• Title: Stian's Mistake
  • Author: Hilary Thompson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Stian s Mistake Author s Note The events of this novella occur before the events of Justice Buried Starbright Book One Stian s Mistake may be read as a prequel or in publication order after Balance Broken Starbrigh
    Author s Note The events of this novella occur before the events of Justice Buried, Starbright Book One Stian s Mistake may be read as a prequel or in publication order after Balance Broken, Starbright Book Two.The Hero s Mission All Stian wants is to be seen for who he is Not just an orphaned wanderer or a skilled warrior, but someone worthy of belonging to the TribAuthor s Note The events of this novella occur before the events of Justice Buried, Starbright Book One Stian s Mistake may be read as a prequel or in publication order after Balance Broken, Starbright Book Two.The Hero s Mission All Stian wants is to be seen for who he is Not just an orphaned wanderer or a skilled warrior, but someone worthy of belonging to the Tribe of Hebron He dreams of fulfilling his father s broken legacy leading the Tribe to the Garden.Zarea understands him, but her future is tied to a secret past that could tear the Tribe apart Her father Abraham is determined to keep this past buried, so he awards Stian the Hero s Mission If Stian lives long enough to succeed, he will secure the Tribe s loyalty and gain a chance to marry Zarea one day.But Stian isn t the only one to accept this mission and only one man can become a Hero.

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    1. Okay so there are three novellas in the Starbright series, that tells the story of a post-apocalyptic world where the world is divided into three cities- two, above ground and one underground. This city in the underground is ruled by a prophecy when a young boy and a girl together will make the cities come together and above the ground and will rescue those residing under the ground.This book Stian's Mistake narrates the story of Stian's life who is a warrior from the world above. In the main bo [...]

    2. Review originally posted on my blog.I will point out from the beginning that I am not in "Stian-team", and that is why it took me a while to decide whether to read Stian's Mistake or not. Now that I have, I must say I am really pleased because this Starbright novella is important from many points of view.To begin with, the book obviously provides a thorough image of Stian, including his past, his relationship with Zarea and the Tribe and how he got himself into the situation we encounter him in [...]

    3. I recieved this novella in exchange for an honest review. I feel the need to explain that I don't like giving five stars because that implies perfection and everything can become better. Perfection doesn't exist, right? But clearly I am wrong here. This novella had me feeling all kinds of emotions. Betrayal, anger, passion, pity, sorrow, and happiness. Stian is such a tortured soul. I have read the other books so I had an idea of what to expect. I was very mistaken and unprepared for what I read [...]

    4. I found the complete series on kindle unlimited, and I didn't realize there were novella's in the series! When I found the next book was about Stian, I wasn't overjoyed. I didn't love the character in the first book so I was a little peeved that the next thing up was about him. But I liked this alright! I thought this added quite a bit to the character, made him a little more likable and now I'm interested in his story line and history,(view spoiler)[ although I think he's kind of a jerk to Rea. [...]

    5. A captivating tale of tribal life in a post-apocalyptic USA. It could have been anywhere. A futuristic tale of existence a hundred years in the future. Stian, an orphan raised in a tribe not his own, has made his way by hard work and a willingness to involve himself in his adopted family. He is a wanderer and his job is to take upon himself a mission that may cost him his life. This tale is part of a series of novellas and additions to the Starbright series. The novellas, including this one, can [...]

    6. This book was a very good introduction into this dystopian world. I appreciated the set up and mix of mythologies within the world building. The complexity of the characters was very thought out for such a short story. I look forward to reading more about Stian and how his mistake will effect the story. It is exciting to see this turning point in the character's life and I want to know how they will change as the story continues.

    7. It's a quick read that gives you great insight into the back story and character of Stian. I have to admit, after reading Justice Buried, I did not particularly like him, but this short story helped me to understand him better and understand the decisions he took and the secrets he kept much better than I did earlier. I highly recommend you read it if you're reading the Starbright series!

    8. I enjoyed reading Stian's story. I hope Stian and Zarea get together in the end as I don't think he belongs with Astrea. She belongs with Lexan. Can't wait to read the rest of the story.

    9. ARC kindly provided by Hilary Thompson in exchange for an honest review.Review 'Stian's Mistake' takes place before Stian ever found Asphodel and Astrea, when he was on the edge of Hebron - his tribe. As an orphan growing up in a strange Tribe, he constantly had to prove his worth to Abraham, the leader of Hebron. Becoming a warrior made him stronger, but it left black spots in his soul that not even Zarea could erase. This is a great prequel to read before starting the 'Starbright' series if yo [...]

