• Title: Gölgeler
  • Author: Paula Weston
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Paperback
  • G lgeler Gaby Winters yakla k bir y l nce ikiz karde i Jude u bir trafik kazas nda kaybetmi ti Kazadan sonra bedeni iyile mi ti ama ac s h l ilk g nk gibi tazeydi ve k buslar bitmiyordu Her gece k buslar nda i
    Gaby Winters yakla k bir y l nce ikiz karde i Jude u bir trafik kazas nda kaybetmi ti Kazadan sonra bedeni iyile mi ti ama ac s h l ilk g nk gibi tazeydi ve k buslar bitmiyordu Her gece k buslar nda iblislerle ve cehennemin di er yarat klar yla sava yordu.Ve sonra kar s na Rafa kt Rafa, sadece k buslar nda s k s k g rd ocuk de ildi, ayn zamanda ikiz kardGaby Winters yakla k bir y l nce ikiz karde i Jude u bir trafik kazas nda kaybetmi ti Kazadan sonra bedeni iyile mi ti ama ac s h l ilk g nk gibi tazeydi ve k buslar bitmiyordu Her gece k buslar nda iblislerle ve cehennemin di er yarat klar yla sava yordu.Ve sonra kar s na Rafa kt Rafa, sadece k buslar nda s k s k g rd ocuk de ildi, ayn zamanda ikiz karde i Jude la da bir ge mi leri oldu unu iddia ediyordu Gaby, hayat ve kendi hakk nda bildi ini d nd ger eklerin sadece birer yalan oldu unu kabul etmek zorunda kalm t ve bulmas gereken ger ekler k buslar ndaki g lgelerde gizliydiler.Rafa kimdi Refaimler kimlerdi Ve en nemlisi Gaby kime g venebilirdi S k , zekice yaz lm ve farkl Okudu um en iyi melek temal kitapt Alpha Reader

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    1. "He was blond, not dark.""I wasn't talking about his hair."4.5 stars! November 14, 2012 - My happy day for hot, kick-ass angel goodness! First, I found out that Angelfall is on track to become a movie, then I finished reading Shadows a few hours later and found it to be amazing. My head is this close to exploding from the excitement.So I picked this book up because I'd heard that it was almost as good as Angelfall. The comparison alone made me want to give it a shot, but I didn't think that Shad [...]

    2. Although it’s pretty clear the inspiration behind SHADOWS comes from Cassandra Clare’s THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series, because there are countless similarities, I quite enjoyed this world.It’s a fast-paced, action-packed story of angels, angel offspring (Nephilim), demons and hellions (controlled by demons) as well as humans who unintentionally get mixed up in the war.I genuinely enjoyed my time with this book. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a huge fan of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS, so [...]

    3. *strums guitar**clears throat**sings*La la la la la, la la la la la, la la la la la, laaaaaaaaLa la la…la… la?*pauses**frowns**stands up**smashes guitar*(hint: metaphor)

    4. Oh, so did I mention my favourite read in June was a paranormal YA book?For this contemporary girl, I am surprised by how much I fell in love with this book. (Although it shouldn't have surprised me, as author Paula Weston has the loveliest online presence. That, coupled with the publisher being Text Publishing*, had me diving into this book the day it turned up in my mailbox).[*Note: Text Publishing are an Australian publisher which consistently publish brilliant and unique YA books, such as Le [...]

    5. I'm telling you, I've been breathing this book, not just reading it.You might know that I love to read in one sitting, so when I like a book I take it in my hands and don’t let it go until I reach the very last page. I finished this one in the morning, and you can bet that I had a very enjoyable night.When I started reading it I had no idea what this story was truly about because I stayed away from spoilers and anything that could have ruined my experience. All I knew was that it’s been high [...]

    6. Shadows is the kind of thing that’s just up my alley. A kick ass protagonist, nephilim, enough sexual tension to cut the cheese. Wait, I think I’m getting my sayings mixed up…At one point I shook my iPad and was all, “Do you or do you not have memory issues?!” then I yelled, “You’re not my supervisor!” over and over again because it just felt right.I know amnesia is complicated and how much memory is lost works on a case by case basis and all that jazz, but Rafa was dropping tant [...]

    7. 3.5 starsThis was an unexpectedly fast and action packed book! I was surprised that I absolutely loved the main character, Gabe/Gaby, and it was an amazing thing to learn about this cool angel history right alongside her. Maggie is a great character as well, I loved that she never gave up on Gabe, their friendship is truly beautiful and I’m looking forward to these ladies probably kicking asses in the sequels. When it comes to boys… Oh, my, I have no idea who to really trust. However, I do h [...]

