• Title: Anne Frank
  • Author: David Colbert
  • ISBN: 9781416964452
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • Anne Frank Bestselling author David Colbert creates a new form of biography as he examines the life of Anne Frank by looking at the ten most important days of her life You re about to be an eyewitness to ten cru
    Bestselling author David Colbert creates a new form of biography as he examines the life of Anne Frank by looking at the ten most important days of her life.You re about to be an eyewitness to ten crucial days in Anne Frank s life, including A wrenching decision to flee GermanyA chilling letter that sent her family into hidingThe gift of her one true confidante her diaryBestselling author David Colbert creates a new form of biography as he examines the life of Anne Frank by looking at the ten most important days of her life.You re about to be an eyewitness to ten crucial days in Anne Frank s life, including A wrenching decision to flee GermanyA chilling letter that sent her family into hidingThe gift of her one true confidante her diaryA sickening betrayal to the NazisAnd a tragedy in the concentration camps just before liberation These days and five others shook Anne s world and yours.

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    1. Amazing! It has great writing that tells you about her life. I have learned a lot about her from reading this book that I did not know before. I wish there was ore book like this one. If you want to learn more about Ann Frank and her life this is the book to read!

    2. Anne Frank(10 Days That Shook Your World)by David ColbertNonfiction144 pagesThis book is about the important days that Anne Frank lived. She lived during the World War II Holocaust. Her family was trapped in the Netherlands by Nazi Germany, and Margot recieved a letter to report to the SS office, where she will be sent to the concentration camps. The SS are a police force that also acts as Hitler's personal army. The Frank goes to hiding in an office building, where nobody working there knows. M [...]

    3. This was such a great book to read.I would recommend this book for people who like biographies and books of the holocaust. I liked this book because it described the holocaust in two different perspectives. One perspective is Anne Frank's perspective and the other is the author's perspective. One weakness of this story was when Anne Frank died near the release of the Jews.Another weakness is that Anne Frank's mom died just to get her daughter the right nutrition. I mainly recommend this book to [...]

    4. Some of the Charters are Anne Frank,Otto Frank,Margot Frank,Edith FrankThe Vel pals,Fritz Pfeffer,Miep Gies. This book is about Anne Frank hiding from the Nazis. How she got found and had to live in Concentration Camps. Also how she died right before the Military;Everybody died but Otto Frank. I predict that Otto Frank will move on and find a new wife.

    5. Genre: BiographyPages: 160Author: David Colbert with her and her sister only being left to another camp in Eastern Europe to escape liberation by the Allies in their original location of the Netherlands. Weeks after the invasion has reached Paris, her sister dies of an epidemic and it soon takes Frank. The mother was later discovered to be dead with the only survivor being the father who printed the book to give a piece of Anne's life to others.My Thought(s)I enjoyed this book. I heard about the [...]

    6. Anne FrankBy David ColbertBiography160 PagesDate Finished: 5/28/13This book is about a young girl named Anne Frank, it explains important events in Anne's life during the Holocaust in 10 chapters. Each chapter explains what Anne's life was like and the harsh rules and ways Jews were treated. In these harsh events Anne doesn't lose hope and she writes all her thoughts into her diary, "Kitty". An example that she did not lose hope was that she believed everyone carried kindness in their heart. Thi [...]

    7. Emily Petroro December 12, 2013Reading Anne Frank Period: 4Anne Frank is a young girl who is a victim of the Holocaust. She lives in the Netherlands with her mom, dad, and her older sister Margot. Anne’s story affected everyone an she is a role model to grown-ups and kids around the world. Anne was around ten when she went into hiding with her family another family and a man. They were in there for over two years. That means they never went outside for over two either. Sometimes [...]

    8. Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who only lived to be 15. She went to hiding with her family, another family and a friend in a secret annex above where Mr. Frank worked. They started making arrangements after Hitler was having the Germans over power the Jews and anybody else that he thought was differnt. They stayed there for about a year and during these days Anne kept a diary. After staying in the Annex, cops found them and took them away to a concentration camp where they were separated and only [...]

    9. I read this book because I like to learn about history, especially World War II. I thought that this book however was confusing, because it is supposed to be the ten most important days of Anne's life, and those days weren't in a row, so it skipped around and it was a bit hard to follow. I would recommend this book to anyone else who likes World War II, but not as much of the gruesome stuff, because this book didn't describe in detail what everything looked like. I thought this book was just lik [...]