    10. Read Justice Buried FIRST!! I didn't realize how short this story was when I began it. I read it in one sitting. Sadly, it felt very weak and unfulfilling in scope. Perhaps, reading Justice Buried first may have helped? However, as I read this first, I'm not sure if I'll even read it. The main characters just annoyed me to no end. Seriously, Stian shows intelligence and the next instance sounds like a complete idiot.As for, Zarea, I'm on the fence. I think she is portrayed a bit more believably [...]

    11. Stian’s Mistake is a must read for fans of the Starbright series. Stian has been a mysterious character so this novella sheds some light of who he really is. In Balance Broken (Starbright #2) I was disappointed in the character. I thought he and Zarea were playing mind games with Astrea and Lexan but now I understand more about their relationship. Stian is a “wanderer” because his family left their tribe in search for a new home. But this move left him labelled as homeless and never to be [...]

    12. GoodreadShort read, gives you background information about the people and what went on. And how they got where they are now. Just kids, will teens growing up in a world that is messed up. Will you have to read it to find out more, somethimes the reviews confuse me more, if you are like that grab a copy, you favorite drink, and turn off the world.I received an free copy of an honest review.

    13. I THINK THE STARBRIGHT SERIES WILL E GREAT,IF IT CONTINUES LIKE THIS I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK FOR AN HONEST REVIEW Stian, and orphaned, unmarried warrior. his adopted tribe Hebronturns from seven weeks of wandering , to find out Zarea the daughter of Abraham,the leader and the girl he loves will be offered as wife to the man who completes the Hero's Mission(which no warrior who excepts it can return with completing it). Caine, Thadd, or Stian will all be sent on the Hero's Mission with Zarea the pr [...]

    14. There are a few main characters in this story but I'm going to focus on Zarea and Stian. The characters were so intertwined yet I felt confused at times trying to follow the different paths of this story.I felt there should have been more focus on the relationship between Zarea and Stian. I don't know why or how to explain it but there was just something that needed to be explored more between them two. I hope this happens as the series continues.The storyline was intriguing and I felt it was a [...]

    15. For an introduction it wasn't that bad. I can only assume it's an introduction, but I believe it stated this was going into more detail about a character that isn't fully developed in the first book. Either way it was a nice read. I'm getting started on the first book now and the perspective is from a girl named Astrea. I think she is the girl seen at the end of this book, but I won't know until I read it. This book is ok. It took me until the end to truly get into it, but not so bad I gave up o [...]

    16. Stian is a warrior from the world above, not from Asphodel the underground city where both Astrea and Lexan grew up. In this novella, readers are shown more about the mysterious Stian, learning that he has had a traumatic past, is unable to attain his true role at present and still has to fight to achieve his goals and the chance for love with Zarea. The novella reveals more about this dystopian world and about both Stian and Zarea, both of whom are integral to the developing saga. I recommend t [...]

    17. Stian's Mistake is a novella prequel to the Starbright Series. I had read Justice Buried-book 1 of the series, prior to reading this story. I'm really glad I did because it introduced the world and the characters really well, and then it was really fun to go back and learn more about Stian, who seemed a bit of a mystery in Justice Buried. This short story also introduces some information that I think will be really important later on, so you'll definitely want to include this in your reading for [...]

    18. Picked it up because I wanted a short filler read.It's a prequel thingy, meant to be something of a teaser and an insight/characterisation piece, I guess. It kind of works - I wouldn't say no to reading more from this author.

    19. Mama's Thoughts:Written with an otherworldly, evocative voice, Stian's Mistake draws in you in to a world rife with tribal warfare where people are fighting for basic human survival and secrets. See full review: wp/p4pNA4-n6

    20. Love this type of book. Fantasy. Takes you away from the everyday world. Stian is a great warrior. The author is amazing also. Thanks for introducing me to H Thompson

    21. I was given this book for an honest review thank you Hilary . It is my 1st book from Hilary I will definitely be looking for more of her books .

    22. The story was short, but gave enough details to make you want to read Justice Buried. Stain paint you a picture of how Tribes work and what you will do for the people you care about. We Zarea but i'm not a big fan of hers. I do want to know if he can move on without her and does he find Asphedol.

    23. surprisingly for a short story i did very much enjoy itnt wait to read the next book in the series

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