• Title: Squirbly Dreams
  • Author: Mike Rider
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    Squirbly Dreams Squirbly is a young frog who frequently dreams when he goes to sleep at night This story explores the wonder and joy of Squirbly s dreams The aim of this book is to encourage children to look forward
    Squirbly is a young frog who frequently dreams when he goes to sleep at night This story explores the wonder and joy of Squirbly s dreams The aim of this book is to encourage children to look forward to positive dream adventures as they fall asleep Print edition also available on See page.

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    1. Squirbly Dreams the book is all about the dreams of Squirbly and all the adventures that he and his Ladybug friend can go on. Whether the latest adventure is underwater, in outer space or just a snow filled day of sledding Squirbly knows just how to make the most of it.The story is great and aimed at telling the little ones just what is going on but the pictures are the real prize here. They are filled with wonderful scenes, creatures and just downright fun for the kids to stare at and enjoy for [...]

    2. This was a fun children's picture book to read. The story cute and one that is a good way to get kids to go to bed. Not only that, but it has vivid, expressive illustrations. I found myself looking for the ladybug and inchworm on each page. There are many animals to keep the kids busy looking at everything. My favorites were the two penguins with sunglasses. They seemed to be Squirbly's bodyguards.

    3. A very colourful and fun book to read to kids just before they go to bed.It goes through the myriad of dreams and their fantastical qualities. The illustrations in this book are just wonderful, as they capture the dreams of little squirbly as he sleeps through the night, and will get children's imaginations flowing, and excited about bedtime and sleep time.

    4. This was thoroughly enjoyable and is going to make such a fun read for kids before they go to bed.It throws out all sorts of imaginings of little Squirbly's dreams and the illustrations are absolutely brilliant and colourful.It will make for a fun read over and over!This author clearly has a brilliant imagination :)

    5. My little guys really enjoyed this story. It's all about a fun loving little frog who has one adventurous dream after another. The illustrations are silly and fun - perfect for little ones. The length is perfect for what I need in a bedtime story. Great little book! I'm so glad I picked this one up and so are my little ones :D

    6. As my grandchildren grow I keep a look out for books they may enjoy. Squirbly dreams is a belter of a picture book. Ideally red at bed time. Super illustrations that children want to explore. It brought a smile to my grand daughters face and that was a joy. So much hard work go into these type of story books and it was a pleasure to share. A really excellent children's book.

    7. Fun for imaginative kids.Squirbly Dreams is a fun, fantasy picture book that makes children laugh and giggle. Fun illustrations that kids will point at and want to talk about. Your child will go to sleep wondering what silly dreams they will have. Great fun!

    8. As per usual, I read this with my son. He loved the colorful illustrations to go along with the story. His favorite was the squid playing cards because it reminded him of his favorite song, Octopus's Garden. A fun story about a frogs dreams illustrated wonderfully. Perfect for children ages 2-6.

    9. This is a gorgeous book for young children which is sure to fire up their imaginations. The illustrations are beautiful, even on the kindle and will no doubt result in some colourful dreams! Loved the flamingoes and the sledding turtles!

    10. Looking forward to more SquirblyThis book is wonderfully written and illustrated. Squirbly is fun and imaginative. Children will look forward to this story every night.

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