    10. Anne Frank heard a great deal about the Nazis and what they were doing in Germany and in other countries, but it all seemed so far away. Until May 15, 1940, Germans invaded the Netherlands, but Anne and her family lived, and her life began to change. At first, the changes were small ones, but then the Germans began to impose more and more rules and restrictions on the Jews. She had to wear a yellow star on her clothes, and she was not allowed to ride a bicycle, to ride in a car, to go into a the [...]

    11. I just recently finished 10 days Anne frank by: David Colbert. He was also the author of eyewitness to America. The main characters are Anne frank, Margot, mr. Frank, and mrs. Frank. Amsterdam, Germany was took over hitler a.k.a the nazi ruler and the s.s Germany army. So It was July 6th, 1942 6:00 a.m. all of the frank were going into hiding they were hiding for 2 year and 10 days. Then they were caught and took to 2 different camps. Anne and Margot were slowly dying. Then on March 1945 Anne an [...]

    12. This was a really good book but i really didn't like how it says "she will later remember.". The book was about Anne and her sister Margot, her dad and her mom, all being in the concentration camps.Even though their lives were really difficult, this was a very interesting biography.I recommend this book to my friend Brianna because I think she would like to read about Anne Frank and it is a fast read.

    13. 10 days in the life of Anne Frank.Writing:If all students in your classroom read the same biography or autobiography, they could focus on the ten most pivotal days of that person's life, with students possibly pairing up and writing a first-person account of one of these days.Students generate eight to ten tips that their hero might pass on to future generations. The advice can be published as beautiful quotes, using a quote making site.

    14. Anne Frank lived for 5,748 days before she died in a Nazi concentration camp. Due to a diary she left behind, her story is known widely and has been immortalized. David Colbert looked over Anne's brief life and picked out 10 dates that were turning points in her life. It is well written for older elementary students with a lot of primary photograph reproductions. An excellent addition to a primary/middle school library.

    15. In the book Anne Frank (10 Days) is very harsh and disturbing, but I have learned a lot so far, i would say so far so good. I am now on chapter 10,and now I am feeling so gross in side of me. I have looked at all of the photos and now I think that she was very brave as a 12 year old to be dealing with that.

    16. Very interesting book that goes into more details where the previous two I've listened to didn't touch on. It goes into extremely extensive details on what went on in the concentration camps. It's just so sad but glad that I read it as it's very educational and historical. I feel stories like these are hard to read but important to remember those who where lost.

    17. An easy read and easy to understand. I had no idea what kind of issue Hitler made in the past because I only learned a basic history of the second world war in school. Reading didn't help either. This helped me learn what it was all about from a young girl's(and also a victim's) perspective which helped me understand what all those people had been through.

    18. I think the book was sad,happy,and pure exciting not knowing what is going to happen next to Anne Frank.It was really sad because it shows you the secret Annex and they lived and died in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concetration camp.At least Anne got her dream of getting famous for her diary,even though she died of tyhus at age 15 with margrot.

    19. It was amazing. Made me feel like I was inside the book in Anne Frank's shoes. I learned a lot about the Holocaust and what regular Jews had to go through. The end was sad but inspiring. Never read anything like this!

    20. It was a sad biography about Anne Frank and the hardships that Jewish people went trough in world war 2. The Nazis captured the Jews and put them in concentration camps. It was a great story, but it w as really sad too.

    21. This is okay it's pretty good for a non-fiction book. What I would like if Anne Frank wrote it in her diary. So then I know it's real info. But I still believe it because it has dates and such. Over all it's okay. I suggest it if you like non-fiction books!!!

    22. This book was very informational. It told a lot about WW2. She lived a very sad life! I liked how they included pictures of WW2. I read the book very fast. I think this is an interesting topic. I don't like non fiction so this book was not my favorite.

    23. This was an very informational look at Anne Frank's life. The play doesn't hold a light to this book. The author introduces you to the actual names of the characters, the camps the Frank's and van Pels went to, & what killed Margot & Anne.

    24. I love this book! It is sad when Anne's family gets sent to a work camp by the Nazis and when her sister Margot dies at the camp, but overall it is a good book. I recommend it to anyone who likes memoirs that are sad

    25. It was a pretty cool book, considering it only shown 10 small parts of Anne Franks life, but it shown all the important part. If you want to find out more about Anne Frank and the Holocaust, I'd suggest you read this book.

    26. An amazing story, we already know. This books shares more information. Perfect for the Anne Frank historians out there!

    27. It did a good job of telling what Anne Frank went through during the holocaust. It showed how graphic it got inside the camps, and really opened my eyes.

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