besides dealing with the endless problems of daily life, is that she spices things up by adding a pinch of premonition à la d [...]

    15. PROULX, Joanne Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet 368p. Soho Apr. 2008. pap. $14. ISBN 978-1-56947-487-7. LC 2007037538.Adult/High School-“Stan….Tomorrow morning. Eight thirty-seven” is teen protagonist Luke Hunter’s stoned premonition of someone’s death. He jokingly shares it with his gang of “basement dwellers” gathered for “bad dope, bad company and even worse music” in bland, middle-class suburban Stokum. But when Stan dies the next day, exactly as predicted, life veers wildly o [...]

    16. Joanne Proulx is clearly able to capture a young male’s life in Stokum, Michigan with humour, creativity, reality as well imagination. As a review I will admit that I am not one who is a consistent reader, but when reading Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet it was able to create a beautiful setting that captured me. The protagonist in this novel is a teenage boy named Luke who is somewhat lazy, undetermined and no real future goals. The story really changes when the main character Luke is smoking w [...]

    17. Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet is a colorful peek into current teenage life. It is the story of Luke, an average sixteen year old pothead who foretells the death of close friend. This breeds the beginning of a series of such experiences. I saw the entire thing as a figurative tale about adulthood and the difficult pass through puberty for teenagers, it depicts the tale of the way we all suddenly understand these profound new truths about our world during those confusing teen years, confusing and [...]

    18. “Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet” is a novel which explores the life of a troubled teenager, Luke Hunter. The interesting part of this book is that it involves paranormal activities which Luke is the prophet of death. The themes that keep on reappearing are parapsychology and psychology. This book involves a teenager whose world collided with the paranormal plane, and his adventure of introspection. The behavior of Luke Hunter isn’t what most people consider to be normal. For instance, “L [...]

    19. "Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet" is a very interesting piece of literature. It is set in a small town by the name of Stokum. The teenaged protagonist, Luke Hunter, is your average, everyday seventeen year old stoner. One day, Luke was just doing some pot with his friends and then suddenly Luke decides to tell a made-up death prophecy of his frAiend Stan Miller. Incidently, Stan dies the exact way as Luke had described it and has been labeled as "the Death Prophet". Luke will find himself facing t [...]

    20. Luke’s life was all about drugs, music, and hanging out in his friend Fang’s basement. Life was one big joke. But the first time IT happened it changed his life. Luke and some of his friends were hanging out in Fang’s basement when Luke told them “one of us is going to bite it on the way to school tomorrow, get creamed by a van and be dead before they know what hit him.” He even gave the licence plate number of the van. When he said it was going to be Stan (the golden boy) nobody belie [...]

    21. Proulx is a Canadian author who has created one of my all time favorite  characters.  Luke is stunned and almost completely knocked out when he experiences a premonition that one of his friends is going to die.  When the premonition comes true, his life becomes a nightmare surrounded by media and freaked out friends.  Although the book cover said nothing about paranormal happenings, some reviews have tagged it so.  I found that to be misleading.  This is an amazing piece of writing describ [...]

    22. I'm between "liked it" and "really liked it" so probably 3.5 stars is more accurate. The storyline was interesting and the set up was good but I thought the follow through was a little weak. There were times throughout the story when it seemed the perspective was from Luke the stoner teen and other times when the perspective was from an older, wiser, more philosophical Luke. It also seemed to me that Luke's gift of prophecy formed the early basis of the novel and then was abandoned somewhere alo [...]

    23. "Supercool - I dig it"This is one of the favourites that I have read this year. A teenager, at an age which all that concerns him should be girl and fun (or avoiding school), he was forced to deal with the taste of death when one day he acquired involuntary premonition and empathetic feelings for people dying around him. Joanne Proulx has amazingly mastered the voice of a "modern" teenager; how real it was to feel the character talking directly to me in his (or meaning Proulx - her) element. Hil [...]

    24. I read this in one sitting it was so hard to put down. It is beautifully paced, and decorated with realistic characters. The terrified, angry, and witty protagonist narrates with heart and self-deprecating humour. The teens in this book deal with issues beyond their emotional abilities and Luke guides us through them with momments of instinctive clarity, and chapters of self-obsessed blindness to those around him. I was brought to tears as Luke stumbled his way through the terror of what he expe [...]

    25. A self-described "loser" skate punk begins to ponder the meaning of life after he correctly predicts the day, time, and method of his best friend's untimely demise. Hailed as "the prophet of death" by the media and hounded by the local minister to come to Jesus, seventeen year old Luke nearly self-destructs under the intense public scrutiny--until he finally finds something worth living for. This debut novel by Canadian talent Proulx contains spot-on teen speak and well-drawn relationships. Even [...]

    26. Book #20 for 2013: Because I needed a P for my A-Z Challenge, I grabbed this from one of Booksale's shelves. Truth be told, I judged this book by its cover (Hoodie? Angel wings? Sold!) and there's no shame in that. This story's told in the tone and perspective of a teenager who is coming to grips as their town's resident prophet after predicting the death of one of his friends down to the last detail. I did not hate it. I did not love it, either. Maybe the younger version of me would've liked th [...]

    27. Great voice and writing style! It's darkly comic and cynical as told by a self-proclaimed loser teenager himself. Parts were just so sarcastic and funny; really enjoyed it. The main character randomly, yet completely accurately, predicts the death of his friend. The subsequent story follows the whirlwind life of this teenager handling this sort of thing in rural 1990's America. This coming of age story was a fast and easy read, but got a little long winded at times to be as impactful as the auth [...]

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