• Title: The Dead Girls Speak in Unison
  • Author: Danielle Pafunda
  • ISBN: 9781938055171
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. if i were looking (as maybe we all are), for heat, for spark. aliveness. for creative, intense, beautiful language. for flow. truth, heartbreak (the breaking open) paired with imagination, otherworldliness, that certain strange and mystical vibration, then. by god i have found it.

    2. I bought this book at Malvern Books in Austin on a business trip, after reading this line: "A murder of ghosts appears/on the hemlock; it's extra deathy/but don't be stupid, human cylinder." I loved the tone and the lyrical quality. I popped around to a few other poems at the airport, but I had never really given its justice. Forgotten on my book shelf for a year and a half, I finally delved into the linear reading of this book of poems, and it is unforgettable. The design structure of the poems [...]

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