    8. One of these days, the Rafa in a book will refer to a capri pant wearing, wedgie picking Spaniard and not an angel. On second thought, I'm cool with the gorgeous, heavenly version. Shadows was a solid introduction to the Rephaim series and to debut author Paula Weston. It had an engaging cast of characters, including a loyal friend named MAGGIE :), and plenty of action and mystery to keep you on your toes until the end of the book. Did I mention the angel pashing? If I didn't, it's only because [...]

    9. Shadows is what I would call a top class book with its frantic pace, vibrant characters and gripping story line it’s not your typical angel book. Gaby barely remembers anything before the accident with her twin brother Jude. After months of trying to make a new life for herself without her brother, she’s thrown another bombshell, the life she thought she believed she led is not true either, her supposed memories of her life and relationship with Jude couldn’t be more wrong. But the dreams [...]

    10. 4.5 starsThanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book.I loved it! I opened it up expecting it to be a vanilla romance about angels falling in love with humans, and what I got was a really cool story. And yes, it all started because a few angels were getting some sweetsweet lovin' from human women, but that's where the similarities to my original expectations ended.Gaby is 19 and living a small beach town in Australia that she has no real ties to. She just wandered into it after waking up in a hos [...]

    11. Actual rating: 3.5/5For being the offspring of angels, the Rephaim sure are a bunch of asshats. This is one of the rare books for me where the writing is great, the plot is free of holes and the mythology well-explained, yet I still ended up despising almost every single character. Essentially, I have no complaints about this book except for the fact that I started up disliking and ended up absolutely hating and distrusting almost every single male in this book.I am by no means a prude, but I av [...]

    12. Well, I have to give it five stars, don't I?? :) Plus, I couldn't stand looking at the blank stars for four more months before reviews (hopefully) start coming in

    13. Okay listen up, forget everything you think you know about Angels and Demons. That's right, pack it all up in that box you have in your brain and tape it shut. Now throw it out. I can assure you that after reading this book you won't need any of that information because this book, Shadows, is by far THE book to read if you are an Angel and Demon lover like myself. Shadows is beyond explosive with a kick ass heroine, an amazing storyline with incredible mythology, and a romance sure to heat up ev [...]

    14. Check out my interview with Paula Weston on my blog, missfictional*Recieved from Netgalley*Actual rating: 4.5 starsMy faith in the PNR genre, namely angels, has been restored. First Angelfall, and now this beauty? There are two things I learned by reading Shadows:1) Never, ever, doubt Aussie authors. Man, I’m so close to moving to Australia, just so some of those magical writing abilities these authors seem to have can somehow rub off on me.2) Don’t judge a book by its cover—or rather, its [...]

    15. 3.5 stars You might not know this about me since I don't review them but I'm a huge Urban Fantasy fan--check that, a huge adult Urban Fantasy fan. I've never found a YA Urban Fantasy that came close to what I considered belonging in the genre (or particularly enjoyed any of the ones that kind of sort of came close.) Let's just say that before today, my Venn diagram of my love of Urban Fantasy and YA had no overlap.Not anymore! Shadows is the most successful Urban Fantasy** YA I've ever read and [...]

    16. When it comes to Australian Literature, no one ever has to tell me twice to pick up a novel. I truly believe that there is something down in Australia or some magical trick professors are teaching their writing students because no Australian novel, to date, has ever failed to keep me thoroughly entertained, captivated, and in awe. I am happy to report thatShadowsby Paula Weston is no different. While its cover is not one of my favorites, its characters, dialogue, and rather unique plot definitel [...]

    17. Buddy read with Kate my November TBR twin.Wow, this book turned out way better than I expected, The beginning was cheesy and cliche filled but it got better, The plot is amazing, I basically went in blind because the synopsis didn't say much. Its got suspense, actions, friendship,angels,demons etc. The book is well written and fast paced, I really enjoyed reading it, the characters have admirable personalities and most are badass, that can fight well with swords and other stabby weapons. I love [...]

    18. Shadows is Australian author, Paula Weston's, debut novel and it's part of a series. Gaby Winters is eighteen years old and moved to Pandanus Beach, Queensland, nine months ago, after the death of her twin brother, Jude. She's been plagued by dreams involving killing hell-beats alongside a mysterious guy. But then the guy from her dreams shows up in town, his name is Rafa and he claims to have been Jude's best friend. Gaby's about to find out that her life as she knows it is now over.I'm always [...]

