• Title: The Space Between Before and After
  • Author: Jean Reynolds Page
  • ISBN: 9780061452185
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Space Between Before and After Forty two and divorced Holli Templeton has just begun to realize the pleasures of owning her life for the first time But the experience is short lived Her son Conner has unexpectedly fled college in
    Forty two and divorced, Holli Templeton has just begun to realize the pleasures of owning her life for the first time But the experience is short lived Her son Conner has unexpectedly fled college in Rhode Island and moved to Texas with his troubled girlfriend, Kilian This alone is difficult to handle, but as Holli begins to understand the depth of the girl s problems,Forty two and divorced, Holli Templeton has just begun to realize the pleasures of owning her life for the first time But the experience is short lived Her son Conner has unexpectedly fled college in Rhode Island and moved to Texas with his troubled girlfriend, Kilian This alone is difficult to handle, but as Holli begins to understand the depth of the girl s problems, concern turns to crisis.Conner s situation is worsening, and as if that s not enough, Holli notices signs of serious decline in the beloved Texas grandmother who raised her She has no choice but to leave the comfort zone of life in New York and return to her hometown in Texas to care for the people she loves.In the tight space between these two generations, Holli initially feels lost The journey back stirs so many unresolved hurts from her childhood But something else happens in this uneasy homecoming Comfort arrives in the ethereal presence of the mother long lost to her, and Holli is surprised to find that as she struggles to help her son and grandmother, the wounds of her own past begin to heal.The space between before and after easily the most challenging place she has ever known begins to reveal an unanticipated hope for what the future might hold.

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    1. What happens to a woman's life when she is suddenly pulled into the drama of her young adult son's problems?Holli Templeton had just begun carving out her own independent life after her divorce from Harrison, when she receives word that their son Conner, who left school without an explanation, has moved with his girlfriend to Texas. The two of them have set up a household behind Holli's grandmother's home, where Holli grew up. Determined to help him sort things out, Holli plans to return home; t [...]

    2. I really liked this book. I like how the author wrote each chapter from the perspective of one of the characters in the book. I also like how she wrote it from a young Hollyanne or an older Holli. The story has many twists to it and I won't give any away, but it will keep your interest till the very end.The story is about the day a young girl named Hollyanne's (called Holli as an adult) mother dies while she is pregnant with her sister, and what happens to her life after that event. The events t [...]

    3. Well, interesting story, interesting ideas. The idea of tying the story together with the space events was far fetched, but creative. I got a bit annoyed with the narrative. The author switched perspectives every chapter, but because the mom Holli/Hollyanne was the *primary*, those chapters were in first person, and because the son Connor was *secondary*, those chapters were in 3rd person. Not sure why she couldn't make the plunge and put it in his perspective, but it was pretty jarring.Also, sh [...]

    4. I struggled with whether or not to give this 3 or 4 stars. I'd prefer 3.5 to be honest. I enjoyed the book - good story, nice characterizations, interesting plot, etc. However, it must not have been particularly engaging as I sat it down for over a month as I read some other items that I got from the library. I think that the writing is definitely reminiscent of Jodi Picoult but not nearly as engaging. The novel focused on character development and did an amazing job of it with the weaving in an [...]

    5. The best part of the book was when I finished it! It wasn't very good at all. It had too much whining and drama in it for me. At page 120 I wanted to give up and I didn't I stuck with it. I should have given up when I wanted to. The ending wasn't even good. In fact it was one of the stupidest endings to a book that I have ever seen. I would not waste my time reading this book!

    6. In The Pages In Between, Erin Einhorn has written a memoir about what she finds when she searches for the Polish family that sheltered her Jewish mother during World War II.When she was growing up in Detroit, Einhorn didn't know much about her mother's past until she wrote a paper on the topic when she was in high school. Her mother, Irena, offered only the basics: Born in the early 1940s, Irena's mother died during the war, while her father, Beresh, survived. Before he was taken away to a conce [...]

    7. Forty-two and divorced, Holli Templeton has just begun to realize the pleasures of owning her life for the first time. But the experience is short-lived. Her son Conner has unexpectedly fled college in Rhode Island and moved to Texas with his troubled girlfriend, Kilian. This alone is difficult to handle, but as Holli begins to understand the depth of the girl's problems, concern turns to crisis. Conner's situation is worsening, and as if that's not enough, Holli notices signs of serious decline [...]

    8. I had mixed emotions about this books. It's a story of a family, and how secrets and lies affect generations of family members. It's also about faith, belief and trust, and how to overcome troubling pasts. The main character had been looking forward to the time of her life when her son was in college, and her parents were healthy, and she could finally focus on herself. But she finds herself enmeshed in her son's rash decisions, and her mom who is suffering from memory loss and not able to be on [...]

    9. I’m not one to read the everyday drama kind of book, where a woman goes off and finds hope and faith and all that, but a certain storyline got me interested in reading THE SPACE BETWEEN BEFORE AND AFTER (even the name of the book makes me want to run in the other direction). Jean Reynolds Page’s novel is about a middle-age woman named Holli whose grandmother is showing early signs of dementia and whose son is having a crisis. Holli also has to come to terms with her past in order to move on [...]

    10. A well written story with many layer to it. It seems each chapter pulls back a layer and the reader finds out a bit more information about this family. The characters are really well written and their struggles seem realistic. I liked the fact that not all characters have a happy ending. Life isn't like that so books shouldn't be either. There is a great mix of characters as well; some are young, some are middle aged, and some are elderly. My criticism of this book is that it is a bit drawn out. [...]

    11. The writing style and topic of this book reminded me of Jodi Picoult's writings. There is good character development with fascinating interweaving of the characters' past and present. Conflict among family members is realistically portrayed, thus creating great emotional dynamics. There is an excellent portrayal of the effects of our past on our present and how hard it can be to move on. I loved the ending--upbeat but very realistic, too--not just "they lived happily ever after"--they still had [...]

    12. It took me about 9 months to finish this book, it was hard to get into, so I stopped reading about 1/2 way through. When I finally came back to it, it took me awhile to get back in because I couldn't remember what happened. The only thing that saved this book for me was the ending. And it's also the only reason I'd recommend this book, if you can get over the shifting between past, present and multiple characters, then it's worth the read. But this is a book you should read within a week or mont [...]

    13. I really liked the story; in fact, it was hard to put down. But there were two things I didn't like about it: the editing and the ending. I caught at least four typos while reading, which annoyed the hell out of me. And my favorite part of a book is always the last paragraph. Usually, good authors sum up the thematic purpose of the story in some witty or touching way. I was disappointed with the last few lines of this one because they focused on the only character in the novel that I couldn't st [...]

    14. Back in June, Julie P. of Booking Mama wrote a review on a book I knew I had to read. The Space Between Before and After by Jean Page Reynolds lived up to Julie's review.[return][return]From the author's website: Forty-two and divorced, Holli Templeton has just begun to realize the pleasures of owning her life for the first time. But the experience is short-lived. Her son Conner has unexpectedly fled college in Rhode Island and moved to Texas with his troubled girlfriend, Kilian. This alone is d [...]

    15. I gave this book 4 stars because of the skill in presenting the new Holli, the childhood Hollianne, the son; all of the different perspectives at play within its pages. Usually when reading a book where chapters are written using different points of view, I come to care about one person's story more than others. With this book, I felt the chapters flowed in such a way that I was equally interested in all the characters. Other reviews have stated that the ending felt hurried, but I felt like it w [...]

    16. This is the story of two divorced parents who are stunned to learn that their only child, a son, has dropped out of Brown University and moved to Texas to cohabitate with his girlfriend who has cystic fibrosis. During the process of dealing with their son's situation, his mother deals with ghosts from her past. It was just an okay story. The mother kind of got on my nerves; she seemed to over-react to everything.

    17. I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about this book. On one hand, the story was engaging and it kept me interested all the way through. On the other hand, I didn't feel like I really connected with the characters because I found most of them pretty obnoxious. I also didn't like the random dead mother visiting everyone throughout the book - that kind of stuff just does not work for me. Overall, didn't hate it but didn't love it either.

    18. Ok book. Holli finds herself caught up in her son's life when he drops out of college to move with his girlfriend to Holli's childhood hometown. Her grandmother is aging and having some issues. Turns out her son's girlfriend has health issues as well. Holli herself has conflicts with her stepmother who has been helping her grandmother. Also her ex husband goes with her to help deal with things. Soeverybody has issues, and they struggle to deal with them and each other.

    19. Engaging story and I was interested in what happened with all of the characters. I was disappointed at all the language there was throughout the book used by all the characters, but I guess it's the way it often is in the world. Interesting predicaments that forced the characters to make decisions and work at improving relationships. Not the best book I've ever readbut certainly a far cry from the worst.

    20. Really formulaic. I thought it had a good premise, but the writing was simplistic and a bit choppy. Sometimes there were summary sentences at the end of chapters that were a bit overdone and ridiculous. I actually liked the ending ok, but it was pretty predictable. I wouldn't run out and buy it again, but if there was nothing else to read it was ok.

    21. Hollyanne loses her mother in a car accident at the age if 9, at the same time scandal involving her father and a neighbor lady rocks her young world. Thirty-odd years later, Holli returns to check on the famiky she left behind who seem embroiled in a series of crises of thier own.I found most of the characters unlikable. As a result, I didn't care what happened to them. Waste of time.

    22. I had mixed reviews about this book and couldn't decide between giving it 3 stars or 4 stars but because of the constant use of the "f" word, I chose 3 stars.I was a story about an extended family- life, love, death, betrayal, deceit, sickness, healing, etc.Skipping back and forth among more than 1 time period was a little confusing but in all, it just an o.k. book.

    23. This is the first book that I have read by Ms Page, and I really enjoyed it. I loved the multiple narrators, and the fact that Holli's story jumped from present to past (Hollyanne). There were some aspects that were a little farfetched, but overall a good story that really draws you in quickly.

    24. The way the story is told, jumping between past and present, really keeps the plot moving. I liked the way it was written and the different characters and how everything gets pulled together in the end. Good beach book, quick read.

    25. This was a very good book, could be if not already a movie on life time movies channel will Elicit all kinds of emotion really liked the characters Probably a chick flick kind of book enjoyed it.

    26. This is a multi-layered story about family secrets.About how they affect all the players: past, present, and future. Told from alternating points of view, this book seamlessly moves between past and present, telling each character's story. I liked it enough to want to read her other books.

    27. Good book, light reading about middle-aged mother, ex-husband, dealing with aging parent,and 20-year old son. Pleasantly surprised at the lessons learned, and how her own life was being lived out in her son's life.

    28. This was similar to a Jodi Picoult book for me.ally good at the beginning and then 300 pages of not a whole lot and then a quick but good ending. Took me forever to get through this one- easily could have been condensed from 389 pages down to about 250!

    29. 42 and divorced, main character finds herself dealing with her aging grandmother, her son and his seriously ill girlfriend, her ex and anger from her childhood caused by secrets and misunderstandings. I really enjoyed this book

    30. Finally, a book pick from Sheryl. This one is for you Colleen. This is a very creative story about life and choices with several twists I did not see coming. There were things I did not care for terribly about the writing style, but it kept my interest. This is a quick read.

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