    19. See more reviews at YA Midnight ReadsThank you Text Publishing for sending me this copy. 'And I'm so cold, I can't draw breath. My body feels like it's being stretched and compressed at once, and my head swims. At last, I pass out.'For a long stretch of time, I was commencing my belief that I'd never read another clichéd angel book again. And I'm believing it as this was no trite paranormal book. With the lightening reviews I've seen from my fellow bloggy friends, I headed into this book with h [...]

    20. 4.5 stars So, um, yeah, I totally read this book in one sitting today. Lunch? Dinner? oh yeah, totally forgot to have those. I seriously did absolutely nothing today except read this book.I wanted to post reading updates a couple times, and I told myself I’d do it as soon as I hit a lull in the book. Um, yeah -- that never happened. The amnesia angle in this story was gold, man. I mean, yeah, it was frustrating as hell sometimes (especially when you know that several of the mysteries could’v [...]

    21. Başlarda kitabın diline alışmakta sıkıntı çektim ama ilerledikçe onu düşünemeyecek kadar kendimi kitaba kaptırmıştım. Eğlenceli, temposu yüksek bir kitaptı, Gölgeler. Özellikle Rafa'ya bayıldım ! Adam çok komik ya. Sis'i büyük bir heyecanla bekliyorum !

    22. 7/5/13: Galley available for request at Netgalley:here. Gooooo!6/11/13:Buddy re-read with Ace, Amanda and Khanh.Still as yummy as I remember and definitely a much needed refresher for Haze. I didn't really notice the steam in this one from the last time I read it but holy hell there was some sexy. First read: 1/30/13 4 snark-tastic stars. I like stalking my friends' favorite shelves for my next read when my feed goes a bit meh. This one I plucked from Joan's and after reading theAngelfallcompari [...]

    23. Gaby Winters is hiding; hiding from her grief and anger, her parents, her life and from missing her dead brother, Jude. And as far as hideouts go, Pan Beach is a pretty nice one. Even better is that within a few days of arriving at this seaside town, Gaby met and befriended Maggie, a local beauty still reeling from her own loss and looking for a roomie. And working at the local library isn’t such a bad way to keep productive and avoid constantly thinking on the car crash that killed Jude, and [...]

    24. Wow. Just wow.Shadows was nothing short of incredible. Mixing the age old angels verses demon mythology, strong and sassy characters and an intense, slow burning romance. Deliciously so. It follows the story of Gaby, mourning the loss of her brother almost a year prior and attempting to find normalcy in the coastal Australian town. Gaby is a brilliant character, relatable, likable and adds sass to the storyline. She and best friend Maggie are a formidable pair and have a wonderful friendship of [...]

    25. While the world was okay (neither terribly original nor terribly derivative), I found I just couldn't bring myself to care much about Gaby (correct me if I'm wrong, but I read that with the hard "a" of Gabe-y, which I find to be the least attractive shortening of Gabriella I've ever heard). And while I thought the pace was unbearably slow, with info-drips like Chinese water torture, my real problem is that Gaby couldn't be arsed to care about a) the danger she's in, b) the danger her presence pu [...]


    27. Here's what you need to know:Gaby lost her brother in an accident. Ever since then, she's been plagued with visions that involved a bar fight where she had to fight monsters instead of the drunken disorderlies. Along side her is a charismatic man with green eyes but even that couldn't turn her nightmare into a dream. Turns out, the man in her visions is as real as it gets. At first, Rafa gave her hope of remembering everything she'd lost - he claims to know her brother, Jude. She was already dra [...]

    28. I love finding a series that is already completed to read! The very first, and most important thing about this book is the American to Australian translations. It really needs a glossary! Luckily, for me, they have a few slang words and sayings that the English use as well, so I knew those from having a husband from England. Here are a couple I didn't know, however: singlet apparently means an undershirt, like a wife-beater(?), and bitumen means pavement because it is asphalt, then doona, which [...]

    29. What do you do when everything you thought you knew about yourself, your heart, and world is shattered? Everything you’ve ever felt and survived is called into question. How do you wrap your head around THAT?Gaby Winters moved to Pan Beach to get away, to start fresh after the loss of her brother. A year after the accident and the shocks just keep on coming though. One giant jolt of emotion arrives in the form of a gorgeous, cocky, infuriating mystery named Rafa. A guy that Gaby has been dream [...]

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